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The snow stained Crimson! A blood debt

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1 The snow stained Crimson! A blood debt on Sun Jan 04, 2015 3:47 pm

The waves rocked the ship it progressed through open waters. Even from inside his room Amon could fill the temperature drop. It not like it was warm to begin with but it blatantly clear now that they had entered the island winter climate zone. Sitting on the bed for the final time he put his shoes on and observed himself in mirror. Once satisfied with what he saw he gave a smile. Piicking up his jacket off the hook he draped it over his shoulders and picked up a bag and briefcase both of which were already packed. Confident nothing was left behind he turned off the light as he exited the room.
The ships main level was fool of traffic this wasn’t some luxurious cruise liner or floating restaurant this ship sole purpose what the transporting of goods mostly to remote locations. Every so often they took on a passenger or two and the captain would get paid a handsome sum to look the other way. Amon had managed to save up quite a bit of money from his time as a doctor. Even though he wasn’t officially working as one any more every so often he would provide his services. As of late he was most often hired to find sick wealthy individuals organs from the most suitable candidates.

Stepping off the ship with his two bags in hand a person promptly met him the dock. Immediately recognizing Amon Hawthorne as the famous doctor he was charged with entertaining, a small frail man with glasses the connected to a chain that he wore around his neck, rushed take the bags from him. “Hello Sir I am Kingsley, I will be your aid while you’re here.” Stepping forward he extended his hands in order receive the bags. Raising his own hand signaling for the man to stop Amon placed one bag on the floor insisting to keep the other.

“If you so desire you may bring that on ahead, but I’ll tour this place as I wish without a chaperon.” Walking off he left the bag that had been in right hand on the ground and walked off with Kingsley talking to his back.

“But I am supposed to escort you until you arrive, please don’t go off…” In a more hush toned he continued. “Well you see the meeting shouldn’t be long now nearly everyone has arrived.” Flustered gust of wind stirred up the snow making visibility near zero. Deciding that it would be better to keep and risk being late than to lose the doctor he decided to shadow Amon until he could get him to go.

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2 Re: The snow stained Crimson! A blood debt on Mon Jan 05, 2015 10:41 am

Shunji sat in a local bar on Minion Island he sat smoking his cigarette by window side.

Rolo: You've been a busy man Mr.Wraith. Lvneel, Micqueot, Flevance and now Minion Island. The man they praise as the 'Eyes of Zion'. Why seek my... services?

Shunji: I've came into a large quantity of Amber Lead. I was looking to trade some, for a certain item of course.

Rolo whistled. Handing Shunji another cigarette, the one he had been smoking was now finished because of the cold climate he'd been running through them quite quickly.

Rolo: Name your price.

Shunji: I'll trade you a crate full of Amber Lead, for a half a ton of silver and one slab of sea stone.

Rolo: For only one crate! That's ridiculous! I'll take two crates and I want some of that Lvneel National Treasure you stole kid! You don't know who your dealing with do you! My name's Rolo Gale! I'm one of the leading broker on Minion Island! I won't be cheated by some rookie pirate!

Shunji finished off his cigarette, exhaling he stood up and grabbed his batons.

Shunji: Easy. I'm not here to fight. Though, I'm not against having one. Rolo Gale, I came to you because I heard your the only broker on this island with sea stone, the silver was just an added idea of mine. I've read alot of books as a kid about metals and just chemistry in general. Metals that conduct heat the most, that's one of the interesting topics I've been revisiting lately.

Rolo: What are you going on about!? Do we have a deal or not!?

Shunji walked over to Rolo and placed his hand on his shoulder.

Shunji: You have yourself a deal. Two crates of Amber Lead it is.

Rolo smirked.

Rolo: Port number twenty-two. Four o'clock, don't be late.

Shunji walked out the bar, waving his left hand in the air, throwing a bag of beli on the table to the barkeep.

Rolo: Once I get the Amber Lead off that kid, I'll kill him and then I'll rise in fame myself. Hehehe...

