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"Mess With The Best and Die Like the Rest!"

One of the most infamous divisions in Marine History. The 80th Marine Division is a direct-combat Division with a heavy focus in close quarters and urban combat, placing less importance on other marine skills like medical knowledge and sniper training. being one of the most specialized divisions in the entire naval force. As such, it is common practice for members to be carrying their swords at all times. As for firearms, they often seen carrying shotgun and submachine guns, which tend to be best firearms for close range combat.  The division's doctrine of dominating in battle is what appeals to its members; they believe that fighting is what makes life worth living. This is what separates the 80th Division from the others and makes them the strongest division, at least in their opinion. Everyone in the 80th Division are highly skilled in fighting, even the division chore boys and maids could give a experience pirate a difficult battle.. The 80th believe if they are going to die anyway, they have to go down fighting gloriously, it rare to see of them battle harden marines retreat from battle. All of them will fight to the bitter end in order to achieve the goals of the marines.

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