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I'm a Man... Woman... Hoshi Pirates Meet Vicky Wright!?

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Docking the ship in Logue Town harbor, the Hoshi Pirates decided to stock up on some more supplies on their journey to Reverse Mountain. 

Shunji: Phorcy... You sure your a navigator? How in the world did we end up in Logue Town, not that I mind though, Jishi-Jishi, we are running out of supplies anyway. 

Shunji, Rocket and Phorcy walked through the market district of Logue Town, hoping to find some fuel for the ship's flying mechanism and also, water, meats and vegetables for their future journeys. The gawks from the towns people and the murmurs, Shunji and Rocket had made quiet the name for themselves across the North Blue, however Phorcy took most of the attention being a fishman.

Shunji: Damn... I'm so hungry.

Passing the gigantic sign that read 'Welcome to Logue Town', Shunji smelled the food dripping out of the tavern by the name of Jills. Dashing off, he sat at the table nearest to the barkeep and signaled for the waitress. The whispers from the crowd made Shunji sound like some monster or war hero, though, he was neither, it was interesting to see how the world perceived the air headed priest just waiting to place his order.

Tavern: That's Shunji Wraith... He- He- has a bounty of over 70,000,000 Million on his head... Why are North Blue hotshots here in Logue Town?

Jill: I don't want no trouble Mr.Eyes of Zion, can I take your order?

Shunji: Trust me. I'm not as bad as the papers paint me to be. Can I have two of everything your cooking, and triple of anything with beef in it?

Shunji's eyes began to light up like stars.

Jill: Sure! We got a big eater here today boys! Three of every beef dish! Two of everything else! What about the rest of your crew?

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After really lightening it up in Baratie, the group had decided to head out for supplies. They’d been traveling for weeks, so they were running low on the essentials. With another person aboard, it made traveling a lot more interesting, especially with Phorcys incredible ability to swim. He had marvelous stories for the miraculous duo, which only helped to fascinate Rocket even more, as if he wasn’t already excited enough due to his race as a Fishman.

Rocket trotted along side Shunji and Phorcys, his metal pipe Gladium strapped firmly to his back. He smiled walking down the bustling streets of Loguetown, admiring all of the various shops and massive buildings. He actually enjoyed the attention he was getting from all of the people, dubbing Shunji and Rocket ‘bigshots from North Blue’.  He slicked back his silver locks, keeping his signature goggles attached to his head.

Citizens:“Those two have bounties of over 50,000,000 Million… And they’re with that… thing!”

It was obvious the ‘thing’ they were referencing to was Phorcys. The citizens didn’t realize how lucky they were that Rocket didn’t quite hear them due to his protective nature of his friends. Rocket reached into his pocket, retrieving a small, blue toothpick which he tossed into his mouth. He jostled it around lightly, looking around for a place to eat.

As if in unison, Shunji and Rocket’s eyes landed ‘Jills.’. Like a stampede of hungry elephants, the two dashed towards the tavern, Rocket’s stomach emitting a primal roar. He took up a seat next to Shunji, allowing him to order first. “Yo yo yo, Mrs. Lady! Quadruple everything that Shunji is getting, only for me!”  He eagerly rubbed his hands together, drool secreting from the sides of his mouth.

In the back corner of the tavern….

“The ‘Eyes of Zion’ and the ‘Silver Bullet’.. Here in Loguetown.. this might be my lucky day.”


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Traveling with 2 other people wasn't a luxury that Phorcys was use to. After meeting them on board of the Baratie they had agreed to let him join their crew. Apparently the two were rather famous for some things they did in North Blue. Each had a story of their own to tell on the long voyage that was actually on a normal ship instead of the rickety raft he knew all too well. The food on the Baratie was so good, and it made Phorcys sad to know that he may never get to try it again.

"I did not know I was a navigator Shunji. Sorry"

The trio some how manage to find themselves docked at Logue Town. It was a rather large place and before they even made it in to the town peoples eyes were upon them. Phorcys towering over his companions took most of the glances with a stare in return. His height failed to keep him from hearing all the whispers being spread around. Some were about him, but that was to be expected when you are a fishman people just don't understand. The other parts were rumors and nicknames of Rocket and Shunji nothing mattered to them though. They just waded through the people until they saw another restaurant. Both were seated and ordering before Phorcys noticed they'd left him.

Taking his time making sure not to draw any extra attention to himself he entered the resturant. Ducking through the front door almost all heads turned to see him. An empty seat beside rocket had called his name as he sat down silently.

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Victoria was currently inside one of the many stores in town, stores which supposedly had the things you needed for your Grand line trips, things such as maps, info and other useful stuff that was needed. What a bunch of crap that was, Victoria had spent the past week here, trying to find valid information, maps, and other useful things, though as one would figure 90% of the shops are frauds who prey on those desperate to gain an edge and unlikely to ever come back. Though Victoria had now spent some time here, so as soon as things started to not add up, she grew wiser, that and she grew furious as she had gotten nowhere so far, she had first believed to find something that might hint her a clue to fixing her predicament, though it was a long shot, Vicky was pretty sure if there was anything to be done it was not in one of the four blues, which put her in a predicament, she had no ship, neither did she have the ability to simply handle a trip there, though in a week she had managed to scrap up some pieces of information, she has gotten no closer to finding anything that could help her, nor had she found anyway of solving her predicament.
"You lying son of a bitch!"
She shouted before throwing a punch at the shopkeeper, she'd then throw the fake maps at him, and storm out the door, partly cause she had nothing further to discuss yet also cause her hand hurt a lot from throwing such a punch, still not used to her body being so much more fragile, she sighed deeply and put the stuff she had gathered so far down her bag and then moved on.