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3 Re: The snow stained Crimson! A blood debt on Sat Jan 10, 2015 5:26 pm

At his own pace he walked into town taking in the atmosphere, all around there was poverty. Abandon buildings lined the streets. It was hard to distinguish the criminals from the civilians. Hell most of the civilians were probably criminals even if they weren’t pirate. There wasn’t a well to do person in site. Many of the buildings had fallen in to disrepair and were being squatted in. Amon could see that this had been a great town once; the craftsmanship that went into building as well as the mansion that overlooked the hill, the same place where his benefactor resided at waited were all very beautiful in structure.

In the middle of the street outside the bar Shunji had just left stood a group of drunken patrons arguing through slurred words. Not wanting change his route Amon kept walking. When he was no more than a few paces away he stopped. “Move aside you’re in the way.” Amon’s voice was calm as looked up challengingly to the tallest amongst the three. Each one was taller than Amon but he was not perturbed.

“Look at this guy with his fancy jacket and clothes.” From in his pocket he removed his lighter and lit the cigar in his mouth. Breathing in deeply he blew it in Amon’s direction. “Fuck off…”

The man wouldn't get to finish his thoughts before the doctor forward two steps. As he landed on his left foot he cocked back his right leg as single inconspicuous string emitted from the tip of his shoe. With force of Amon’s kick backing the string along with doctor foot whipped into the gut of the tall human. As quickly as it appeared the stringer faded away first being covered by the snow that was the same color as it was before it turned white then the color of the blood that spilled from the man’s stomach. The string wouldn’t cut to deep the man would in fact he would surely get to live. His bigger problem was the force of the kick that knocked him off his feet sending him crashing to ground on top of one of the men who were just laughing at him. Not looking at the man who was still standing Amon proceeded to walk the main road. Many people had took notice of what had just transpired the little town was now in a buzz with people trying to identify the man dressed in fur.

Confused and alarmed his escort was not pleased at what he had just witnessed. Rushing over to the fallen pair he exchanged a few words with third member of the trio before hastily making a call on his den den mushi.

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4 Re: The snow stained Crimson! A blood debt on Sat Jan 10, 2015 7:12 pm

Exiting the bar, Shunji saw a scene that wasn't so unfamiliar on Minion Island, a bunch of drunks getting their asses handed to them by a stranger. The man had some moves, Shunji watched as, almost like magic the man seemed to fall into his kick, amazed, he propped on the outside watching the whole scene play out. A couple of the drunks friends who were sitting under the nearby parasol tables sprung up to join into the fight.

Shunji: I wouldn't do that if I were you. He's a trained fighter. You'd be left flat out in the snow if you tried to fight someone like him.

Activating his tribunal eyes, he peered at the fur coated gentlemen.

Shunji: Besides... He's possessed. Possessed people aren't the easiest of characters to deal with.

Rolo's Grunts: What's that shit your mouthing off about Wraith. Stay outtta' this. Those are some of Rolo's boys! Ya doing business with the boss' Ya' Help the boss! That's how we work it on Minion Island.

Shunji dashed over to the biggest of the lot and smacked his baton with great force into his knee cap, fracturing it til the 6'6 man cringed to his knees.

Shunji: I've told Rolo this before, I'll tell you this again. I'm only here for the Sea Stone and Silver. I'm not some underling, I have bigger plans than this ocean. Shouldn't you be by the dock getting my shipment ready?

The grunts picked up the gigantic man bolted off, trekking through the Winter Islands thick snow.

Shunji: I swear... No backbone nowadays. May the Lord save them all. Hey, guy in the fur coat. I'd be careful, don't let your personal demons over take your soul. Usually, I'd exorcise you but you seem to be in a hurry, you're associate over there looks quite panic.

Shunji said pointed to his escort. Walking off, he took a few more puffs of his cigarette, heading in the direction of Port 22.

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5 Re: The snow stained Crimson! A blood debt on Mon Jan 12, 2015 8:00 pm

The mansion
Speaking into the Den Den-mushi at the other end a loud voice rings through. “You had one job and that was it. You couldn’t even do that! I am sending him to collect the doctor. Putting down the receiver he hangs it up with out giving the escort a chance to respond.
In town
“B buh but boss! That won’t necessary he is coming I swear it the fight…” Through desperate breaths he knew couldn’t be heard. “It is over already”.

