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Liliynette Riggs

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1 Liliynette Riggs on Sun Dec 28, 2014 12:17 am

Name: Lilynette Riggs
Nickname: Double 'D' (Nickname is based on Chest Size ~.~)
Epithet: Rigzilla (She hates her Epithet ~.~)
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Race: Animal 1st Option (Human/Dinosaur)
Sexuality: Bisexual

Affiliation: Marines - Rear Admiral
Occupation: Monk/ Archaeologist


Lilynette Riggs is a tall, slender, yet athletic woman with waist-length brown hair. This credits her form curvy and athletic form the training she receives from the marines. Riggs generally wears her marine uniform for the most part, but when she isn't she generally wears clothes that are modest, she isn't fan of showing off her body.

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: White
Height: 6 Feet & 3 inches
Weight: 169 lbs.
Tattoo: None

Personality: Lilynette Riggs is an archaeologist and historian who seeks the comfort and freedom to study the mysteries of the world. She is a very serious and passionate person when ever history is the main subject of a discussion or mission she part of as believes that answer to all problems can be found by reexamining the past.  She is often heard saying. "Those who don't learn from history are doom to repeat it". After a task is complete she will often reexamine her actions to see how what she could have done differently so she can avoid perform the same mistakes and failures in the future.  

Lilynette is staunchly loyal, firm, and unbending in her beliefs. She is a hard worker and takes a strong moral stance, she particularly believes in following orders from her superiors, especially her captain or when she gets one. She is generally reserved and obedient. She tries to keep her emotions and unwanted traits under wraps and away from the public. Most notably her temper. He temper isn't a problem usually unless you decided to insult or question her captain, destroying historical figures/documents or getting in between her and a meal.

When gets compliment on her looks, she actually gets nervous and blushes. Acting like a shy schoolgirl. She isn't use to people making nice comments about her when they found out but her powers. So when she round someone she likes she tends to avoid being completely honest with them. She doesn't want to scare them away.


-Meat: Lilynette Riggs is a carnivore plain and simple. She enjoys eating all forms of meat due to the devil fruit she eat, She especially enjoys the taste of fishmen and woman. She is known to eat her enemies in her Zoan Form.

-Ancient History: Of course being an  Archaeologist, she enjoys the learn and studying about the history of this world, it was her favorite subject in school.

-Musicians and music: She is fond of them since music helps her keep her emotions in check.

-Paperwork: She one of the few marines who enjoys working on it.

-Warm Weather


-The loss of Ancient Text and Items.

-Comments about her chest, height and/or age.

-Meatless Meals: She rarely enjoys a meal without some sort of meat to go with it. One of most hated meals are salads.

-Being call a monster

-Using her Devil Fruit

-Cold Weather/Freezing temperatures.

-The Sea (Since she can't swim)

-Obtained all the information that

-Purge the marines of corruption.

-Fulfilling the goals of her crew.

-Being part of Special Forces Unit


-Being discharged or kick out of the Marines

-Her home of Ohara being destroyed by enemies forces.


Inner Lineage: Its A Trap! Due to being an Archaeologist that has travel across the seas (mostly the blues so far) She visit my ruins and exotic places that are fill with traps and hidden dangers. Due to her experience, Lilynette is able to locate and sense hidden traps and dangers more easily than others.  (Please keep in mind that even if she can sense a trap, she still needs the proper means to deal with it or bypass it)

Outer Lineage:

Name: Heart of Affliction
Description: Emotions fuel you, emotions are what make you powerful and yet, you become just as dangerous as your empowerment. You may be more unstable, you may experience anger and sadness and all that jazz, but you can truly be a weapon of passion. You care for others normally, or you hate others just as equally. You have the heart of afflictions, for your emotions have turned the tides of your fate and the fate of other's. This gives you the power to bring out the emotions of others, to allow them to express themselves more easily. You influence others to care or hate, it all depends on what you feel on the inside. At the same time, of those too heavily afflicted by emotion, you may drain their emotion into your own a risk of sanity.
Ability: Twice per topic with a 5-post cooldown, you may resist attacks lower than your own power, but only one attack of equal power. This sends you into a blind fit of emotion for the next two posts, calming down afterwards. You may as well, once per topic, bring out the emotional side in all NPC's of equal tier or lower. Higher-tier NPC's may be affected up to one tier higher if used with Haoshoku (not knocking them out). PC's may feel this effect if they wish, for they can be strong-willed at times. The NPC's and PC's affected may possibly side with the user in understanding, entering an emotional fit for one post before all calming down, which could result in betrayal, for the emotion is expressed in truth not lie. The emotions felt are up to the affected, but they may just as well express violence upon the user. For those with this lineage, if they use the effect twice for themselves, their fit will extend to 10 posts where they are just completely irrational. While completely irrational, it may be ended prematurely by someone with this lineage, nulling the emotion, but it tears away the power of the person once had in their emotions for the rest of the topic.  

Writing Sample Applying for Ancient Zoan | Kyōryū Kyōryū no Mi Model: T-Rex

Location: West Blue - Unnamed Island
Time: 02:00 AM
Mission: Operation Shellfish
Objective: Unknown  

It was late in the evening as a small invasion force made it way to the shores of an enemy occupied area, the island was taken over by a group of pirates, calling themselves the Shellfish pirates. Not much information was know about the pirates expect for the fact they are a group of large fishmen. For the pieces of information that manage to slip out of the Island, all the shellfish pirates were decent in the art of Fishman Karate and they favorite hand to hand combat, but there are few marksmen among them. The weather was perfect for a landing operation, there weren't any storms or extreme waves that was going to take place any time soon. Among the small force of marines taking back the Island. There was tall and curvy female among them. One of the new recruits out of bootcamp. The brown haired female was on  boat close to the front of the assault party. Lilynette was nervous since this was her time being out on the field and she was taking part in important mission as well. As she was mentally preparing herself for the attack, the commander of the fleet spoke up, gaining the attention of the marines. "We about to land on the island. Get off the boats quickly and storm the beach! We can't these brutes take over anything they want give them hell!" After the commander finish speaking there was deafening cheer, as they vast numbers of marines shout in unison. "OO-RAH" The first of the boats landed on the shore. She quickly stood up and jump on shore, as she sprint towards cover with her fellow marines, she was arm with a basic rifle and sword. As she was running, the sounds of cannons could be heard going off around the invading marines. The Island defenders became aware of the attack and where now returning fire as one of their cannon balls sunk a boat full of marines, sending them to a watery grave.

"Keep your heads down! We are exposed out here!" Lilynette shout to her comrades as she was hiding behind a boulder with two other marines. Every time she poke her head out, a bullet would whiz past their heads. Their entire squad was being pinned down by machine gun fire. There wasn't much they could do with the constant gunfire keeping their heads down. Lilynette didn't want to reveal her devil fruit powers, but if she didn't the mission could be compromise. With no other choice in the manner, she closer her eyes and exhale, as her skin change from its smooth and silky appearance towards a more coarse and scaly appearance. The marines around her watch in mixture of awe and horror as the beautiful marine shifted towards an reptilian like creature, her hair disappearing being replace plates. Her eyes gaining more predatory look. "Holy crap.  Monster! SPread out!" Some of her fellow marines shouted out as they lizard female was growing in size. Quickly her form overtaking the battlefield as her other marines avoid being step on or whip by her feet and newly from tail. The enemy bullets focus fire on the large creature that sudden appeared on the battlefield, but as the bullet make contact with Riggs's newly form scale armor, they bounce off the creature. As Riggs walk forwards towards the enemy position, sprinting a bit, as her open her mouth wide.

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