On the way back to the spot where she'd spent her day validating and cross checking the information she had gathered she could hear the crowd talking, though she didn't exactly pay too much attention, she picked up the jests of it, apparently it was about some newcomers, who supposedly was some kind of big deal in one of the blues, not that she in particular cared much, it was just another one of those pirates passing through, this time with bigger names than they usually had at this point. She finally got back to the restaurant she spent her time at, Jills. People was still oddly starring at the door once Victoria arrived made her pause for a second, it seemed odd to say the least, she then cautiously opened the door, taking a peek in before entering, there was some strangers, though could they really be the ones causing all the stares, then her eyes fell onto the tower of a fishman, and such a person would make more sense to stare at so she shrugged it off as nothing and entered, making a smiling gesture to Jill.
"Hey Jill, the usual please"
Jill nodded and responded.
"Sure thing one curry, might take a bit longer today, how did your search go today?"
Victoria simply smiled and shook her head in response while moving over to her usual table left back corner of the tavern.
"Sorry to hear that, better luck next time"
Victoria put her bag down and started pulling out books, maps, paper and a few pens and such, started working while waiting for the food.

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Shunji: No need to apologize Phorcy, not like we could've done any better Jishishi-Jishishi

Shunji's words were muffled from the food he was now wolfing down at an alarming rate.

Shunji: It's sooo gewd' Rock~et are you going to eat that!?

Shunji was eating his food and every now again sneaking pieces off of Rocket's plate. The smell of the mutton, the smooth texture of the mash potatoes and the robust taste of the saki, all blended in perfect harmony in the man's mouth. Shunji wasn't sure if it was the fact they hadn't eaten in weeks, or the fact that the food was actually pretty good for tavern grub or the fact that as he ate, he felt as though he could eat forever but he'd finally gathered nakama. This was technically there first meal together, and the rest of them had yet to even arrive. Amon and Anna, he wondered when in the world will they get in Logue Town. However, he looked over to Phorcy and realized he was a bit reserved. Shunji patted him on the back and grinned at him, pouring him some Saki before continuing to gobble down his chow.

In the corner of the bar, the marine hidden under a brown veil pulled out his Den Den Mushi.

Bully: I've located them, Captain Henna. Butch has already gone to call the troops in the area, should I proceed to attack? They're just scarfing down large volumes of food, is that even healthy? It seems they have a new member with them?

Henna: No. At your current level, you can't take them on. Remember what happened to your father and his base? We don't want a repeat of that, stand down solider, let the pirates have their last meal... Keep following them. Whatever you do, don't let them leave the bar.

Bully: Yes Sir!

Bully's internal thoughts stewed, for the last two months, he had been practicing Rokushiki with no avail, trying to catch up to his father's image.

Bully: You won't escape, Shunji! Rocket!

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Rocket’s crimson eyes lit up in pure joy as their piles and piles of food was presented to them. He hadn’t eaten this much since Baratie, and even then he was left starving after the meal. The entirety of their meal smelled like heaven. The delectable Sake was what he was after the most. Albert barely let him have any of the scrumptious alcohol-like beverage, but Rocket loved it.

Not even worry about utensils, Rocket dived in. He scarfed down his food just about as fast as Shunji was, not even noticing that his partner was sneaking bits off of his plates. “Yea I’m gonna eat it, you gonna eat that?!” bits of beef and mashed potatoes flew from the confines of his mouth as he guzzled his monstrous meal down. He hadn’t had food as delicious as this since Baratie, and the Sake.. priceless.

Being on his fifth cup of Sake, and literally his ninth plate of foot, he wasn’t nearly done. Plates and cups seemingly rose in height every minute due to the amount that the duo were devouring their meals. It was as if someone let a tornado inside of the tavern, allowing it to sweep up all of the food off of the plates. One by one, the plates fell. How proud Albert would be if he were here right now, Rocket thought.

When he was a child, he wouldn’t eat but the equivalent of a pea a week. Albert was the one who developed Rocket’s outrageous appetite. Over the course of a month, Albert would force more and more food down Rocket’s throat as he slept, causing him to become more and more adapted to eating large quantities of food. One day, Rocket’s hunger had grown to the point to where he could devour a small gallop. There were a lot of things that Albert was proud of Rocket for, and eating was one of them.

“I never met someone who could eat as much as me! “  

Rocket turned his attention to Phorcys, who secluded himself in how own little imaginary box. “C’mon bud, eat! Drink! Don’t worry about the stares, they’re just wishin’ they could be you! Help me keep Shunji off my food!”  It was evident now that Rocket had figured out where most of his food was going.


