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Idoru Island

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1 Idoru Island on Wed Dec 31, 2014 5:34 pm

Title: Idoru Island

Type: Story/Arc

Rank: T2

Details: While navigating through the East Blue, Hiroko found a strange moving island. This island had never been seen before, and that caught the attention of Hiroko. Something was wrong, so he decided to go inside and search for information. He will need to survive and then scape before it's too late to tell the Marine Army.


-Idoru Island Guards T2 x100 (No need to defeat all)
they may carry rifles and spears.

-Idoru Island Hounds T1 x50 (No need to defeat all)
Normal hunting dogs.

-Can't be seen by anyone. If he is seen, guards will be alerted and Hiroko will be captured.

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2 Re: Idoru Island on Wed Dec 31, 2014 5:43 pm

Hiroko woke up and opened his eyes. He stretched letting a long yawn out and got up, standing in both feet and still seating in his bed. "Oh god, I guess I fell asleep." He thought to himself. As a lonely marine, he had to do everything in the ship, and nobody was there to help him out with anything. "Shit! Where am I!" He shouted after remembering he was actually still flying. His ship never stopped, he could be anywhere by that time.

He ran outside of his room and looked at the empty deck. "I should really get some people." He quickly thought to himself while he ran to the wheel. He looked around and saw he ocean, he wasn't sure, but he was probably still in East Blue. He moved the wheel to turn back, maybe in some time he would find an island this way. He hadn't payed attention to the sky that day until he turned around. It was night already, that meant he slept at least five hours, but non of that really matter, he had to return as quick as possible. "Shit shit shit, I hope I'm in no trouble." His high rank was something good for him, it wasn't normal for him to be scolded. He anyway hoped nothing bad happened, but just after turning around, he saw something, it was big and about some kilometers from the ship. It looked like an island, but he didn't know what it was.

He just wished he hadn't fell asleep.

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3 Re: Idoru Island on Wed Dec 31, 2014 6:30 pm

When he got to the strange place, he saw the full thing. It was big and in front of his eyes. It was a complete island, but he had never seen one similar before, he had no idea what was it. He ran towards his room before getting to the island. He opened quickly all his drawers launching anything he found and didn't need to the sealing. He kept looking boot he couldn't find what he was looking for, a map. He had never seen that island, and he had actually been in each and every singe island in East Blue. "Where the hell is it!?" He letted a sigh out after throwing his last drawer. "I guess I didn't bring it." He said disappointed closing his eyes for an answer. "What was that strange island, and why didn't he ever see it before. I guess I'll have to make a little investigation." He thought to himself and walked again t the deck looking at the big island. "Where should I descend?" He couldn't see a single place where he could go, he had only one option, drop in the water near the island and jump to the his next target. He moved the controls to make it go down and gently dropped the boat in the sea about 2 kilometer from the island. Everything he had seen was with his telescope, and everything he could see was a big castle, some mountains, green places and a big wall closing the entrance, it wasn't going to be easy.

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4 Re: Idoru Island on Wed Jan 07, 2015 5:58 pm

He jumped from the air ship and moved on through the air. He jumped from the airship to the borders of the island. There was a huge giant wall maid of stone blocking his way through, but that wouldn't be a real problem. He kept jumping all his way through the 100 meter wall till he got to the top. The night was almost falling, but just when he got to the top and stood in the wall, a group of soldiers saw him. "Hey! Guys! Take him." Hiroko looked in one direction and saw them, but he could hear them coming from both directions. Hiroko took both swords out and maid them grow quickly with his devil fruit abilities. It was better if they didn't call more guards. "Guys, catch him. Hiroko just dashed towards them and slashed through all of them once, killing them all. "Uh, I didn't want to." HE said quietly. The sound of a group of dogs was coming from one of the sides, that meant obviously one thing, there were alerted about someone. This had just gotten thousands of times more difficult, and for the same reason, Hiroko jumped and used geppo to make his fall a bit more quiet.

He landed behind the wall into some bushes and trees. He needed a disguise, or maybe not. He hadn't been seen by anyone alive, and if he maintained that like it was, he would have no trouble looking for some information.

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5 Re: Idoru Island on Mon Jan 12, 2015 2:06 pm

He silently walked through the dark place. It was night already, and he had to be careful. He walked towards the normal houses too look for some cloths, normal cloths, not the one he had on. When he got to the first house, he opened the window and crawled inside. He could hear the people having dinner, that meant he had to do things quick. He opened the first wardrobe he found and saw a bunch of cloths. He took the first shirt he saw and started to change. His cloths were special though, he wasn't going to leave them just like that. So he decided to put the new cloths on top of the old one.

After about five minutes, he was ready and got out through the same windows. He was wearing a white shirt and black pants. It actually looked good on him. HE ran without his swords in the hands and then changed his running for nothing but a slow walking, he didn't want to see suspicious. And that was when he heard an alarm followed by the voice of someone speaking through a moshi moshi.
"People of Idoru Island, please remain calmed after hearing the next news. An intruder has got inside. We don't know how many of them are or how do they look like. This is not a simulation, I repeat, this is not a simulation. This is a curfew, we want nobody on the streets, thanks."

