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Sabotaging the Cure

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1 Sabotaging the Cure on Sat Jan 03, 2015 5:54 pm

Left adrift in the ocean blue, Shunji stared to the skies, the tone dial left to him by Jugard explained the events that had happened after he passed out. Cipher Pol... Hibiscus... He had no idea what any of these things are but the definite was his father and his family had been scapegoats for the Kingdom long before he had even formed thoughts of leading the rebellion. It had failed, Shunji's hard work went in flames over the World Government's covert operation, or something of those lines? It was almost laughable. He had lost everything and for a few days, the man sat, clutching onto his rosary, given to him by Rylia and praying. It was the only thing the bought this outlawed man any comfort. A newspaper coo landed, Shunji rushed to opened the paper, the headlines scorched his eyes with anger and hysteria. He started to laugh when he read the headlines, 'Arsonist Priest Responsible for the Murderers of Hundreds.... Accused, Shunji Z. Wraith, 25,000,000 Beli'. Shunji's heart stopped, twenty five million, he was now a wanted man.

Shunji: I guess I'm a pirate now. This is hilarious. I tried to save that cursed nation and now I'm it's most wanted.

Everywhere in the Kingdom of Lvneel, the wanted posters of Shunji hung high. Some believed the stories, others new better and some had they're own oppressions to deal with, having no time to form an opinion. The Lvneel people always kept to themselves and the fact they were now under potential siege by the World Government, made the accusations placed on Shunji the biggest offense for the private Kingdom. The ship was now staring towards an island which had a gigantic warning signs with 'Caution' surrounding the shores. Tying the chest with the Hoshi Hoshi onto his back, Shunji ditched the ship, which pulled into the harbor and was inspected by the marines. Swimming ashore, he sneaked through the barricades into the nearby forests which lead to the cities. A gigantic plastic bubble barrier of sorts surrounded the city, he could advance to further. He drew his baton's to strike the barrier but was intercepted by an android of sorts. The android fired off a series of bullets that trailed towards the pirate, it was flimsy in it's composition however Shunji took it down with one strike.

Jojo: Your pretty good, taking out P-9IO's with one strike is no easy feet.

Shunji: For some reason, I feel as though I just did something illegal.

Jojo: P-9I's are property of the Marine Core, striking one of them is like attacking a marine officer itself.

Shunji: Am I arrested then Mr.Marine?

Jojo: I'm not that kind of marine, I'm just a scientist trying to save this world from the stupid human race. My name's Jojo Dandy, I'm a scientist and Petty Officer assigned to this island. You are civilian?

Shunji thought about telling the man his real name but if he did, it was most likely that'd he be taken into custody.

Shunji: My name is Jacob George. Nice to meet you.

Jojo: That's an interesting name Mr. George. However-

Jojo whistled and he was surrounded by over twenty P-9I0's.

Jojo: I know who you are... Shunji Z. Wraith.

Shunji: I guess there is no use lying anymore then, is it?

Jojo: I thought men of God are supposed to be truthful but then again, your a mass murderer.

Shunji: All men sin.

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2 Re: Sabotaging the Cure on Sun Jan 04, 2015 8:22 am

The cyborgs rushed towards Shunji, trying to restrain him using the metal clamps they have for arms, all while firing off a series of bullets. Shunji tapped into his instincts like Jugard had taught him a bit and was able to somewhat sense the trajectory of most of the shots, it was like his body moved on it's own. He didn't pay much mind to, closing into the droids, he began weaving energy, it seems like this wasn't going to be the simple, steal a ship and escape pattern that he usual does. Smacking his batons through the crowd of P9's, all that was left at his feet was scrap metal from the broken robots. Jojo placed a gun to Shunji's head.

Jojo: This is my Powder Laser Gun. Anything touch by this laser well, turns to powder of sorts. Probably should change the name of it... Hm...

Shunji placed his hands in the air.

Jojo: Now then, what's your real reason for being on this island?

