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Seekers of Truth

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1 Seekers of Truth on Tue Dec 30, 2014 4:23 pm

Splinter Cell Registration

General Information:

Cell Name:Seekers of Truth

Cell Goal:
1) Put an end to slavery.
2) To uncover the truth, and to liberate the truth to all people.
3) Make the world a better place.

Cell Members:
Karissa Blaze the Angel
Yuriko Dogma the Plasma Paladin
Kujira D. Makato the Big Wave

Cell Timeline:

Custom Information:

Cell Color (Optional): None

Cell Insignia (Optional):

Cell Uniform (Optional): None though members are encouraged to wear the insignia in some way, weather is be on their clothes, a necklace or anything at all. Encouraged but not required.

Extra Information:

Cell Extras:

Seekers: The seekers were formed to create a group of fighters who'd aim to stand in front of others and do their utmost best to make the world a better place. The members are referred to, as "Seekers" Its focus lies of both giving a place to anyone who are willing to fight for the cause, to better the world, give them purpose and a way of expressing such a goal.

Bond: Karissa as the head of the cell has devoted herself fully to the cause of making the world a better place. But while doing so she created the seekers and so her devotion is now not only to better the world but to take care of those in her care of so she'd do almost anything for the seekers, they only need to ask.

All around Cell: The seekers aren't picky about who wants to join, as long as they have the right mind for it, and want to help then there is always a place for them here, the cell will be working on different areas, so all kinds of specialist are welcome to their ranks.

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