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Phorcys couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor restaurant owner, the amount of food that his two comrades could consume was outrageous. With every minute that passed the plates staked higher and higher. It was like watching two starving dogs fight over some scraps they way they pulled food from one another's plates, but yet managed to share saki some how. Not wanting to be rude Phorcys drank the saki Shunji was so kind to pour for him and stole a large leg of meat from one of their plates while they weren't looking.

Tasting the meat, it couldn't compare to what he had tried on the Baratie however his taste buds weren't going to be complaining either was his grumbling stomach.

"Why don't we have a cook?

Phorcys questioned the captain as he poured another glass of saki for himself. Maybe if they had their own cook they wouldn't have such a problem with hunger amongst themselves. At the rate they eat though they would have to make a stop every few days to get more supplies. This was their first stop with him as a part of the crew and it was already proving interesting.

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Victoria sat quietly studying her maps and books, it was rather redundant at this point, it would seem almost no one is this down knew anything about grand Line, and those who did wasn't keen on sharing unless you fit the part, that or... made it worth their while, she shivered at the mere thought. She blinked a few times once she received her food smiling happily.
"Thank you~"
Jill was about to leave when she was stopped.
"Hey if you don't mind me asking... you know who those guys are..?"
She sat there with a rather confused look, she had figured it might be someone she either knew personally or was something special seeing as they had quite the appetite, not that the food here was bad quite the opposite, but even so it was still a lot of food.
"You really haven't been reading the news updates the past few weeks huh... Even so I'm sure you've heard the word in town"
With that Victoria was pretty certain she knew what that meant, her eyes turned to these 3 fellows, they didn't look like all that much, though she of all people knew not to judge a book by its covers. Even so these people seemed like nothing but a bunch of goofs, maybe all except the fishman who'd do well at intimidating at least. She shook her head looking down into her books again, starting to scribble with one hand while eating her food with the other, one good thing about these recent events, her multitasking skills had gotten a lot better. Though her observation skills had never grown weaker either, in all this commotion she had almost forgotten that there actually was other people in the tavern, and her ears perked up at something unlike what she had expected.

Her eyes discretely turned to the guy wearing the cloak, it was a good disguise, it made you blend in on a tavern like this, had it not been for his less discrete way of talking on the phone Victoria properly wouldn't have noticed him at all, though in the end the only thing she actually caught was a firm "Yes Sir!" even if it didn't give her much, she had him pegged at either marine or Revolutionary, there was also a possibility for some private army of sorts but well those were less likely and judging by the people here Marine was the more likely as he was apparently given some kind of order given the current situation, and the only thing uncommon by the current situation would be these people, pirates if you will. Now she simply pondered if she should actually give them some kind of discreet warning, then questions as to why she'd do that, she didn't know these guys, nor was she actually certain this was a marine, even more so she wasn't sure if it was a marine that he was here for them and not something else. She figured that for now she'd watch how things progress, keeping an eye both at the three pirates and this mystery fellow, it'd be clear if he continued to stare at the group like that then that would make it quite clear that he was there for them.

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After a few hundred plates, Shunji was full. His appetite seemed to increase since he consumed the Hoshi Hoshi No Mi, though, he could be using that as an excuse, Shunji always ate large portions. 

Shunji: I'm full! Cook! That's a great idea! Next person to join the crew should be able to cook! Jishi-Jishi 

Pulling out a cigarette and signalling the barkeep Jill for a cup of coffee, Shunji began to question the crew on where they should go next.

Shunji: Oi Rocket, I just realized, up til now, I haven't even asked you to join the crew officially, you just sort of went with the flow. What's your plan on these seas? Phorcy, what about you, anywhere in particular you'd like to visit? With this map of the Blues I stole from Stone, we can pretty much go anywhere. Most importantly-

Shunji dug around in his pockets and put the eternal log on the table.

Shunji: This eternal log points directly to Reverse Mountain. The real reason I came to Logue Town however, is not to only pick up the remaining crew mates but some items I had in storage here. Also, this map won't help us once we get to Grandline, we'll be like sitting ducks. 

Meanwhile, on the outside of Jill's tavern, over one hundred marine troops, all lead by Captain Henna, setup barricades around the bars perimeter. The pirates were trapped within the bar and they didn't even know it as yet.

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Rocket had finally finished the last of his food, allowing a very loud, rustic belch to escape his lips. He smiled, patting his belly. “I’m still kinda hungry, ya know.” The meal was better than he thought. He never expected Tavern grub to be this delicious. Maybe it was because he hadn’t eaten in so long, or the fact that food is food to Rocket, and he’d eat anything.. except carrots. He had an unusual hatred towards the orange vegetable. To this day, no one has figured out why.

Shunji then asked the question that has been in the back of the young Shipwright’s mind for quite some time. What are his plans? Does he want to go out to sea with Shunji..? Or does he want to stick with his godfather, Albert? With Shunji, he was able to sail the seas and experience events and situations and people like never before.. On the other hand, with Albert, he was able to spend much needed time with the one who raised him. He pondered his answer for quite some time before finally answering; “I don’t know. I would love to come out to sea with you guys… But I can’t just leave my pops hangin’. I’ve gotta ask him first. “

Shunji revealed a funky looking wrist bracelet that he called ‘The Eternal Log”. Rocket had never seen such a weird yet awesome contraption in his entire life. Then the mention of other crewmates sparked his desire to head out to sea even more. “Wow.. you have THAT.. AND more crew members?! When do I get to meet ‘em?!?!”