Shunji: Truthfully, fate. I had no attentions of coming here. A marine facility is the last place I wanted to be with my new fame. Not that I mind a fight, it's just tackling marines are annoying.

Jojo: Spoken like a true killer. I'll ask you a question, did you really kill all of those people?

Shunji: Does it matter? If I said no, would you believe me?

Jojo: Probably not.

Shunji: Now I have a question for you.

Jojo: A dirty criminal like yourself, whatever could I know to appease you ways. It couldn't be treasure, my superiors were talking about how all 100,000,000 Million of Lvneel's treasure also went missing, you should be able to live comfortably off of that.

Shunji: I guess they'll just keep pinning stuff on me Jishi-Jishi.

Shunji laughed.

Jojo: What's so funny!?

Shunji shifted his body backwards, titling his head away from the path of the laser, the kid fired off a nervous shot, Shunji punch the marine in his stomach, smacked him with his baton in his knee cap, flipped him over on his back and used his hand cuffs on him.

Shunji: My turn, what in the world is happening here on this island? What's with this plastic barrier, why in the world is your face covered by an oxygen mask?


Tier 2 Technique Name: Prayer of Origin
Tier 2 Technique Type: Support
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 15
Tier 2 Technique Description:
For a duration of three posts, user begins an ancient sacred prayer that creates a link between his diety and himself for a few seconds. The user obtains a higher level of consciousness and clarity. This gives him access to a series of prayers.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- Can be used in place for the prayer of Beginning.
- Unlocks the remainder of the Tier 2 Prayers of this skill set.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- If the users concentration is broken, prayer takes twice amount of time to be completed. (Duration increased to six posts)
- If the prayer fails, user must wait an additional ‘three’ posts, eighteen in total on the cool

Tier 1 Technique Name: Prayer of Beginning
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support / Close Range
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 5
Tier 1 Technique Description:
Shunji begins praying to his deity and asking for guidance in this world and life. He begins repentance for all the sins he as committed lately and asks for his spiritual abilities to be awakened. This skill must be done for a duration of two posts, user repeats a holy hymn and finishes with ‘Amen’.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
- Unlocks the Tier 1 Skill’s for this skill set, expect Prayer of Shift.
- Weaves users spiritual energy to peak capacity.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
- If the users concentration is broken, prayer takes twice amount of time to be completed. (Duration increased to four)
- If the prayer fails, user must wait an additional ‘three’ posts, eight in total on the cool down.

Cooldowns and Durations:

Prayer of Beginning
Cooldown 0/5
Duration: 0/2

Prayer of Origin
Cooldown 0/15
Duration: 0/3

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3 Re: Sabotaging the Cure on Sun Jan 04, 2015 8:46 am

Jojo: A couple years ago, this island was plagued by a disease known as Amber Lead Syndrome. It came from this island's cash cow ore, Amber Lead. AL as we call it, could've been used for a variety of things. Jewelery, Power generation, weapons and even in medicine. However, an experiment went wrong years ago, and this disease called Amber Lead Syndrome spread throughout the City, killing off all of the leading doctors and surgeons on this island. The marine core was sent here recently, over the last three years or so to repair the damage done from the experiment and make her habitable once more. Look around you, the jungle is healthy and thriving again right? We, under the leadership of Professor Lavender and his team, are beginning to save this island. Once we can reverse the disease and kill it's air borne strain, our duties will be done here.

Shunji: I see.

Shunji now plopped onto the ground, lighting his cigarette. Taking a few puffs, he let the smoke fill his lungs and his mouth, slowly exhaling.

Shunji: I guess fate really did bring me to this island. I'm going to start a new life from here. I've been framed for the incidents in Lvneel but I myself am no saint. I'm a priest whose barely hanging onto his faith now that's he lost everything. For me to fulfill my nakama's dying wish, I'll become a villain of this world, a pirate I guess.

