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Naruto: Sands of Time

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Come One Come All!

Welcome to Naruto Sands of Time's advertisement! We are proud to announce that our site is currently open and ready to be RPed on. If you find anything that is of an importance that we may need then notify staff at once. On that note, we need staff members! Pm the admin Kouketsu about becoming a staff member and he will personally review you at first then watch as you take over staff jobs as a probation period.

Note: This is an AU Naruto RP. In Naruto's time this is the Warring States period. Whether there is a First Great Ninja War depends on you.

You are in the setting of the times before the first great ninja war actually occurred, but after the foundation of villages. The lands are bountiful and lush, filled with green trees, vast deserts, and endless oceans. The lands are ruled by groups of extraordinary shinobi that hold extraordinary talents. They are known as clans. They are bound by blood, culture, and war. They consistently fight with others to prove their worth and assert dominance within their regions of land. Can you rise up to the top of your clan and show your true strength? Or will you merely watch from the shadows like a true shinobi and decide the fate of others through small but important actions? The choice is entirely up to you...

Within this time period the clans are usually at war with one another, constantly fighting for regions and the perks that come with. The most notable clans who've been known as the top five clans are the famous Uchiha, Senju, Hyūga, Kaguya, and Uzumaki. The Uchiha and Hyūga are known to be proficient in doujutsu. The Senju have myths of Mokuton usage, however the most notable talents that are proven is that each Senju may become a jack of all trades, or a master of one. Known to harness multiple talents, or completely master one being able to do wonderful things with one gift. The Kaguya are savage with their dead bone release, being possibly equal to the Hyūga in Taijutsu.

These clans each try to grasp control of multiple cities which give benefits depending on location, geography, and politics. Each action you make and each thing you say makes a difference in towards what changes the shape of the world. Info brokers are used to gain information on famous and important people. What you do with this information depends on your character. You can assassinate a head figure, start a riot, plan a coup d'état. The world is your playground for this is the Sands of Time and everything you do effects something in one way, shape, or form.

To find out which clans control which areas, refer to the city and village descriptions in the RP areas. Currently, the Land of Wind is uninhabitable but in the Land of Roleplay, (lol) anything can happen. Only thing is, your'e going to have to have some serious Doton users and Suiton users to build walls against the sand and have a fresh water supply. To add on to this you'll have to demonstrate your leadership to gain any followers and villagers. Good luck!

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