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Freeing Rockets & Ships

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1 Freeing Rockets & Ships on Sat Jan 10, 2015 5:00 pm

Marine activity had increased as of late on Micqueot, having the reputations as one of the roughest oceans of the Blues doesn't make the North Blue island the safest place to dwell at times. After the defeat of Cobalt, the local marine base was on the look out for all pirate activity. Another Captain was drafted from the HQ to be sent to Micqueot and upon his arrival, he cleaned up quite a few big shots hiding out on the land of wine. Captain Kenny Stone was what one could categorize as a veteran in the marine core, joining since the age of ten. With thirteen years of servitude on his hands, he's no push over, especially with the Devil Fruit he possess, the Kachi Kachi Fruit, the ability that allows him to harden any part of his body, even possibly generated heat.

Stone: Anything to say for yourself, 'Silver Bullet', Reddick T. Rocket?

Stone and the marines had now restrained Rocket in sea stone cuffs about to transport him the local marine base in Red Wine Bay.

Stone: After today, I'll contact HQ once I round up the remaining of you hot shot rookies. Next on my list, 'Eyes of Zion' Shunji Z. Wraith. I'll ship you both to Enies Lobby to be judged for your sins, though that's just procedure, Impel Down is your real fate. Men, search the city! A marine is dead! Let's teach these pirate scum that the marine core is not to be trifled with.

Marine Grunts: Yes sir!

Stone: I smell a storm coming.


Name: Kenny Stone
Rank: Captain
Tier 3
Skill-set: Rokushiki (Soru, Shigan, Geppo, Tekkai, Rankyaku) / Kachi Kachi no Mi
Weapon: Magical Scarf Enchanted by Shichibukai Claire Heartlance

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2 Re: Freeing Rockets & Ships on Sat Jan 10, 2015 5:17 pm

Rocket lie before the now infamous Captain Kenny Stone. From his time of capture until now, this Marine had been especially ruthless and uncanny with Rocket’s care. Tossing him around, even beating him at points just to ‘teach him a lesson’. He jingled the chains on his Sea Stone Prism handcuffs, gritting his teeth. The Marine had asked him a question Rocket surely knew the answer too. Did he have anything to say for himself? “I’m not gonna beg you. I’m not gonna say sorry! I ain’t gonna apologize for following my dreams! I ain’t gonna kiss up to you, or anyone! You talk big while you have me in handcuffs, bastard. “  Rocket let his head down in depression as he heard ‘Impel Down’. The most dangerous prison in all of the seas. To be honest, he was afraid of going there, no matter what level they stuck him on. He’d heard stories from Cymba-29, some of his mates actually having been in there on some tour. They said it was hellashis. The sounds of prisoner’s screaming in agony didn’t leave their ears for a week.

Captain Kenny Stone laughed, slamming his muscular arm into the back of Rocket’s silver-locked head. Blood spurt from the corner of his mouth as his forehead mushed into the soil below. “Shut your damn mouth. Pirates don’t get the privilege to talk in the presence of Marines.” Two Marine grunts gripped Rocket by his shoulders, hoisting him into the air. “Gnhh..”


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3 Re: Freeing Rockets & Ships on Sat Jan 10, 2015 6:59 pm

The marines tossed Rocket into a trolley, which was heading for Red Wine Bay's Marine base. The seastone cuffs firmly clipped to Rocket's hand, Kenny hopped into the back of the trolley to assure the man couldn't escape himself. From a safe distance, Shunji watched the whole scene unfold, smoking a cigarette with dark shades on, veiled in a brown hood.

Shunji: Looks like Rocket's found himself in some trouble Jishi-Jishi. I've heard horror stories about Kenny Stone. I hear he tortures his prisoners in Red Wine Bay. I've been meaning to get some supplies for this voyage, a marine base might have the second material I'm looking for too.

Shunji trailed the trolley for a few miles, obviously not by foot. Stealing the cart of a traveling spice merchant, he rode closely behind the trolley, through the country side until they arrived in Red Wine Bay. The Trolley entered through the staff's entrance, Rocket was being processed by the system, stripped of his clothes, personals and given a number. Shunji setup shop outside of the base, selling spices to the approaching marines. The chef of Red Wine Bay, Lionel came out to the salesman.

Lionel: You have some fine spices here kid! How much for a pouch of thyme, basil and night veil?

Shunji: It's around 10,000 Beli for everything.

Lionel: 10,000! That's outrageous.

Shunji punched the marine chef in his face. Activating his Red Star ability, he also wiped out the other four marines that came to purchase. He dumped the bodies into his cart and changed into Lionel's clothing, which matched his size perfectly. Grinning, he entered into the marine base, even going as far to wearing the marine cap. He advanced quickly through the prison, every now again using his Red Star do quick dashes to his destination, the control room. Red Wine Bay was around 10,000 Square Feet Long, with an automatic defense system and wall made out of thick pure steel. Making it into the control room, Shunji knocked out the two marine grunts that operated the station with his heat iron batons.

Loud-Speaker: OOOOOOOOOOOI! ROCKET! Don't get to comfortable. I'm here to break you out. As for you Mr.Stone, I'm going to burn this place to the ground. I, Shunji Z. Wraith, Captain of the Hoshi Pirates have a magnificent show for you today, Jishi-Jishi

Shunji looked at the control deck and pressed the button that locked down the prison. Next, he cut off the lights and finally, he opened all of the cell doors from the central system.

Loud-Speaker: Have fun recapturing your prized prisoners now, Stone.

Heating up his hand, he smashed it into the control board, setting the room into a violent flame. He lit his cigarette using the flames and advanced towards Stone's office, he needed the keys for the supply room, armory and his personal files.

Stone: Your having fun kid but this doesn't faze me. Put Rocket in his cell. I'll recapture all of these in grates! Soru!


Tier 1 Technique Name: Red Star!
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 6
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of four posts, user is able to generate the volume of temperatures resembling that of a star, radiating a red color all over their body. The heat however is similar to that generated of a raging fire in a fire place enhanced with gasoline, to mirror the Tier 1 heat generation capabilities. The user exhibits the ability to coat his whole body in this heat and increase the damage dealt by outgoing attacks. User also exhibits increased speed capabilities.

Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Heat Pulsation: Metals absorb the heat, increasing the damage that can be dealt when they are used for attacks or being targeted for attacks. i.e suits of armors, iron doors.
-User becomes immune to hotter temperatures.
-Heat Propulsion: Shooting off plasma waves from feet, to increase motion.

Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-During three posts of cooldown, user's body experiences weight three times his original body weight. If Red Star is used twice per thread, user is immobile for two posts in the cooldown.
-User’s body experience hypothermia after entering the dead state becoming extremely vulnerable to colder temperatures and climates.
- The users skin becomes flaky like ice. Joints, blood vessels, skin and organs become exposed to large temperatures of ice.

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4 Re: Freeing Rockets & Ships on Sat Jan 10, 2015 7:25 pm

Rocket fit snuggly into the corner of the trolley he was forced into. During the ride there, he thought of literally hundreds of ways to bust out, but they all ended in him getting recaptured. First of all, there were tons of Marines. Second, he was in handcuffs. And finally, third, Mr. Stone had set up shop right by the young Shipwright’s side. The Marine had probably heard of Rocket’s previous records, escaping Marines left and right and even blowing up a Marine Battleship. Mr. Stone gave Rocket a grim look, cocking back his lips to flash a devilish smile.