Jojo: Justice will prevail! If you were truly innocent you could turn yourself in-

Shunji: The system you believe in so much is corrupted. I wouldn't be given fair trial, they'd drop me in some hell hole to rot. However, I'll commit some crimes of my own here.

Jojo's face was filled with a grim desolate look.

JoJo: Please... Don't kill me. I don't want to die! We're saving this world!

Shunji out his cigarette and looked into the kids eyes.

Shunji: Even if your life is on the line, never beg your opponent for mercy. I'm not a murderer kid... I won't ruin someone trying to save country for my own petty advances, however, I do have a plan. Take me to this Professor Lavender character.

Jojo: Your going to waltz into a marine camp! Are you crazy!? Minus the scientist, they are over, 100 marine forces instructed to guard the camp, especially Ensign Mathers and Lieutenant Junior Grade, Koma. They are in charge of the whole operation.

Shunji: I'm only going to talk to Lavender, anyone who gets in my way, well.... May the Lord God bless their wary souls.

Jojo: His aura... It's calm yet so unsettling. I can't tell if he's a savior or a demon.


Shunji's faith has been shook by recent events, so his weaving takes an increase before the prayer can be completed.

Prayer of Beginning
Cooldown 1/5
Duration: 1/4

Prayer of Origin
Cooldown 1/15
Duration: 1/6

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4 Re: Sabotaging the Cure on Tue Jan 06, 2015 2:05 am

Jojo and Shunji arrived at the camp. Shunji had Jojo on the ground knelt down, with his issued pistol to his head. 

Shunji: I think this is when I make myself known right?

Jojo: I don't know how pirates operate, your the one who wants to be one, be creative.


Shunji shouted out, all the marines were gathered around a bon fire, keeping warm from the colder climate. Shunji chucked Jojo forward to lie on the ground in front of him, with the pistol firmly aimed at his head. 

Shunji: I came here to speak with Professor Lavender. Which one of these tents belong to him?

Marine Grunt #1: Your Shunji Wraith... The 'Eyes of Zion'... Your a criminal! How dare you come in here demanding intel from a marine scum?

Marine Grunt #2: Oh my god... He has Jojo hostage. 

The pack of two hundred so marines ready themselves for combat, most of them aimed their lasers and shotguns towards the pirate. 

Shunji: I guess were not going to this the easy way Jishi-Jishi.

Emerging from the pack of the marines, exiting their individual tents, were Ensign Mathers Colt and Lieutenant Junior Grade, Koma Winter. They were both young and upstart marines making a name for themselves by turning in the second platoon of the Circus Pirates. Mathers was known for his twin scimitars laced in sea stone and Koma Winter, born into the Marine Core by his father, Commodore Winters, eat the Zoan of the Armadillo fruit.

Koma: Seems you've gotten yourself in some trouble Jojo.

Jojo: I'm sorry Mr.Winters... He's strong.

Koma: Rest your mind little bird. I'll save you shortly.

Mathers: Shitty punk, why do you want Professor Lavender, what good would she do to a criminal such as yourself?

Shunji: That's really not your business.

Koma: In the name of the Marine Core, I won't let you leave here alive, Shunji Z. Wraith. My superiors seem very keen to have you off these seas. Especially since your father was once one of us-

Shunji: I'm not here to reminisce about my father's life. I'm here to put on a show, you are about to witness the birth of the Hoshi Pirates.

Shunji pulled Jojo up off the ground and whisper in his ear.

Shunji: Get out of my way... It's about to get dangerous.

Shunji tossed Jojo into the pack of marines and tossed his pistol towards them as well. The men opened fired as Shunji hopped into some nearby jungle trees for coverage, opening the treasure chest strapped to his back, he ate the Hoshi Hoshi no Mi. The horrid taste of the fruit and the vomit in his mouth meshed to create the most awful taste his palate has ever had to endure. Waves of plasma began to drip from his body and the screams of Shunji could be heard from the forest, as the Marines cowered, some in fear from the man's moans. Suddenly, a wave of plasma emitted, burning every tree in a five meter radius of the pirate away. The immense heat would be enough to melt human skin to nothing more but deformed charred meat.