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The world didn’t yet know that Amon Hawthorne had signed under banner of the Hoshi Pirates and he wasn’t in a hurry to reveal this.  In every major town across the world the underworld community has influence.   Only recently had he pissed community a large segment of the community in the North Blue.  Information traveled fast; but shouldn't he be safe in East Blue?  After all there aren't many flying ships in the world.  No one would expect that he was clearing entire oceans through the sky.

A few minutes after docking Amon went upstairs from below deck.  Peering around it looked as though they had docked the ship in a public harbor amongst merchant’s ships and private vessels.  
Shaking his head he sighed in disbelief he found it amusing how reckless some of the most wanted people in the four blues could be.  Amon wanted to move the ship but didn’t know how so instead he just got to work.  Leaving his fur coat behind, it was a bit to flashy for the actions he was about to engage in, the man walked to the tail end of the boat and peered off the side.  Certain that no one was watching he extended his life arm towards the tail of the ship nearest the Hoshi’s own. Life Line immediately a thick rope of thread erupted from his wrist traveling over the dock until it found something to tie onto.  Giving it one last look he swung to the side of the merchant ship.  Unlike their ship it wasn’t completely empty, merchants didn’t just stop by towns for pleasure, these people were working.  This ship would be unloading goods and taking in new ones.  With his free hand he produced sharp strings first cutting a tiny hole to peer in the area he was cutting and then larger one so that he could climb through.

Before getting a look on what was in the room Amon silently made his way to the door through the door’s glass window plane he could see people moving about the ship there was apparently more than one hold aboard it didn’t look as though they were quickly coming to this one.  But just to be careful he set up an alarm method.  Putting is finger the panel near the floor Amon produced a tout string that would function as a tripwire in case there was an unexpected visitor he or she would trip down the stairs giving Amon time to escape.   One thing merchants had a better handle on than pirates were the organization of inventory.  It was because there was a manifest of inventory that he wouldn’t have to aimlessly open a series of crates.  Taking the clipboard off the wall he would look up and down from the list familiarizing his self with the system.  Pleased with what he found he grabbed two crates one was marked fragile so he put it on top of the other box.  Binding them tightly in white and blue strings know one would be able to make out what they were.  In fact people might think they were presents that had been wrapped up.

Now was time to make his escape.  Hoisting the large crates Amon walk over to the hole he had created to get in.  Just as soon as he did put the crates down realizing that the hole was too small.  With a creak of turning door knob the would be thief turned back looking over shoulders.  Time was running out!
“Come on guys do I have to do everything myself just cause the captain put me in charge doesn’t mean you all should just do half ass work.  We have to prioritize  the unloading, that just basic.” Still looking back he stepped forward unable to catch a hold of anything the young man ended his lecture falling down the flight of stairs injuring his neck. Some of the crew broke out into laughter but a kinder pair of them rushed his aid trying to pick him up.  Sobbing from the pain his neck he yelled out a bit more harshly then he intended don’t touch me ya fools! Get a doctor. I need a doctor! Weren’t you suppose to that floorboard fixed.”

“But Gai we got the fixed on the last island don’t remember you were there.  That cute little sweaty little mechanic with the long hair, bare chest, and tight...” Immediately the large guy started to redden and twiddle his finger together

“STOP Bruno you jerk! I don’t wan’t hear anymore of your perverted gay fantasies.  I am dying here”

“Someone call a doctor it looks like we are going to be held up for awhile"

Meanwhile back aboard the Hoshi’s Pirate ship Amon had hoisted the crates on to the ship’s deck and was now preparing to put the crates in the crow’s nest using a pulley system. Peering up into the nest not even his own crew members would know the stuff was up there until much later.  There was no chance that thieves would come looking for things up there.

Going below deck he wiped the sweat from his face and grabbed his jacket before leaving the ship.  This time he didn’t bother to look around.  Anybody in the area was likely watching the insuing chaos aboard the merchant ship.  As a paramedic team rushed to retrieve the man who had broken his neck the crew realized the room had started taking on water.

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Finally the two had finished their meals. It seemed as they were going to continue eating themselves into a coma. It was nearly disgusting the amount of food that they could consume between themselves without even getting sick and then wanting more. Phorcys had never had too much as he grew up and was used to normal portions, he almost felt left behind due to the differences in amounts they eat. Drinking a bit more of the saki it had tasted better and better with each sip. This stuff is almost as good as rum I may have to switch.

Gnawing on one last bone he placed it down on an empty plate before standing up to stretch. The meat had more affect on his stomach than he expected, it was nearly nap time at this point.

"Must not get sidetracked, we need move on."

He said to Shunji while pointing out the door.

"Time for talk is later not now."

He yawned looking over the bar. It was a rather nice place well kept for the amount of people who probably come through here on a daily basis. Logue Town had a lot more to offer than just this small restaurant and there were supplies to be gathered.

