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A Tasty Crash Landing

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1 A Tasty Crash Landing on Sun Jan 11, 2015 9:13 pm

The sun bore down upon the East Blue like a fireball. Serene winds grazed the Milky Way’s sails. The young Shipwright, Reddick T. Rocket stood atop the control podium, guiding the massive airship through the sky. “We’re well on our way outta East Blue, Shunji! “  He moved the nonchalantly moved the joystick around, his goggles still intact on his head. The slight breeze caressed Rocket’s face with motherly love, brushing the bulk of his white-locks back.

The past few days onboard with Shunji was actually kind of relaxing. Watching the clouds, allowing the wind to sway you around every corner, watching the seagulls soar overhead, it’s all he could’ve hoped for. Was this what it was like being a pirate? If so, count him in. This was the best. The only thing that would make it better would be Albert standing next to him, and a giant plate of food in front of him. Maybe a mermaid or two. But really, he couldn’t have asked for a more gracious, adventurous time. The amount of differently shaped islands and clouds he saw were spectacular. And to think, he built this thing. Meeting Shunji back on Spider Miles must’ve been a real miracle. Had it not been for the sapphire-haired ninja, he never would’ve built this airship, and he would probably be dead at Vice Admiral Smacker’s feet right now.

As Rocket steered away. the propellers began slowing down, evidently causing the ship to slowly descend into the sea below. “Crap… The engine is out of gas. Looks like we’re gonna have to take this the old fashioned way. Shunji, hold on!”  He pressed a few buttons on the control pad, completely shutting the propellers off. The Milky Way made a hefty and swift descent, crashing into the salty seawater below. “Woooooo!”

It might as well have been like dropping a 5-ton rock into the water, due to the waves and radius of the splash their ship made.  

“Y’know, I kind of figured out how to read this map. Looks like we’re… semi close to uhh… Baratie? Baratie Karate? Bweehehe! That rhymes!”


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2 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Sun Jan 11, 2015 9:22 pm

The sun's hue sat tinted on Shunji's parasol chair, Rocket comes up with the niftiest of things. Laying spread out on the chair, he lit his cigarette and began reading a few books he had backed with him in his backpack. It'd been a few weeks now since they left Micqueot and they had seen no marine vessels in sight as they took to the skies. Looking down at the sea, Shunji could see all of seagulls which flied alongside the sky ridden vessel.

It was truly peaceful. Shunji still had a lot of things to handle, like picking up the other crew mates. However, he did give each of them a meeting up point, to handle their own affairs and such. He'd need to pop over to the burial cite of the silver, Amber Lead and Sea Stone he had in hiding but that was a story for another day. Right, now, Rocket and Shunji crashed landed right next to the famed Baratie, just in time too because, the young priest was starving.

Shunji: Tche Tche... That was a wicked fall, hey! Rocket, you okay?

Though that was probably a question he didn't even need to ask, Rocket's the type to enjoy situations of peril and hopelessness. Shunji hopped up, his cigarette lost in the descent and let down the anchor.

Shunji: Baratie was it? I hear they have the best food in the world! I guess were lucky Jishi-Jishi

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3 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Sun Jan 11, 2015 10:00 pm

Phorcys really didn't have a clue on how being a pirate was suppose to work. It wasn't too long ago that he had began to wander on his own. Not much to call his own an old raft that was poorly put together got him from place to place for the time being. Often he would run his fingers into the water to see how calm it was before raising them to his brow like a set of binoculars staring our into the distance. His only hopes were that he would finally see an island on the horizon. Phorcys' heart dropped when after days of drifting his eyes didn't find an island, but a ship. However it wasn't a normal looking ship, and he really couldn't tell if it was moving or not.

After a few more dreaded hours his little raft bumped up against the large ship. It was really more like a floating house though on the back of a large fish. He was puzzled, yet it didn't stop him from walking in the front doors curious on what the inside looked like. Surprisingly it was a restaurant and a fancy once at that. The wonderful aroma of food bombarded his nose taking over his brain then forced drool to seep out of his mouth.