Koma: Everyone! Formation #21, We have ourselves a Devil Fruit User... This one looks like a pain in the ass to deal with too.

Shunji: This is the power of the Star Fruit huh? I can see why my dad was so revered. All of this power, it's surging through my every fiber.

The marines fell back, re obtaining Jojo, they put up barricades and took aim at Shunji but the heat surrounding his body, melt the bullets once they came into range. Mathers jumped over the barricade, rushing towards the pirate, his sea stone scimitars closed in about gut Shunji open.

Shunji: Red Star!

The paladin disappeared, reappearing behind the Ensign and smacking his heat infested baton into his back. The force of the strike ripped open the marine's back which sealed almost completely afterwards from the heat. The injury on his back began to bubble, filled with pus and fluid.

Mathers: Ugghh! Damn it!

Koma: Soru!

Koma retrieved Mathers and hopped back over the barricade.

Koma: He's not an enemy we can defeat individually! Open fire again men! Don't loose heart!

Shunji: What will I call this one... Star Commandment - Little Dipper!

Shunji pointed out his fingers like guns and began to open fire into the pack of marines, some of the barricades caught on fire and some of the marines where shot in their necks, shoulder and some in their legs, screaming out in agony from the contorted skin which now lied on their body.

Koma: Tekkai! Though I've only mastered two of these skills, I won't let you harm my men any further. Shell Roller!

Koma's body entered it's armadillo form and spinned rapidly, burning himself, he pressed Shunji into the ground until the heat became to unbearable, spitting out blood, Shunji stood up, regaining ground, firing two star bullets into Koma's shoulder.

Shunji: Your thick layer of fat protects you from the heat... Nice.

Koma: I should praise you more than me. Your the only person to survive that move so far in my one year in the core.

Shunji: I'll give you a run for your money Armadillo man.

Meanwhile in the tent, Professor Lavender sleeps half naked.

Lavender: Wonder what's all the commotion about?

NPC'S So Far:

Name: Jojo Dandy
Age: 19
Occupation: Scientist / Engineer
Tier 1

Name: P9IO's
Robot Drones
Tier 1 (Marine Grunt)

Marine Grunts in Camp
Tier 1
Occupation: Gunslinger, Swordsman

Name: Koma Winter
Tier 2
Occupation: Brawler / Archeologist
Age: 25
Position: Junior Lieutenant

Name:  Mathers Colt
Tier 1
Occupation: Knight / Weapon Master
Age: 23
Position: Ensign

Name: Professor Lavender
Tier 4 (Intelligence not Combat Savy)
Age: ???
Position: Scientist / Doctor


Tier 1 Technique Name: Red Star!
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 6
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of four posts, user is able to generate the volume of temperatures resembling that of a star, radiating a red color all over their body. The heat however is similar to that generated of a raging fire in a fire place enhanced with gasoline, to mirror the Tier 1 heat generation capabilities. The user exhibits the ability to coat his whole body in this heat and increase the damage dealt by outgoing attacks. User also exhibits increased speed capabilities.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Heat Pulsation: Metals absorb the heat, increasing the damage that can be dealt when they are used for attacks or being targeted for attacks. i.e suits of armors, iron doors.
-User becomes immune to hotter temperatures.
-Heat Propulsion: Shooting off plasma waves from feet, to increase motion.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-During three posts of cooldown, user's body experiences weight three times his original body weight. If Red Star is used twice per thread, user is immobile for two posts in the cooldown.
-User’s body experience hypothermia after entering the dead state becoming extremely vulnerable to colder temperatures and climates.
- The users skin becomes flaky like ice. Joints, blood vessels, skin and organs become exposed to large temperatures of ice.

