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Fortune's Folly (T6 Sailing Ship) (WIP)

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1 Fortune's Folly (T6 Sailing Ship) (WIP) on Tue Dec 23, 2014 7:02 pm

Amara Wynn

Name of Transportation: Fortune's Folly
Tier of Transportation:  T6 (Purchased The equivalent of a void ship on romance dawn)
Type of Transportation: Sailing Ship


Speed: 14
Versatility: 14
Adaptability: 16


Tier One Attachments:

Attachment Name: Oars
Attachment Type: Supportive
Attachment Tier: 1
Description: A set of retractable oars, fifty to each side, these allow the ship to be used to sail in the calm belt.
Ability: Adaptability +2, Able to sail in the calm belt

Attachment Name: Dial Engine
Attachment Type: Supportive
Attachment Tier: 1
Description: A large breath dial, hidden away in a slot underneath the ship, this can be activated at the push of a button to release its contents for a burst of speed, or over a prolonged amount of time to sail without wind.
Ability: Adaptability +2, Speed +2

Attachment Name: Impact Cannon
Attachment Type: Offensive
Attachment Tier: 1
Description: A cannon outfitted with an impact dial inside the barrel, this is one of only two custom weapons outfitted onto Fortune's Folly, and because the cannon is outfitted with an impact dial, it can be fired at a much higher rate than a normal cannon.
Ability: Versatility +2

Tier Two Attachment:

Attachment Name: Steel Hull
Attachment Type: Defensive
Attachment Tier: 2
Attachment Description: Steel plating, fused to the hull of Fortune's Folly, this shields the very elegant looking ship from cannon fire, and attacks from weaponry. This can also be manipulated, in small bits and pieces, by the Steel Logia user.
Ability: +4 Durability

Artillery (Weapons):

Weapon Name: Impact Cannon
Weapon Type: Custom, Cannon, Medium Weaponry
Attachment Tier: 1
Description: A cannon outfitted with an impact dial inside the barrel, this is one of only two custom weapons outfitted onto Fortune's Folly, and because the cannon is outfitted with an impact dial, it can be fired at a much higher rate than a normal cannon.

Weapon Name: Fortune's Artillery
Weapon Type: Cannon Set (70 cannon), Medium Weaponry
Weapon Tier: 1
Description: A set of shiny, 30 pound cannon, these cannon are all standard fare for any ship. These cannon are split evenly between both sides of the ship, 35 for the port, 35 for the starboard. They fire standard cannonballs, and have the same fire rate as a normal cannon would.

Weapon Name: Hull Spike
Weapon Type: Ship Blade, Weightless (Moves as fast as the ship, due to being connected to it)
Weapon Tier: 2
Description: A long, sharp blade, extending from the bottom of the hull, the Hull Spike is a tool specially designed to cause maximum damage while ramming other ships, due to its triangular shape. This can also be used to connect Fortune's Folly to another ship for use in boarding.

Weapon Name: Ballista Set (Two Ballistae)
Weapon Type: Ballista (Giant Bow), Heavy Weaponry
Weapon Tier: 2
Description: A set of two ballistae, bolted to the deck of Fortunes Folly, these giant contraptions swivel a complete three hundred and sixty degrees, and fire giant arrows with rope tied to them, allowing the crew to board other ships without risk of touching ocean water, which would otherwise kill them by paralyzing them and nullifying their powers.

Weapon Name: Figurehead Thunderclap
Weapon Type: Dial
Weapon Tier: 3
Description: A thunder dial built into the figurehead at the head of the hull of Fortune's Folly, this allows the ship to launch a single bolt of lightning once per transportation topic, done via press of a button on the back of the figurehead's head, which pushes in a slot on it that clicks the dial and activates it, releasing a bolt of lightning.

Weapon Name: Lance of Kresnik
Weapon Type: Legendary, Heavy Weaponry
Weapon Tier: 6
Description: Despite the ships inherently strange appearance, there is one thing that most everyone who sees Fortune's Folly wonders when they look at it: Why is there an extremely large, extremely fortified gap between the blade at the bottom of the hull, and the rest of the ship? The reason is that this fortified gap holds the ships ultimate weapon: The Lance of Kresnik. Despite the title, the Lance is not actually any form of spear, but a array of various cyborg technologies that generate heat and light, and make them into a solid beam. This beam is orange in color, and travels in only a linear path..but anything that is hit by it, is almost immediately sliced in half. In fact, so much as touching water with this attack creates a massive cloud of fog, due to how hot the lance's launch energy is. This can only be used once every six transportation topics, and only when the odds are truly stacked against the crew. To use this, there is a button that pulls away the fortification atop the lance, revealing a massive railgun looking barrel hidden away inside of the fortification, which then spends a post charging before firing.

Description of Transportation:

A massive, elegant ship, Fortunes Folly was a ship that was once hidden away from the world by Azure Snow, the Yonko that Alexa murdered. The ship certainly shows its mark as part of the now dead Yonko's repertoire of elegant, luxurious ships. However, this ship is..different. It clearly was optimized for an ideal crew, as the entire ship has rooms that would be perfect for specific jobs. However, past this, the Ship looks heavily like that of a viking more than a pirate ship. It is not a very tall ship, in terms of how many levels there are to the ship visibly. However, it is extremely elegant, as it has many beautiful decorative pieces along the entire hull, and very smooth, very expensive silk sails. These sails also have a skeletal hand, holding a set of golden scales on it. Alexa's personal symbol of Liberty. However, on a black flag flying from the crows nest, there is a different symbol that acts as their jolly roger. It is a skeletal snake skull, with scales directly behind it. The ship is made of an extremely durable wood, which is white and silver in color, with white colored sails. However, inside of the ship is where the true worth of the ship shines. For this is where the rooms that fit the job description of the kinds of workers needed in a crew are hidden away.  However, there are also several unique bedrooms, as well as several rooms unique to the warship itself.

Crew Bedrooms:

Captains Quarters:
The first room one sees upon descending the stairs is the door to the captains quarters, which holds a bed big enough for two people, a false slot in the floor, which has a dusty, half full bottle of Legendary Purple Rum inside of it. This room is by far the largest of the crew rooms, and with good reason, as it is essentially the central nerve system of the ship, having various screens that are connected to den den mushi that allow her to see into all of the main rooms, but not the crew bedrooms. This room is the largest of the bedrooms, large enough to comfortably seat ten people, due to the various chairs and various recliners within the room.

Fancy Bedroom 1-Navigator's room:

An extremely girly, extremely stark white room, the first bedroom down the hall from the captains quarters, the room for the navigator is rather one-sided in terms of gender identification means, the navigator's room is pure white in color, with one window, several pink chairs, with white trim, a castle like covering over the bed, made of a lightweight wood that is painted, surprise surprise, white. This room also has an extremely large mirror, and somehow has a chandelier in it. This room also has a closet connecting to the room, which is filled with navigation materials.

Fancy Bedroom 2-Archaeologist:

A room that blends ancient design with modern touches, the bedroom of the Archaeologist of Azure Snow's crew is very unisex in design, preferring warm and neutral colors


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Battle Theme:
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2 Re: Fortune's Folly (T6 Sailing Ship) (WIP) on Sat Feb 07, 2015 4:32 pm


I know this is a WIP, but New Transportation Template. Please update your Transportation to fit the new template

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