You don't have the money to buy any food These words quickly destroyed the thoughts of food that clouded his thoughts. Quickly he was greeted by a middle aged man wearing a suit, holding his hand out to an empty table on the opposite side of the ship. Unable to help himself Phorcys  followed him, taking his place at the table as if it was left open just for him. Scimming over the menu there wasn't really anything that popped out to him other than meat. Meat the oh so delicious food all a man would ever need.

"I'll take whatever type of meat you guys serve and a bottle of rum."

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4 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Mon Jan 12, 2015 3:11 pm

Rocket gripped the edge of the podium stand, nearly thrown off balance. “Wooohoo! That was freakin’ fun!”  And it was. Rocket was always the type for adventurous, perilous situations like that. He wrapped his fingers around the rim of his goggles, bringing them upwards so that they covered his forehead. “We’re sure to get a butt ton of food here. Good, too. I’m starving…”

Along the way, the duo was able to find a mediocre doctor to patch up their wounds from the battle at Red Wine Bay. Stitches lining his chest, the wound was still sore. Deathly sore. Every now and then he had to do a measly patching in order to stop the blood from flowing. Over the course of their weeks together on the Airship, Rocket had gotten slightly more adept with his Smoke Logia powers. Having to constantly hold his wound together with his smoke, it gave him the much needed training in order to use the Fruit’s extravagant powers with some type of skill.

“Maybe they’ll have some fuel, too. We really need it if we want to fly again.” He stood next to the mast, waiting for Shunji to board the floating restaurant first. The plan to visit Albert was still thick in the back of his mind. He had to let him know he was ok, and was eager to tell him of the adventures he’s had with Shunji. First things first though, Food and Fuel!


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5 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Mon Jan 12, 2015 3:33 pm

Shunji: I hope so, flying really cuts the marine encounters down quite a bit.

Entering the restaurant, Shunji and Rocket were escorted by the waitress to our seats.

Bunny: Name's Bunny, nice to meet ya'. Here at the Baratie we have some the best dishes from all across the seas. So shoot, whatcha looking to get?

Bunny Loger:

Name: Bunny Loger
Tier 1
Occupation: Waitress / Cook
Former Pirate

Shunji picked up the menu and didn't recognize half the stuff they had to offer but he ordered two of everything and hoped for the best. Pulling out a cigarette from his shirt jack, he popped it into his mouth, beginning to use his finger as a lighter. Bunny watched the man keenly and was almost shocked that his finger somehow, lit the cigarette. The Baratie wasn't particularly full, which was odd for a world renown restaurant. Turning to Rocket with a smile, she asked:

Bunny: And anything to for you Mister'? I do want you to know that the Baratie is a professional place of business. So, if ya ain't got no money to pay for your meal, our head chefs will take care of-

A man in a black straight suit smacked Bunny across her head.

James: Enough Bunny, you need to be polite to your customers. Names' James, you're meals will be ready in a few minutes gentlemen, do relax.

James grabbed Bunny by the ear and dragged her back into the kitchen. With swith foot work, James bolted across the dinning room, serving everyone their orders and refilling empty water glasses. Just then, a group of bandits seem to have arrived in the Baratie. They all wore poncho's and brown hoods, sitting at the table in the foremost corner of the dinning room.

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6 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:12 pm

Phorcys was really impressed with the speed at which the food had been cooked and the man brought it out to him. A few plates of meat that smelled similar to what he had smelt earlier and a nice sized bottle of rum to wash it all down with. Just as the plates left the fancy mans hands he was gone, across the almost empty Baratie smacking what seemed to be a waitress. Those kind of things angered Phorcys, but he didn't know why and it really wasn't any of his business to say anything.

She had just seated two humans, taking a few glances it didn't really seem like they were anything special. The one had odd piercings. Nothing that stuck out too much they must be travel together as pirates. It wasn't until a group of men who all happened to be dressed the same. Phorcys has never encountered such weirdly dressed men, each had a piece of cloth with brown hoods attached.

