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How Can Woman Be This Bad?

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1 How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:56 pm

Title: How Can Woman Be This Bad?

Type: Battle

Rank: 4

Details: Hiroko has arrived to amazon lily, an island full of woman who hate men. He has been captured and has been obligated to fight against these woman in a arena. Hiroko will fight 5 times, that was the deal, and if he survives, he will be free to go with some supplies. Between each two fights, he will be able to rest (this resets all his cooldowns and health) and fight the next day. The last fight will be against 2 enemies instead of 1, but that wasn't mentioned in the deal. Each fight is a fight to death for Hiroko, but not for his enemies.


"Yellow Armor" Lily:

Hiroko's First Enemy. She has a hand cannon that can shoot laser beams and energy spheres. She is also very agile and has a big knowledge in gymnastics which make her fast and gives her the possibility to move quickly. She is Tier 4.

"Blue Sword" Lucina:

Lucina is the second rival Hiroko will fight with. She has a powerful T4 sword. Her fighting style comes from the strength and not from her speed, even if she is fast. Her sword is about 1 tone and can easily smash the ground in lots of pieces. A single sword slash can cut through the human flesh and destroy each of the bones at the same time. She is tier 4.

"White Fang" Skarlet:

Skarlet is the third enemy and a powerful enemy that uses a crystal cane. She possesses the Ha Ha no Mi (Tooth Tooth Fruit) which allows the user to create any type of teeth in any place. She is very agile and will create teeth in her weapon to make it deadly. She is Tier 4.

"The Bullet" Rose:

Rose is the fourth enemy Hiroko will fight with. She has a yellow gauntlet that is incredibly powerful because of the infused devil fruit in it, the Chika Chika no Mi (Force Force Fruit) which allows the user to negate any force that touches that arm and then return it in another direction. She is Tier 4.

"Twin Sister" Mimi and Levi:

The blond girl is Mimi and the purple hair girl is Levi. One of them ate the Pararu Pararu no Mi (Parallel Parallel Fruit) which granted the user to gain a twin sister and then lost that memory making both of them the original and the parallel one. They can switch places, talk through their mind, share thoughts, but the most powerful ability is that Mimi can absorb any attack and Levi can re-create such attack in any direction. This can work with materials and even the force of a hit to create a force able to push the enemy depending on the strength of the attack. This ability goes beyond imagination with an infinite of possibilities, but they haven't learned to use it perfectly. They are both T4

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2 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:12 pm

"What the hell happened to me" He said as he got up with a head ache. He had his hand in his forehead all the time until he sat down on the uncomfortable bed below him. And suddenly, it all returned to his mind. "Oh yea, I remember now." He got up and saw the metal bars maid of sea stone in front of him. "Is anyone there?" He shouted hoping for someone to hear him. "Oh, I see you woke up." Said a woman from the dark. She letted herself be seen and walked towards Hiroko. "I bet you must be hungry." She said as she took a sandwich in a plate and gave it to Hiroko through the bars. "Here you go, you'll need a lot of strength today." Hiroko didn't wait a second and took the sandwich as he walked back to the bed. He was obviously in a prition, and if his memories didn't lie to him, he was about to fight against two savage woman who will trie to kill him. "So..." He said with his mouth half full. "Why are staring at me?" He asked. The woman was indeed staring at him, but after the question, she quickly changed her sigh. "Sorry, It's just that we don't have much men here, so I don't really know anything about your sex." Hiroko was impressed about that, how could they survive with no men, it was a weird society. "Anyway, you should eat quickly, the fight is about to start."

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3 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Tue Jan 13, 2015 12:05 pm

After a few minutes, just after Hiroko finished his sandwich, anther woman arrived tired from running to the building. She got close to the woman Hiroko had talked with and whispered in her ear. "Okey, I'll take him in a second." The second girl ran away and the one from before stayed there. "So... Hiroko, we should go now, it's time for you to fight." Hiroko got up and waited for the woman to open the bars, but before that, he was placed some sea stone handcuffs. He wasn't able to use his devil fruit powers in that moment, but he was going to be able to use them in the fight. He was escorted to the exit of the building and watched about 10 more men in the prison. He wasn't sure why were they there, but probably for the same reason he was.

When he got out, he walked through the streets, but there was nobody there. He then got to another building, a rock maid building. He was pushed inside after taking the handcuffs off, and a door suddenly closed. He was probably going to enter the arena from there.

