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Kavaleris, Charlemagne T.

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1 Kavaleris, Charlemagne T. on Wed Jan 07, 2015 3:17 am

"You're only a failure if you don't take what you want."

Kavaleris, Charlemagne T.
Charlemagne the Tyrant // Mad Dragon Kavaleris
Archaeologist // Weaponsmith

"If looks could kill."

Charlemagne comes from an extremely pure bloodline and it really shines through his physical attributes. Blessed with devilishly handsome looks, his face is often graced with something between a smirk and a smile. He has long flowing blonde hair that falls near perfectly around his face sometimes covering his pale blue eyes. His normal attire consists of a plain white dress shirt and over top of that a black trench coat. A pair of matching black dress pants and shinning combat style boots are worn to complete the color theme.  Charlemagne has the physical build some would often compare to an elite trained Marine, it didn't just happen though after growing he spent many hours of his days molding himself towards physical excellence.
Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Pale Blue
Skin Tone:
Flawlessly Pale
185 lbs.

"Everything comes with a price."

Like most others you'll find that if you were to compare Charlemagne to any other typical man that there is more than meets the eye.

When it comes to something that he wants he will do whatever he has to do to get it, after having things handed to not only him but his family whenever every they wanted. Not only did they just get things they would take what wasn't theirs just because of a title.  All the power that behind two words is completely outrageous and how it forces people to live in fear and poverty is just disgusting.

Asking Charlemagne about his past really isn't a wise idea. Just thinking of his past mostly infuriates him, the thought that just because he was born to a specific noble that he should be entitled to the world is blasphemous. He feels that nobody deserves be on either side of it and because of that he will stop at nothing to eliminate it as a whole.  

Sometimes his fuse can be rather short when it gets to a touchy subject or maybe you just caught him on a bad day, but in general Charlemagne is a calm person who sticks to himself. He doesn't normally have any issues with people unless they cause them to form or if they happen to be directly involved with celestial dragons in any way(Specifically he doesn't hate all Marines, but those who side with the dragons and protect them).

Charlemagne is loyal to his own, and those who have cause to fight for what they want. He doesn't mind pirates that have dreams that they try to achieve how ever those that just pillage and break the law just because they're pirates. You could almost say that he admires those who work hard for their living and are humble people an exampling being farmers.  

His views on life are rather serious, its a gift that could easily be stolen so valuable it couldn't be priced. You should do everything in your power to do something important with that gift and create a legacy to pass on to not only your children, but the world. Some people just don't deserve the gift or misuse it and Charlemagne will be the one to take it from them.

  • The World; It's such a vast and diverse place with so much to offer and explore, a lifetime of things to do.
  • Earning things; Charlemagne enjoys working towards things and earning them for himself instead of using a petty excuse to just claim things.
  • Battle; He is not scared one bit to fight for the things he wants or just fighting in general. Usually he isn't one to provoke unless the situation calls for it.


  • Celestial Dragons; Loathe is a better word to describe what Charlemagne feels about these pathetic excuses for humans. He would give anything in his procession including his own life to do away with them all.
  • Cowards; Another thing that he cannot stand is a coward, you deserve nothing but death if you will not defend your own.
  • Defeat; Losing is such a horrible feeling, some warriors would relate it to death itself.


  • Hard-working honest people; Whenever Charlemagne comes across people who are doing their best to make something of their lives he just gets a spark to the soul and wants to make it so they have a better chance.
  • Celestial Dragons; He will never stop until he has either killed or destroyed the title itself from history.
  • Changing the future; Charlemagne knows that he has the ability to change how things will be done in the future for not only himself, but everyone.


  • Death; Dying before he has the chance to deal with the Celestial Dragons and the World Government members that support them.
  • Execution; It would be the most awful way for Charlemagne to die, going down in history as the man who tried to rebel but failed and was executed by those he opposed.
  • Going unseen; If he is to devote his life to such a cause and it is never noticed would simply cut him down mentally and decimate all of his hopes and dreams.

"Whats it to you?"

