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Burning of Waste Chains

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1Burning of Waste Chains  Empty Burning of Waste Chains on Mon Dec 29, 2014 4:02 pm

Shunji lands on Spider Miles, after fleeing Lvneel shortly after his ruling for treason had been applied. Spider Miles, port town, had a vast connection with the Lvneel Kingdom for years, so he kept his head low. Shunji had received word that the Waste Production plant had been the reason for many of the sickness establish in this town and across the neighboring nations. One of his many goals is to disrupt the plant, which had been paying off the World Government and high ranking marines to look the other way. Shunji sat in a back alley, with Horta Wiser, one of the many general managers of the plant. After catching him off guard, as he was one of the last ones to close up, Shunji followed Horta to the drinking district and roughed him up a little, where all of this information was disclosed.

Shunji: I figured. The North Blue, much like this whole world is part of a disease. May the Lord save these damned souls. Now then... I'm going to need the blueprint for the Waste Factory, it's time someone helped the people out.

Horta: It doesn't matter, they're already working on building another factory, so telling you this means nothing. The ones with power always triumph.

Shunji: Oi. I wasn't asking you, shut up!

Shunji smacked the baton into the man's stomach, making him pass out.

Shunji: Now then... What's the quickest way to burn this thing to the ground? If I blow up the boiler room, but it'd need explosives and gasoline. Their engine room, it's a plant right, I'll just gather the gasoline from there. As for the explosives, I'll need to find them.

Shunji stripped the manager of his clothes and identification tag. Using some rope he had bought from the local market, he tied the man up in the alley way and transported him to a nearby dumping site for the waste. The sun was starting to rise, the man had been out drinking all night.

Shunji: First. Sleep.

Shunji fell to sleep on the outskirts of one the dumping plants.

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2Burning of Waste Chains  Empty Re: Burning of Waste Chains on Tue Dec 30, 2014 3:35 pm

Arriving at the port a ship docked, it wasn't the biggest ship possibly a cargo ship or some small time merchant, didn't really matter much, at least not for the one stepping off it, it had simply been another means to get around, hiking around using ships was a rather delicate thing to do. Tag along the wrong ship and before you know it, you're clapped in chains and sold to the highest bidder, but that story is for another time, though it was filled with happy endings it was still a trip best not made again, one couldn't always be lucky.
"Well this place is an interesting one... to say the least"
Jack casually strolled off the ship, back pack hanging over his shoulder, he was probably just going to do what he always did head to the markets look at what spices and specialties they had, though he had some doubts he'd find anything interesting, still he'd at least take a glance before heading out to explore.

It didn't take long to figure out that there was nothing to see, he simply restocked up on general needs, nothing special really, since this place didn't really have much going for them, nothing but that big thing, which only use was disposal. A rather dull place he had landed but nothing lost in going there, to check it out. He had heard a few rumors, things if true wasn't too great, though time would tell if things actually was true.
"hemp such a dull place, doesn't seem like there's anything interesting around..."
He slowly continued his walk towards the plant, he needed to at least get a good look at it.

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3Burning of Waste Chains  Empty Re: Burning of Waste Chains on Tue Dec 30, 2014 4:43 pm

The soot from the waste plant polluted the skies glare, or more of the sun's glare. The sunbeams forced themselves to penetrate the thick layer of smoke from the factory that filled the morning sky, as Shunji awoke. It was time, he had no real plan but to raid the factory, he had no idea about what kind of security system the plant had, or really any form of plan but together the remaining supplies. Buying a horse carriage off a nearby merchant, he galloped throughout downtown Lvneel collecting alcohol and gasoline. He had around three gallons of each now, getting through the factory's thick walls and armed watchmen was the first obstacle. Riding to the deliver port of the factory, Shunji posed as a delivery man.

Factory Worker: Your not the usual guy are you... Where's Chuck?

The Worker asked suspiciously.

