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Island Description

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1 Island Description on Tue Dec 30, 2014 9:11 pm

Pronunciation: Sar-See-Na

Sarcina Island is a very dark and stormy land mass. There are constant rainstorms surrounding the island, causing the island’s vibe in general to be rather dark. Despite the dark feel, the residents and Island Leader, Leonidas, are quite friendly. The eastern side of the island is covered in a massive, 50-meter wall-encased, medieval themed city. It stretches from the south-eastern part of the island to the north-eastern. There is a giant (50 meters to be exact) wall surrounding the city to protect from Giants and the like. The streets are paved with a bright white cobblestone-like material. The name of the city is Dentem City.

Directly outside of the wall is a thick, lucious forest that stretches to the Western-coast of the island. Large man-eating giants, wolves, poisonous plants, Octopus Boxer’s, Gigantic Bears, and Gorillas, inhabit the forest. The wolves and Gorillas of the island have been tamed throughout generations to be submissive towards the island residents, and even go so far as to protect them from the flesh-eating giants. The forest is called Mors Brush.

"Mors Brush"

In the middle of the island is an enormous lake that contains boss-class Fighting Fish. This is used as one of the three training grounds for the Revolutionaries. The lake is named   ‘The Proelium Depths’, Proelium meaning ‘Fight’, due to the aggressive, powerful boss-class Fighting Fish contained within.

"The Proelium Depths"

The Northern part of the island is separated by a massive mountain range, knowns as the Gelida Trumps. Gelida Trumps is an extremely treacherous and brutal area, saved for the final training ground of the Revolutionaries, and the only way to Fang Manor. Roaming the mountains are abnormally sized Polar Bears, Large Yetis, Ice Dragons, Wolves, and much more. There is a small path that leads through the mountains to Fang Manor, and is stained red due to the amount of travelers that have died trying to traverse it. Constant blizzards plague Gelida Trumps.

"Gelida Trumps"

The one and only path, dubbed Sequor Sanguinis (Trail of Blood) leads straight to a massive bridge, which leads to a much smaller mass of land. On it lies the Revolutionaries HQ building, Fang Manor. Due to the islands uncanny weather, the only possible way of getting to the manor is through the path. The entirety of the rock that Fang Manor sits upon is littered with sharp, jagged ice bergs and rocks that would beat down, and tear through even a marine warship. Ontop of the already hellish terrain, waves reach up to twenty-five feet high, normally pushing outwards, away from the manor. To top it all off, the constant thunderstorms of the island cause lightning to cancel out aerial transport. Due to these unimaginable characteristics, Sequor Sanguinis is the only possible way to reach the manor.
Deep within the Manor's halls lies a secluded elevator. The lift itself travels deep underneath the island, under part of the ocean even, and leads to an extremely large cavern which houses the enigmatic Revolutionary Leader. Only Revolutionaries of Commander Rank and higher are permitted to enter this lift, let alone get within one hundred feet of it.  

"Fang Manor"

To the far south is a broad, congested heap of jungle. Like the rest of the island, it is plagued with vicious creatures and brutal weather conditions. Inhabitants, even the Splinter Cell army prefer to stay far away from this section of the island. This is one of the three areas that Revolutionary soldiers are sent to train. Deep within the jungle lies a dormant volcano, dubbed Mount Ignis. Fire dragons can be found roaming the area.

"Mount Ignis"

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