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Victoria simply savored the food, figuring that she had no hurry at it was, even if the situation was somewhat strange at least from her perspective, though it only seemed to be like it was something she had noticed, all in all these guys seemed rather careless, considering the bounty they had on them and all that. After a bit Victoria packed up her stuff, all except a piece of paper in which she wrote something down on it quickly, she figured she'd at least give them a heads up, weather they were bad guys or just a band a merry men she couldn't tell they didn't seem bad, even if they were careless.

After having packed up her stuff into her backpack, she put it over her shoulder, and then made sure to keep her bow and such ready, even if she had no ill means that didn't mean what she was doing was the least bit safe. She'd take the plate and head up to the barkeep, on the way, gently bumping into Shunji's shoulder and while doing so she'd drop the piece of paper.
”Sorry about that... Ohh seems like you dropped something"
She'd be polite reaching down to take the paper and hand it to Shunji, not really wanting to linger very long, she figured she had done enough and now she could leave with a good conscious. She figured the message should give them at least a heads up, she just hoped that they weren't going to take it out in the tavern, after having moved up to the counter, she'd then pay up, and get ready to leave.

Message on the paper.:

"You are being watched, 5 O'clock"

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Shunji was engrossed in conversation, when a woman bumped into his shoulder as he sit. He didn't mind, it's a tavern these things happen, what was strange was the note that landed in his lap after the encounter. 

Victoria: Sorry about that, seems you dropped something

The note read, 'You're being watch, 5' O Clock'. Looking over his shoulder, he noticed a mysterious hooded man, staring right at their table with great intent. Though, this was nothing new to them. Especially, himself and Rocket. It was most likely some bounty hunter trying to make a name for himself or in a worst case scenario, a marine spy, tracking their movements.

Shunji: Thanks for the warning Jishishishi... Most people would've just walked off.

Shunji grabbed onto the woman's hand, not violently, but just long enough so he could give his thanks. Pointing his finger like a gun, he aimed at the man in the corner, he tossed the note to Rocket and Phorcy.

Shunji: Get ready to run!

Shunji fired off a single star bullet, which burned off the man's cloth. Tossing it off, the man exclaimed, stomping on the hood, the marine Ensign looked up, with his marine cap on.

Shunji: And we're off!

Shunji dashed through the door, his mind slipped, he had pulled the lady outside with him as well, Shunji forgot to let go of her hand.

Henna: Stop right their Shunji! Rocket! Phorcy's! You are all under arrest! As we speak, your ship at the harbor is being infiltrated by over hundred marines. I see, I guess the rumors about they're being four of you were true, I don't this woman but she looks like your woman by the way your holding her hand.

Shunji: Jishishishi... or my hostage. You never know with me, do you?

Henna: My name is Captain Henna Sandiford! I'm in-charge of operations here in the East Blue Island of Logue Town, you will not escape.

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Rocket had taken it upon himself to jostle people around the bar for more food. Despite his greatest efforts, he was turned down at every table. He turned around in time to see Shunji talking with a young woman. He grinned, obviously misinterpreting the situation. “Haaahaha, get it in Shunji! “ He began strutting towards the trio, that is until Shunji suggested that they get ready to run.

He saw a flare spark from Shunji’s finger, striking a man in the very corner of the room. His hooded cloak began incinerating into the wind, exposing his Marine uniform and ball-cap. “Oi Oi! I didn’t know we had an audience!” Rocket pulled his left arm back, balling his gloved hand into a tight fist. White smoke began rising from his wrist. “Moku Moku no…”  He smiled, seeing the fear that was instilling on the young Marine’s face.  “White Bullet!”  Rocket thrust his left arm forward, launching his fist off of his arm with a burst of smoke. The strike sank deep into the Marine’s gullet, smashing him through the Tavern’s wall. “Bwaaahehehahah! That’ll teach ya! Oi.. Shunji? Phorcys?”

The young Shipwright glanced around, only to notice that his nakama weren’t even in the establishment anymore. He slammed through the front doors, finally seeing his friends, and the giant brigade of Marines that had set up shop, awaiting their moment to capture the two big-bounty stars. He was met with a woman proclaiming that she was not going to let Shunji and him escape. He raised his smoker-covered fists into the air, screaming right back at her; “BRING IT OOOOONNNN!”


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Stepping on to the dock with hands in the pockets of his pants and fur coat draped over his shoulders, Amon found himself in quite the predicament.  From both sides of the pier marines were rushing in.  From their massive numbers it looks like they weren’t responding to the sinking merchant ship.  Walking forward he moved to step out there way.  But it was too late he had already been spotted on the ship.

“Stop where you are! We have you completely surrounded Pirate! Raise hand slowly.”  One of the marine through a pair of binoculars was scanning the ship for others for possible hostiles.  Once satisfied there was no one else the marine reported that the deck was clear.  Some of the marines moved into detain Amon.

Letting out a shrilling scream not fitting of a man his age and stature with panic voice Amon yelled “Please don’t shoot.  I’m a doctor don’t shoot!”

Many of the marines were put off and some of their weapons lowered slightly.  One even spoke up.  “Isn’t that Amon Hawthorne?  The doctor from North Blue, that used be in the papers all time a couple years ago?” A few whisper went through crowd.