Shunji: The usual guy is sick. I was told to drop off this fuel for the generator, where does he usually leave it?

Shunji said, playing coy.

Factory Worker: Hmm... Let me check with my-

Shunji jumped off the horse and smacked the worker, who had on a face mask with his baton in his neck.

Shunji: Woops, didn't mean to hit you that hard.

The worker passed out from the grunt of the attack and stashing his body inside of the carriage, Shunji marched into the factory gates before the guards came looking. Hoping off the cart, Shunji signed off on the supplies, which were transported to the factory room as 'fuel'. The minute that alcohol enters the generator, this plant's West Wing would go up in flames, it was a waiting game until then but for Shunji's plan to succeed he'd need to blow up all four wings.

Shunji: Now we wait.

Factory Worker: That's all for the day, report to the exit civilian.

Shunji: Might as well cause some ruckus until then.

Factory Worker: What was that? Get moving kid!

The factory worker placed his gun to the back of Shunji's head. Shunji responded by placing his index finger out like a gun towards the man's shoulder.

Shunji: I got a gun too.

Factory Worker: You think this is a game kid-

Shunji fired a plasma star through the workers shoulder, he fell to the ground screaming out in agony from the shot.

Shunji: Well, since I'm having fun...

Shunji started shouting.

Shunji: This is a robbery! Or something like that! I'm here for your treasure!

Techniques Used:

Tier 1 Technique Name: Star Commandment - Little Dipper
Tier 1 Technique Type: Ranged Attack / Medium Range, 10 Meter
Tier 1 Technique Cooldown: 6 | 0/2
Tier 1 Technique Description:
For a duration of two posts, user is able to fire off miniature ‘stars’ or balls of plasma in the form of bullets. The user is only able to fire off ten bullets at a time before recharging for a total of thirty bullets in all. Bullets are fired off from the index fingers of both the users hands.
Tier 1 Technique Strengths:
-Compact balls of heat, can pierce metals.
-Useful on multiple enemies when close combat situations are not favorable.
Tier 1 Technique Weaknesses:
-Dense metals are able tolerate plasma bullets of this caliber.
-Also, once the bullet has traveled more than ten meters, it fades away.

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4Burning of Waste Chains  Empty Re: Burning of Waste Chains on Fri Jan 09, 2015 12:35 pm

Jack was simply heading for this factory, rather casually, he had been going through a streak of peaceful Island visits lately, almost as if he was lucky, or unlucky as far as entertainment went, not that much fun in simply wandering around, he had gotten hold of some nice variety of spices by now, but that is also it as far as good things had come for him lately. Though perhaps this Island was different perhaps something interesting would happen this time around, though eh ad some doubts right now, this didn't really seem like all that interesting a place to be, yet perhaps he would be surprised.

As he got the factory into view he'd stop and stare, which quickly would make him cringe the place looked awful, and the pollution it was creating, simply disgusting, he knew that some factory's was necessary for the good of progress and all that, but this seemed like going over the top, there had to be better ways of doing this. Though in the end it wasn't like Jack cared enough for the environment to actually despise the place, it just seemed like an awful place, and well what better way to check such an awful place out than up close to the damn thing, so he could actually figure out just why this place did what it did.

It took some time to get over there, not a whole lot, he had simply chosen to go for the earliest entrance he could find, though that entrance just so happened to be deserted, he'd peek around trying to see if there actually wasn't anyone around, it just seemed like something was up, it seemed interesting that’s what it does.
"Perhaps this place just isn't worth protecting, though I highly doubt that..."
Jack being as he was figured he'd go take a look around, it wasn't like he'd face any huge dangers that he didn't think he could handle, it wasn't like he was simply walking into the some marine base, nah it was just a factory, nothing overly special.