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5 Re: Sabotaging the Cure on Wed Jan 07, 2015 8:19 am

Koma: Soru!

Shunji: Star Flux!

Koma's body entered his armadillo state, rolling around collecting force to smash into Shunji's star mattered frame. Shunji's body began to rise in heat gradually, the red pulsating plasma on his body radiated with the rage of the fight. His batons absorbing the heat became like two hot steaks, waiting to rip his opponents apart. The clash of the exchanges made the marine associates stand watching in awe, at the speed at which these rookies in their own fields were fighting at. Koma pinned Shunji onto a tree, which his body was slowly burning through.

Koma: Mathers now!

Jumping out of the path, Mathers using his sea stone lined scimitar ripped through Shunji's chest. Shunji became sick from the contact, as Mathers kept his blades sunk into his skin, as he charged attempting to slam him into the ground. Shunji stabbed his baton's in the man's shoulder, which pierced through his skin like butter.

Shunji: Flicker!

Shunji's body heated up at an alarming rate, the bright flash burned the sockets of Mathers eyes. He broke away from the pirate, taking a few minutes to catch his breath and regain himself. Shunji jolted into mid-air, superman punching the marine into the ground. The force of his punch fractured the marines jaw, Mathers was out from the contact. Shunji's fist was engraved in Mathers in skin, blood trickled from his mouth as the marine underlings tried to recover Mathers body. Koma wasted no time.

Koma: Tekkai! Soru! Grand Armadillo!

The armadillo man's body spun into Shunji, launching him into the camp site once more from the forest they're exchange occurred. A couple of Shunji's ribs were broken from the impact, Koma rushed towards Shunji, delivering a series of kicks which pinned Shunji into ground.

Koma: Give up. Our justice won't be stopped by some Lvneel renegade commander.

Shunji: Jishi-Jishi... You underestimate me.

Shunji's body began to radiate at extreme temperatures ripping burning through the marine's boots, hopping backwards, Shunji sunk his feet into the man's core. Flipping over, slamming his fists into throat, he strangled the man with his heated fists, swelling his throat from the accumulated information and burnt tissue. Koma's half zoan form faded, as he returned to human and plopped onto the ground, it was over, the two rising stars had been decimated. Shunji looked into the pack of marines, their astonished faces lit the grin on Shunji's face even broader. To them, he looked like a monster, however, even now, in his head, all he continued to do was prayer. Wiping out the remainder marine grunts, Shunji now sat on a pile of bodies, pulling out a cigarette. The only marine left awake in the camp was Jojo.

Shunji: That was fun. I need to heal all these people afterwards but now I can talk with Professor Lavender freely.

Lavender walked out of her tent, in her bra and panty with just a lab coat over it. Fluffing her hair, she sat on the pile of marine grunts that laid on the floor too.

Lavender: What do you know... It is comfortable.


Name: Professor L.I.L Lavender
Occupation: Scientist / Doctor
Age: ???
Tier 4
With an IQ of 232, Professor L.I.L Lavender, whose first three names are unknown to everyone but three people in the world. She's the leading doctor and scientist in multiple fields including, viruses, bacteria and nuclear energy to name a few. Drafted by the marines from the New World Island of Raijin, when she worked on her Lightning Absorbing panels to supply the New World with a sea train, she was summoned to help Flevance by her sponsors. Though she thinks combat is barbaric and has a weak body herself, she's no push over. Born in Healer's Isle, she's ranked one of the top three healers.

Shunji: I know right! Jishi-Jishi.

Using his finger to light the tip of his cigarette he took a deep pull of the cancerous fumes.

Lavender: To what do I owe this honor? Are you going to beat me up to? Mercenary? Bounty Hunter? I've pissed a lot of people off in my time. Now that I'm protected by the World Government, I have a bit of freedom of sorts.

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6 Re: Sabotaging the Cure on Wed Jan 07, 2015 9:32 am

Shunji: I want to destroy this world as we know it. However, as I am now. It's impossible. However, I'm going to need your help.

