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Victoria/Victor Wright

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1 Victoria/Victor Wright on Tue Dec 30, 2014 9:42 pm

Name: Victoria Wright Before known as Victor Wright
Epithet: None
Age: 19
Gender: Born Male, Currently Full Female
Race: Human
Sexuality: Sexually Confused, thinks Lesbian(Formerly Straight) but Body acts Bisexual.

Affiliation: Pirate.
Occupation:Navigator, Sniper



Her hair reaches just above her chest; her whole body is very curvy and blessed. She usually wears sort of masculine clothes even though her body does not allow for it to look masculine at all.
Hair Color:Black
Eye Color:Light Green
Skin Tone: Pale
Height: 171cm
Weight: 64kg
Tattoo: None

Very shy and insecure due to the change of gender, the whole body seems new. She is trying to accept things as they are yet it is difficult. Though she can't deny the way she looks now and is trying to deal with it best way possible. She has problems socializing with strangers that come off as rude, and even more so with flirting, as it is clear to his mind that it feels wrong yet not so much for the body. Very indecisive trying to figure out things, that is unfamiliar. She tries her best to be nice and all, yet gets easily flustered by people being nice back, all depending on what kind of nice, as she has trouble understanding the reactions of her own body. She has grown to such a point where she is confident enough to be referred to as female, and will most likely not tell people about having been a male before at all if possible.

1. Good Food
2. Swimming
3. Hot Women
4. Hot Men (Female Body)
1. Rude People
2. Flirting that comes of as too forward.
3. Devil Fruits
1. Becoming Male again.
2. Finding inner peace in the situation.
1. To be sexually assaulted.
2. Loose control over her body.
3. The idea of never becoming male or finding peace.

Inner Lineage:Eternal Youth
Blessed by the gods of sea this family line has been blessed to live a long and prosperous life, though most never get to know about it as their fate is met by diseases and other unlucky incidents has kept them from actually noticing that this is truly eternal youth.

Passive: Body stops aging at the age of 21.

Outer Lineage: Fortune Finder

Writing Sample None Needed

Background Detail:
Victor has run through the unfortunate event of getting forcefully changed his gender into becoming a full fledged woman. The details on how this exactly happened is uncertain for now, I was expecting to use the Horo Horo as a reason but I'd need the possessors acceptance to this fact, unless it could merely be the past possesor of this fruit that gained it, all in all this needs clarification if this is the cause with the one who ate it.

Incase I don't get acceptance this will be cause of some medical accident, that basically does the exact same thing. Essentially, Victoria is a Man trapped inside a woman's body and needs to find a way to fix or deal with it. I hope I have your understanding on this matter.
his matter.

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2 Re: Victoria/Victor Wright on Wed Dec 31, 2014 8:42 pm


I don't have a problem with the concept. When you find a pic just contact a staff member so it can be added.

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