Not too long after having gotten inside he'd hear shouting, robbery was the only word he could clearly make out, but in essence that would make why there was no guard present more plausible. Just as the thought had gone through his mind a click was heard behind him.
"Halt, you're trespassing, put your hands in the air!"
Jack sighed, this was simply annoying, it wasn't him who was doing the robbery, he was just walking around, should this guy be paying attention elsewhere.
"Look... You've got it all wrong... So I'll..."
He had started turning casually as he spoke, and as soon as he had begun taking a step towards the man, though to be fair that was also towards the exit he freaked out.
"I said halt!"
Freaking out, as his finger pulled the trigger shooting Jack, the bullet however simply went straight through him, Jack who wasn't really feeling like just letting it pass quickly stepped forward sending a punch in his face, knocking him back over.
"Well... now that I'm here I might as well see what all the fuss is about..."
He took a last glance to make sure this guy was out cold, after confirming he'd start walking in the direction of the shouting he had heard.

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5Burning of Waste Chains  Empty Re: Burning of Waste Chains on Fri Jan 09, 2015 1:39 pm

Factory Worker: Man down! Call them out! We paid good money for them anyway!

The factory worker, whose face was covered by an oxygenated breathing system, pressed a button on the lift. Suddenly, ten tanks will with water emerged from the floor. They contained mermen, each with chains around their neck and tattoos dotted into their skin with numbers and symbols. The water spilled on the floor as the mermen escaped among those ten mermen, three slightly larger mermen emerged.

Giovanni: Welcome to the Spider Miles Factory!

A man wearing a purple suit walked down the ramp to the factory's ground floor, surrounded by an array of body guards in black suits.

Giovanni: My name is Giovanni Miles.... I'm the owner of this factory and son of this Islands Founder. To what pleasure do I gain your... visit?

Shunji: I came to shut this place down. 

Giovanni began to laugh.

Giovanni: By yourself? Really? You have no chance. This plant has been in establishment for over a hundred years. My grandfather, My father and now me have been in-charge of protecting this franchise. I won't let some snotty intruder steal what's ours. I'll let my mermen slaves handle you. Scar, Sharlet, Shala... dispose of this kid and then you men can dump the body in the waste vat or something. I paid top dollar for those fishermen, good slaves are so hard to find nowadays, please don't damage my property-

Shunji fired off a star bullet at the man's shoulder, Giovanni fell to the ground from the shock and force of the attack. The men in the black suits pulled out their handguns and aimed it at Shunji.

Giovanni: You little-

Shunji: Slaves... Your the reason this world is filled with such evil. Humans blame the God and the Devil for their actions when in reality, our souls truly are that vile. Don't worry Giovanni, once I free them from your hold, I'll be after you next.

Giovanni scratched and ran up the stairs, followed by his personal body guards.

Giovanni: 10 Million to the man who brings me his head! I demand him dead!

NPC For The Thread:

Name: Giovanni Miles
Tier 1
Factory Owner

Name: Scar
Tier 2
Fisherman: Shark
Occupation: Brawler

Name: Sharlet
Tier 1
Occupation: Gunslinger

Name: Shala
Tier 1
Fisherman: Eel
Occupation: Swordsman

Fishermen Grunts
Tier 1
Quantity: x7
Occupation: Brawler

Factory Workers
Tier 1
Occupation: War Criminals / Former Mafia
Quantity: x200

Personal Body Guards:

Burning of Waste Chains  Images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTKHfD01ZsayYChbfN5CViE4VZVGKamQQ8fFcNlEb2Uas-YVwfL
Name: Jenna Minks
Captain of the Honey Bee Pirates
Zoan User: Honey Bee Fruit
Tier 2
Bounty: 25,000,000 Million
Occupation: Assassin / Rogue

Burning of Waste Chains  Ep187_009
Name: Fal En
Vice Captain of the Honey Bee Pirates
Tier 2
Bounty: 19,000,000 Million
Shandian Descent
Occupation: Marksman / Martial Artists

Bee Bee Suited Thugs
Tier 1
Quantity: x8
Members of the Honey Bee Pirates

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