With all these people entering the floating restaurant Phoyrcys had managed to neglect his food. Quite a bit of the heat was already missing from the meat and it was sure to not be as good now. Picking up a piece of meat he threw it in his mouth full of fangs and chomped just two times before swallowing it bone and all. Gulping down part of the bottle he managed to notice that the weird group of men were staring at him. Now he had a reason to be mad. Slamming down the nearly empty bottle of rum he quickly grabbed another piece of meat and threw it in his mouth making sure to chomp on it while they were looking his way.

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7 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:35 pm

Rocket smiled as Shunji complimented the ship he had constructed for the Hoshi Pirates. He really did go all out on it, refusing to sleep or take a break for three nights straight so that he could work on it. The only part that really took a while was the star emblems, trying out several different designs and styles before settling on the one they have now. The propellers and engines were tough too, but not nearly as difficult.

The young Shipwright lifted his crimson gaze to the waitress, whose named happened to be Bunny. What an odd name, though it couldn’t be any worse than Rocket. She had quite the beautiful smile. “Four of everything on the menu please! Don’t hold me to it though, I might want more! Keep your ovens high-geared!”  He bounced up and down in his chair. The aroma of the various delicacies that were awaiting him in the kitchen raided his nose like a pair of bandits.

Speaking of bandits, a large pack of acorn-brown hooded men entered the bar. Shady as they were, Rocket wasn’t one to judge. He turned his head to look back at the Fishman. He had a delicious looking piece of meat in front of him. Rocket wanted it all. Even though he only drank Sake, the rum looked evenly as scrumptious. He turned his gaze back towards the bandits who were all now eyeing the Fishman. Ange filled his blood-red eyes, pushing himself off of his seat, now propping himself up in a standing position.

He scowled at the group of musky buccaneers, pointing back at the Fishman. “Let him eat without having five thousand eyes on him! Jeez, don’t you guys have any manners?!”


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8 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Mon Jan 12, 2015 5:49 pm

Loco: What was that runt? Spider!

Spider: NENENENE! Yes boss!

The gigantic man with a spider tattoo on his right hand pulled out a canon launcher off his back and pointed it at Rocket. The man fired off the canon launcher, which flung his body back a few centimeters form the recoil. 

Spider: NENENENENE! I got him boss! I got the runt!

Shunji: Jishi-Jishi... If there's anyone you don't want to make angry when he's hungry. It's Rocket.

Shunji pulled out his cigarette and kicked his foot up on the table. Taking a few puffs of the cigarette, he waited for the smoke from the canon ball fired to clear. Shunji peered over to the Fishman and grinned.

Bunny: Hey! Theres' no fighting in here you scum'

Loco: What was that bitch!? Spider!

Loco said snapping his fingers, he fired off a canon ball towards the waitress. Shunji hopped up, using his batons to knock the canon ball throw the window. The canon ball traveled a few meters and landed on one of the bandits sea cruisers. The small wooden sea bicycle was ripped apart from the force of the canonball.

Bandits: That's the bosses bike! Oh no...

Loco: What the fuck!!!!?

Shunji: Ooops. Jishi-Jishi, My hand slipped.


Name: Loco Reigns
Tier 2
Occupation: Thief / Rogue

Name: Spider and The Gang
The Gang: Quantity: Ten - Tier 1
Thief / Rogues
Spider - Tier 2
Occupation: Gunslinger / Thief

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9 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Mon Jan 12, 2015 7:36 pm

The situation had escalated quickly. The duo who had entered were now engaged in a fight with the matching weirdos. It seemed to piss the one man off more than it did Phorcys himself that they were staring at him while he was eating. It was something that Phorcys had grown use to such trivial things. Standing up pushing the table away, all he could do was just shake his head.

"I just wanted food you fools."

Grabbing the chair that was previously in raising it above his head and throwing it right at the group. He could never begin to grasp the concept of why people cannot just do their own thing.

"Just leave now and nothing will be remembered."