“Think everyone believes you took out Vice Admiral Smacker by yourself, huh? I don’t buy your shit. You’re as weak as a sack of maggots. Worthless piece of skin. You’re a waste of human life. I know how you beat him. You think you’re clever, huh? Well guess what, Bitch-boi, you don’t have your pipe. That holds the secrets to your Gura Gura no Mi Devil Fruit powers. Ain’t so clever now, are ya? Chained up. You shouldn’t even be riding in the back of this trolley with a decent human being like myself. “

Rocket spit blood onto the trolley’s wooden floor. It seemed as if it took forever, what with Mr. Stone constantly threatening, insulting, and complaining about him the entire way there.

The trolley came to a complete halt, jerking Rocket’s head around like a bobblehead. Marine grunts gripped his shoulders roughly, yanking him out of the caravan. He was put through an extremely thorough and deliberate search, even losing his signature clothes. The bandages were ripped completely off of hand and neck, revealing a very large scar that was screwed together, swirling around his neck like a vine. The bandages on his left hand revealed the letters ‘S’ ‘T’ ‘R’ ‘I’ ‘V’ ‘E’, spelling out the word Strive, tattooed across his knuckles. The two most personal things in the world to him were completely open. He shut his eyes in fear, literally being dragged into the Marine Base.

Being too ashamed to open his eyes, Rocket just hung in the grunts arms, absolutely torn apart. The two things were wrapped up for a reason. He heard the door to his cell slide open, metal gauges and rigs kinking together. That was when he heard a familiar voice… “OOOOOI! ROCKET! Don’t get comfortable, I’m here to break you out. “  Rocket’s eyelids burst open, finally looking around at the Base before him. “Shunji…? What the hell is he doing here..? “  Before the young Shipwright could make sense of what was actually happening, the lights went out. The room containing the control panel burst into flames, Shunji’s faint shadow retreating in the shadows.

“Rocket! Get your damn head together! This is it! “  With a determined grin, Rocket pressed his legs against the steel-plated wall, bouncing himself off of it. In the process of back-flipping through the air, he was able to deliver two heel-kicks to the backs of the Marine Grunt’s skulls, effectively knocking them out. He took off down a hallway that housed a faint, flickering light. His one and only goal was to bandage back up his neck and hand. None of it would’ve been possible had it not been for the trusty smoking ninja, Shunji Z. Wraith. “Thanks Shunji…”


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5 Re: Freeing Rockets & Ships on Sat Jan 10, 2015 8:55 pm

Moving at bullet like speed, Kenny intercepted Shunji's escape route. Using Geppo, he danced through the skies to the upper platform where Shunji ran. Lading in front of the hooded pirate, cosplaying in marine uniform.

Kenny: For weeks HQ has been receiving reports of this menace whose been parading around the North Blue and causing havoc... As if we don't have enough problems dealing with the Supernova's. Give it up kid, you have no chance-

Kenny was suddenly falling, the floor below him had given out. Shunji turned up temperature of his body and began to emit it through the steel flooring, melting Kenny's floor from below him.

Shunji: Sorry Captain' Kenny. I have some business to attend to before we can have our little talk.

The sapphire hair pirate dashed off into the debris of escaped convicts trying to exit the prison. However, much of them where being detained by the Commodore also enlisted in the prison. Turning off the automatic system, the Commodore, reprogrammed the circuits, being an engineer wise himself.

Loud-Speaker: Ugh... I fixed the commands Captain. Also, I called HQ, reinforcements are on there way. We just need to deter them for a few hours they say. Vice Admiral Smacker and his Ensign, Lita are on there way... Ugh... It's pointless... or yeah... Can I go back to sleep now?

Shunji: Damn it! Vice Admiral.... I'm having problems losing the Captain, I don't have time for this. Jishi-Jishi, what have you gotten me into Rocket!?

Shunji jumped over the platform, landing to the floor below and jetting into Kenny's office. Meanwhile, Kenny wakes up from the hitting his head on the cement floor.

Kenny: Damn... He caught me off guard. Smacker's on his way here. That prick won't let me live this down if these two miscreants escape.  

Kenny pulled out a Den Den Mushi from his pocket, calling the Commodore.

Kenny: Shut this prison down. Lock the gates, close the doors, every man to a fire arm! Rocket and Shunji will not leave this prison today!

In Kenny's office, Shunji found what he was looking for. An Eternal Log to Reverse Mountain, a map of Paradise, Kenny's security clearance card and files on the Cipher Pol. Tucking everything into his backpack, Shunji set the office on fire, sending off waves of plasma that sent everything else into flames. Jetting out of the office once more, Shunji entered the elevator lift which took him to the basement floor, over fifty marine grunts surrounded the outside of the elevator aiming guns at the man.

Shunji: A welcoming party! I guess I should reward you guys huh?

Dashing out of the elevator, Shunji began to pray, he was now in the center of the fifty or so marines. His goal, was the same as always, the quickest way to make a place fry, the boiler room. Leaving the stolen items in the elevator shaft, which he now disabled. Radiating immense heat, particles of plasma dripped off the man's body, raising into the air they began to flicker like millions of shooting stars. The stars crashed down, smashing their force into the fifty marine's chests. They began to give out a cry in excruciating pain, Shunji dashed off towards the boiler room.


Tier 2 Technique Name: Star Commandment - Star Matter
Tier 2 Technique Type: Ranged / Field
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 12
Tier 2 Technique Description:
For duration of two posts, Particles of heated plasma floats upwards above users head about five meters. User emits heat that begins to cause the small star matter particles to radiate brighter. Sticking his palm outwards, the now manifested stars crash down on the battle field with great force. The heat of each individual star is that of a bullet.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- The stars are no more than 1 meter in size.
- User can only generate up to fifty stars.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- Once the stars are commanded to crash, users has no individual control over them.
- AOE Technique, it can also afflict allies.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Red Star!
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 6
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of four posts, user is able to generate the volume of temperatures resembling that of a star, radiating a red color all over their body. The heat however is similar to that generated of a raging fire in a fire place enhanced with gasoline, to mirror the Tier 1 heat generation capabilities. The user exhibits the ability to coat his whole body in this heat and increase the damage dealt by outgoing attacks. User also exhibits increased speed capabilities.

Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Heat Pulsation: Metals absorb the heat, increasing the damage that can be dealt when they are used for attacks or being targeted for attacks. i.e suits of armors, iron doors.
-User becomes immune to hotter temperatures.
-Heat Propulsion: Shooting off plasma waves from feet, to increase motion.

Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-During three posts of cooldown, user's body experiences weight three times his original body weight. If Red Star is used twice per thread, user is immobile for two posts in the cooldown.
-User’s body experience hypothermia after entering the dead state becoming extremely vulnerable to colder temperatures and climates.
- The users skin becomes flaky like ice. Joints, blood vessels, skin and organs become exposed to large temperatures of ice.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Beginning
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support / Close Range
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 5
Tier 1 Technique Description:
Shunji begins praying to his deity and asking for guidance in this world and life. He begins repentance for all the sins he as committed lately and asks for his spiritual abilities to be awakened. This skill must be done for a duration of two posts, user repeats a holy hymn and finishes with ‘Amen’.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- Unlocks the Tier 1 Skill’s for this skill set, expect Prayer of Shift.
- Weaves users spiritual energy to peak capacity.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- If the users concentration is broken, prayer takes twice amount of time to be completed. (Duration increased to four)
- If the prayer fails, user must wait an additional ‘three’ posts, eight in total on the cool down.