Lavender began to laugh until tears came to her eyes.

Lavender: That's original. I've met people who wanted to live forever, people who wanted to bring their loves back from the dead and the greatest kings wanted to keep their power but you... want to destroy the world? How does one even do that?

Shunji: Kill the Gorosei.

Lavender's face got extremely serious.

Lavender: Are you mad?

Shunji: I though about it... On that ship... Losing my mother and father. My name perpetuated in a scandal, I don't know much about who framed me as yet. However, when I find out, I'll find them. Until then, my end game is also to become the King of Pirates.

Lavender began to laugh out loud once more.

Lavender: Pirate King? Destroy the World? Kid. Do you know how many pirate crews they are on these seas? Who have forces a thousand times yours and can't destroy the world? You say some interesting things.

Shunji: Jishi-Jishi thanks.

Lavender: And how will I help this so call plan?

Shunji: I heard the whole jazz about Amber Lead and your work on this island. Before I go any further, how interested are you in this disease?

Lavender's eyes lit up.

Lavender: Very. I left the New World for this. Who would've thought some small water pond like this place would have such a rare virus. It starts off as a rash, then your joints start to deteriorate, then your cells, then your organs. What's worst it causes sinus pains and has traits of flu's. Next is the internal bleeding and before you realize it, your organs are too damaged and you die. It's really a nasty thing... It takes around one year to three to kill the average adult, though, they have been some rare cases where people have lived with it longer. Probably because they're bodies produce a rare type of protein I use in the vaccine. What makes Amber Lead Sydrome so intriguing, is it's not only airborne but it travels in liquid states too, however sea water seems to negate it until it's benign in nature. However, if this little suck ever got out-

Shunji: Exactly.

Lavender: Hoho... I see.

Shunji: I want three things from you. One, create a more brutal version of Amber Lead Syndrome, something that can kill humans in around twenty four hours. Two, I need a fast acting vaccine that reverse the effects permanently and thirdly, I need another cure that only lasts for a minute or so.

Lavender: And why should I help you?

Shunji: I know your type. These robot marines, that plastic barrier, your sickening tone as you talked about the disease that wiped out a nation. You love to experiment, that's why your so good. It's a challenge.

Lavender: Maybe your right... what stops me from giving this weapon to the World Government, they'll pay top dollar for an idea like yours.

Shunji: They're two reasons you won't do that Professor.

Lavender: Oh, pray tell.

Shunji: The first reason, is that I can destroy this facility right now. Burning it too the ground. The cure, the vaccine, the whole island up in flames.

(Shunji: Though, all of that's a bluff. I have no idea how to produce that much power yet and my body temperature is dropping at an alarming rate, I'm barely standing right now)

Lavender: And the second reason?

Shunji: My blood.

Lavender: Your blood.

Shunji: For centuries, my blood has been said to possess the ability to unlock the Ancient Weapon, 'Valkyrie'. The Lore of Z. I'll trade you the Ancient Weapon for the three contagions.

Lavender: An Ancient Weapon!?

The woman began to drool. Regaining her composure.

Shunji: What's even better she's a human.

Lavender's eyes began to sparkle with excitement.

Lavender: Where is she!? I want to begin-

Shunji waved his finger.

Shunji: Tsk Tsk. That wouldn't be good business would it. I'll trade you them when I get the three potions I requested. I'll need a crate full of vials, one hundred each. Plus, each vial will have to be pretty durable, I am a pirate after all these seas are rough. The disease also needs to be airborne and able to infest water supplies, the sea water negation is perfect actually.

Lavender got serious once more.

Lavender: What your asking for is a violation of everything that is right in this world... Giving a deadly disease like this to a pirate... I'd be hanged for it. However, I know how to do it but it'll take me at least three years-

Shunji: You got two or the deal is off Jishi-Jishi.