Its always nice to give them an ultimatum in hopes that they would actually take it but that never really happens to be the case. Taking off in a full sprint Phorcys made his way towards the waitress grabbing her up over his shoulder. Pivoting on one foot he ran away from the groups through some double doors and placing her safely in what he assumed is the kitchen.

"Stay Safe."

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10 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Mon Jan 12, 2015 8:02 pm

As the enormous bandit known as ‘Spider’ approached, readying his cannon to strike Rocket, he just let a simple grin overtake his lips. These idiots had no idea what they were getting themselves in to. He fired his cannon off with a sense of confidence, the force throwing him back a few yards. The cannonball reached Rocket in a matter of milliseconds, passing through his body as if it were nothing. His chest dissipated into a puff of smoke, leaving a large hole in his torso. “Bwaaahahahahaha! Do you think you could take me out that easily?!”

“What the hell is he?! How is he still talking with that giant hole in his chest?!”

Rocket simply smiled, pulling his right arm back. The hole in his chest morphed back together, leaving him with no damage whatsoever. White smoke began rising from his wrist, giving the effect that his wrist was on fire. “Moku Moku no….”  The bandits hustled backwards, toppling over themselves to try and move out of the way. “White Bullet!” In a swift motion, Rocket threw his right arm forward, his arm transforming into a pillar of smoke. The burst of smoke launched his fist off of his arm, smashing through the tables only to strike Spider in the gut. The impact knocked him into several other bandits, sending them through the walls of the restaurant.


Technique Used:
Tier 2 Technique Name: Moku Moku no White Bullet
Tier 2 Technique Type: Melee/Ranged
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 1 post
Tier 2 Technique Description: Rocket morphs his arm (except his fist) into smoke, and launches his fist at his opponent with a burst of smoke. (Think Smoker’s White Blow, or Luffy’s Gomu Gomu no Pistol)

Tier 2 Technique Strengths:

This attack can be utilized as a long-ranged technique.

Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:

If caught off guard or the like, Rocket’s fist can still be injured.


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11 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Mon Jan 12, 2015 8:52 pm

Loco: Screw this!

Loco reached under his brown hood and pulled out two handgun machine guns. Loco opened fire on the priest. The bullets shot up the bar, tables and liquor on the shelves until they finally approached Shunji. Shunji activated plasma coating that melted all of the bullets that came into range. The vermillion aura burned the bullets almost instantly. A switch in Shunij's head activated, in an instant, Shunji closed the distance between him and the bandit leader. Shunji slammed his vermillion coated batons into the bandits ribcage, ripping him apart and sending him flying through the door into the sea water.

Shunji: Oi! I don't mind us fighting but don't bring innocents into your ego drip.

Bandits: Boss!!!!

The bandits hopped into the ocean to siphon the man from drowning. Throwing him onto the docks, Loco barely gasped for his breath, losing his machine handguns to the ocean current.

Loco: Why would you even stand up for the Fishman scum!!!? Five years ago, a bunch of those freaks raided our hometown... Since that day, I'd never forgive those stupid fish people...

Shunji's face was genuinely filled with anger.

Shunji: So what? Like Humanity's any better? You have stolen, or robbed or killed. You judge him because he looks different but he bleeds like us. Dreams like us. I won't let you speak ill of any of God's creations!

Loco: What God!?

Loco fired off a grenade at Shunji which blew up where he stood.


Tier 1 Technique Name: Star Arms! Baton!
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 8
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of five posts, user collects all of his energy to generate two batons in each hand. The batons temperature resemble that of a heated iron left to stew in it’s heat for hours.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Metals absorb and mold with heat merging to generate batons.
-Can cause first degree burns.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-User’s body experience hypothermia after entering the dead state becoming extremely vulnerable to colder temperatures and climates.
-The weaker the metals, the weaker the generated batons are. Batons can also be generated out of pure plasma energy, however, duration time is cut down to three in these cases.