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6 Re: Freeing Rockets & Ships on Sat Jan 10, 2015 9:53 pm

During his meticulous yet creative escape route through the barracks, Rocket encountered many a Marine Grunts. Dispatching them all with a single kick, he believed this break out to be a piece of cake. Two problems, though. One, he still had handcuffs on. He needed the keys. Two, he had to somehow catch up with Shunji in order to thank him. First on the list, keys. “The keys have to be somewhere… Maybe that Captain dude kept ‘em in his office. “   Ricocheting through the air using his own version of Geppo, Rocket slammed his feet into the ceiling of the Marine Base, breaking through it to another floor. He assumed the Captain’s quarters was somewhere on a higher floor, why would it not be? That’s when he second nightmare came true. Vice Admiral Smacker was announced to be on his way to the island. “Smacker?! I thought I killed that guy back in Lvneel…! Gngh… Shit, I gotta make this fast. “

As he traversed the littered halls (Littered with defeated Marine Grunts that is,) a shot fired behind him. The bullet grazed his right ear, literally bouncing off one of his metal ear rings. The young Shipwright spun on his heels to face his newfound adversary. The man was fairly tall, and muscular for that matter. With the way he dressed, it seemed as if he had just hopped out of bed. He held a flintlock pistol, smoke rising from the recently fire ammunition, in his right hand, and a katana in his left. He seemed to be shivering from head to toe. "I-I-I… I am a M-Marine Commander! Marine Commander J-J-Jones! D-D-Don’t think I am just gonna l-l-l-let you walk! “   Rocket couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. His stutter was absolutely hilarious.

“Chh… Ch-Chh… Bwehehehe.. Really? You’re gonna fight me? Just lemme go man! Save yourself the beating..”  

Marine Commander Jones trembled, and with a feeble screech, charged Rocket. He swung his katana downwards in an abnormally swift chop, slice part of the wall in half. Luckily, Rocket was able to duck, and roll towards The Captain’s door, boosting himself into the air with a well calculated hop, and sliced his right foot towards Jones’ head. Despite his cowardice-like-manner, Jones found something within him to allow him to move his head slightly to the side, avoiding the kick. He gave his katana a clean back-handed slash, allowing the blade to connect with Rocket’s right foot. “Bwehehehehe! You’re not half bad! “   Jones looked truly terrified despite fighting on near equal terms with Rocket. “S-S-Surrender!”

Rocket used the force of the Marine Commander’s swing, bouncing off of his sword. The impact from Rocket using the blade as a semi-platform caused Jones to lose his grip, sending his sword flying straight outside the nearest window. In one quick movement, Rocket landed, shifted in his spot, and connected his right foot with the Marine Commander’s cheek.

The strike prompted Jones to spit out blood, and suffer the same fate as his katana. “Bweehehehehe! Buh-bye! “  Rocket proceeded to the Captain’s door, only to find it made of pure 8-inch steel. “Good lord! He really keeps this thing sealed tight doesn’t he.. Oh wweelll.. Bwehehehehehe! “   Just as before, Rocket unleashed a torrent of kicks towards the wall directly to the side of the door. With much effort, he was able to smash it in, allowing himself entry to the room he has been searching for.

Without even paying attention to the ‘prize’ lying on Captain Kenny’s desk, Rocket jumped straight towards keys which were hoisted upon a key rack. He bit down on the only one up there, yanking it down with significant force. Enough strength to tear the rack right out of the wall. “Freedom is close! “  As dumb as Rocket was, he knew exactly what to do. He crouched down, forming a loop with his cuffed arms, back pedaling through his arm loop so that he was no longer handcuffed behind his back, now in front. He retrieved the key from his mouth, using it to successfully unlock his cuffs.

Despite finally being free, Rocket wasn’t done yet. The silver locked Shipwright tore his shirt to pieces, usings bits and scraps of his prison uniform to cover his neck and left hand. “Ahh, all better no-......”  Rocket’s eyes bulged out of his sockets. The sight before him was.. miraculous. Everything he’d been wanting since his encounter with Vice Admiral Smacker, everything he needed to help him finally get on his way to joining a Pirate Crew and becoming their Shipwright. His goal. His dream. All his wants and wishes… right there, not only three feet in front of him… A Logia Devil Fruit.

How did he know? He has been studying Logia Devil Fruit’s day in and day out. He knows exactly what each and every single type of Logia Fruit known to mankind looks like, what they’re capable of, and how he could use them. Knowing right off the bat that it was a Logia Devil Fruit, he threw aside the fact that it was the Moku Moku no Mi, or the more important matter of finding his pipe. He dove in, headfirst, slamming his jaws around the fruit. Deliberately swallowing the entire thing in one bite, he cringed, nearly puking. The juice from the fruit leaked out of the corners of his mouth. The veins in his eyes and forehead burst with intense anger and disapproval, prompting his lips to smack together violently. Just as he was on the verge of spitting it out, he reminded himself. “It’s worth it, it’s worth it, it’s worth it! “   He slammed his fists against his hips, looking upwards at the ceiling.  “I DIIIIIDDD IIIIITTTT!”


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7 Re: Freeing Rockets & Ships on Sat Jan 10, 2015 11:07 pm

A loud explosion could be heard throughout the whole base, the basement was on fire. Shunji caused the boiler room to explode from the immense heat omitted from his body, the marines flee to the upper level but Kenny came to the basement floor.

Kenny: You have no where to run now kid.

Shunji: Who said I was running, Captain?

Kenny: I'm not Cobalt, you have no chance in beating me.

Shunji: You won't ever know until you try huh?

Kenny smirked coated coating his whole body in this rock like substance that began to heat up.

Kenny: I'm also immune to hot temperatures. Let's see if your as good as you think you are. Tekkai!

Kenny hands also became coated in Busoshoku Haki, Jet Black Armament which pulsated over his hands and feet. Dashing forwards,

Kenny: Soru!

Shunji: If I'm going to keep up with you, I'm going to need some serious speed and strength. I usually don't ever do this but Red Star! Vermillion Star!

The flames of the dungeon raged on. The boiler room's now contorted state was a sight to behold. Kenny closed the distance between Shunji and himself in an instance. A series of haymaker's to the paladin's mid-section made his body quiver in response. Slamming his baton's into the Captain's knee caps, the man buckled from the force. Kenny used his Soru once more to create distance, then dashed behind Shunji, firing off a right hook into the pirates back. The powers of the Kachi fruit, plus Tekkai and Busoshoku Haki ripped opened the man's back. Shunji used his spiritual appendage to smack the man away from him, springing upwards from the pain. His wound closed instantly from the contorted heat, it didn't matter since in this state, his skin was as tough as a star's surface.

Kenny: Rankyaku! Restorer's Barrage!

