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1 Zaine Vasentine... on Mon Dec 01, 2014 6:11 pm

Name: Zaine Vasentine
Epithet: Dark Haze
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Race: Winged
Sexuality: Male

Affiliation: Pirate
Occupation: Hunter...of many creatures.

Appearance: Zaine is a tall young man, standing at 6 feet exactly, with a lean, compact, and sharp muscular build that boasts years upon years of dedicated, hardcore exercise and training, the sinewy muscles even visible underneath his clothing. His hair is an oddly dark black, soft and feathery to both the touch and sight, naturally styled into it's own tamed formation. Clothing-wise, Zaine simply wears a form-fitting, white button-up shirt with the top three buttons undone, showing the upper part of his muscular chest. Along with this, he wears slim black pants, which are tucked into soft-soled, yet durable black boots. Over this, Zaine wears a pure black trench-coat/overcoat, the coat itself slim and sleek, with language written in an 'unknown' language on the back. It has a few accessories, along with a crimson/golden band on the right bicep, also written in the undecipherable language. Zaine keeps it open, revealing the clothing underneath, and the collar is usually kept upturned.
Hair Color: Zaine's hair color is a black that is comparable to the darkness that encompasses the night sky. It's also reminiscent to the color of a fine noble's ink, or the ebony metal that is quite rare in this world.
Eye Color: Zaine's eyecolor is a slightly more complex coloring. In the regular skylight, it appears an almost amethyst-like crystal blue, that seems to glow if you stare into it for a long time. However, when he uses his powers forcefully, or it becomes nighttime, or any time of the day that is, well, dark, it turns into an almost obsidian purple, little mists of power drifting from the corners of his eyes.
Skin Tone: His skin-tone is an almost olive-like pale, something that is quite common in his family.
Height: Neither too tall or short by any stretch of the word; 6' feet even.
Weight: 160lbs
Tattoo: Zaine possesses an inky black tattoo on his back - more specifically, his shoulderbones. It's rather interesting; most Winged possesses their wings blatantly, and without the ability to retract them into their skin, and if they are retracted, it hurts like a bitch. Zaine, however, has the ability to painlessly form and unform his wings, through the use of the 'tattoo', which is more of a birth-mark, on his shoulderblades. It's in the shape of graceful black wings. He also has his crew's tattoo painted on his lower torso; that of a cher

Personality: Zaine isn’t hesitant to bring out his full power against his opponents, although he tends to toy with his opponents at first, to get a feel of their own skill. Victory is the ultimate goal in battle, and he must use everything in his disposal to achieve it. Often, he misreads emotional situations to the point where he has to ask what he did wrong, or, in some cases, he just walks off, leaving the person steaming, which shows that he's not the most emotional person, and that he's not the best with emotional people, although he has gotten quite good at reading emotions over the years. For him, emotions are important for strong bonds, but overall more trouble than what it's worth, even though he possesses emotions himself, and uses them sometimes.

Despite all of this, Zaine is generally just an apathetic, cold, and rebellious soul on the forefront, willing to kill and mercilessly butcher an entire army in the defense of the crew he has come to adore. He's not all quiet, speaking whenever he finds it necessary to defend him or his crewmates. This brings out his infinite pool of dry sarcasm and his sharp-as-steel wit, which he will use against you when it isn't time to crush you to scrap with his darkness. He can, and will be terrifying when it comes to it. Being lonely has always been a big part of his life, and so any loneliness these days isn't much of a surprise to him. As a child, he had no one but his 'father'...and now, with the majority of his clan dead, he still has no one. He often wondered what destiny he had in store, because of the events of his life. Hopefully he can complete his goals.

Under a leader, Zaine is the absolute same cold, sharp, and moderately rude/sarcastic person that is as independent as they come. He will not disobey orders blatantly, but if he feels that he can do something better, which he usually can, or if he feels that it will be damaging to those he cares about, or himself personally, he will betray you in a heartbeat, maybe even going as far to kill you and get the danger over-with. On the battle-field, he is recognized for his umatachable strength, speed, and pure cold, razor-sharp efficiency in decimating the enemy force. This also goes hand-in-hand with his Epithet - the Dark Haze, where, sure enough to his title, he becomes a literal dark haze of bloodied bodies and dismembered limbs.

Likes: - Hm...well, for one, he adores the darkness; that's a given. Zaine is also a fan of gliding through the nightsky, the brisk, cold breeze of the nighttime, and he enjoys adventures and training; which is why he became a pirate in the first place.
Dislikes: - Zaine heavily dislikes obnoxious people; they tend to give him headaches, and an aching Zaine isn't a very fun Zaine. He also dislikes 'emos', or those who are moody and, well, annoying. Other than that, he hates anyone that may hurt his loved ones.
Motivations: - His main motivation is clear; to possibly become the Pirate King, and create his own Kingdom, floating above the sea, in the eternally night sky...of course, he wants to accomplish this after his first goal, but it's a great motivation.
Fears: - Zaine isn't one to fear things. However, since he was a baby, he has feared drowning, burning to death, and, most importantly...clowns. He keeps it secret, however, like most things about him.
Inner Lineage(s):
- Zaine has always been naturally agile, being a Winged human, and his ambidexterity allows him the use of both hands equally in battle, and in actual life.
- Zaine's cold demeanor may put off some, but combined with his appearance, it has the ability to 'seduce' people of lower tier. [Allows him to persuade NPC beings of same or lower tier.

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Alright. your app is almost good to go. Your writing sample has been review by two staff members and it was amazing. There just one thing you need to add.

Just add in your inner lineage under your fear(s) section:

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Secondary Fighting Style: W.I.P
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4 Re: Zaine Vasentine... on Mon Dec 01, 2014 8:54 pm

I apologize; I'm not sure if I did them correctly. The whole lineage thing confused me.

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5 Re: Zaine Vasentine... on Mon Dec 01, 2014 9:01 pm


Since we are not doing stats, you'll need to give yourself a non-buffering ability. I.e. Being Charismatic to NPCs could allow you to persuade equal and lower tier NPCs to follow your word.


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Get rid of the stats on the occupation and race then you'll be fine. If you take a look at the occupations now they give bonuses and passives.

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8 Re: Zaine Vasentine... on Mon Dec 01, 2014 9:52 pm

Is that fine?

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9 Re: Zaine Vasentine... on Mon Dec 01, 2014 9:54 pm

Completely, since other staff members have read the thread you're approved.

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10 Re: Zaine Vasentine... on Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:07 am

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