Tier 2 Technique Name: Vermillion Star!
Tier 2 Technique Type: Support
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 12
Tier 2 Technique Description:
For a duration of two posts, users temperatures exceed that of a red star and mirror that of an orange star, creating temperatures of 3000 degrees. The heat emitted from users body is enough burn through or melt metals that come into contact with the heat. User radiates an orange aura all over there body.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- Objects susceptible heat within 5 x 5 Meters of user experience first degree burns.
- Blows that do direct contact can scar skins and burn through surfaces. Human contact can leave second degree turns.
- Exhibits the capability to shoot plasma through the pours in the feet and used to create jet like motions.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- When user enters the dead star state, users body suffers hypothermia. User is susceptible to colder temperatures and heat base attacks.
- Mass afflicted on the body is four times body weight for five posts of cooldown.
- Decreased motion makes the user highly susceptible to attacks.

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12 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Tue Jan 13, 2015 5:07 am

Phorcys just watched from the small glass window in the door. The one man with a cigarette was more interesting than he seemed. All though he was still puzzled on why the fact these two random people would stick up for someone like him. No humans had ever made such a decision, but he wasn't going to let it get in his way of sticking up for himself.

The man with the cigarette seemed to get extremely angry when the groups leader began to fire guns at him. So angry that he began to glow a red color, like someone would in the stories that they told children. He then charged at the group hitting the man with two bars so hard that he went through the doors and into the water. It wasn't long before the rest of his men were through the door pulling their dear leader out of the water.

Barging back through the kitchen doors Phorcys had seen enough from both sides. This was his problem, he would be the one to stop the oppression of his race on any scale. It was obvious that he was pissed off at this point, his feet were heavy making loud noises with each step and fists already clenched. Easily sliding past the man with a cigarette and going right out the front door eyes dead set on the leader. Pushing the goons away with no problem he would settle it now.

"You have no right scum."

Phorcys screamed at the man as he got on top of him and began to punch him in the face, holding on to his collar with one had so the mans head couldn't escape. With every punch the sound of bones cracking and the blood squirting just made him feel better.

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13 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Tue Jan 13, 2015 8:05 am

Rocket watched Shunji handle the situation with master-like control over his Devil Fruit, dispatching the leader as if he were a piece of floating seaweed. “Bweeehehahahahahaha! You guys really don’t know what you pulled yourselves in to!”  He bellowed, laughing directly at the group. They shuffled out of the restaurant in order to help their leader out of the water.. He obviously wasn’t a good swimmer. Even the underlings were having trouble swimming themselves.

The large fishman burst through the kitchen doors, heading straight for the cluster of buccaneers. Rocket hadn’t even noticed that he grabbed Bunny and hid her away in the kitchen. Was he that quick, or was Rocket just not paying attention? It didn’t matter. What mattered was the fact that he charged through the doors like a rhino, easily brushing the goons off to the side when they tried interfering. He slammed his bulky frame down upon the leader’s already battered body, raining down monstrous punches. Blood spurt and spewed from Loco’s face, really looking like much more of a Witch now than a bandit leader. This only succeeded in making Rocket burst forth with a fit of laughter, clutching his damaged stomach in the process.

“Bwaahahahahahaha! Bwweehehehe! Oh my lord, this is too funny! Bwaaaaaaaahahahahahaha!”

The young Shipwright fell over the table that Shunji had lifted up before, chuckling his butt off. I mean, Loco deserved it, really. Discriminating against someone only due to their race was something Rocket did not like.. evidenced by his action of standing up against the goons. He managed to pull himself up and shake off his laughing fit just in time to witness the Fishman beat Loco literally half to death.


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14 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Tue Jan 13, 2015 9:11 am

Shunji placed his hand on Phorcy's shoulder.

Shunji: That's enough. He's not worth it.

Loco had already passed out. Shunji placed his baton by one the grunts neck.

Shunji: Speak. Whose this Fishman that burned down your village?

Bandit: Our hometown is Jaya... A couple years ago, this pirate crew of Fisherman invaded Jaya and claimed it as their base of operations. All of the people living their were forced to either become slaves or evacuate. Loco... Used to be the mayor. Since then, we've been hunting Fishermen, all to get experience in fighting a Fisherman.