“Yes yes that’s me! I heard there was an accident on a ship and someone needed medical attention.” Lowering his hands, closing his eyes, and smiling sheepishly he said “I guess I got on the wrong ship.”

Almost unanimously they looked towards the merchant ship that was still an obviously scene of chaos, their jaws dropped and together exclaimed “HE GOT ON THE WRONG SHIP!???” The team leader signaled to precede in their mission the capture of the Hoshi pirate’s ship.  All the marines rushed to board the ship now that they were ignoring Amon he ran to the side walk and until most of the marines were on the wooden pier not close enough to board the ship yet. Raising his left and right hands and crossing them in them in front of him“Brilliant Five!” Long strings of every color in the rainbow erupted from his finger tips and after a sweep motion cut through wooden and lashed into marines it hit. Now there was no way for them to board ship unless they could manage to climb it.

Tier 2 Technique Name:Brilliant Five
Tier 2 Technique Type:0-40m
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown:2 post
Tier 2 Technique Description: An opaque array of rainbow colors (can be made clear at T3). A single string comes out of each of the finger tips.  The users will then make a slapping motion at target.  The target will receive a cut the same size as the string wherever they are hit. Can be used with one or both hands. When blocking strings might be produced elsewhere on the body to provide the appropriate blockage.  If the user goes through the hand motion process of his hammock technique then he can create a cutting net
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:ranged cutting, can block tangible attacks.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:  The attack follows hand motion so if the target knows the ability (ito ito) they can potentially block or dodge. This attack at this tier is not typically deadly unless it hits repeatedly and the target looses too much blood. In order to block attack strings must anchor to something so that they can be firm. If fighting in the air this can be difficult but not impossible (clouds aren't an appropriate anchor).

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Phorcys just sat there stretching as a woman who must've been leaving the small tavern had bumped into the captain, unsure of her intentions he just stood there watching. She had handed him a note that he had apparently dropped sometime while they were in the restaurant...must've been the bill. Quickly he took a hold of her hand and tossed the paper between Phorcys and Ryan giving them only a few seconds before he shot some type of projectile that caused a mans cloak to burn off revealing a Marine spy. Everything was moving so quickly he didn't really have much time to react properly.

Shunji had taken the girl by the hand and led her right out the door, and by that time rocket was using his powers to punch the marine before taking off after the captain. He could hear the marines outside as well as his comrades about to take them on. Phorcys began walking towards the wall that had been broken by the marine who was propelled with Rocket's punch. He was pretty brutal beaten after receiving a duo of techniques and going through the wall. Easily picking the man up Phorcys wrapped one arm under the mans arm and around to the opposite shoulder dangling him with a headlock.

"You important."

Was all he muttered as he walked back through the bar with the man. Brushing through the door he walked up behind his group placing the mans feet on the ground and moving his arm to be just around his throat then pointing at the enemy leader with his free hand.

"I think not. You hurt us I kill this man."

He used just the arm wrapped around the mans neck to raise him in the air forcing him to flail and gasp for air.

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Victoria had really planned to be on her merry way, she had thought that this would be nothing but a mere warning and nothing else, sort of like her "good" deed of the day, she didn't particular have anything against Pirates, revolutionaries or Marines so at that point she was rather neutral about the whole deal, she just knew that these people didn't seem all that bad. Though much to her confusion it didn't seem like this captain was planning on letting her go so easily. She turned and looked with some confusion once her hand was grabbed.
"Ohh ,uhh I'm not most people I guess uhh..."
Not even able to finish her sentence before she heard some snappy remark from one of the crew members, nothing too bad though it was a matter of the underline in it. Though she wasn't really given any time to react before Shunji took his move, with a mere flick making the one watching them rather absolete, a hint of regret hit Victoria's stomach, had she done something wrong, then again she had no idea who the person was, he might be bad as well. She easily noted the marine cap once revealed though that didn't hold her attention for long, these people were using fruits, and in such a casual manner.
She asked dumb fooled, knowing full well Shunji's hand was still holding on to her, she made a small attempt to get free though before she was able to do much, she needed to move her feet to keep up as she was dragged along outside.

Once outside Victoria's eyes moved around in confusion, this was quite the sum of marines, had she been too late with her warning, then again this had nothing to do with her, but if that was the case why was she now standing here accused to be a part of this crew, was it really such dumb luck that they weren't a full crew at the moment, she was as good as any to fit the last spot.
"Hold on... You can't have an all-out battle here?!"
She looked confused as any, she knew that marines had been brutal at times but taking up combat here, it would seem to favor Pirates way too much, there was civilians everywhere, or perhaps they didn't even care about that, even when she was part of them technically. Right now she didn't even know what to do, she just wanted a way out of this mess, and she highly doubted the marines would even believe her if she claimed innocent at this moment.

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Shunji noticed Victoria trying to free her hand and let go.

Shunji: Ooops... Sorry about that Jishishishi.... 

The priest said laughing.

Shunji: Thanks for the warning by the way. Names' Shunji Z. Wraith. I'm the Captain of the Hoshi Pirates, or at least that's what they call us. Seems you got tangled in our craziness but don't worry. I'll clear a path for you to escape. Rocket! Phorcy! Take the girl to safety, I'll stick around and have some fun with the marines. Jishishi...

