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Masamune & Muramasa

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1 Masamune & Muramasa on Sun Jan 04, 2015 6:46 pm

Equipment Name: Masamune
Tier: 3
Type: Weapon / Katana
Equipment Significance: This is the blade his mother owned before she and his father took refuge on Jensen's home island.
Description: Appearance | The only difference is that the blade is blade with a smooth, ocean-wave-like pattern and a silver edge.

Strengths: -The blade is capable of creating "false cuts" that momentarily appear to create wounds (if an attack is successful and would normally cause that wound) but the gap closes and it becomes as if the person was not wounded.
-The blade can also, by choice, cut an inanimate object and the object reform as the blade leaves.
-The previous strengths can be used to create gaps or wounds partially instead of creating a full wound or severance. I.e. cutting an arm, half of it is cut instead of it being severed.

Weaknesses: -In order for the third strength to work, Geoff must be equal or higher tier to the blade.
-Otherwise, the blade will utilize the strengths for anything of lower tier than it (i.e. wounding someone). While this means it'll pass through armors while the ability is in place, it will not do any harm.
-The blade will not harm innocent people, creating false cuts instead of real ones all the time as long as the person is innocent.


Equipment Name: Muramasa
Tier: 3
Type: Weapon / Katana
Equipment Significance: This is the weapon Jensen's father utilized until his death.
Description: Appearance | The only difference is that the pattern along the blade is akin to vicious storms of waves and the blade itself is black and the edge is red.

Strengths: -The blade is more prone to cutting than its counter-part Masamune. It may cut more cleanly than most blades, which allows for a smooth severance.
-The blade is capable of feeding off of blood-lust, allowing it to cut more easily the more bloodlust is around it.

Weaknesses: -Geoff cannot force it to NOT cut until he is equal tier.
-Geoff can be influenced by the evil spirit of the blade until he is equal tier or when he is extremely blood-lustful.

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