Shunji: Idiot! You were too weak to protect your own land so you decided to renounce a whole race because of it. What's the man's name!?

Loco: Stark.... Poseidon Stark.

Loco said with tears running down his eyes.

James: You boys have caused quite the mess here. I'm putting this on your tab piercing kid.

Shunji: What!!!? He's the one who-

James: As for Poseidon Stark, he's the real deal. The Fisherman with 300,000,000 Million on his head. Half Shark, Half monster they say. He sells humans as slaves and frequents trips between Fisherman Island and the Sababody... When you get to Paradise... Stay away from Stark. Especially you Fisherman... If your a Fisherman and you don't fly under his flag, he shoots you straight through the eyes. Now then, whose going to handle this tab-

Loco: Stupid Monster Lover! We'll show you who couldn't protect their own!

Loco placed his machine gun towards Phorcy and Shunji.

Shunji: Oi.... Sleep! I've had enough of you. Star Commandment - Big Dipper!

Shunji disappeared and reappearing in mid-air, in a split second he superman punched Loco further out into the ocean, crashing him into the bandit's main caravel vessel.

Shunji: Poseidon Stark huh? Jishi-Jishi...Another person I'll pay a visit too once I reach Paradise.


Tier 1 Technique Name: Star Commandment - Big Dipper!
Tier 1 Technique Type: Close Range / 5 Meter Radius
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 10
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of three posts, user is able to generate temperatures approaching nearly 1000 degrees. The user body is then propelled towards the enemy in the form of a ball of light which shines with great radiance. The propulsion process is based off a dashing motion and the attack resembles that of a shooting star.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Ball of mass is around 3 x 3 Meters of users motion state body.
-Can burn through weaker metals and cause first degree burns.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-During cooldown, user becomes immobile for three posts.
-The light is very dim and the attack is streamlined, once dashing forwards, the attack cannot change course.

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15 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Tue Jan 13, 2015 3:30 pm

The man with a cigarette may had said it was enough, but it woudl never be enough. The humans would never stop the hate towards fishman unless Phorcys installed fear into each and every one where it was due. The amount of blood from the mans face that was on his fist would have it stained for weeks, maybe he should start using the blood for war paint it would make a great intimidation factor. Standing up while dropping the mans collar his head bounced off the deck and you could clearly see he was going to need major facial reconstruction from the beating he just received. Looking at each of the bandits with his red eyes taking note how each one trembled in their boots.

"Just because fishman attacked you don't mean attack all fishman."

He couldn't help but shake his head backing away from the group, he felt no remorse for his actions as they obviously needed the beating and it was well deserved. The mention of Poseidon Stark disgusted Phorcys that person was a poor excuse for a fishman but was nearly untouchable. It seems that Phorcys now had a minor bug to crush on his path to ending the heat, a lot of training is in his near future if he wants to stomp Staryk. Moving over to the man with the cigarette.

"You two can help me. I end all this."

He said making a small circular motion with his hand.

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16 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Tue Jan 13, 2015 4:28 pm

Rocket brought himself to his feet, watching as Shunji stopped the Fishman from instilling more pain onto Loco. His eyes lit up at the mention of Poseidon Stark. Were all of these people really scared of him? Was he really that mighty? He couldn’t be any worse than the opponents he’s already faced… Could he?  Either way, Rocket wanted to fight him. Badly.

“Lemme at him! Where is this Poseidon Guy?! I’ll fight him!”

He listened to James explain more about this ‘Poseidon Stark’ fellow. He seemed to be a very hardy and cruel man, judging from his words. Stupid Monster level? What was that, like a bear? Rocket could handle a bear. Plus, if that guy didn’t have any means of using Haki, he had no way of touching Rocket. He places his left fist into his right palm, increasing the pressure so as to heavily crack his knuckles. This might be it. The fight he’s been looking for. Someone this strong could be exactly what he needed to prove himself to the world. But, 300,000,000 Bounty was a lot… Whether it be from atrocious acts, or if he is actually that powerful, it didn’t matter to Rocket.