Kenny fired off a series of at least eight wind blades which tried to rip Shunji open. The man's Kenbunshoku activated unknown to his conscious mind and allowed him to avoid the attacks. Combined with the speed generated from his Hoshi abilities, Shunji was moving at paces that was not normal for any human. Appearing behind Kenny, whose foot was now elevated off of the ground, weakening his balance, Shunji almost appeared to be sublime in mid-air, as he smack his two baton's into Kenny's foot before falling to the ground. The loud thud heard from the baton's making contact to his foot and the smell of the burnt skin, almost made the marine Captain buckle. However, at the last minute, he coated his feet in Haki. Of course, Shunji was unaware of the presence of Haki, he just believe the man was super resilient.


Orion's Scope (Range: 20 meters)
-Unlocked at Haki Tier 2
-Ability to sense the location of others within range
-Ability to dodge a fatal blow (Once per topic)

Kenny fell to the ground, clenching his foot in pain. Shunji rammed his body into the man's mid-section, his body coated in star matter, much like a shooting star that crashed into the earth's surface. Blood shot from Kenny's mouth, as Shunji stood above his body breathing heavily. Kenny hopped up screaming out loud, almost like a war cry but less forceful from the exhaustion. He and Shunji began to exchange hand to hand blows, a series of straight right hooks.

Kenny: Shigan!

Kenny began to fill Shunji's crusty skin with small holes all over, one of the contact pierced a blood vessel. Shunji's blood began to sink into the cement floor and a second explosion went off, increasing the flames on the floor.

Kenny: I'm no ordinary Captain kid. I once was part of the Cipher Pol until they kicked me out because I compromised a mission. You can't defeat me... No matter how much you try-

Shunji: Flicker!

The sapphire headed menace gave off an immense light which blinded the Captain. Dashing upwards, Shunji propelled his body into the marine's frame, crashing him into the burning boiler room. Even the Kachi Kachi's powers, couldn't protect him from the immense heat.

Shunji: Under normal conditions... I couldn't. Your right. I'd have no chance against you. However, when our arena is this sea of flames... I burn hotter than any flame known to man.

Shunji slammed his fist into Kenny's jaw.

Shunji: Hotter than any lava!

Shunji delivered an uppercut to the staggering man.

Shunji: Faster than any bolt of lightning!

Shunji generated a pair of plasma batons. He began to spin in mid-air, superman punching the man with the baton's in his hand, twice.

Kenny: Tekkai!

Shunji: Star Crucifixion!

A gigantic flaming cross, born from the flames of the plasma ignited the boiler room. The force of the punch shot the marine Captain upwards, through two levels of concrete. The flames shot upward, escaping the celler, onto the floor above. The heat was too great for the fire extinguishing system to prove any help.

Shunji: I am the star that will illuminate the darkness. Jishi-Jishi...

Techniques Used / Abilities :

Paladin - A Paladin is the first option in the priest's path, to become stronger in order to be more than just moral support for his comrades. Paladins develop a stronger constitution to protect the ones they care for with their own bodies and their adamant beliefs.

Bonus: Twice per thread, a Paladin is Capable of treating a single attack as if it did damage of one rank lower. ***Used on Star Crucifixion and Star Commandment - Big Dipper!

Brawler - They specialize in a variety of physical strikes although have been known to carry weapons as well. Their physical strength is something that is truly grand. Their offensive and defensive capabilities through the roof. In a hand to hand match, a brawler can become a wild animal fast.

Bonus: Once per topic, the brawler can fly into a rage, taking damage as one rank lower than normal, while doing a rank higher of damage (I.E Normal would go to Minor against them, and Normal from them would go to moderate) This can only be done after being very heavily damaged however, and it only lasts for three posts.

Passive: Brawlers are capable of ignoring up to two wounds that would deal heavy damage in one thread. (Used)

Tier 2 Technique Name: Star Crucifixion
Tier 2 Technique Type: 15
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: Mid-Range
Tier 2 Technique Description:
Duration of one post, user increases the rate in which hydrogen particles are collected from the air creating a heated field around his body. User focuses the generated plasma heat into his fists and feet, dashing towards opponent, user plunges into mid-air, delivering single contact, once contact is made, heat flowed into the contact appendage and an explosion of plasma is bursts outwards.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- Blast Radius is 2.5 x 2.5 Meters in all directions.
- Heat exceeds 3000 Degrees to around 3500 degrees, burning through most metals and leaving second degree burns.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- User experiences hypothermia and is susceptible to extreme cold and heat.
- Users body mass is double by four times his body weight for four posts in cooldown.

Tier 2 Technique Name: Vermillion Star!
Tier 2 Technique Type: Support
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 12
Tier 2 Technique Description:
For a duration of two posts, users temperatures exceed that of a red star and mirror that of an orange star, creating temperatures of 3000 degrees. The heat emitted from users body is enough burn through or melt metals that come into contact with the heat. User radiates an orange aura all over there body.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- Objects susceptible heat within 5 x 5 Meters of user experience first degree burns.
- Blows that do direct contact can scar skins and burn through surfaces. Human contact can leave second degree turns.
- Exhibits the capability to shoot plasma through the pours in the feet and used to create jet like motions.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- When user enters the dead star state, users body suffers hypothermia. User is susceptible to colder temperatures and heat base attacks.
- Mass afflicted on the body is four times body weight for five posts of cooldown.
- Decreased motion makes the user highly susceptible to attacks.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Star Arms! Baton!
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 8
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of five posts, user collects all of his energy to generate two batons in each hand. The batons temperature resemble that of a heated iron left to stew in it’s heat for hours.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Metals absorb and mold with heat merging to generate batons.
-Can cause first degree burns.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-User’s body experience hypothermia after entering the dead state becoming extremely vulnerable to colder temperatures and climates.
-The weaker the metals, the weaker the generated batons are. Batons can also be generated out of pure plasma energy, however, duration time is cut down to three in these cases.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Star Commandment - Big Dipper!
Tier 1 Technique Type: Close Range / 5 Meter Radius
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 10
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of three posts, user is able to generate temperatures approaching nearly 1000 degrees. The user body is then propelled towards the enemy in the form of a ball of light which shines with great radiance. The propulsion process is based off a dashing motion and the attack resembles that of a shooting star.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Ball of mass is around 3 x 3 Meters of users motion state body.
-Can burn through weaker metals and cause first degree burns.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-During cooldown, user becomes immobile for three posts.
-The light is very dim and the attack is streamlined, once dashing forwards, the attack cannot change course.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Flicker!
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support / Long Range
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 4
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of one post, user is able to generate a quick but extremely bright pulsation of light. The waves give off heat but are more geared towards impairing the opponent’s vision.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Can blind the opponent and or opponent’s momentarily within a ten meter radius.
-Can exhibit temperatures of 600 degrees on anyone within a 2.5 Meter radius of the attack.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-Use of shades or darkening equipment can weaken or disable this attack greatly.
-The bright flash of light can also blind nakama as well.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Shift
Tier 1 Technique Type: Close - Range / Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 15
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of one post, the user is able to physically shift, one person in any direction weaving his aura into the form of an appendage. If the appendage makes contact, the user is pushed 2 Meters in that direction.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- Can be used to shift one enemy in any direction for up to two meters if appendage makes contact.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- Cannot be used on self.

