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Yubashiro (Daito)

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1 Yubashiro (Daito) on Mon Jan 12, 2015 10:31 pm

Equipment Name: Yubashiro
Tier: 5
Type: Weapon, Daito
Equipment Significance: For protection

Description: Yubashiro's blade is black with a distinct red hamon and its tsuba hand-guard has flower-like edges, hence it is a 'Black Sword'. Its red hamon (Hardening Line)  is Kanemoto style, having the appearance of a saw or sharp teeth. It has no accessories on the hilt, being wrapped with black silk. Kashira, tsuba and kojiri end cap are golden, and the sheath is black, decorated with dark red circles split in even thirds.

Strengths: The blade of Yubashiro is extremely resilient and tough, being said that even if a dinosaur stepped upon the blade, it would not bend a milimeter.

Weaknesses: With it's near indestructibility comes a very tedious drawback. The sword itself is extremely heavy, therefore causing the user to require efficient training with the blade.


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