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Fortune's Faith (T5 Airship) (WIP)

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1 Fortune's Faith (T5 Airship) (WIP) on Wed Dec 24, 2014 8:31 pm

Amara Wynn

Amara Wynn
Name of Transportation: Fortune's Faith
Tier of Transportation: 5
Type of Transportation: Airship


Speed: 11
Versatility: 10
Adaptability: 11
Durability: 12


Tier One Attachments:

Attachment Name: Metallic Netting
Attachment Tier: 1
Type of Attachment: Defensive
Attachment Description: A netting of metal strings that covers the entire canvas of Fortune's Faith's blimp balloon, this attachment, when equipped onto the ship, grants an extra two ranks to durability automatically.
Ability: +2 Durability

Attachment Name: Afterburner
Attachment Tier: 1
Type of Attachment: Movement
Attachment Description: A ring of flame dials, built into the exhaust of the blimp, the ring of dials is activated by the push of a button, and activates, firing off a stream of fire, which increases both the momentum and height of the airship.
Ability: +2 Speed

Attachment Name: Oxygen Tanks
Attachment Tier: 1
Type of Attachment: Supportive
Attachment Description: Several tanks filled with oxygen, these are spread throughout the cabins and rooms of Fortune's Faith. This enables the blimp to go up higher in the air, without the crew suffocating.
Ability: +2 Adaptability

Description of Transportation:


Theme Song:

Battle Theme:
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2 Re: Fortune's Faith (T5 Airship) (WIP) on Sat Feb 07, 2015 4:33 pm


I know this is a WIP, but New Transportation Template. Please update your Transportation to fit the new template

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