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Rocket's Boisterous Escapade's Part 1: 'Rocket'ing To The Top!

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“Kekekekekeee! I think I hit him! “  The young Shipwright burst out, giggling along with a couple other rag-n-tag looking men. The trio hid themselves behind crates, next to their gigantic sea vessel, Cymba-29. They had indulged themselves in a very immature, kiddish activity; Spitting spitballs at their Boss’ head. “ Try ‘n hit ‘im again, try ‘n hit ‘im again! Bwaaahaha! “  “Bewehehehe, alrighty! “  As young Reddick T. Rocket knelt down to tear off another piece of tissue, a giant shadow cast over them. Rocket’s devious pals decided to hightail it out of there before any serious consequences arose.  “Bwehehehe.. Watch this guys! Ahhh pttuuu! “  A burning silvery-white fire began slowly scorching through the crate barricades. Rocket slowly raised his crimson gaze to be staring face-to-face with Cymba-29’s leader, and top fighter, Albert.

A swift right-legged kick to Rocket’s temple put him on his back in mess twenty feet away. “Damnit boy! How many times do I have to tell you to get your ass to work?! “  Rocket lifted his white-locked head, now sporting a massive red welt.  “I got bored again…”  With a exhausted sigh, Albert rested himself upon one of the semi-burnt crates.   “I took one hell of a job taking care of this kid… “   The wrinkles on his forehead seemed to lessen at the thought of raising Rocket. He couldn’t believe it had already been thirteen years since Rocket’s biological parents had passed. Albert took a step up in life, seizing responsibility and care for the four-year old Rocket. He raised the young albino as if he were his own, literally teaching him every single in and out, every little detail and technique about Carpentry. He wanted Rocket to grow up, develop a family, and eventually take over Cymba-29 so that he could retire and live in peace. Little did he know that Rocket was literally.. A rocket set off.. All-The-Time.

Despite their very hardy relationship, Albert loved Rocket like his own. He wanted nothing but the best for him, even going so far as to give him a Devil Fruit, (Knowingly giving him the ‘most powerful Paramecia type Devil Fruit,’ the Gura Gura no Mi.) Just to aid him throughout life. When not bickering about whether or not Rocket needs to work, the two seem to have a perfect father-son relationship. There was only one burning desire, one incredible dream that Albert wanted to see play out; He wanted Rocket to become a world-class Shipwright on a Pirate crew.  Due to his past as a Shipwright on a Pirate Crew, the old man dreamt of sailing across the entire world with a Pirate crew. As Rocket’s technical father, he secretly wished for the teenager to take on his old desire. This greatly conflicted with Albert’s protectiveness of Rocket, seeing as becoming a World-Class Shipwright on a Pirate Crew would definitely attract Marines, ultimately putting Rocket at a do-or-die situation nearly every day. Despite his leaking aspiration for Rocket, he kept his fancies under the covers.

“Pops, Pops? Hey Pops, you there? Pops!”  With an exuberant smack to Albert’s vibrant bald head, he warped back into reality.  “Oo, Eh? Sorry Squirt..”   “S’ok Pops, you were having one of those weird ‘visions’ you always get again. “   Albert gazed into the crimson eyes of his ‘son’, that he knew so well.  “Rocket…”  Bam.  The crates and boxes near the docks were trampled over by a long, lanky man in grey rags. Chew, Cymba-29’s resident crow.  “Albert, A Marine Battleship has been spotted about two miles out, and it’s heading this way! You gotta hide, now! “  Albert’s eyes lit up in fear. He launched himself into the air, barreling down the docks towards Lvneel Kingdom. “I’m sorry Squirt, we’ll talk later, I promise! “  This was kind of normal for Rocket. This whole gig. Every once in a while when they were docked, Chew would pop around and signal Marines. Every single time, the terror in Albert’s eyes grew more and more intense. He kept telling Rocket it was because of how famous a Shipwright he was, and he didn’t want to have to sign autographs and such. The older Rocket got, the more uncanny that explanation sounded. You don’t fear giving autographs when Marines show up.. You fear getting caught. Frankly, Rocket was tired of it. It was always in the middle of important conversations. Plus, Albert was his dad. He didn’t want to keep seeing his dad run in trepidation when Marines are spotted. Even though Albert wasn’t his real dad, he had a deep connection with him. He felt the need to end this. They were vacationing in Lvneel Kingdom. Well, kind of vacationing. He was fed up with Marines ruining things for him. It was time to nut up or shut up. He didn’t care if more Marines showed up, he’d bust their asses too. He was taking this damn Marine Ship down, not only for his own childish matters, but for his dad. So his dad could live in peace without worrying, hiding, running. He approached his beloved weapon, Gladium, and gripped it tightly within his right hand.  “Time to Rocket or.. Or…. Or Take off.. “