"Ladies of all the island, welcome to the Grand Arena. The first fight is about to start, with our most powerful competitors, they'll try to destroy, Hiroko the Vice Admiral!!!"

A gate opened and lett Hiroko get out. The crowed shouted and through stuff at Hiroko. But it wasn't rocks what was about to fight Hiroko, it was something much worse.

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4 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Tue Jan 13, 2015 2:41 pm

"And... Our favorite sniper and our favorite blond lady here!! Yellow Armor Lily!!!!!!"

Hiroko saw another gate opening in the other side of the arena. And there she was, his first enemy, Yellow Armor Lily. She was wearing a blue tight suit and a yellow cannon in her right arm. She was also using some mechanical boots, she was probably a cyber, but Hiroko couldn't know. He wasn't sure about all of this, he was suppose to defeat the strongest woman in the island, that wasn't an easy job.

"SO! YOU ARE THE ONE I?M FIGHTING WITH" Shouted the blond woman in front of Hiroko as she crashed her fist with her palm. "Lets see what can you do against me" The blond girl smiled after saying that. "Sure, lets see what can I do..." Hiroko said with a light laugh. HE took out his both swords in a second. "So, how about that? How did you summon your swords like that?" Asked the blond girl. "I'm... special as you may see." Hiroko then dashed towards the woman with the cannon. Lily pointed her right arm towards Hiroko with her left hand helping to aim. "Galaxy Shot!" The blond hair girl maid a little energy sphere from her cannon and through it at Hiroko at a high speed. He used one sword to impulse up high and be able to evade the attack.

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5 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Tue Jan 13, 2015 3:58 pm

Hiroko extended both swords before he landed on Lily. But she was quick and reacted easily by simply giving some flips backwards to evade it. "I see you're fast." Said Hiroko. He then continued dashing towards her hopping to hit her sometime. The girl pointed again her gun towards Hiroko. "Galactic Gun!" She shouted again, Hiroko just stepped aside this time, but Lily didn't stop. She continued shooting plenty of plasma or energy balls at Hiroko. He evaded each of them by moving from one side to another in a zig-zag. When the last one of the 20 bullets was almost reaching Hiroko, he jumped and used his sword to get higher. He again, stretched his both swords ready to slash his opponent, but Lily pointed again at Hiroko. "Nova Cannon!" She shouted as a continuous beam tried to hit Hiroko. He was indeed surprised, but he quickly evaded it. "Yosai Yosai... Fire Feet" Flames appeared in his feet to fly and pass near the laser.

He changed direction towards Lily and pointed both finger at her. "You won't be able to do much against this." He opened a pair of tiny gates unseen by anyone in the arena. "Yosai Yosai..." He launched a pair of miniature cannonballs from his hands. "Duo Cannon" The miniature cannonballs suddenly grew and incremented in speed to attack the enemy. Two cannonballs were launched at the enemy, but she quickly reacted and pointed at them. "Noca Cannon" She launched the same beam towards the cannonballs.

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6 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Tue Jan 13, 2015 4:11 pm

The two attacks crashed against each other. The cannonballs blocked the laser, but they were already returning towards Hiroko. He then decided to use haki. He used Busoshoku Haki in his arms and the upper part of his head to crash against the cannonballs and completely destroy them, but he also flew through the beam passing through it easily. Haki was protecting him, but it wasn't going to last for that much, he had to use it well. He reached the bottom of the laser, and then punched Lily in the face throwing her away. "Now, my finishing move for you my darling." He re-appeared both swords in his hands and combined them from the handle with a bandage. "Twin Moon, Wind Dance." He then threw them towards Lily like a shuriken. "Hm, you think you'll hit me with such and easy trick." She was about to point her cannon when something hold her, it was Hiroko. The twin blade passed through Lily once just when Hiroko let go of her. He then dashed for the swords again to throw them back from the other direction and then dashed forward to hold Lily again. He repeated the process about ten times, by that time, she was already defeated completely. Ten huge cuts in her body were enough to kill a normal human, but she was stronger, she survived easily, she just wasn't able to continue fighting. "This has been a fair match wasn't it?"
"Th-the winner of the first match... Is Hiroko"

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7 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:00 pm

Every one shouted and through more stuff at Hiroko, but the next enemy was probably going to fall a bit more difficultly. He just ignored the crowd though, he wasn't expecting the people to love him anyway.
"Now, for the next challenge!! Meet, the best swordsman in this island... Blue Sword Lucina!!!"
The crowd cheered again and yelled to encourage Hiroko's enemy as she walked inside the arena. "Now, I see you defeated Lily, but you'll need much more than that to defeat me my friend." Said as she took her sword and carried it with one hand. "A swordsman? This is going to get exciting." Said Hiroko. "I bet your sword can't be better than mine." Hiroko finished. One of his current goals was to have the strongest sword on earth, more than being the best swordsman. This was because he was the one he created it, and as a scientist, he was mastering his ideas to take Dials and place them inside thin swords, it wasn't something easy for humans, but he was someday going to make it.
"Now... Fight!!!"