The message ended, but this meant things for Hiroko were getting bad.

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6 Re: Idoru Island on Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:34 pm

Hiroko ran towards a tree and climbed up before they found him. He had to get to the castle as soon as possible. He could see many guards and even hounds walking by trying to track him, but his hideout was good, at least for now. The next thing he had to do was to find a way to the castle. From the tree, he started to jump from one to another carefully and quick to have nobody see him. After a few minutes, he got to the castle, but the main entrance wasn't the answer this time. He saw all the castle and found a window on the upper part. "How will I get up there?" He thought. He then did the first thing he could think of, running and jumping his way to the top. He indeed jumped using geppo to reach the top, he just hopped he wasn't spotted yet.

When he got to the top, or to the window he had seen, he took a big breathing and broke the window with his hand. He had to move quickly, the window would probably bring plenty of guards, that's why he had to move fast. He entered a wardrobe and hid there. And only in a few seconds, he was already able to hear the guards running to the room. "Show yourself." Said a guard as he opened the door violently. Hiroko got outside and quickly slashed anyone in his sigh. The four men fell in an instant to the ground and disappeared.

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7 Re: Idoru Island on Tue Jan 13, 2015 11:00 am

Having men disappear this way was strange. But Hiroko didn't really care much about that, he preferred just to do his job. He went out to the corridor, and saw nobody, it was perfect. He maid his swords tiny and kept running through the corridor. He could hear someone talking in a near hall, it had to be someone important if he was in the palace. "I see sir sir. I love this plan sir sir." The other voice laughed as Hiroko got closer and closer. "I know, It's perfect, simple but perfect." Hiroko got the the hall and saw a man in a strange outfit, but it was obvious he was the king. He was wearing a crown and a yellow long cape, but Hiroko wasn't able to see more. The other man was wearing a red uniform and a big strange hat with a feather on top. "So, when is the invasion starting? Sir Sir." The red man said. "Well, as soon as possible, we can't take much more prisoners, so we have to eliminate them or just attack quickly before anyone knows." The red dressed man laughed. "Sir sir, it looks like Idoru will be the most powerful Revolutionary Group in the world sir sir." The king stopped walking just in front of a big wooden door. "Yes, Indeed, this is great, but, have you noticed we are being watched?" The red man was surprised, but Hiroko was as well. He turned around and saw a group of 4 soldiers.

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8 Re: Idoru Island on Tue Jan 13, 2015 1:47 pm

"Get him... quickly!" The man in the middle shouted. The other three guards ran towards Hiroko, but he wasn't giving up that easily. Hiroko jumped back, ending above the king and the red hat man. He then extended his hands and started spinning letting a powerful flame be launched from his palms. And while spinning, he flamed all the second floor killing and incinerating everyone in the above part of the hall. He looked around at least twice before falling, he had to make sure how many guards were there.

When he reached the floor, the man with the red hat and the king banished just like the other two guards did. He was so close, but he now knew, or at least thought, these people weren't that good after all. They were about to invade some place, but Hiroko didn't even know which one. Hiroko didn't think things. When he saw more men where coming with spears and with hounds, Hiroko decided it was time to fight. "So, I'll just have to destroy you all." He took out his both swords from nowhere and then pointed at two different sides. "Twin Dance..." He said as he started to spin. "Wind Shiver" The whole area looked like a storm. Everyone was blown away with thousands of cuts in their bodies. The storm destroyed anything inside and maid a mess in only a second. "How about that you stupid people." He then ran to the exit door, he now had to find the man with the red hat and the king.

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9 Re: Idoru Island on Tue Jan 13, 2015 2:02 pm

He quickly opened the door and saw a bunch of more enemies waiting for him. Many many enemies and plenty of hounds. This was getting complicated, but it wouldn't be that difficult to defeat them. Hiroko opened a pair of little gates in his shoulders. They were nearly invisible for humans until some little catapults which looked like little brown dots appeared. "Yosai Yosai..." And just when the little dots moved a little, Hiroko finished his sentence. "...Oni Catapults!" He shouted, and in a second, a bunch of big fire rocks appeared in the air. The rocks rolled all over the people as they ran and tried to save their lives. Who could do such thing against Hiroko, he was able to destroy a whole fortress by himself with no difficulty. He started to laugh maniacally ads anyone in front of him disappeared by being crashed with giant 2 meter rocks, also known as boulders. "You guys are too weak!!!" He said and kept laughing loudly. But when a strange whisper passed through his ear, he stopped. "A paramecia I see" A knife was stabbed in his back. Hiroko turned around and had no idea how was that possible. "B-b-how did you do that?" The red dressed man was behind him. "Sea stone blade" He said with a smile in his face. Hiroko fell down because of the sea stone and lost conscience, he couldn't finish his object, it was more than he expected.

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