Swish. Swish. Swish. Rocket’s go-go boat sliced through the waves with relative ease. His blood-colored eyes were set on one target and one target only; The giant Marine Battleship stationed near Lvneel Kingdom.  “We gotta make this quick, Gladium. Pops doesn’t need to be worryin’ for long. “  As Rocket neared the gigantic war vessel, he heard a thunderous roar of cheering, both from men and women alike.  “Good, they’re havin’ a party. Great for a sneak attack! “  He unsheathed his trusty weapon, Gladium, (A simple metal pipe), and slammed it into the side of the ship. Using Gladium as leverage, he placed his boots upon the metal pipe and thrusted himself into the air, just enough to grip onto the metal railing. With phenomenal strength, he hoisted himself high enough to eavesdrop on the supposed ‘party’.  Male and female marines were gathered at a large round table, tankards filled to the brim with ale and the like gripped tightly within their grasps. “Ahaha, yea! When we take out ‘White Foot’, we’ll be rich! I’ll finally be able to take that vacation to Amazon Lily to see the babes… “  One of the male Marines spoke with the utmost enthusiasm. The females spit and revolted in utter disgust.  “Albert ‘The White Foot’ won’t be difficult at all. According to the report we have on him, he’s gotten old. Shouldn’t take but two of us to clear him and the Cymba-29 out. And if he does manage to get passed us, Vice Admiral Smacker will take him to town. “  A rambunctious ‘Yea’ chant erupted from the Marines.

Rocket didn’t take too kindly to this. They were talking about Albert. His Albert. His ‘dad.’.  His family. Capturing him, putting him out for good. But why…? Albert didn’t do anything wrong. Were they too embarrassed to admit they wanted autographs? It didn’t matter. Either way, he had to sink this ship. Bouncing off of Gladium, he gripped both palms around the shaft, using the metal pole to rotate his body around, launching him into the air in one mighty swing. With a triumphant howl, Rocket slammed Gladium down upon the wooden round table the Marines were toasting at. They were wiped out in one fell swoop of his Metal Pole. Immediately, sirens on the ship went off, and a beedy voice rang out through an intercom-like system located on the masts.  “Attention all Marines, the Ship is under attack. I repeat, the Ship is under attack. Report to the main deck immediately for Ship defense. “  Rocket grinned, showing obvious canine-like fangs. This was going to be a fight, something he longed for since Albert taught him his ‘Shiru Rukai’ technique. It was be especially useful against someone as powerful as a Vice Admiral.

As a plethora of Seaman Recruits and Seaman Apprentices surround the young Shipwright, he gripped Gladium’s base with a devilish smile.  “You all have no idea what’s about to hit ya…”  A clear, blue-tinted quake-bubble formed around the curved end of Gladium. With a mighty swing, Rocket slammed his bubble-encased metal pole towards the group of Marines. The quake-bubble dissipated into the air, seemingly fading into a cloud of blue sparkles. The air in the space separating the two groups, (Rocket and the Marines,) cracked.   “Gngh..! That’s… Tha-... That’s the Gura Gura no Mi! He’s a Quake Man! RUN! “  Before the Marines had time to make their hasty escape, they were swept up in the shock wave produced by Rocket’s weapon. One of the Marine’s in particular was launched off the side of the boat into the ocean. The ship’s main deck crumbled under the weight of the blast, heading straight for the main Mast. In what seemed like a split second, the shockwave was there, and then it wasn’t. Within the midst of the smoke created by Rocket’s attack, a black figure appeared. The broad shoulders and flapping cape indicated another Marine. But one strong enough to deflect the Gura Gura no Mi’s powers..?

"Tier 2 Marine Captain, Vincent Goldsmith

After removing his cape, he stepped forth from within the smoke. He appeared to be the same age as Rocket himself, if not younger. He carried a green, rather lengthy Nodachi.  “Oi, Oi! Are you the one messin’ up our ship? “   Directing his semi-accusation towards Rocket.  “Yea! Ya’ll are trying to capture Pops! “   “Tsch! Ya see, you pirates take things way too personally. All this nakama shit, all this ‘I will protect them even if it costs me my life”. you’re just a lower breed of lifeform. You’re pathetic. Let me, Marine Captain Vincent Goldsmith, cut you down. “  With his harsh statement spit out for the world to hear, he gripped the handle to his Nodachi, and launched himself towards Rocket.  “Waahahaha! Let’s do this! “   Gladium and the Nodachi’s blade clashed with the intent to kill. Sparks flashed about, twinkling off the young men’s eyes.  “Y-You’re pretty strong.. Ya know..”   “You’re not ba-bad yourself…”   The two weapons specialists dispersed backwards, swinging their respective weapons forward in a barrage of calculated attacks. Each clash birthed a small, circular shock wave on the impact point.