Henna: Your underestimating the marine core kid-

Shunji shot off, plasma at the bottom of his feet to the right, breaking through the barricades that encapsulated the pirates and friend. Breaking off in a break neck pace, Shunji dashed through the crowd of civilians. The marines who managed to not get topple over, began to shoot harpoons at the man, which melted as soon as they came into contact. Shunji hoped, Rocket and Phorcy would use this diversion to get the girl to safety, after all, she was pretty much innocent, all she did was tip off the round crowd. Shunji drew his batons, knocking down a few of the marines as they approached his back.

Shunji: Going to have to do better than that!

Shunji ducked into an alley coming up on the right that would lead him to downtown Loguetown, a district densely populated with taverns.

Bully: Wait up! Shunji! I'll capture you! Butch!


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Rocket grinned, looking out across the brigade of soldiers. he cracked his knuckles, ready for a fight, only for Shunji to announce for them to get the girl to safety. As much as he wanted to brawl, Shunji was right. This girl was innocent after all. He looked towards Phorcys, hoping that burly Fishman could assist him in this. “Phor, my man! Pick this girl up and we’ll get outta’ here! Shunji, we’ll meet up with you soon!”  He took off in the opposite direction, jumping into the air towards the Marines on their right side.

“Move iiiiiitttt!”

The young Shipwright launched a massive flurry of kicks to the grunts, knocking them around like rag-dolls. He landed back on his feet with relative ease, clearing a path for Phorcys and Vicky. He stood by, kicking various Marines away from his two nakamas.  (Even though he didn’t know Vicky, his mission to save her now made her his friend.) He pointed his slender finger towards the alleyways opposite of the way Shunji was going. “Head down there, hurry!”

With another vigorous torrent of kicks, Rocket had cleared the Marines on their side. Hoping that Phorcys had Vicky in tow, he took off, nearly running on the air because of how fast his legs moved. He took a sharp turn down the musty alleyway, waiting for Phorcys and Vicky to enter through. If they did, he’d have placed his palms near the entrance, blasting out a burst of smoke to diverge the Marines off of their course, and make it easier for them to escape. “Keep it moving! We don’t have time to stop! We gotta get her to a safe place, then meet up with Shunji!”

He could hear the grunts of Marines in the distance, red plasma flying through the air above the buildings. He could only assume Shunji was giving the Marines a run for their money, if not down-right kicking their asses.



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Wood and blood sprayed the air as the planks they stood were cleanly sliced through.  With nothing left to support them the marines most of them fell a few clung to the side of the trying to pull themselves up.  The rest turned and once again drew their guns on Amon but this time they didn’t hesitate, firing at will their aim was clearly the doctor’s death.  A set of strings sprouted from his shoulder blades rising towards the building behind him across his chest black strings were creating a network of interwoven fabrics.  As soon as the strings met contact Amon would be pulled into the air above the marines.  Bullets would hit his chest and get caught in his vest.

“Keep it up gentlemen your great marksmen.” Bending his fingers like claws he flicked his wrist repeatedly toward the marines below.  From his finger tips sprouted tout long threads that would pierce flesh like thin spears.  The men below let out tortured screams the water started to tinge with red, not all the marines had made it out of the water.

With more injured than able to fight and their formation in shambles he waved good bye. “It really was fun maybe next we eat lunch first, but you still couldn’t sit with me...”   I hope someone got me some food, we really need a cook .  From the roof tops he searched the allies for Shunji and Rocket keeping the harbor to his right he would be able to join them quickly if they should head to the ship.  Stopping abruptly Amon peered down to the street below; he had heard his captain’s name but didn’t recognize the voice that spoke it.  Seeing Shunji not far behind him he immediately was disappointed that he didn’t see any food in his hands. Dammit he just had to cause a fuss before I could eat  Not realizing the gravity of his current situation Amon jumped from the roof yelling at his captain from above.  “Did you at least bring me something to eat?”

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Everyone had made it outside at this point, they were surrounded on all sides by marines. The situation had escalated quickly. The captain had drug the poor girl along as a "hostage" yet he just released her hand and apologized. Phorcys was feeling a bit slow at the moment. Moving his head back and forth quickly, he tried to count all the marines while dialogue was exchanged however he failed multiple times. Before he could start another time Shunji's feet lit up a very bright color and he took off easily breaking past the marines and causing some of the group to follow him down an alley.

Looking over to Rocket, he waited to make his move squeezing the marine in his arm just a little more tightly every few moments. Shunji had taken a decent amount of the marines with him, but they were still out numbered here and left with the girl they were suppose to rescue. Apparently taking a page out of Shunji's book Rocket took off at the marines himself. Easily he was beating on the lot which also cleared another path through them for himself and the rest of the crew. Luckily there was another alley that happened to be in the opposite direction of where the leader bravely used himself as a decoy.