Shunji hopped up, fastening his batons to his waist and walking away from the camp. Lighting another cigarette, he took another puff.

Shunji: I'll meet you on Mystoria Island in the New World. Two years from now today. Mark it down. Oh... by the way. Where's the port?

Lavender: The opposite direction.

Shunji gave out a boisterous laugh and scratched his head, walking the opposite way.

Lavender: Is this really my business partner? It's interesting enough. What about the mess you caused here!?

Shunji: It's perfect. For two years, I'll make sure the world knows my crew's name. The Hoshi Pirates, keep reading up on us, it's sure to be a heavenly read.

Jojo pointed a gun at Shuniji.

Jojo: Wait!

Jojo said trembling.

Jojo: I won't let you make such a... horrendous deal. This world... I can't let a pirate have something so deadly as you both have depicted. Professor Lavender! You must be mad... Why?

Lavender had already returned to her lab to begin trails. Jojo was now left all alone with the star composition priest.

Shunji: And your going to stop me?

Jojo: I'll tell my superiors!

Shunji: That a rookie pirate was able to convince a leading scientist into making some super virus to kill the Gorosei? That sounds really believable. I'll steal one of they're ships and some supplies, they'll think it's some everyday robbery. Good luck convincing them kid.

Shunji began to walk through the camp, using his praying abilities to heal the first degree burns wounds of all of the men, even the Ensign and the Junior Lieutenant.

Shunji: I can't take their pain away but I can heal the deformed scars, that should offer some relief to their lives. I've spent too much time here though, I need to leave.

Jojo dropped to his knees, shattered by Shunji's actions and words.

Jojo: I'll stop you then! I'll become stronger and stop you!

Shunji: I'm looking forward to it kid. I guess I'll see you in two years too.

Shunji stole a marine Barque ship and sailed off, burning all of the others in the harbor with his Starry Web ability. A total of fifteen marine ships were burned that day on Flevance and enough supplies to feed hundred men were stolen but the darker plot that took place in Flevance, has yet to be acted out.


Tier 2 Technique Name: Starry Web!
Tier 2 Technique Type: Field / Support
Tier 2 Technique Cooldown: 10
Tier 2 Technique Description:
For a duration of two posts, slams his fists into the ground, pulsating mass volumes of heat into the ground, shattering the surface by spreading the vermillion flames into the ground, cracking the surface and disrupting motion for up to five meters in all directions of the user.
Tier 2 Technique Strengths:
- Anything caught in the starry web, is burned and can experienced second degree burns.
- The web strands are made up of plasma and contact on skin can inhibit movement.
Tier 2 Technique Weaknesses:
- User acts as the focal point of the attack and is rendered motionless. Immobile for four posts during cooldown.
- User experiences hypothermia and joints suffer from weakness to extreme cold and extreme heat. For four posts in cooldown, this status occurs.

Tier 1 Technique Name: Flicker!
Tier 1 Technique Type: Support / Long Range
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 4
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of one post, user is able to generate a quick but extremely bright pulsation of light. The waves give off heat but are more geared towards impairing the opponent’s vision.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Can blind the opponent and or opponent’s momentarily within a ten meter radius.
-Can exhibit temperatures of 600 degrees on anyone within a 2.5 Meter radius of the attack.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-Use of shades or darkening equipment can weaken or disable this attack greatly.
-The bright flash of light can also blind nakama as well.

To be Continued...

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7 Re: Sabotaging the Cure on Wed Jan 07, 2015 12:25 pm


The following thread has been review, graded and approved. Please add this to your character timeline. Locking Thread.

Rewards: +300 Exp
Bounty: 10,000,000

-Defeated marines but also heal them before you left the Island. (Interesting)
-Stole a marine vessel & supplies
-Burn marine vessels
-Twisted Deal (Can Jojo stop this?)

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Primary Fighting Style: Magu Kata
Secondary Fighting Style: W.I.P
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