Through peripheral vision he caught the eye as he beat one of the people to his knees. The face looked familiar like he had just seen it. But from where did Amon recognize him from? He wasn’t on the boat that much he was clear on.

Shunji Z. Wraith wrote: Shunji: I swear... No backbone nowadays. May the Lord save them all. Hey, guy in the fur coat. I'd be careful, don't let your personal demons over take your soul. Usually, I'd exorcise you but you seem to be in a hurry, you're associate over there looks quite panic.

Demons and exorcisms what is he talking about? Looks like I caught the attention of a nut. Looking back Amon took a look at the man who had met him when he got off the boat. He had nearly forgotten about the guy shadowing him. “They would like me to be in a hurry, so that exorcism is going to have to wait.” Laughing loudly he was clearly not a believer of the mysticism that Shunji was alluding to, no he was strictly a man of science but he wouldn’t mock those who believed in the things he didn’t.

Walking down the road he picked up pace and would proceed to the meeting uninterrupted.
Back at the mansion

“Bring more booze! Dammit why are waiting for one man to start.” Slamming down his glass it shatters sending shards spraying. Rushing over two servants frantically get work cleaning the glass up. “The hells the matter with you louts? One of you bring the booze don’t have me sitting up here thirsty.” Picking up his fork and holding downward he quickly brings it down in an attempt to stab the neck of the woman bent down at his side.

Like a silent whisper a guns goes off without sound. Stunned at first the man and the others in room had realized something had happened at first. The only clue being the clang of the fork having been hit by the bullet. “Pit pit pit. We don’t have a rule breaker do we Ne-yo?” Silently and with grace he stepped into the room. Immediately the mood of the room went from inpatients and frustration to be being on guard and tense.

“Of course not I was just…” Instead of lying he chose to remain quiet. Raising his hand the newcomer signaled the start of the meal. Now that he was in motion he and the missing guest would be back before the appetizers were all out.

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6 Re: The snow stained Crimson! A blood debt on Mon Jan 12, 2015 8:32 pm

Port 22
Minion Island

Rolo's goons opened the door of the warehouse and let Shunji inside. Walking into the hollow warehouse, he saw and assortment of weapons, crates unmarked but labelled and raw materials stacked to the ceiling of the warehouse. In the center, a single throne stood, with a brown table and a chair on it's end. Shunji walked in, covered in his blue hood and showing crucifix. It was around 4 degrees Celsius and Shunji had already burned through nearly half of his cigarettes. The men followed behind Shunji, carrying the crates he had told Rolo to pick up from the port. Sitting in the chair, he folded his legs and lit another cigarette.

Shunji: Like we agreed. Two crates of Amber Lead.

Rolo: Reshishi Reshishi... Perfect. Demon. Bring the crates.

Demon Mayers was a hired body guard who worked for Rolo for over ten years now. Mayers was trained in multiple martial arts and was a hired hitman by mafioso in his home town of Spider Miles. He never really talked and always kept to himself.

Rolo: As we agreed a crate of sea stone and a crate of silver. With that, our business is complete.

Shunji: I'll just need your men to deliver my items to the port. It's been a pleasure doing business with you-

Rolo pointed a handgun to Shunji's head.

Rolo: I'm not a fool. To let you leave here... With Sea Stone, my marine contacts wouldn't like that. I'll have Demon beat you to a bloody pulp turn you in and sell that Amber Lead on the Black Market to the highest buyer. Guess what, I get to keep my Silver and my Sea Stone. Reshishishi...

Shunji grinned.

Shunji: That's unfortunate.

Rolo: Oh!? How so?

Shunji: Today is the day your beloved warehouse will burn.

Rolo: I don't think so... Demon.

Demon rushed towards Shunji, body converted into his half Zoan form as he pounced towards the pirate. Demon had seemed to consume the Grizzly Bear Zoan, his claws attempted to rip through the priest but Shunji had already began to heat up his body to immense temperatures.

Shunji: Starry Web!