Hiroko took out his both swords and ran towards the woman in front of him. He aimed with his swords towards the girls sword, not because he knew she was anyway able to block it, it was because his technic was able to defeat other swords easily. "Thunder!" Said Hiroko, but before both swords crashed, Lucina stabbed the sword on the ground, she saw Hiroko's move before he could perform it.

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8 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Wed Jan 14, 2015 4:37 pm

"Thunder" Both swords crashed and the enemy's sword shocked completely. If Lucina hadn't letted go from the sword, she would've been fried in a second. "How did you...?" Hiroko asked but was quickly interrupted by the woman. "A swordsman has to know first the technic of the enemy to know what he's fighting with." She said and picked up her sword. The other thing that was running through Hiroko's mind was the sword he had hit, it didn't move from the ground, it was very heavy, and even with his strength, he wasn't able to move it. "So, I guess this will be a fun fight." He said. Lucina took a pair of blue gloves and placed them on. "I guess so." She said with a smile on her face. Hiroko ran towards Lucina again and tried to slash her, but even with such a heavy sword, she was able to counter the attacks with it and block them easily. The shocks weren't effective either, her gloves protected her, but who said it wasn't something illegal in the arena.
After a few blocks, it was no time for Lucina to strike back, she jumped and used her sword to attack Hiroko, but he used the jets in his feet to fly away and evade the attack. The sword didn't crash against the floor. It stopped just before crashing, about only one centimeter, but the ground cracked, and a little hole was maid. That sword was more dangerous than he expected.

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9 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Thu Jan 15, 2015 7:19 pm

As Hiroko elevated with his jet feet. Lucina jumped with her sword to land another slash, but Hiroko, as he was flying, was able to evade it easily and quickly, but just when he maid himself go back, Lucina through her sword but never let go of it. This impulsed her to attack Hiroko once again. He wasn't able to evade completely the sword this time, he was only able to move to his right a bit. The sword slashed his shoulder and left a big mark on it, but Hiroko was also sent down to crash against the ground.

The crash made a lot of dust get up and fly around. There was a crack beneath Hiroko, and he was already bleeding from his mouth and other parts. He couldn't believe the powerful that sword was. He then looked at his enemy. "So... Lucina, I'm sorry but your time here is over." He started to fly, and before Lucina could attempt to do anything, he opened a pair of gates in his eyes. They were tiny and couldn't be seen. Thousands of bullets were launched at Lucina. They all came from Hiroko's eyes, a pair of machine guns were destroying the ground and creating a big amount of sound. The bullets came from above, this made things a bit more difficult, bus she used her huge sword to cover herself. But while she didn't see, Hiroko dashed in a second behind Lucina and kept shooting. The bullets pierced all around Lucina and left her on the ground.

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10 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Fri Jan 16, 2015 5:59 pm

"Sorry my dear, but nobody is faster than me." He said as he calmed his body and used his right hand to try to stop his left shoulder bleeding. "It was a nice to fight with you, but you can't defeat my power." He said and turned around facing towards the crowd and walked towards the exit. He was this time going to sleep in the arena cells.

The next day in the morning, he woke up quickly and got up. He had some bandages on his left shoulder. It was a very painful. "Get up, you're late." Said a woman as she opened the gate and leaded him to the arena.

"Hello people!! Today's first fight will have... double sword, Hiroko! And the reason we love green... White Fang Skarlet!!!"

Hiroko's gate was opened, and at the exact same, the other gate in front of him was also opened. "Hey... you Hiroko right? I'll destroy you." Said the green dressed woman. Hiroko smiled and saw her, it wasn't going to be that complicated probably. He took his both swords outside and was prepared, and if his eyes didn't lie to him, Skarlet was using a pole, not a common weapon at all.