“Waahooo! Check this out! “  In one swift maneuver, Rocket launched into the sky, and pressed his feet against the air, literally jumping off of the empty space itself. “SUKAI SENPO! “ In four puffs of white-silvery smoke/fire, Rocket appeared in front of the Marine Captain. Using the momentum from his Geppo-like technique, he slammed the base of Gladium against the Captains neck. The evident sounds of bones shattering and cracking rumbled the Battleship’s atmosphere. Blood spurted from Goldsmith’s mouth, Rocket’s attack launching him overboard. One of the defeated Marines from Rocket’s earlier assault had already begun climbing up the side of the boat, just in time to see his vanquished Captain soar into the salty ocean below. “Captain Goldsmith…”   Rocket brandished his metal pipe, glancing around the vessel.  “That was a lot easier than I thought! I thought you guys said you had a leade-”  In a split second, the entire cabin leading to the Captain’s domain burst forth with an icy glaze. The sheer power from the frigid attack knocked Rocket straight on his ass. It was as if a blizzard had just sailed over the ship. A thick layer of frost coated the deck. The winter-themed-attack brought forth a chilly, bitter breeze from within the confines of the now demolished Captain’s Quarters.  “Who is destroying my boat…? “

"Tier 4 Vice-Admiral, Smacker"

“Gnhgh… Holy crap.. That was cold..! “  Rocket muttered, brushing the excess snow off of his shoulders.  “Boy, do you understand how much this is gonna cost me..? I mean, I can cover it.. I just don’t feel like doing the paperwork, and dealing with the insurance, blah blah…”   Ultimately, Rocket cut off the Marine’s spiel. he raised his index finger, pointing it right at the brunette’s scar-covered face.  “You! Are the the Vice-Admiral everyone has been talkin’ about?! You’re the one tryna’ attack Albert? “  With a cocky grin, The Marine stepped forward. “Aye, that’d be me. Vice-Admiral Smacker, at your service. “   A mixture of anger and excitement built up in the young Shipwright’s eyes, causing him to explode forward, sending a barrage of punches and kicks at Smacker’s body. Rocket’s attacks had seemingly no effect, phasing through the Marine’s body as if he were some type of hologram. Meanwhile, that arrogant grin plastered itself to his lips, all the while placing his bandage-covered arms within his pockets. “Why the hell can’t I hit you?! “  Rocket’s determination drove him to try attacking the Vice Admiral from every single angle possible. No one single hit actually contacted with his body. It was like he was some type of invincible monsters. A mighty kick from the Marine to Rocket’s chest sent the silver-locked teenager into the main mast.  “Ya really don’t know what it is that makes you not be able to hit me, huh? “  On the far side of the ship, the lone Seaman Recruit clung to the metal railing of the Battleship. He watched on in joy as his Vice Admiral effortlessly disposed of the seemingly monstrous adversary known as Rocket.

The smoke dissipated, revealing a charging Rocket. His continued his brigade of attacks, becoming more tired by the second. Nothing effected Smacker. “It’s a Devil’s Fruit ability. I ate the Yuki Yuki no Mi, a Logia type Devil Fruit. “   “Logia? What the hell? I’ve only heard of Paramecia and Zoan..! “  The Vice Admiral took a triumphant step forward, spreading his arms outwards as if he were some sort of godly figure. Snow began spiralling around the palms of his hands. “Sad to say you’re outdated. Logia-class Devil Fruit’s allow the consumer to create, control, and transform into a natural element or force of nature. In my case, I was granted the frigid element of snow! “  Rocket held off on his barrage for now, listening in on the crucial information the Vice Admiral was bestowing upon him. “The rarest of the rare, they are. I’m not surprised you haven’t heard of them. We’re invincible… Heheh. “   “Gngh… Invincible my ass! “  Rocket gripped the base of Gladium, only to blink and lose site of Smacker. In one quick motion, Smacker transformed his body into snow, and created a whirling vortex of snow around the main deck, primarily around Rocket.  “Behold a Logias power. Blizzardo! “  The rogue Marine watching the scuffle barely held on to the railing, now unable to see the action within the tornado of snow.