Demon's fur began to burn in a violent stream of red fire, the plasma net had spread to the crates and boxes in the warehouse, sparking with the gun powder from the ammunition and exploding into a series of vicious sounds. Demon swiped viciously at the man using his half Zoan form, thrusting his paws forward, looking to use raw force to rip the man's skin apart. Parrying from side to side, Shunji activated his plasma within his body, heating up to temperatures beyond that of a common flame.

Shunji: Red Star!

Using a shot of plasma to circle around Demon, Shunji stabbed his plasma coated baton's into the grizzly back. With a single right side kick, he sent Demon flying into the Warehouse crates. His fur still on fire set blaze to all his merchandize. Shunji hopped on to a snow vehicle that Rolo had imported and drove his Amber Lead, Silver and Sea Stone out of the base. The gigantic snow vehicle ripped through the burning building and skid to the snowy streets outside Warehouse 22. Surrounding the base was around one hundred of Rolo's personal body guards, all equipped with guns and swords, some lined in sea stone. Rolo ran out of the warehouse furious, looking back as all of his prize possessions went up in flames. Shunji set a fire to the warehouse next door as well, and the one adjacent from that firing off plasma matter which caused the metal structures to burn violently.

Shunji: I'm guessing all the Warehouses on this strip belongs to you. I'll burn them all to the ground.

Rolo: Kill him! Kill him now!


Tier 1 Technique Name: Red Star!
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 6
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of four posts, user is able to generate the volume of temperatures resembling that of a star, radiating a red color all over their body. The heat however is similar to that generated of a raging fire in a fire place enhanced with gasoline, to mirror the Tier 1 heat generation capabilities. The user exhibits the ability to coat his whole body in this heat and increase the damage dealt by outgoing attacks. User also exhibits increased speed capabilities.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Heat Pulsation: Metals absorb the heat, increasing the damage that can be dealt when they are used for attacks or being targeted for attacks. i.e suits of armors, iron doors.
-User becomes immune to hotter temperatures.
-Heat Propulsion: Shooting off plasma waves from feet, to increase motion.

Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-During three posts of cooldown, user's body experiences weight three times his original body weight. If Red Star is used twice per thread, user is immobile for two posts in the cooldown.
-User’s body experience hypothermia after entering the dead state becoming extremely vulnerable to colder temperatures and climates.
- The users skin becomes flaky like ice. Joints, blood vessels, skin and organs become exposed to large temperatures of ice.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Star Commandment - Little Dipper
Tier 1 Technique Type: Ranged Attack / Medium Range, 10 Meter
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 6
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of two posts, user is able to fire off miniature ‘stars’ or balls of plasma in the form of bullets. The user is only able to fire off ten bullets at a time before recharging for a total of thirty bullets in all. Bullets are fired off from the index fingers of both the users hands.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Compact balls of heat, can pierce metals.
-Useful on multiple enemies when close combat situations are not favorable.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-Dense metals are able tolerate plasma bullets of this caliber.
-Also, once the bullet has traveled more than ten meters, it fades away.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Star Arms! Baton!
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 8
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of five posts, user collects all of his energy to generate two batons in each hand. The batons temperature resemble that of a heated iron left to stew in it’s heat for hours.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Metals absorb and mold with heat merging to generate batons.
-Can cause first degree burns.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-User’s body experience hypothermia after entering the dead state becoming extremely vulnerable to colder temperatures and climates.
-The weaker the metals, the weaker the generated batons are. Batons can also be generated out of pure plasma energy, however, duration time is cut down to three in these cases.

Tier 2 Technique Name: Starry Web!
Tier 2 Technique Type: Field / Support
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 10
Tier 2 Technique Description:
For a duration of two posts, slams his fists into the ground, pulsating mass volumes of heat into the ground, shattering the surface by spreading the vermillion flames into the ground, cracking the surface and disrupting motion for up to five meters in all directions of the user.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- Anything caught in the starry web, is burned and can experienced second degree burns.
- The web strands are made up of plasma and contact on skin can inhibit movement.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- User acts as the focal point of the attack and is rendered motionless. Immobile for four posts during cooldown.
- User experiences hypothermia and joints suffer from weakness to extreme cold and extreme heat. For four posts in cooldown, this status occurs.

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