He turned his head towards Phor, looking at the blood dripping from his fists. He gripped his left hand, lightly rubbing his thumb over the bandages. He’s kind of glad he didn’t have to do much fighting, seeing as his chest wasn’t healed or properly patched up at all yet. He’d been going weeks without the sufficient treatment, and it was getting to him. Often times he would get extremely light headed and weak, losing control of the ship. If it weren’t for Shunji helping him along the way, he’d have probably been dead in the ocean by now, or worse… stuck in Impel Down.

“What can we help ya with big guy?”


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17 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:28 pm

James: That's all well and good... However, whose going to pay for all these damages? 

From the kitchen, an older gentleman, who Bunny was now standing behind came out and assessed the whole scene. 

Zinga: While the boss is out, I'm in charge of the ship you little shits. Idiots! Look at all this damage. We do seem to pull them all in huh, Shunji Z. Wraith and Reddick T. Rocket... I've heard whispers on the sea of you two being in the same crew, however I never thought you'd grace this establishment. Even you, Loco Reigns, your a big shot in the East Blue, 20,000,000 Million is no small feet. Your associate Spider Charles, 10,000,000. Though combined, you couldn't match the bounties of either of these rookies. As the pirates way, the victor goes the spoils. I'll turn Loco and Spider in that should cover the damages. I've called the marines, about a half hour ago, if you guys leave now, you might be able to escape. James, tie up Loco and Spider!

James disappeared, kicking the two pirates back into the dinning room area and the kitchen staff quickly attached the chains to them. The rest of Loco's crew had split after the Fisherman had struck back out of fear for their lives.

Zinga: There's some goodie bags over their on the table for the lot of ya'. However, before you leave Shunji, Rocket and young fisherman, I'll give you a warning. Get out of the Blues while you can. There's a pirate crew who hunts rookies like yourself and though his bounty may not be as high as Stark... He's someone whose much more dangerous. He has many names... but nowadays, he's known as the Rookie Crusher. Captain of the Night Veil Pirates, Victor Ricon. I sat from the upper deck and watched you guys fight. Interesting. I've met Victor... and his crew... If you meet them the way you are now, you'll be another meal ticket for him. That's all I have to say, other than that. I'm rooting for you brats!

Shunji: Wait!

Zinga: What is it? Did I scare you senseless?

Shunji: Could we have some fuel for our ship? It's pretty much the same fuel used for your average motor?

Zinga: Your not phased by my warnings... Most rookies who end up here... Go home after that speech.

Shunji grinned and lit a cigarette.

Shunji: As long as the Lord put us on this earth, they'll always be demons for all of us to slay. Jishi-Jishi... I'm not afraid of something I haven't seen or experienced for myself... Victor... Stark... Stuff like this get's my blood boiling. If I'm going to defeat Bollan, people of their caliber should be nothing.

Zinga: Your something else kid? What about you Rocket, Fisherman, your going to follow this nut!?

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18 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:49 pm

Phorcys was just about to answer the hurt ones questions, but he was interrupted with what seemed to be a mixture of praise and warning from who he was guessing is the head chef. They claimed both of the bandits that had been easily beaten and called the marines so that they could use the bounties to repair the restaurant. How nice he thought looking around and really taking in the fact that they did cause quite some damage, more than he knew and now that the marines were on their way they really needed to get out of here.

"Phorcys have many things to do. That Poseidon man is no good to my cause, I must deal with him. Now we have no time for that, Marines must be coming...I go with you now."

Was all he had to say as he grabbed Rocket and threw him gently over his shoulder. He didn't dare to touch the other man who was still angry with the glow, unsure of what would happen. Quickly he made his way out to their fancy looking docked ship and easily scaled the wall setting the man down and taking a seat near one of the masts.

