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Idoru Island, The Scape

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1 Idoru Island, The Scape on Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:06 pm

Title: Idoru Island (Part 2) The Escape

Type: Battle

Rank: T3

Details: Hiroko was captured and caged in the palace where he found about three marine crews. Hiroko must escape from the prison and save those people.

T0 Guards (All around the place, but the T0 marines will handle these)

T3 "Y"-Meredy:

-Ballet Kenpo-
-Champion's Crown Haki-
-Combination Play-
She is a sweet 17 year old girl, but she can be lethal fighting. She can use her Combination Play by glowing Yellow or Green with Jacob. She uses ballet kempo with her legs usually, giving kicks at the enemy.

T3 "B"-Jacob:

-Bur─ôku Ashichi-
-Combination Play-
He is a cold 17 year old boy who can be lethal fighting. He can use his combination play by glowing blue or green with Meredy. Break Dance Ashipo is a technique which relays on the use of kicks while dancing break dance.

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2 Re: Idoru Island, The Scape on Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:24 pm

Hiroko woke up in a rock maid bed. He had a huge pain in the back, but he didn't really pay attention to it. He got up and used his hand to help his back get up. When he sat on the strange rock bed, he saw a group of men in front of him. About three more men where in the same cage than him. "What happened?" He asked. "You were stabbed and brought here, you're in prison." They all had their marine uniform, but the man who answered, didn't look rookie like the other ones, he looked quite old, about 60 years old, and he had his skin very wrinkled already. "Oh yea, right, didn't remember, but it's now clear, thanks." Said Hiroko as he got up. We should do something shouldn't we? I mean, to get out of here." The same old man answered. "We have tried, but they've captured already about 1 month ago and haven't been able to find something to get out through. Hiroko looked at the steel bars in front of him. "Is this the only thing preventing you from leaving?" The old man laughed lightly. "YEa, but with no weapons, we can't break through." Hiroko laughed. "This is your lucky day, I'm a human weapon myself." He appeard one of his swords and pointed at the metal bars. "Wait, how did you do that?!" Asked the old man. "I have the power of the devil fruit. The Yosai Yosai no mi" He said, and with only one move, cut through the bars.

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3 Re: Idoru Island, The Scape on Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:34 pm

"Now, we have to take the other people out." Just when Hiroko said that, an alarm started to ring all over the place and a red light shinned. They had been seen by someone, he couldn't tell by who, but he had been seen by someone. Hiroko took his both swords and placed them together with his bandages. "Lets see." He took them like a boomerang and threw them slashing all of the cages in one line. He then used the bandages to return both swords by pooling from it. He then took them with both hands and ran to cut all gates he passed through. "Now, everyone, please help me open the other doors, I'll defeat some guards." HE said and ran towards a group of guards. He used his swords to slash the first one and killing him instantly in front of the other guards. Some guards pulled out some guns to shoot at Hiroko, but the bullets didn't even pass through his cloths. HE turned around to see the rifles and smiled at them. All of them left their weapons and ran outside. Hiroko followed them through the corridor until he found the exit. He had to take all of the people outside. But it wasn't going to be that easy. He turned around and ran a few meters back to return to the cages and saw the group of people. The old man got close to him. "We got everyone out of the cages, what shall we do now?" Hiroko looked around. "If we want to escape, we'll need some weapons for you guys..." He turned around and looked at the corridor which lead to the exit. "Lets go!" He shouted, and followed by a big group of screaming marines, he ran through the corridor hoping to get out safe and complete.

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4 Re: Idoru Island, The Scape on Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:54 pm

They ran loudly until, in a corner, they turned left and saw maybe the worst of their luck. A bunch of guards with swords appeared. Everything was quiet, a incredible tense was even seen from any part of the room. But after a few seconds, one of the guards shouted, everyone in the room started to shout and ran to collide in the middle of the hall. The marines had no swords, so Hiroko was the head and simply had to touch the guards to shock them and make them drop their weapons. He kept spinning and running around to defeat as many as possible and give his allies some weapons to fight with, but after defeating some dozens of enemies, he was interrupted by a kick in the stomach which sent him to crash against the rock maid wall. "What the?" He looked around and saw a yellow dressed girl with a blue haired kid behind her. "YEIII... Did you see that Jake? I totally kicked him!!" The girl shouted as she jumped exited. "Now it's your turn Jack. Go go go!!" Said the girl and stopped jumping. "Sure, let's just finish him quickly." He said quite coldly and without even showing some sort of emotion. They then dashed forward and each gave a kick against Hiroko. He jumped and evaded them. The kicks were strong enough to break the wall and leave a big hole in it. Hiroko used the wall to impulse and land about 3 meters from both kids.