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8 Re: Freeing Rockets & Ships on Sun Jan 11, 2015 12:05 pm

The explosion from the distorted boiler room rumbled the entire Marine Base, enough of a jump to launch Rocket into the air. “Waaaahhh!”  Before he could smash against the ceiling, his entire being morphed into white smoke. “Oh lord, what’s happening?! “  The large cloud of smoke that was Rocket slammed against the walls, knocking over bookshelves, trophies, and all of the sorts. “Ahhhh! Help me! “  Now completely out of control in smoke form, Rocket was completely vulnerable.

“No No, not the window, not the window!!”


Rocket’s densified smoke form shattered the Captain’s window, spiralling towards the soil like a torpedo. He crashed into the ground, the smoke now dissipating to reveal his real, flesh and blood shirtless body.

“Ugh… What the hell…”  Footsteps sounded off behind Rocket’s head. They pat the soft soil like a pancake, before finally halting five feet away from him. He threw himself into the air, looking back.

“Ya know, you dumbasses woke me up. “ The infamous Commodore Roker spoke. His long flowing crimson hair matched up exactly with Rocket’s exotic eyes.  

“Well, I mean… You can go back to sleep if you want..?”  Rocket fired off a goofy smile, hoping he could somehow get himself out of another fight. The Commodore shook his head, emitting a drowsy sigh from amidst his lips. “Sadly, I have to be somewhere. Plus, you have a bounty of 45,000 million Beli. You’ve risen fast and have become a pain in my ass. Unfortunately, I can’t let you walk. Soru.”

The Commodore used his incredible speed, combined with the fastest Rokushiki skill, to disappear and reappear right before Rocket, easily delivering a left roundhouse kick to the young Shipwright’s head. The force from the kick sent Rocket flying into the Marine Base’s core with little to no effort in destroying the walls foundation.

“Oh well. It’s not like we have any less damages. Now, you stay there. I need to go assist Captain Stone in disposing of the brat that started all of this, Shunji Z. Wraith. You two will make fine cell mates in Impel Down, don’t ya’ think?”

Commodore Roker continued on his path, nonchalantly yawning as his boots traveled across the slick grass. White smoke began circling the area before Commodore Roker, forming some type of spherical shape. “Oi..?”


Rocket burst forth from the smoke, slamming his right foot into the Commodore’s gut. The sheer impact from his kick launched the Commodore back several yards, blood spiralling around his body. He landed in a heap on the luscious grass, gripping his seemingly shattered ribs.  “I ain’t lettin’ you go after Shunji… You’re gonna… Have to.. Get through me first…! “   The youthful Shipwright rose from the cloud of smoke, allowing the tendrils and puffs to morph into his body. Commodore Roker planted the palms of his hands against the soil, spitting the crimson liquid into a pool on the ground below. His legs glossed over with a thick coating of Busoshoku Haki, rendering them a deep purple, almost black in color.

“So you took a kick like that and still got up.. Huh. This might be more of a challenge than I thought… If I have to kick through a runt like you to get to the “Eyes of Zion”, then so be it. Let’s go.”


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9 Re: Freeing Rockets & Ships on Sun Jan 11, 2015 12:35 pm

On the third level of the Red Wine Bay Marine base, Stone stood, blood dripping from his eyes, mouth and ears. The floor now had a crucifix shaped hole and Shunji stood, with immense waves of plasma dripping off his body. 

Shunji: I had a feeling that wouldn't put you out.

Stone: Dragoon's Steel Skin! I hardened my skin to the toughest metal I could imagine, steel. I took damage but it significantly lowered my chances of dying... Keshishishi... I haven't had a fight like this on these seas in years. Ready for Round two kid, I'm sure I don't have to hold back now. Steel Muscles! Steel Bones! Burning Steel! The Kachi Kachi no Mi allows me to harden anything about myself, even my very bones and muscles. Now anything I impact will be hardened by that force, not to mention, the lining of my skin is now heat. Heat versus Heat! What a perfect end for your adventures Shunji.

Shunji: Bring it on! I guess I can turn up the heat now too! 3000 Degrees Celsius!

The concrete floor below Shunji began to become almost as hot as magma rock.

Stone: Tekkai Armor!   Soru!

Shunji conjured his plasma batons once more and they both dashed forwards to make contact. Shunji swung his left handed baton into Stone's face, which he dodged using his Kenbunshoku Haki. Ducking downwards, Stone fired off two swift shots into Shunji's mid-section, sending him flying a few meters backwards. Shunji faded in and out of consciousness, spitting up blood.

Stone: Dragoon's Stone Hook! Rankyaku - Dragoon's Talons!

Jumping into mid-air using Geppo, Stone fired off a series of wind blades then sent Shunji flying to the floor below through the same floor they flew upwards through. Using Geppo, Stone danced downwards, charging towards Shunji. Shunji went into a spin, intercepting his decent and smacked the man into the cell wall. His heated boy caused him to melt through the cell bars and crash into the toilet seat. Using his Soru he quickly dashed out, throwing a barrage of punches which Shunji countered with his baton's the blows stacked up around equal in power and speed. However, Stone's strength was becoming far beyond Shunji's expectations, he had around, if not four or five broken ribs and breathing was definitely harder. What's worst is the consequences for using both Red Star and Vermillion Star will soon begin to take their toll. He needed to end this fight soon.

Stone: What's wrong kid... Your movements are getting slower.

Shunji: I could say the same for you.

Shunji was also spot on. Stone's ribcage was fractured in several places, he had internal bleeding in not only his skull, but his lungs were filled with blood. Not to mention the second degree burns his body is exposed to every time his Tekkai and Busoshoku waver. His vision was extremely blurry and talking was the only way to keep himself awake. It hurt, everything about fighting Shunji ached his body.

Shunji: I'm never alone however Stone. Whenever I need help, God is always on my side. Prayer of Will! Prayer of Origin!

Stone: What God would help a criminal such as yourself?

Shunji: He loves all of his children equally, didn't you know, Jishi-Jishi.

A white aura flushed over Shunji as he began to recite his various prayers. Stone used this as an advantage to close distance and deliver a right hook to the man's jawline but he was met with Shunji shifting his body to the right, causing Stone to topple over.

Shunji: I'm ending this now Stone! Prayer of Building!


Tier 2 Technique Name: Prayer of Origin
Tier 2 Technique Type: Support
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 15
Tier 2 Technique Description:
For a duration of three posts, user begins an ancient sacred prayer that creates a link between his diety and himself for a few seconds. The user obtains a higher level of consciousness and clarity. This gives him access to a series of prayers.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- Can be used in place for the prayer of Beginning.
- Unlocks the remainder of the Tier 2 Prayers of this skill set.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- If the users concentration is broken, prayer takes twice amount of time to be completed. (Duration increased to six posts)
- If the prayer fails, user must wait an additional ‘three’ posts, eighteen in total on the cool down.