"Get off of me you fucks!" Charlemagne screamed at the top of his lungs as he was dragged by a duo of Marines, one on either side of him each having an arm. Trail marks were being formed by the heels of his boots that he was desperately pushing into the ground in attempts to slow  their progress. Maybe trying to liberate a town from Marine control on your own wasn't such a good idea after all. It didn't take long for the walking to cease and a creaking door to be ripped open. After just another minute or two another creaking door was opened, and the bag was ripped off of Charlemagne's head. A thud was heard as his body hit the dirt floor, trapped inside of a cell was not how he had planned spending his day. "The HQ is sending a team to pick your ass up, we're stuck with you for the next two days."

Lets get to the actual beginning.

Charlemagne was born into an extraordinary life. The life of a Celestial Dragon; most people would love to have such a thing happen to them, the power that comes with the name, the fear that's spread just by a simple look, and having the ability to take whatever you want when you want. There's a lot more to the life than what typical people see. As a child Charlemagne was never allowed to make his own decisions when it came to anything. His mother controlled his daily schedule and the slaves made sure that the things she set up happened.  The only good thing that came of it was school, he was forced to wear a ridiculous outfit and even worse hair cut to match with it. He learned a lot of things in school most importantly history. It was his favorite subject for the few years he was actually in school.  

As time passed and he aged, his mind began to develop more and more everyday molded to fit his situation. Hate most often passed through his mind more than any other emotion or feeling. Every time that Charlemagne would get in trouble it wasn't him that would be punished but a slave in his stead. He would feel so confused each and every time. Eventually he was punished, his mother knew how much school meant to him so she pulled him from it. His father also stepped in and scolded him, day in and day out. "Why couldn't you be more like your brother and sisters?" "Why can't you just do what you're suppose to do." "They're slaves they aren't your friends, they aren't even people."

These questions echoed through Charlemagne's head as he ran through the rain. He had finally snapped, and decided that he was not suppose to be a Celestial Dragon. The life just wasn't for him. Taking nothing but a bit of his parents money he fled from  Mariejois. Boarding a ship to the blues the poor soaked teen was ready to begin his own life, one that involved changing the world and making his destiny.

Charlemagne looked around, This shack that they use for a base is rather run down, they must not get much funding or action out here. Leaning up against one of the walls he softly banged his head against the wall unsure of what to do next. He noticed that each time his head bounced off the wall one of the rusted cell bars rattled in place. It had to be around noon because one of the guards left the shack with a grumbling stomach and the other just sat behind a desk napping.

Silently he moved towards the cell door and wrapped both hands around the rusted bar giving it a strong pull, easily snapping the bar but waking the guard. "Just what do you think you're doing?" The guard mumbled as he pulled the sword from his hip and approached the gate. "Drop that bar right now then kick it out, and we'll have no problems." Charlemagne just shook his head at the guard "Such a stupid man." Reaching out with an open palm he motioned with two fingers for the guard to try and come for him. The stupid marine fumbled for the keys with his fee hand as he approached the door, leaving himself open for a strike from Charlemagne that connected directly with the mans cranium. A grunt and jingle was heard as the mans body dropped and the keys fell with him.

Stretching his arm through the cell wall struggling Charlemagne snatched the keys from the incapacitated guard. Pushing the cell door open it stopped on the mans body. Just as he stepped over the guard on the floor and the shack door swung open.
Both freezing in place a confused look crossed the guards face and a smirk graced Charlemagnes. Almost instantly the guard dropped the food he was carrying and pulled the sword from his hip just as the one did earlier.  With both hands on the pipe Charlemagne ran forwards striking at the guard only to have his attack deflected, receiving a cut to his chest. All though it wasn't a deep wound it did stretch nearly the whole span of his chest. As the crimson dripped the guard swung his sword at Charlemagne making his first offensive only to have it stopped mid way by the pipe. The stress was too much and the pipe easily was snapped in half.

Throwing one piece of the pipe at the guard for a distraction and dropping the other piece, Charlemagne rushed the guard at full speed. Ducking out of the way the guard received a hard shoulder check from him, forcing him to the ground. With the opportunity at hand he pounced upon the guard like a vicious animal and began striking the mans face with his fists. The sounds of cracking bones and screams filled the air as blood squirted from the mans face. Picking himself up Charlemagne only stopped when he was assured the man wouldn't be getting up. Wiping his hands on the already bloody shirt he made his way out of the shack and hopefully off the island.

Inner Lineage:
Outer Lineage:
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Bump for completion i guess can't come up with a decent inner.

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-If you can think of Inner Lineage, just contact me or another staff member

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