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5 Re: Idoru Island, The Scape on Sat Jan 31, 2015 5:28 pm

"If we are going to fight, let's do things a bit more... interesting." He said as he looked at both kids in front of him. He took out his both swords. "You two against me... but how about... if... You guys get to hit me first..." HE said and smiled. "What did you say?" Hiroko laughed. "Yea, you guys can each give me one hit, I won't even move." The kids were a bit confused. "Wait wait wait... You are saying we can hit you once? With no reason?" Asked the girl. "Yes." The kid laughed after hearing Hiroko's single word. But he didn't wait, actually, he immediately dashed towards him and crashed his leg against his stomach. Hiroko didn't even move, but instead of that, his mouth started bleeding, that kid was indeed strong, they weren't normal people. "Yei brother, It's my turn now." Said the girl and launched a kick directly towards Hiroko's face. He didn't move, again, but the hit made him bleed even more, he then turned down to see the pair of kids in front of him, it was his time to punish the, and spin this thing already.

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6 Re: Idoru Island, The Scape on Sun Feb 01, 2015 10:57 am

He took both swords and looked at the kids, they weren't enough to kill him, he had already killed stronger threats. He dashed towards them in attempt to slash both of them, each with one sword, but they both just jumped and evaded it. They were now separated, Hiroko was in the middle, and even if he didn't know their technics, Hiroko thought having them in that position was actually convinient, but he was wrong. Both kids started to shine, the boy was blue and girl was yellow, and in one second, both became green and were sent towards Hiroko with their feet pointing at his stomach and face. At a high speed, both of them crashed against Hiroko with their feet on the targets. They then gave him together a second kick in the back launching him towards a wall. The wall cracked, made some dust covering Hiroko and started to sound like it was about to fall.

From the dust, a shadow could be seen, it was Hiroko. HE got up an passed his hand through his mouth to clean the blood. As he saw the enemy, he walked with both swords and noticed something, he already understood their technic, and as he knew, it was a technic based on their feet, about kicking, that was the great weakness. Hiroko took his sword and stabbed both against the metal ground. An electric shock passed through to make everyone, not to be harmed, but to feel something weird on their feet.

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7 Re: Idoru Island, The Scape on Fri Feb 06, 2015 8:09 pm

As both of the young enemies looked down, Hiroko decided to do things as quick as possible and used his shadow step to dash forwards and disappear from their sigh. He was just behind them though, but with the dust and the crowd all around, fighting each against another. He wasn't seen by any of the two kids in front of him. He walked slowly towards the man and used his sword to slash and leave a huge slash behind him, knocking him down, having the floor flood in blood and, not him, but making her sister shout as loud as she could. The kid wasn't just cut with the sword, the real secret of those swords was it's electric properties. The kid was fried in a second and fell to the ground.

Hiroko looked at the screaming girl who ran towards his brother to see if she could do something. He kept his cold eyes as the girl cried with the head of his brother in his arms, having the kid rest his whole body on the ground next to the girl's legs. "why?" Asked the girl. "Why did you kill him?" She asked Hiroko. The marine made his sword tinny and walked towards the girl. "I'm sorry, but It was my only choice." He padded the shoulder of the girl and turned around. But just before he walked away from the dead kid and his sister, the yellow dressed girl talked to Hiroko. "It wasn't your only choice, you know that..." She said and turned around dragging Hiroko's attention. "you could have run instead of this." The girl's face was covered in dropping tears, moving through her cheeks and landing on the ground. "I'm just saying, you guys attacked me... what did you want me to do?" The girl kept crying. "It's not our fault, we can't control our destiny, we are slaves... if we don't do what we are told, we are punished."