Rocket, unable to detect exactly where the Vice Admiral was, only had one thing to do; Sit and wait for him to reveal himself. Flying fists of hardened snow struck Rocket like bullets. He could neither see, nor hear them coming. All he could do was endure the attacks for now. Each punch his harder than the last, and Rocket began to think all hope was lost. He couldn’t see the enemy, he couldn’t hear the enemy, he couldn’t hit the enemy. Before he could even drop his guard and surrender, he looked past the frigid winds to see the Vice Admiral’s face phase into the vortex for a moment. “Ding Ding! There is the flaw! Behehehe, just because he is has a Logia Fruit doesn’t mean he is unbeatable.. It seems like everytime he hits me with these snow attacks, he reveals himself in the tornado.. If I can just… “   Rocket closed his eyes, enduring the onslaught of feeble attacks for a couple seconds longer. “Feeling proud that you can withstand attacks that aren’t even taking up half of my power? “  With his signature fang-like grin, Rocket’s right leg ignited with a silver-white fire. In a flash, Rocket launched himself forward when he saw Smacker’s face revealed, and landed a clean kick to his chest, the intense heat from his leg allowing the young Shipwright to cancel out Smacker’s intangibility. Due to him underestimating Rocket, or the lack of caution and care, he was struck by the attack, launching him back into the Captain’s Quarters rubble.


The lonely Seaman Recruit watched on in awe-and-shock. Since he couldn’t see much of the battle due to Smacker’s tornado, all he saw was the teenager ‘defeat’ his Vice-Admiral in one strike. It was astonishing to watch, nearly causing him to pass out.  “H-He.. He beat Vice-Admiral Smacker in.. O-one hit… I gotta warn HQ…! “  Determined to actually do something right, the Marine dived off the side of the ship, barreling towards a floating piece of wood from the ship to use as leverage. Rocket smiled, blood rolling down his cheek. The Vice Admiral lie underneath a huge pile of debris, steam rising from the third-degree burn on his chest. Despite his injuries, it seemed as if it didn’t even phase him. He gazed into the sky, smiling.  “If this little shit wasn’t a pirate.. Man.. What I wouldn’t give to have him as my Captain. “   Rocket wiped the dust and snow off of his hair, replacing Gladium upon his back.  “Bwheeehheheh! All in a days work I suppose! Oi..? “  Out of the wood, steel, and plain destruction rolled a rather large, glass capsule. Inside was purple-ish liquid, further containing a tiger-stripe patterned egg-like item.  “What the hell is this…? “  He gripped the round metal cylinder shaped rods containing the capsule. As he shifted it in his hands, a gigantic spider lept onto the capsule, causing Rocket to throw it into the air in panic. “ WAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! “  The spider was obviously more scared than Rocket was; Having been trapped on the ship, and now launched into the air with nowhere to go. Rocket, on the other hand, was literally halfway across the ocean by now in his small rowboat. “GO GO GO GO GO GO, RUUUNNNNN! “

The glass capsule smashed against the main deck, bursting open. All of the liquid dispersed, leaving the tiger striped egg to roll around freely. The patterns on the egg began to glow purple, indicating some sort of reaction when away from the capsule or liquid. Vice-Admiral Smacker emerged from the rubble, glancing around for Rocket.  “Huh… I guess he ran away.. Too ba-....”  His eyes fell on the now exposed Dyna Rock settling on the deck.  “Oh shi-”  Boom. The Dyna Rock exploded, causing the others hidden below the deck to rupture and explode as well. The blast was massive to say the least, literally powerful enough to blow the Marine Battleship to smithereens.

Meanwhile, one mile West of the Battleship…

“Fleet Admiral, this is Seaman Recruit Roger reporting in. Vice Admiral Smacker’s battleship was attacked and destroyed.. Yes sir, it was only one man. Well, not really a man.. but a kid. He had silver hair, and wore a red shirt. He possesses the Gura Gura no Mi…  Yes sir. He defeated Captain Vincent Goldsmith and Vice-Admiral Smacker in one hit..  The Dyna Rocks have been destroyed as well, sir. Yes Sir.. “  The Seaman Recruit relayed information to the head of the navy himself, The Fleet Admiral, all the while shielding his eyes from the massive blaze that was his former battleship.

On the other side of the ocean, East of the Battleship…

Rocket stared on in amazement as the explosions shock wave reached even him.  “Whoops… Behehehehe… “


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Founder <--. Just for future reference and make sure to remove the W.I.P from your title if this is finished. This is to keep the grader from getting confuse.

Anyway. Let's what was done here.

-Having the Gura Gura no Mi
-Defeated some Marines Grunts
-Defeated Marine Captain
-Defeated Vice Admiral (Holding Back)......
-Marine Battleship blow up

+30,000,000 Bounty
+1,200 Exp

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