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11 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:53 am

Hiroko decided to start. He rushed at Skarlet with both swords ready to fight. Skarlet wasn't moving at all. That was something Hiroko was scared of, she looked strong, but he had no idea if she indeed was. About 2 meters before reaching skarlet, Hiroko felt a huge pain in his hands and had to drop his swords. They both had some sort of teeth in the handle. He was bleeding from his hands with some pierces in them. "I see." He said as he tried to stop the bleeding with his hands. "You have the power of a devil fruit." He said and took the swords carefully. I think I won't be able to use these then. He banished them and looked at his enemy. "I see I won't be able to defeat you that easily." The girl didn't say a word, she wasn't someone who liked to talk.

Hiroko jumped and kept jumping to keep himself above the enemy. The started to run, but not towards Hiroko, she ran towards the crowd, towards the big walls done to prevent them from escaping. "What is she doing now." The girl didn't stop, it looked like she was just going to crash against the wall, but instead of that, she ran through the wall and then jumped spinning in the air and moving quickly towards Hiroko. Hiroko saw that as an opportunity, if she was spinning like a cannonball in the air, she wasn't going to be able to react against Hiroko's attacks.

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12 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Sun Jan 18, 2015 12:03 pm

Just like before, Hiroko kept jumping on the air using geppo, but he was now moving forward to get Skarlet. He didn't know much still about her fighting still, but he knew she had an interesting devil fruit. Anyway, he moved forward, but just before he reached skarlet, the girl stopped spinning and used her pole to attack Hiroko. "But... how?" HE didn't know how was she able to do such thing. The pole crashed against Hiroko, but he was able to block it with his arm. HE was launched and crashed below on the ground. Dust covered all the place. He couldn't see nothing. And in a second, the pole fell in Hiroko face with some sort of spike in the bottom of the pole. Using it as a spear, Skarlet stabbed Hiroko in the cheek. Hiroko quickly moved to make it a minor wound, but he was in trouble. He got up, but the woman used her pole to give a slash and tried to attack Hiroko in his left side. Hiroko moved back to try to evade the attack, but she span and gave a kick with the momentum to send him flying and crashed against the wall. He spitted blood when he crashed and kneed on the floor. "Shit, she is much more powerful than those I fought against yesterday." HE thought as he used his hand to clean off the blood of his mouth. He had to go further, he had to use his weakest ability... Kenbonshoku.

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13 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Mon Jan 19, 2015 5:46 pm

Skarlet kept running without stopping. She went towards Hiroko at her maximum speed with her now spear in front of her. Hiroko closed his eyes and started to use haki, he had a weak mantra, he needed more concentration than other people. This is why he closed his eyes and quietly meditated. When the spear was about to touch him, he heard Skarlet's voice, her spiritual voice, and quickly moved right without even seeing her. He appeared his sword in his right hand and slashed hoping to hit Skarlet.

Hiroko's look was indeed big, Skarlet had no idea about how Hiroko's sword worked, so she blocked it with her pole with some teeth in the lateral part of it. When they crashed, Hiroko's, sword let a shock wave move through the sword and ended in the enemy's pole. The crystal pole didn't pass the energy that good, it only caused it to heat up a bit and to make Skarlet feel a little flit. Hiroko kept slashing, never opening his eyes, each attack was blocked by skarlet knowing it could shock her, but what she didn't know was that the crystal was getting hotter and hotter with each strike.

After hundreds of crashes, the crystal was heated enough to pass the electricity from one side to another, shocking Karissa and instantly making her drop her pole. She fell to the ground but was still far from over. Hiroko moved forward and opened his eyes, it wasn't necessary anymore.

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14 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Mon Jan 19, 2015 5:51 pm

Hiroko tried to slash his enemy again, but Skarlet created a pair of round teeth on the floor to impulse her and make her jump back. Hiroko dashed towards her again jumping in the air and landing another slash. Skarlet, without knowing the sword was made with sea stone, she created a pair of giant teeth in front of her to try to block the sword. When the sword touched the teeth, they instantly broke, they were weakened by the sea stone, and the sword passed and slashed Skarlet's arm. Hiroko instead of continuing to attack, just placed his sword on top of her and immobilized her, as a fruit user, he knew the weaknesses of such power. "I think I win... found your weak point." He said as blood came out from his shoulder and mouth.

"The winner of this fight is... Hiroko!"

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15 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Wed Jan 21, 2015 6:18 pm

Hiroko banished his sword once again. Skarlet got up and took her pole from the ground. "Good fight." She said as she turned around and walked towards the gate. Hiroko was indeed quite harmed, but he was able to keep the fighting a bit longer. He then sat down before the next competitor came.

"Now, for our next and almost final battle, lets introduce... The Bullet... Rose!!"