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8 Re: Idoru Island, The Scape on Sat Feb 07, 2015 10:35 am

The last phrase called Hiroko's attention. "What did you say? You guys are slaves?" The crying girl nodded with her tears falling to the ground. "We are from Dressrosa, but one day, a huge amount of pirates came to the island and captured any strong person in the island. They are called the Red Slave Pirates. We were taken to a strange island, they kept us in cages day and night." Hiroko decided to interrupt after hearing this. "Wait, do you know how is the island called?" The girl used her left hand to clean her cheek and try to get rid of the watery tears. "They never told us, but I heard something from the guards, they said the island had the biggest pirate government in the world." This was impressive even for Hiroko. The story of the young girl touched him in the inside, he wasn't cruel enough to let the kid die just like that. "I'll tell you something, I can save your brother, but I need a favor from you." The girl smiled and quickly replied. "Yes yes, I'll do anything, but please save him." Hiroko opened a little door in his left foot. A pair of men went out and grew after getting about 1 feet from Hiroko. "They'll take care of him." He said as they took the girl's brother. The men were made little again and entered Hiroko's foot. "I need you to do a favor for me, but I'll tell you later, first, get me out of this place."

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9 Re: Idoru Island, The Scape on Sun Feb 08, 2015 1:01 pm

The pair of strong warriors ran through the corridor to get out of the place.They were supposedly running towards the easiest exit. He was right now worried about his own safety, he actually didn't really care about the other marines. He wasn't the best of the marines. After a few minutes, they got outside of the dungeon, there was surpriselly no guards at all. Both of them kept running to the exit of the castle, but Hiroko stopped the girl. "Wait..." The girl stopped and looked at him. "I heard people in this island wanted to invade the marines." The girl nodded. "Yes, they have a huge weapon able to destroy full islands." Hiroko then looked around. "I need you to take me to the weapon, we have to destroy it before they use it." He said and looked at the girl. After a few seconds, the girl let a sigh out and then pointed the direction. "Okey then, lets go." She said as she started to run with Hiroko following her behind. His plan was to use that weapon against the castle if it was possible, even if the marines died, he had to stop the invasion at all cost.

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10 Re: Idoru Island, The Scape on Tue Feb 10, 2015 4:31 pm

They ran through the hall and got to some stairs. Those were some long stairs, Hiroko couldn't tell how much had they ran up them but he knew it had been a lot. "Where are we going?" Asked Hiroko at the girl. "We are going to the observatory." Hiroko's face changed to a more serious one. The weapon was in a observatory, but that wasn't something he cared about, he only wanted to make things as fast as he could, he had to get out of there before it exploded and killed anyone in the island including the marine prisoners. They kept running through the stairs, they were too many, but before they could even see a door, a group of guards appeared. "Hey you! Where do you think you guys are going?" They shouted. Hiroko stopped and took out his pair of swords. "You guys willing to die?" The group of 5 armored soldiers with blades started to doubt about that. Each time Hiroko took out his swords, anyone near got scared as hell. "Mm... o-of course n-n-not..." Hiroko smiled. "Too sad..." He dashed and cut through them at the same time letting some shouts travel all around the island.

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11 Re: Idoru Island, The Scape on Wed Feb 11, 2015 4:40 pm

After a few while running through the stairs, they got to the top of the observatory. Hiroko saw the big amount of guards and decided to quickly tell the girl what to do. "What's your name by the way?" Asked Hiroko. "I'm Meredy, and you?" Hiroko laughed slightly. "I'm Hiroko, nice to meet you... anyway... Do you know how to use this thing?" He said as he pointed towards a giant cannon. It was huge, too big to be a normal cannon. "AMmm... maybe, want me to check?" Hiroko smiled. A maybe wasn't enough, but he had absolutely no idea, it was his best chance. "Okey, I'll let you have a guard, I'll kick all people in this room, just try to use the time I get for you..." He said and opened a gate in his foot. A little man went out and then grew. "HEllo..." Hiroko decided to interrupt before the little man kept talking. "You, help her get to the controls, I'll get you some time." Said Hiroko and ran with both of his sword in the hands. He looked around and then shouted to get everyone's attention. "Anyone ready to die today?" He said with a big smile in his face.