Taking off in a slight sprint Phorcys drug the marine with him through the semi-clear path Rocket had made. Bullets were flying through the air at this point and a few stragglers were getting themselves back up hoping to block the new path. The attempt was rather futile though as Phorcys stuck out his free arm at throat length with most of the marines. One by one he clothes lined marines with little effort as he made his way to the alley only slowing down to keep his grip on the marine from the bar.

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Victoria was still trying to comprehend what was going on here, this had escalated far faster than she has expected, and was now simply just focusing on making the best of it, which in generally can be rather difficult, when starring the several gun barrels her bow didn't look too well on this situation, she was too much in the middle of things, she needed an out luckily even though they had gotten her into the mess they at least seemed to be helping her out of it as well, even though now she was possibly marked as a pirate. She had been confused when she had gotten freed though this was rather unexpected, made her regret warning them, considerably less at least they weren't all bad kind of thing.

Though she didn't have a lot of time to think, soon all hell broke loose, people where moving fighting, and they were clearing a path for her, though when suggested she was going to be picked up she quickly gripped her stuff, though luckily it didn't seem like the person Phor was his name was going to do that, which made her let out a sigh of relief.
"Ehh... thank you for this.."
She said lowly before starting to run, using the cleared road following up best she could, she wasn't in bad shape so she had no problem, a few blows was sent after her though she easily avoided them and kept going, this particular area wasn't really her expertise, her abilities allowed her to do good at long ranges, being mixed up in some close up brawl would quickly lead to her demise.

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Shunji looked back as he hustled through the city, watching Amon descend from the heavens. Now would be the perfect time for him to meet the crew, only problem is, they had been split up. Turning around and grinning, Shunji made quick work of the marines that followed him, knocking each of them into nearby taverns, market stalls and into the floor, once appropriate, with his batons, rendering them helpless.

Shunji: Amon! Your late! I told you meet me at the port hours ago! Your the last to arrive actually! As for food... Ugh... Me and Rocket ate it all, Jishishi... You were hungry?

Shunji said calmly, pulling out a cigarette and beginning to light it using his trademark lighter, which doubles as his crucifix that lied on his neck. His second chain was resting on his sister's neck, wondering what she'd do with the lighter.

Shunji: I hope she doesn't pick up smoking... How's the business with the Black Market go!?

Shunji said loudly, almost as if he didn't care that Amon had spies of all kinds monitoring his activities.

Shunji: Actually, I have a request for you Amon. Tell, Rocket and the others too meet at the ship, we can set sail now that you've arrived... There's a familiar face I need to go and say hello too.

Breaking away from Amon, Shunji walked over to a nearby tavern with some cheers outside. Sitting reading the newspaper calmly, was a man with grimly white colored hair. It was spiky cut and medium in height, sporting a Hawaiian shirt and brown cargo pants.

Shunji: I never thought we'd meet here like this... Brooks.

Brooks: Fate? I've been reading the newspaper on your crew... Hoshi Pirates eh? I never pegged you for a pirate boss.

Shunji: Things change since Lvneel. I see you escaped.

Brooks: I know what truly happened that day... I never understood why you let them frame you like that... I would've rushed to my death trying to clear my name-

Shunji: God works in mysterious ways. Jishishishi

Brooks: They're you go on about God again... Normal teenagers are out there knocking up a few women, starting some families, stealing treasure, go do some pirate things... Your incidents scream vendetta... I don't know what your planning but be careful.

Shunji: Are you speaking as yourself or for your work?

Brooks: I'll say this... Alot of people are watching you now, Shunji. Recently, from what I hear, Victor Ricon is looking for you.

Brooks got up and threw a bag of beli on the table. Walking off, he offered Shunji these final words of advice.

Shunji: Never heard of him.

Brooks: Watch out for Thriller Bark. Victor may not be a New World Pirate but he's a big fish in these waters. His crew is filled with monsters.

Shunji: Jishishishi...

Finishing his cigarette.

Shunji: My crew's filled with monsters too. See you later, Commodore Brooks.

Brooks: I'm on vacation, this meeting never happened. Besides, your path of vengeance will only kill civilians, I'll save this world from the inside out.  

The two men part ways, each a rising star on their own paths. It is after this point, where Shunji and Jensen first meet.


Name: Johnathan Brooks
Tier 2
Occupation: Martial Artist / Brawler
Abilities: ???
Devil Fruit: ???
Goal: Bring an end to the World Government abusing the system.
Reputation: 100,000,000


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[OOC(?): Sorry for wait. Been dealing with Personal Problems. Anyway let me go ahead and graded this.]

Also. Just something to keep in mind next. I know I generally have done this, but just letting all players know.

Tier System wrote:Another side note, while we do read the topics we grade; we are looking for if you put an effort in and if something did happen. It makes it easier if you summarize what was accomplished/what you did/etc. I.e:

Actions Committed:
-Burned down Kalli's Home.
-Burned down Kouketsu's Home.
-Burned down Alexa's Home.
-Burned down Rocket's Home.
-Burned down Wulfric's Home.
-Burned down Kalista's Home.
-Took all their cheese before hand.

The following thread has been read, reviewed and approved. Locking Thread. Don't forgot to add this thread to your character timeline thread.

Beli -> 150,000 Beli to everyone in the thread.
Bounty -> 10,000,000 to everyone in the thread.

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