Hiroko saw a white haired woman get inside. She was wearing a yellow gauntlet. He stood up and looked at his target. He had a bad elbow, so a quick defeat would be great for him. He decided that would actually be the best thing he could do. "LEts do this quickly shall we?" Said Hiroko. The woman smiled and replied. "That's the plan." The woman took a little rock with her left hand and then used that same hand to punch the ground as hard as she could. The ground didn't even shake a bit. It looked like she was actually strong, but she didn't make a single crack. She then opened her fist where she had her rock and looked at Hiroko. "Die" Said the woman, and in that same second, the rock was launched towards Hiroko at the same speed than a bullet. The rock crashed against his forehead and broke leaving some dust. Both had now the same conclusion, they were both stronger than they expected.

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16 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Thu Jan 22, 2015 5:51 pm

Hiroko looked at his target and waited to see if she moved. After a few seconds, neither of them moved a single time. So Hiroko decided to move first and used the jets in his feet to impulse himself at the enemy. He moved quickly in a straight line with his both swords in front of him in his attempt to stab the girl in front of him. The girl smiled and moved to her left quickly and laughed. "Too slow." She then used her gauntlet to punch Hiroko. When she touched Hiroko's back, instead of continuing with her attack, she grabbed him and did nothing, just stopped him from moving. It was strange, an attack with such speed had indeed some force behind it, but it did nothing. But the attack wasn't over, after grabbing from Hiroko cloth, she used her knee to hit him in the stomach and threw him to the ground. Some blood came out from Hiroko's mouth as he crashed against the floor. The woman then pointed her weapon at Hiroko and shouted. "Blast Off!" A strange energy Hiroko couldn't explain, didn't just push him down, it launched him back, it was a very powerful blast indeed, it was like a invisible tornado pushing and then pulling him towards a wall. He wasn't able to explain it, but it had to have something behind it. "I can see you..." He stopped to cough and then continued. "you have the power of a devil fruit in your hands."

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17 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Sat Jan 24, 2015 3:00 pm

The woman laughed. "Yes, indeed I have... it's the chika chika no mi, it allows me to create and block any type of force." Hiroko smiled as he got up and thought about what was he going to do. "I see now, it looks quite good, this means I'll have to find some sort of weakness in your fruit." He then opened some tiny little wholes in his body, they were almost impossible to be see by a human. "Now, how can you block what you can't see?" Asked Hiroko and left a confusing face in Rose. From each whole, a bullet was launched by a sniper, each of them were launched towards Rosa. She quickly move her head to try to evade any blast launched at her head, and she did. 8 bullets hit her, one in each arm, two in one leg and one in the other one two in the stomach and one in her chest. She suddenly fell down as the blood came out of her. The woman tried to move, but she was too damaged to continue. "As you said, it has to be fast."

"The winner of this fight... is Hiroko."

The woman started to get up and looked at Hiroko. "Why... why are you here." Hiroko laughed. "It's not your business." He said and walked towards the woman. "It was a good fight though, short but a good one indeed." He then stretched his hand and the woman in front of him. "Well done."

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18 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Sun Jan 25, 2015 9:13 am

Some other woman came with a stretcher and got Rose on top of it. She never stopped looking at Hiroko, and he knew his fight with her wasn't finished yet, it was just about to begin.

"For our next and final battle... everyone... say hello to, Mimi and Levi!"

From the gate, two girls appeared, but he was supposedly only fighting one at the time, that was the deal. He was still damaged from all the other fights, his left arm was about to fall, he was bleeding internally and in many outside parts of his body, and now he had to defeat two enemies at the same time. He this time took out his both swords and looked at both, they were probably very very strong, at least compared with him, but who knew, he may had a chance to defeat them.

"Hey you" Said both girls at the same time. "Ready to be defeated by the twin sisters?!" They shouted. Hiroko laughed and prepared his swords to fight. "I'm not so sure... But I anyway think that won't happen." He laughed and then dashed towards the enemies. HE used his both swords to slash one of them, the orange one, but in an instant, the switched places, and the purple one, blocked the attack with her naked hand, even receiving the thunder discharge. "What the...?" Thought Hiroko. Then they switched places again, and the orange one, Mimi, pointed her hand at Hiroko.