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19 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Wed Jan 14, 2015 12:35 pm

Rocket watched as the giant Fishman approached him, lifting his tiny frame (In comparison to the Fishman) above his shoulders in order to carry him out to the ship. This was freaking awesome. He met a Fishman, he fought with a Fishman, and now this Fishman was carrying him. That was, until he heard the notice of Marines coming. That only fueled his pit even more. He wanted to fight Marines, more than anything. He didn’t care if he got caught, in fact, that’s how he got caught in the first place; Recklessly attacking a Marine Base by himself.

“Let me stay and fight ‘em! I’ll take ‘em out! Bweeehehehehe! “

As he was carried out on Phorcys shoulder, he listened in on Zinga’s speech about ‘The Rookie Crusher’, Captain of the Night Veil Pirates, Victor Ricon. The first sentence that rung in Rocket’s head was “Bring it on.” He looked Zinga straight in the eyes, and blasted out, “Aye aye! I’ll take ‘im down with Shunji! And his crew, too! “

He jostled himself ontop of the Fishman’s shoulders, only to realize that he was already on the ship. “Guess not…”  He jumped up, running over to position himself on the control panel. Taking out a Marine base, fighting Bandits, damn. What an adventure. It was tons of fun, especially from Rocket’s perspective. He took a look back, running his crimson gaze over the Fishman Phorcys and the sapphire-haired ninja, Shunji. He’s glad he actually met them. And now the Fishman was going with them? What a freaking blast.

He began prepping the ship for take off. Despite not getting fuel here, they had just enough to carry them to the next island before having to actually fuel up. Giving the Milky Way a little break was just what it needed. It was able to conjure up enough fumes and the rest of the fuel in order to carry them a few more miles.

“By the way, sorry about your fish restaurant! Bweehehehehe!”


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20 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Wed Jan 14, 2015 7:25 pm

Shunji: I'll take your words of advice... What's your name again?

Zinga: Zinga, Zinga Chester. I'm the current head chef at the Baratie, nice to meet ya', Eyes of Zion. 

Shunji: Nice to meet you too, the food was stellar. Alright guys, let's get out of here.

Shunji's body had begun to exhibit hypothermia traits as he walked aboard the ship trembling, the fuel that Zinga gave him was enough to keep them afloat for a while. Hoping aboard the ship, with the marines and the approaching ships in the horizon, Shunji and the gang shot off, on their adventure to the Grandline. However, a great darkness brews in the future of the Hoshi Pirates.

Thriller Bark, West Blue

Lanna: These rookies are making quite the name for themselves, Lisa.

Lisa: I'll bring it up to big brother at the next meeting... Right now, he and Captain are busy hunting some associates we'll need for the next stage of our adventure.

Dead Forest, Thriller Bark

Victor: You can stop hiding now, Wesley. Come out or i'll rip the skull off this woman's torso easily.

Victor's eyes glowed with a vindictive red aura as he laughed. From the bushes, Wesley emerged, his energy exhausted from the fight with Ricon.

Wesley: Let her go... Victor. What do you want from us?

Victor: Usually, I'd turn you into the government for funds... However, I want more of an alliance of sorts. Your Devil Fruit and Shipwright skills is something I'll need to move my army into the Grandline and eventually, the New World.

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21 Re: A Tasty Crash Landing on Wed Jan 14, 2015 11:03 pm


The Following Thread has been read, reviewed and approved. Locking Thread. Everyone in this thread should post this thread in their character timeline thread.

Due to tier system being voted on, no exp will be granted for now. (When the voting ends and if the exp system won. I will come back add the appropriate exp.) Anyway!

Bounty for all: 12,000,000

-Everyone in your crew have black hole for stomachs. (Good thing you were at the Baraite, most other restaurants would ran of supplies.)

-Food Fight. Well not literally. Having a bar in one of the most famous restaurants on the seas, putting the staff and other customers in danger, causing damage to the place and yall didn't plan on paying for the damages or the meal.......

-Luckily someone else cover the cost for the damages. With a new crewmate the Hoshi Pirates set sail to avoid an encounter with the marines.

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