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12 Re: Idoru Island, The Scape on Sat Feb 28, 2015 10:25 am

Meredy ran towards the control panel. Hiroko, in the other hand, took both of his sword and grabbed them as he could. He looked around and saw the enemies in front of him. They were simply to easy for him. The men pointed at him with guns from in front of him. Around twenty men pointing at Hiroko shouted as they fired their guns. The bullets flew fast and crashed against Hiroko, but non of them actually did something. The bullets were stopped by his powerful armor and then fell to the ground. Hiroko saw all of them and smiled ans they changed their faces to a terrified expression. They all dropped their weapons and then ran as fast as they could. "You can't escape." Said Hiroko as he slashed with both of his swords creating some sort of tornado towards everyone in front of him. "You are all dead now." He said and dashed towards each and all of them. In a second, he appeared in front f all of them in the other side of the room. Everyone was slashed instantly and the blood was all over the room. Hiroko laughed and turned around. "Meredy? You finished yet." He asked. The girl smiled and shouted in response. "Yes, it's done." She said. It was time to go.

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13 Re: Idoru Island, The Scape on Sun Mar 01, 2015 4:15 pm

"Meredy! Gives us about two minutes to run and lets go!" He said as the girl programmed the giant cannon to shoot itself and cause a gigantic explosion. All of the marines there were probably going to die, but to save who knows how many people, it was going to be worth it. Hiroko waited for the girl to run towards him with the man behind her. "Thanks, you can get inside now." Said Hiroko to the man and opened a little gate in his foot, making the man little again and letting him in. "Now, Meredy, we gotta get out of here." He said, grabbed her from the hand and pulled her to jump through a window.

The glass broke in Hiroko's face and let both of them pass through. Meredy started to scream, she wasn't like the marine with her. "Meredy. hold me as tight as you can." He said as they fell from the enormous building. The girl grabbed Hiroko from behind and closed her eyes as they fell. Hiroko then opened a few gates from his feet and impulsed himself like a jet. "Are you okey?" He asked. Meredy simply nodded and looked down. They were about 200 feet from the ground already, and Hiroko's ship wasn't very far, they were going to get there easily.

When they got to the ship. Hiroko left Meredy in the deck and ran inside. He quickly maneuvered everything in the ship to get it started. They had to get as far as possible, but just after grabbing the wheel, the castle exploded, impulsing the whole ship and creating a gigantic wave. "Grab on to something." He shouted to let meredy know. The ship moved at a high speed. Hiroko tried to lift the ship before the wave completely swallowed it. He pulled as hard as he could, but it was very hard. "Shit, I need more power." He said as he used his fiery feet to impulse and pull stronger. The ship started to fly, and was quickly lifted. They were done, and so was the island behind them.

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14 Re: Idoru Island, The Scape on Mon Mar 02, 2015 5:58 am

Kalliope || Tier System wrote:Just for future notice. After you finish a topic, summarize what you did in the topic.

Tier System wrote:Another side note, while we do read the topics we grade; we are looking for if you put an effort in and if something did happen. It makes it easier if you summarize what was accomplished/what you did/etc. I.e:

Actions Committed:
-Burned down Kalli's Home.
-Burned down Kouketsu's Home.
-Burned down Alexa's Home.
-Burned down Rocket's Home.
-Burned down Wulfric's Home.
-Burned down Kalista's Home.
-Took all their cheese before hand.

-Showing off to your cellmates
-Sounded the alarm
-Help the other Marines escape as well
-Played a game were both the girl and boy hit him once (I think you lost because you were bleeding)
-Killed the boy first!!!
-OOOOOH! They are slaves! Whacha going do now?!
-Learned there is a secret Pirate Government (reminds me of the celestial dragons)
-Girl did all the work
-Made it too the ship safely!!

Whats he going to do with the girl now?


-100,000,000 Rep
-200,000 Beli

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