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19 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:02 pm

Hiroko was instantly shocked and cut in his already harmed arm. He looked around for ideas, but he got nothing, those both were indeed strong, and not just that, she blocked the attack even before the swords hit. This meant she was touched by the sword, it's see stone would've eliminated the power of the attack. He took back his sword, if that continued, he was probably finishing more harmed than his enemies. He then opened some little gates in his shoulders, a total of 10 giant rocks appeared in the air and rolled against the enemy. Both girls ran towards the rocks, they moved around to evade them and got to Hiroko. Both girls used her feet to kick him in the face and send him flying up high, they then jumped towards him and pointed at him with their fists. "Twin Punch!" They changed places and punched him in the chest launching him down and making him crash against the ground breaking all the rocks and leaving him almost unconscious.

His eyes were almost closing, he wasn't able to move and things were getting worst and worst for him. When he noticed, both girls were next to him looking at him, maybe to see if he kept moving, but Hiroko wasn't giving up that easily. He moved to give both of them a kick, each with one feet, but even if they were small, they were strong enough to block the attack with their hands and nothing else.

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20 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:10 pm

Both girls took a foot of Hiroko each with one hand only. They then saw Hiroko. "If we are together, you'll never defeat us." They said and then mimi kicked him in his right ribs launching him through the air and landing on a rock wall. But even before he could fall, both girls dashed to grab him, each of them grabbed one hand and used one foot to hold his feet. "Now what should we do Mimi?" Asked the purple Levi. "I don't know Levi..." Replied Mimi. "How about if we take his arm first." They both said, and even before Hiroko could say something, Levi, the purple girl grabbing his left arm, pulled and started to separate Hiroko's already damaged arm from his body. "Twin... Guillotine!!" Levi and Mimi pulled in different directions until Hiroko's arm fell off. A scream could be heard all over the place, and this two started to laugh. "Now Mimi, should we take a leg?" She asked. Hiroko was almost dead, his was bleeding too much to continue fighting, it was just too much for him. "No..." Said Hiroko as he tried to get up. "I won't die here." HE got up with one arm pulled off. He saw both of them. Some strange energy came from him, he was talking to the death itself. HE was making a deal, he was taking a pair of souls for him in exchange of power. He was going to kill these to girls with his own hands.

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21 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Sun Jan 25, 2015 8:20 pm

Hiroko used Soru to impulse himself towards Mimi, he knew Levi could absorb his attacks and Mimi was able to use them again in another direction. His abilities as a scientists were powerful. He took his most powerful sword and used it to slash Mimi in an instant, and as he thought, they quickly switched places, but it was part of his plan, nobody could switch that fast. He used soru again to appear behind Mimi who had already moved places, and then slashed from behind. She didn't move, receiving the sea stone slash and launching her about 10 meters before stopping. Hiroko dashed towards her using shadow step and stabbed her with his sword, making her lose her mobility and making the sword stand upon her, slashing completely through her and even reaching the floor. The attack probably killed her, and when he turned around to see Levi, he saw probably the biggest disadvantage in the enemy's fruit. Levi was also affected by the devil fruit even if it was Mimi who was touching it. Both stopped moving, but just to make sure he killed both, he slowly walked towards Levi, making his other sword appear in his hand. "You... you took my arm... I'll take your life!" he shouted the last part and then used his sword to slash through her neck, having her head fall down and change the floors color to a crimson red.

He laughed loudly and fell back, he was no longer able to fight, and besides, he had already killed both of them, but the adrenaline of the fight didn't let him notice the big damage he now had. His arm was bleeding a lot, he was probably about to die, and just like that, his eyes closed.

After a few minutes, he started to see some light again, a tiny light which he could see through his eyes causing him to open them. It was his friend, Kauzu, he was being rescued.

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22 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Sun Feb 01, 2015 1:57 pm

Damn dude, your character is a badass. Let's see what went down here...

-You were captured (I'm assuming.)
-You were given a sandwich (Hopefully a yummy one, Turkey? o:)
-You were pitted in an unfair gladiator type of fight (Yet you still pulled out like a boss!)
-Not only was your character thrown into an unfair battle, but he came out on top! (Albeit without an arm. D:)
-You lost your arm. (Buddy, you better get some cybernetics going! :P)
-Overall, you want the battle, but it came at a price. Luckily, your friend Kauzu had come to save you (Again, assuming due to your post! :P)

Since I'm a nice guy, and you actually accomplished a lot, I'll give you a hefty sum my friend.

-I'm gonna go over the limit here and give you 50,000,000 Reputation, just due to what you did alone.
-400K Beli to you as well my friend.


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23 Re: How Can Woman Be This Bad? on Thu Feb 12, 2015 5:25 am


Locking Thread. Rewards will be added after this post.

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