Tier 2 Technique Name: Prayer of Building!
Tier 2 Technique Type: Support /
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 8
Tier 2 Technique Description:
For a duration of two posts, user is able to create a series of spiritual cubes of sorts, by combining multiple walls together. The walls for a cube, he can create seven in total, each cube is 3 x 3 meters in size. These cubes can be stepped on and used as stairs or to hover the user around 10 Meters in any direction before fading. The density of the cube, is that of glass.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- Cubes can be used to create staircases.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- Cubes themselves aren’t very durable.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Will!
Tier 1 Technique Type: Close - Range / Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 10
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of two posts, user boosts the afflicted, amplifying there physical and spiritual strength by a significant range. The afflicted feels as if his body has been exorcised of negative energy, feeling lighter and more focused.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- One attack’s damage is amplified, if contact is made, one Tier higher than original.
- Afflicted exhibits increased cognitive and physical motion for a duration of one post.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- The prayer of Beginning must be completed before this skill is used.
- This skill puts the afflicted into extreme spiritual imbalance afterwards, the user experiences mass hysteria and vomitting for two posts.

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10 Re: Freeing Rockets & Ships on Sun Jan 11, 2015 1:34 pm

The two kick-based brawlers rushed forward, clashing their respective shins together. Each little bit of contact their muscular appendages made caused a mini, spherical shockwave. Rocket wasn’t able to hold much of his own against the Marine Commodore. His kicks were merely pushed back by the strength of Roker’s Busoshoku Haki.

“Not working in your favor, huh? Soru!”  

Roker seemingly morphed into the wind. He appeared above Rocket, swinging his right, Haki-encased leg downwards to crush the young Shipwright’s skull. “Tekkai!” The defensive Rokushiki skill only added more strength and power to his already monstrous kick. Rocket’s body dissipated into a column of smoke, dashing to the let to avoid Roker’s attack. The sheer weight and power from Roker’s kick caused the ground to implode upon itself.

“Not quick enough!”  Rocket launched himself out of the cloud of smoke, swinging his right foot outwards to strike the Marine Commodore in the neck. “You’re able to utilize the Logia Fruit despite having just eaten it? You learn quite fast. No matter, you’re not quick enough in a physical sense. “

Commodore Roker ripped his leg out of the ground, maneuvering in the air so that his right leg connected with Rocket’s. Their legs clashed once again, both determined to finish this battle in order to save a friend.

Roker’s strength and Busoshoku Haki proved to win this round again. With a final burst of energy, Roker forced Rocket’s leg backwards, causing him to spin uncontrollably in mid-air. “Shigan, Piercing Eagle! “  The Marine Commodore stopped the young man’s rapid spinning, all the while placing the tip of his left foot against Rocket’s chest. In one quick motion, he delivered several swift bullet-like jabs into his midsection, launching him backwards into the Marine Base rubble.

“In-efficient. It’s hard to believe someone like you defeated Vice-Admiral Smacker. “

“Heeeyaaaahhh!” A pillar of white smoke fired through the rubble, Rocket allowing himself to morph into it for another surprise attack. “Not good enough.”   Roker effortlessly slammed his right knee under Rocket’s chin, forcing his charge upwards. Droplets of blood flew from his mouth, staining the vibrant grass below.

“Rankyaku, Wolverine Slash.”   Roker swung his right foot up diagonally, barely scraping the tip of his boot across Rocket’s bare, toned chest. The speed with which he executed the kick caused a thin, yet sharp blade of air to coat his boot, leaving Rocket with an extremely gnarly, bloody gash that ran from his left hip, to his right shoulder.

Rocket’s limpy body lie in the demolished rocks, stones, and wooden beams that were once part of the Marine Base’s foundation. Blood leaked from the brutal wound that was unfortunately bestowed upon his torso. “Was it just because I wasn’t good enough..?”  The young Shipwright thought to himself. “Am I not strong enough? Am I not fast enough..? What the hell is wrong with me? Why can’t I ever get anything right?”  His eyes began to flutter shut, churning his head across the smooth stone that it rested upon to glance at his left hand. The makeshift bandage that he wrapped his tattoo in was ripped open, exposing the message; ‘S’ ‘T’ ‘R’ ‘I’ ‘V’ ‘E’.

Tears welled up in the youth’s eyes, remembering why he was given this tattoo. As a young child, he often had a knack for giving up too early, quitting when he still had a chance. Albert, his godfather took it upon himself to forcefully tattoo the word ‘Strive’ on his hand to remind him that there is always something to fight for. There is always a way to win. If you can’t get it easily, then you get your ass up and strive to win.

He pushed himself out of the rubble, blood pouring from the wound on his chest, streams of the crimson liquid running down his face and trickling from the corners of his mouth. “Round two. I’m ready.”


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11 Re: Freeing Rockets & Ships on Sun Jan 11, 2015 4:15 pm

The flames had now traveled to the level where Shunji and Stone where fighting. Staring into each other's eyes for the final conflict, they learned alot about each other. Shunji disappeared, jetting around the battlefield like a shooting star orbiting on earth. Crashing his plasma baton in his right hand into Stone's foot, he knocked the man off his feet.

Stone: Tekk-

It was too late. The speed of the attack and Stone's fatigue made his body unable to respond to him in time. Shunji morphed away his batons and grabbed the man and tossed him into mid-air, dashing upwards with a coat of plasma, the star like matter around his body shot them up onto the next floor. Through the cement ceiling, Stone tried to regain his balance in mid-air using Geppo, but his broken foot made that impossible, as he fell on the ground, Stone lunged towards Shunji with one final punch, Shunji countered by smacking his punch away with the baton, lunging his plasma baton's into the man's shoulder. As Stone stood standing, Shunji made distance between the man and himself. As Shunji approach, in his final attempt to stay awake:

Stone: Tekkai!

Shunji superman punched Stone into the floor,the force of the plasma torched the skin straight off his jaw, Stone lied motionless on the floor from the contact. The flames on Shunji's body dripped off onto the floor they were currently on.  Shunji jumped back down three floors and entered the elevator shaft, which contained the map, the post and the all access key. Shunji took the elevator to the level where supplies and treasure is situated. With a bag filled with loot, food and gold, Shunji escaped to the dock, where Stone's personal Warship stood. Using his last burst of plasma he secured the bag of goodies in the Captain's Cabin and sat on the deck. His plasma ran out, Shunji's body began to become around twelve times his body weight and covered in a thick layer of ice. Shunji began to tremble violently, his eyes bloodshot and his wounds frozen, even the man's breath created a smog.

Shunji: Damn it.... I can't move now... Don't shut down on me. I knew this was coming. The most I can do now is try to heal my wounds, moving is impossible. Rocket... You better not waste this opportunity... I have an idea for the both of us on these seas Jishi-Jishi...

Shunji's body became encased with this veil of white light, his body also laid elevated on a wall like structure.

Inside the buildings, the marine recruits and various officers find Captain Stone's body and escort him out of the fire to the medical tents setup on the outside of the building.

Marine Recruit Bully: Look at his body, it's so mutilated... Shunji Wraith did this to him?!

Marine Recruit Butch: It doesn't matter, we just received word. Vice Admiral Smacker and his crew will be here in fifteen minutes. We just need to evacuate everyone! Smacker will be pissed, look! The flames have even burned the World Government and the Marine core flag.

Meanwhile on the ship, Shunji freezes his life away.

Shunji: I need to send a message to Rocket... Prayer of Exchange!

A keyboard appeared in front of Shunji's finger tips as he fought to type, the only words he could muster was, 'Stone's Warship From Shunji'. Pressing the send button, he sent the spiritual message, it would poll until Rocket came within 20 Meters of him.

Shunji: Now... I just need to hang on til then.

