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A Pirates Life is a Life for Me [Pυrgaтorιo Crew Only]

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The Purtatorio crew was sailing amongst the seas, what else for a pirate crew to do but find a new island to pillage of their gold, weapons and maybe even recruit a few more people on their ship. But this crew was, was just sailing the seas. Thea the newest crew member was outside on the main deck of the ship, hunched over the staring at herself through the blue oceans reflection. They left it to Gol. D Rogers will to their destination. She intended to follow Maude's leadership and promised to help conquer the seas for her, but what are they really trying to do?

Maude was somewhere underneath the main deck, and Padma...padma was really a odd one, she thought to herself. But they were both nice. Thea puffed her cheeks, as she started to flail her legs around.

I wonder what we're going to do? Was the only thing on her mind

~A few moments later~

A brightening ship with it's sails held high. A young person stood that front of the ship, with her arms crossed and a small piece of hay sticking out of her mouth. The rest of the ship was moving like clockwork, it's sailors shifting over and over, working their darnedest to keep the ship in tip shape. One of the men out of uniform and seemed to be a more sneaky and unreliable, with his stance a bit lower then most. With one quick step he was founded right beside the young women.

"We are right on her tail, captain. Shall I ready the harpoons?"

He spoke in a low tone and kept his eyes lower then usual. She only nodded with a large grin on her face, unmoving, he turned around before lifting his hand up into the air. Within the distance from the other side of the ship, another man signaled him, notifying him that he got everything under control. The ship started to head faster and two doors on the front section of the ship opened up, with two large harpoons swung out being readied.

Their course steadied on the Purtatorio crew and their ship. The harpoons fired as soon as they were in range. Breaking through the back of their ship, causing it to rupture forward, crashing into the water, shaking the entire ship. Thea hanging over the side, almost fell over if she wasn't flailing her feet. Her left foot caught the edge. Pulling herself up slowly but surely, she looked up toward the back, where the other ship. They caught and roped Maude who was struggling, when suddenly.


A large roar boomed pushing the water forward.

"Padma! Where are you!? Is the captain ok?"

Thea shouted. Getting to her feet.

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Padma was no only first mate, but she served as a cook as well, tending to the needs of the crew practically like a maid. She wore a white apron over her lace dress as she cooked and prepare lunch for her beloved crew members. The smell of chicken wafted through the kitchen, making the Kuja sigh as she inhaled deeply and closed her eye. It was quite peaceful, really. To be out on the sea with the crew. She had enjoyed both of their company immensely, and at times like this she had wished the serene atmosphere would never end.

Her elegant captain had planned a raid, or something close to it. It was about time they would start getting around pirate-like duties, since all they had done was laze about the sea and watch as other pirate crews double in size. Competition was getting rough, especially since there were more blood thirsty dogs out there.

There was an eerie silence that fell upon the ship, and then a sudden crash, causing the silver haired Kuja to almost fall over. Padma scrambled up to the top of the deck and furrowed her eyebrows as she glanced back and forth from the ship behind them to her crewmate Thea. "What?" She mumbled. The opposing ship and snatched Maude away from her, and from a distance she could see the smug expressions on their faces as they looked back at the two women. "Princess!" Padma yelled out, however she grew silent when the ship moved off since they have managed to retrieve their loot. "Hrk... They're retreating..." Underneath her neutral exterior she was seething with rage, rage she hadn't felt in a long while.

"Thea...?" She had heard the roaring, and the shock from the waters, causing her to abruptly look over at her crewmate. "Are you alright? Did they not attempt to catch you?"


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"Thea...?Are you alright? Did they not attempt to catch you?"

Padma asked her with concern, thea on the other hand ran passed her toward the back of the boat, hanging off the edge she look at the two large pierced holes in the back of the ship. Their execution was pretty quick so they must of planned this even before hand. She tugged her pigtails pretty tightly before turning back toward Padma.

"I'm fine. The ship is wrecked but the rudder seems to be in-tacked.......It seemed they were purposely targeting Maude. Is there anything she mentioned to you about her past?"

Thea curiously asked Padma, being the one of the two knowing her the longest. Turning back toward the direction that the boat left, it seemed to back in the same direction it came. It might be hard but they might have to make it to shore before, she can make any serious repairs. She started to tear up since she just gotten her ship parts and was hoping to use it for upgrading the ship, not repairing it.

Taking action she used the parts she's obtained to just hold up against the back of the ship, so no water got trapped in the lower parts of the ship, when they try to continue forward.


"Muwahahaha! I've finally caught you, Maude Wright! I bet your wondering as to your little abduction. Don't worry, we left your crew to live for now. But take it as a parting gift."

The small petite captain spoke in a confident tone as she rubbed it in maude's face. Maude was weakened and tied up with her hands and feet covered in moues so that she couldn't come in contact with her own skin or anyone either, as well has her mouth being tied up too. As she exited the prisoners cage, aka the broom closet, she entered the main deck. Their ship was nearing a large island, with it's largest mountain resembled to that of a large swallow, as well as consumed with trees.

"Alright, we're heading back to the HEAD quarters. We're putting the slave in the enhancement chamber."

She shouted to the crew, who roared with glee in a response. Their adorable little captain continued to command them with pride and their efficiency was top notch. Her first mate decided to stick with the crew while her second flew toward the HEAD quarters.

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