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Izumi Momono

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1 Izumi Momono on Wed Jan 07, 2015 10:53 am

Name: Momono Izumi (first name is Izumi)
Epithet: Not yet chosen
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Kuja
Sexuality: Gay, lightly interested in men.

Affiliation: Guildy
Occupation: Knight

Appearance: She usually changes cloths, but she usually uses a blouse and a skirt. She usually doesn't use much cloths.
Hair Color: Purple
Eye Color: Gray
Skin Tone: Light
Height: 1.65 meters
Weight: 53 kilograms
Tattoo: Her guild tattoo in the upper part of her left breast

Personality: She is a pervert girl indeed. She loves woman, and can maybe be a bit uncomfortable to be with her. He doesn't care kissing people or being naked in front of them, she thinks that's nothing but natural. She is very persuasive and likes to get anything she wants. She doesn't let people order her. She also loves winning, anything, and is very competitive sometimes. She doesn't really love people like she should suppose to, she likes people like items and sees them just like that, like a toy or something to have fun with. She doesn't really care about other people. And even if she can't love people easily, she hopes she'll one day find someone she can actually love.
In battle, she will never give up and can be maybe cruel. She likes to punish people and make them suffer, but she also likes to make things quick. She enjoys watching people suffer, specially when she isn't making them suffer, but she isn't a evil person itself, or at least she doesn't consider herself as one.

-Her hair
-To use little amount of cloths
-Being ordered
-Finding more lovers
-Find something to motivate her
-Being rejected
-Killing someone she loves

Inner Lineage:
Unnecessary beauty: The momono family has had a infinite amount of beautiful people in the family. The beauty of such family can't be compared with norma people. Izumi is one of the beautiful people in her family, and can be irresistible for people, man and even woman. She can also persuade T0 npc to do what she tells them too.

Outer Lineage:
Legendary Speaker: She has legendary speaker but with one little change, instead of using words, she uses her beauty to persuade them.

Writing Sample
"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Izumi shouted at a woman behind her. "Who in this world doesn't know how to use a comb?" She yelled at her slave throwing at her the comb she had previously taken from her. "Go out of my sight, you'll be punished." She said a bit more gently. "Yes mis." Said the slave and walked out of the room. "I can't believe this people are so stupid this days." She stood up from her chair and looked one last time to the mirror. She took her hair and gently rubbed it. "Excuse me my lady, you have been called by your father." Said a guard from behind. Izumi letted a sigh out and turned around. "Uh, I'll be there in a second." She didn't really like living in a reach family, she had too many responsibilities.

She walked through the hall of the big palace she lived in, she was wearing a very long dress she hated, but her father thought she had to dress like what she was, a princess. When she got to her fathers room, she sat one the first chair she saw without even asking. His father knew what she was thinking and also sat down. "Izumi, my girl. As you may know, I'm an old man, and I need you to take my throne." He said and was quickly interrupted by his 18 year old girl. "You mean, I have to get married right?" She asked even knowing the answer. "I don't want to father, you know I'm... special" Said the girl. Her father was indeed ashamed of her, and she was called special since she was alive. "Look father, we both know I'm not even your child, why should I get married?" "Silence!" Shouted the man. "I told you, you're getting married, and that's it. I called you here, not to convince you, but to tell you everything about your wedding." Izumi didn't really want to get married, she hated her father, but she wasn't really able to do much. "You know what father, I won't just stand here and let you take my choices." Some smoke started to appear above her as she stood up. "I won't let you!" She shouted, causing an explosion in the room causing her to close her eyes. When she opened them again, she saw the burned room and his dead father. It had maybe been an accident, but it maid her happier than anything.

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