Shunji forced a cigarette into his mouth, hoping the smoke would warm his body up.

Techniques / Abilities:

Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Healing : Wall Sugery
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support / Close Range
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 10
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of one post, user releases his spiritual energy to create a platform to lay one patient on. His energy begins to spin itself around the patient and heals the afflicted of exactly one wound or condition.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- The condition or wound must be within the user’s medical knowledge.
- The prayer can be used on the user.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- Only one wound can be healed. I.E if the person has a fractured hand and an open gash, the external wound will be healed first, and the prayer will be completed.
- The prayer of Beginning must be completed before this skill is used.

Tier 2 Technique Name: Prayer of Victory!
Tier 2 Technique Type: Suport / Close Range
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 10
Tier 2 Technique Description:
For a duration of three posts, all of the afflicted by this prayer will exhibit euphoria healing all minor wounds over an 8 meter radius. The prayer can be concentrated into one person to heal one moderate wound.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- Heals all minor injuries in a 8 meter radius of user.
- Can heal one moderate wound on the afflicted.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- This ability cannot heal fatal wounds.
- This ability cannot be extended outside of it’s range. It also doesn’t discriminate between friend or foe.

Tier 2 Technique Name: Prayer of Exchange!
Tier 2 Technique Type: Support / Long Range
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 5
Tier 2 Technique Description:
For a duration of two posts, user is able to exchange spiritual messages with anyone over a twenty meter radius. He can send messages in his brain in the form of letters spelling out a maximum of thirty words. User mentally types the message using a spiritual keyboard.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- Messages can only be sent to three people at a time.
- User can opt to send one person, a memory that has happened to them in the during the thread.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- Messages cannot be personalised, all afflicted will see the same message.
- If one message is sent containing a memory, the strain on the user increases the cool down to ten.

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12 Re: Freeing Rockets & Ships on Sun Jan 11, 2015 4:52 pm

Rocket burst forth towards the Marine Commodore by jetting two columns of smoke beneath his feet. The two exchanged a flurry of punches and kicks, fighting for one superior goal. This fight could go either way; One, Rocket loses, and dies at the hands of Smacker or Two, Roker loses and dies at the hands of Smacker. Even though Rocket didn’t want either to die, he didn’t have a choice.

The Commodore delivered a well executed side-kick to Rocket’s chest, ripping his already blood-soaked wound open about another half a centimeter. “Gngh!”  

The impact forced him backwards towards the sea. Some type of mental image popped into his mind. It flashed for about 6 seconds before disappearing. The image looked like some type of computer keyboard, and a screen. It read; ‘Stone’s Warship from Shunji’.

There was another reason he had to win. Not only to keep himself alive, but to keep Shunji alive as well. He gripped his wound, struggling to throw a layer of dense white smoke over it.

“Alright buddy.. You reeaaally forced me to use this. I can only do it once, so don’t.. Move.”  The young Shipwright mustered up enough strength to force himself to spin rapidly on his right tippy-toes. He curled his left knee up into his chest, holding his arms out. The dense smoke seemed to help hold the blood inside of his wound, and keep it from tearing open anymore.

His left leg ignited into a silvery-white blaze. “Shiru Rukai…”

“What the hell? How does this kid keep fighting?! I gave him a fatal blow! “  The Commodore gritted his teeth, spewing blood from between his thin lips. “I’m ending this! Geppo!”  With a rage-induced jump, the Marine Commodore Roker launched himself towards Rocket, preparing to swing his right leg outwards for a devastating kick. “Heavenly Drill!”  Much like the young Shipwright’s technique, the Marine spun rapidly in mid air.

“I can do this. Wait for… Wait for it.”  Roker closed the gap between the two within seconds. When he was literally a foot away from Rocket’s smoke-coated torso, the young Shipwright pushed off the ground, slamming the bottom of his fire-engulfed foot into the Commodore’s head. The strike emitted a large circle of white fire to spread across the grass. He slammed the red-maned Commodore into the ground below, completely crushing his skull flat, thus killing him.

Rocky knelt on the ground, the fire dissipating. He was finally feeling the effects of his damaged body. Not only did his leg ache from the Shiru Rukai technique, but the fractured ribs of his made his gash burn and tremble even more.

“I’m coming Shunji…”

True to his name, Rocket forced his body to transform into smoke, and dash off into the sky like a shuttle. Immediately eyeing Stone’s Battleship, Rocket nose-dived for it. “SHUNJIII! I’M HEEEERREEE!”

Techniques Used:
Tier 1 Technique Name: Shiru Rukai
Tier 1 Technique Type: Physical
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 3
Tier 1 Technique Description: Rocket spins rapidly in one spot, fast enough to generate a silvery-white fire around his leg. This attack is the strongest in Rocket’s arsenal of attacks, and is extremely dangerous for whoever receives the strike. Though with the god-like strength of the kick, comes consequences. It puts extreme strain on his entire body, even after just one use. (Anymore than two in one thread could snap his legs in two.)
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
1) Rocket engulfs his strikes in a silvery-white fire, so it has the added effect of burning the opponent
2) Rocket tends to move at high-speeds when using this technique, so for someone with low Dexterity, or at least lower than Rocket's’s is in for some serious trouble.
3) Anyone with an Endurance stat lower than Rocket's Strength stat that is struck by this attack will be severely injured, possible 2nd degree burns, broken bones, etc.

Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
1) After 2 uses in battle, Rocket’s body begins to shut down on him. Other side-effects could be intense headaches, broken bones, fractured bones, sprains, etc.
2) Anyone with whose Endurance is 20+ higher than Rocket’s Strength will take the attack as if it were being hit by a baseball bat, only leaving the attack with a small bruise, and minor burns, ones that would really only require a bandaid to cure.

3) Anyone whose Dexterity is 20+ higher than Rocket’s own can easily dodge the attack.

4) Anyone whose Strength is 20+ higher than Rocket’s own, they would easily be able to intercept the strike, and counter-attack.


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13 Re: Freeing Rockets & Ships on Sun Jan 11, 2015 5:29 pm

In the medical tents, Stone awoke. Unable to move from the drips and bandages that in cased his body.

Butch: Sir! Your awake-

Stone grabbed Butch by his neck and pulled his ear to his mouth.

Stone: Rocket's Pipe... It's on my ship. Secure it. It's infused with the power of the Gura Gura. If he gets away with that... It's over. 

Bully: All hands on deck! This an order from Captain Stone! Recover Rocket's pipe! It's on his warship! 

A platoon of marines rushed towards the dock of the Red Wine base. The final explosion went off, sending the base into nothing but rubble. The structure broke down and a total of hundred and five prisoners escaped from Red Wine base that day. Twenty five pirates died, fifty marines and a total of over hundred personal injured. In the dock, Shunji sat up, trying to move but it was futile. Rocket slid across the deck of the ship. It took Shunji forever but he crawled into the Captain's cavern and was trying to use a pipe of sorts to stand. His hands couldn't fully grip the pipe, so he gave up on that idea.

Shunji: Rocket! Glad to see you again old friend! Pull up the anchor let's go! Vice Admiral Smacker is on his way! By the way! Where's the ship you were designing, I'm pretty sure we could make a quicker escape than using this monstrous ship, where like a sitting duck.

Meanwhile at the Medical Camp, Vice Admiral Smacker and his crew watched as the Red Wine Base went up in flames.

Smacker: Rocket! Shunji! I won't let you escape.

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14 Re: Freeing Rockets & Ships on Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:23 pm

Rocket hoisted himself up upon the deck, still struggling to maintain the smoke-bandage. He peered over at Shunji, who now had ahold of his one of his most prized possessions. “Woah woah woah! Hey! Please don’t break that! It’s my weapon! “

Rocket cautiously approached Shunji, attempting to reach out and pull it away from him. “That Stone guy took it away from me when they captured me.”  If Shunji would’ve released Gladium, Rocket would’ve brought it to his face, snuggling with it. “I missed you so much Gladium.”

The young Shipwright turned back, looking out at the coast. A brigade of Marines were marching straight towards the battleship. “Oh crap…”   His body tensed up. He had just escaped. Neither of them were in any condition to fight anymore. Especially with the gash in his chest. He couldn’t lose focus on the smoke, or else he’d probably pass out from the blood loss.

“Oh, the ship I built you, right! I came here to Micqueot with it. Get on my back, I can try my best to fly us there! And trust me… Bwehehehe.. It’s fast. “  Rocket placed Gladium against the deck, using it to hold himself up while Shunji possibly made his way onto the youngster’s back. Despite all of his pain, he promised Shunji this ship. So whether he had to drag them there, or endure the excruciating pain and fly them there, he was gonna do what was necessary.

“Hurry! I don’t want to run into Smacky again!”

As Shunji climbed onto his back, Rocket used Gladium’s powers to produce a clear quake-bubble around it’s tip. Since he was too weak to jump into the air with Shunji on his back, he had to use the Gura Gura no Mi’s powers to give them a boost. He transformed his lower half into smoke, albeit with some concentration. He slammed the quake-bubbled side of Gladium into the deck, using the downward force of the shockwave to launch them into the air, while damaging ANOTHER Marine Battleship in the process ( ;) ).

With a strong burst of smoke, they were in the air, seemingly flying. “You won’t believe it! I found a Logia fruit in Stoner’s office, and I ate it! It was amazing! I even took down a Commodore! Commodore Rock was his name.. Or.. Rockstar? I don’t know, I can’t remember.. but it was fun! “  Rocket rambled on, soaring through the air towards their special ‘ship’.

As they neared the area, it was pretty obvious which ship it was. The only one on the south end of the island, hunkered down near the shore. “Bwehehehe.. I kind of got carried away with building it…”

OOC NOTE: I was given permission by Shunji Z. Wraith OOC to powerplay his character.


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15 Re: Freeing Rockets & Ships on Sun Jan 11, 2015 6:42 pm

When Shunji awoke, he saw the ship Rocket designed in the distance. It was everything he could ever imagine and more. The streamline design, the multiple masts, propeller wheels and the star patterned insignia on it's side. Landing on the ship, Rocket seemed to enter this trance as soon as he landed commanding the ships mechanisms.

Shunji: It's amazing... What's the name of the ship Rocket!? All good ships need a name!?

Shunji wished he could help the ship get ready for sail but his body was still frozen stiff from his Cold Star state. He heard the sound of what seemed to be an engine start up, as he turned over looking at the sky, he saw a flush of clouds flush pass.

Shunji: We definitely need a navigator before we arrive in Paradise! Damn, I wish I could move! Onwards! I don't know where we are going but I know we'll get there eventually! Catch!

Shunji threw Rocket the Blue to Grandline Map from within his bag. In the distance, he heard a ship with a loud speaker.

Smacker: Shunji Z. Wraith! Rocket! Don't you move! I'll be there shortly.

Meanwhile back at the camp, Stone's condition entered a critical condition. The marines from the base gathered around his bed.

Butch: Captain!

Bully: Dad...

Stone: Son... Everyone... Thank you for putting up with my foolish ways for this long. I never thought the day...

Stone coughed up some more blood.

Bully: Dad Stop-

Stone placed his palm by his son's cheek, his hand now deformed from Shunji's flames.

Stone: I'm here now because of my own weakness. These are my final words... Don't ever let your justice be wavered by any pirate! Any rebel! We are the Marines of Red Wine Bay! Though our building burns and our flag's gone! Our pride burns brighter than any fire!

Bully: Yes Sir!

Butch: Yes Sir!

Marine Grunts: Yes Sir

Stone passed away that day, not many had known but Stone suffered from problems with his lungs since a child. It was a wonder he survived this long but his death, sparked flame that had been sitting dormant in his son's stomach.

Bully: Shunji.... Z... Wraith! I will avenge my father's death!

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16 Re: Freeing Rockets & Ships on Sun Jan 11, 2015 7:05 pm

Rocket smiled, starting the engines and all of that jazz up. He smashed his fist against the ropes holding the sails to the masts, allowing them to flutter out in all of their glory. “Not up to me Shunji! It’s the captain’s job to name the ship!”  Rocket positioned himself upon the podium where the ship’s controls were located. He gripped the control joystick, pushing it upwards. The propeller’s on the ship began spinning rapidly, causing the water below to rise in massive waves. He turned at the word ‘catch’, nearly dropping the rolled parchment into the paper. “Ehh… How do I tell him I don’t know how to read a map..? I won’t, I won’t…”  

He gripped his custom goggles that he had hooked onto a notch in the podium wall. “Top gear, engaged! Sails, opened! Propellers, on! We’re ready to set sail! “  The massive airship began rising into the air, copious amounts of water dripping from the bottom of the boat. He adjusted the joystick, so that whichever way he moved it, the ship would turn, shift, and move however he liked. “Let’s gooooooooo!”  The pure excitement Rocket got from being able to fly the ship again outweighed the pain in his chest, for now. Little did he know, the longer he ignored the pain, the more bitter it would get.

Despite their outrageous adventure, Rocket was truly happy. He took out some Marines, got to fly a freakin’ Airship, and even got his Logia fruit. Alls well that ends well.


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17 Re: Freeing Rockets & Ships on Sun Jan 11, 2015 7:17 pm

As the ship jet off through the skies, Smacker and his men were shocked.

Smacker: It can... fly? I need to report back to HQ about this.

Marine Grunt: Sir... I have bad news. Captain Stone... He's passed. As the highest ranking officer in the area, until Marine HQ can send word on his replacement, Red Wine Bay is now under your control.

Smacker: Damn it.... Everyone turn this ship around! Were going back to Red Wine Bay, what's the situation on the fire and someone bring me my Den Den Mushi, I have a feeling the higher ups will need to be informed about this.

As Shunji and Rocket glided through the air, he had no clue where they were about to go but he did know one thing, it was an adrenaline rush like no other.

Shunji: I have to name it huh... How about, The Milky Way, the Hoshi Pirate crew's ship should have a star like name. All together we'd have to be able to even take over a galaxy! Jishi-Jishi

To Be Continued...

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18 Re: Freeing Rockets & Ships on Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:33 am


The following thread has been reviewed and approved. Locking Thread.

EXP: None for now (Tier System under debate, if Exp is kept. I will come back and add in the EXP)
Hoshi Pirates Bounty: 15,000,000 Bounty for each

Great Job on freeing your crewmate, Although with death of stone. It seems like you made a future enemy. His Son and his death inspired the marines around him. Watch out

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