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Karissa Blaze

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1 Karissa Blaze on Mon Dec 01, 2014 9:15 am

Name: Karissa Blaze
Epithet: The Angel
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race: Winged
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual Almost Lesbian

Affiliation: Revolutionary
Occupation: Weaponsmaster

She has Light blue eyes, long straight hair, a curvy body and long legs, usually wears tight black pants, a steel chest piece covering her torso, steel gauntlet on the right hand and cloth glove on the left. (Picture coming soon)
Hair Color: Dark Red
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: White
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 69,5kg
Tattoo: Altered Slave Brand on her back, though its faded away by scars from her loosing her wings and then just lashing out.

Karissa isn't the friendliest person among strangers, she can be considered shy but in truth she just distances herself from meeting new people, it’s not like she fears them or anything she just doesn't feel like it. So while strangers considers her slightly cold among friends and trusted people she is just rather calm she can be a bit flirtatious if she feels like it, doesn't really seem to mind being flirted with, she is confident about her body and therefore not truly shy for people to catch a glimpse of any part of it. Her trust is truly not easily gained, but once gained she will be as loyal as one can be going to overly selfless lengths to help out. In most situations she will be calm and collected, she has been forced to grow up and so she has a hard time understanding other people being immature, when on a task or the like she will stay focused and rarely divert from the task at hand unless there is the chance of a person she cares for getting hurt. She prices those close to her very dearly, as she has not been able to have many of those. She has been taught manners through rather unpleasant means however choose to keep them around herself feeling that it might have been an unpleasant thing to learn but it was also a good thing.

She have a much harder time around men, not that she dislikes them, she just have a huge trust issue with them, this doesn't really affect women the slightest, as she has not been through a situation where something like that would cause it. That said once a person has gained her trust be it man or woman she will treat them equally, even if to begin with the man will be less trusted. She tends to freak out if someone invades her privacy without her having full awareness about it, flashes of the past overwhelming her for a few moments making things bad, can even cause her to take to self-defense if the situation is strong enough. Karissa is proud of her body, while she surely have a strong distrust in men she enjoys showing herself of, not for the sake of people looking but for the sake of feeling proud, this leads to her having no trouble standing topless and the like in front of a person she has trust in and the friends of the people she trusts this might lead to very strange embarrassing episodes for others, though not for her. As a child she was forced to grow up rather quickly and this has caused her childish side to be suppressed rather quickly, the child still lives within her, which is what holds all the joy in life and brings out the cheer within her, around those she has full trust in she can be rather open and childlike, though this is only the ones she trusts wholly and completely, not just a comrade but something more than that.

- Compliments and the like, while being a hardened woman she is not immune to compliments and the likes and rather enjoys them a lot, it is not always shown but the right compliment will truly make her day any day.
-Warmth/Sun She loves feeling the warmth of anything be it from a hug, the sun, crawling under a blanket, anything of the likes, it allows her to feel free in some odd way.
- The Sky, she loves looking at it, always finding it so pretty, loves soaring through it whenever possible.

-Losing control, not she needs control at all times she just dislikes loosing tap at what’s going, where she is unable to keep up and the like, it makes her feel uneasy.
-Rude and pushy people, she can't stand them, she doesn't mind the cold and heartless ones but those people that feel like they own the world and everyone should just follow their orders, she especially despices.
-Celestial Dragons, for countless reasons Karissa literally hates these people, a lot. Enough to kill them on sight knowing that the admiral would come hunting her afterwards, she is sensible however and able to calm her desires of torturing them to death.
-Marines, mostly for protecting the Celestial Dragons.

-Put an end to the power the Celestial Dragon's hold within their grasp.
-Find her family again.
-Free others who have been put in the state she once were in. (Slavery)

-Losing control in a tight space, be it in the mass of people around her, or pushed up in a corner will have her frightened to an almost stunned position.
-Feeling powerless again, she was once a slave who had no power to even think for herself and she does not want to return to a similar position at all.
-Being dominated by men. This might seem silly for many, but Karissa has gone through traumatic experiences at a rather young age and so she has developed a complete fear towards such a thing, and if put into such a situation then her instincts will kick in and she will do whatever it takes to get out of it. Be it in combat or in bed, even if it is a person she trusts she won’t be able to handle it.
-Falling to her death, as a child she experienced a rather deep fall and luckily landed in water but it has causes damage even so.

Inner Lineage:Clarity of the Sky
Ability to stay cool headed under any kind of circumstances, meaning she will never loose her cool, be it combat or in conversation, you wont be able to presure her through stress, if you want her to waver you would need to seek other ways to do so, as her cool head and clarity will keep her from loosing her head.

Passive: Unable to become stressed.

Additional Info:

Mature Content:
Karissa was born in the sky, on an island called Skypedia, and as a child she grew in blissfulness not knowing anything about the world around, her. One day at the age of age, she was known as the best swimmer among her friends, jealousy is a cruel thing, and so it had led the friends to challenge her to swim to the bottom of the could ocean, which through being pressured eventually did, however none of them new what happened after reaching it, she fell, and did do for a rather long time screaming at the top of her lungs, she felt the air sweep around, her, it felt somewhat amazing, though the eminent fear of what would happen when she would land, was overwhelming that sensation, she got herself turned around mid-air so she was falling back first, not wanting to see her death coming closer, she closed her eyes and waited for her death. Though as luck would happen, she was not headed towards ground, no she was headed towards the sea; soon the water swept around her the impact had her knocked out cold instantly unable to remember more than the air sweeping around her. As she woke she found herself dry and warm within a bed. As she looked around she was inside, she could hear the sound of waves outside of the wooden room, and the room was tilting from side to side. She was onboard a ship. She didn't dare get up, she wouldn't know what to do or say, soon though a man came in to see to her, frightened as she was she quickly moved under the bed sheets hiding herself, the man easily noticing her simply went over filling a bowl of soup and put it on the table then left. Karissa was hungry, she could almost hear her stomach talking to her, telling her to go eat, and so she did. After mustering some courage she even went outside to see what she she had been brought onto at first fear gripped her stomach as the flag was black with a jolly roger on it. Though as time passed she found that these pirates where those of the friendly sort. Soon they became very good friends, and they would tell her about all the places she had been and she listened carefully, loving every minute, sadly however none of them knew how to get her back home, but she was allowed to stay on their ship for as long as she liked. The time was brief though upon sabbody archepelo they were attacked by Marines, the bounty too high to let it pass up. Karissa innocent as she was, was sentence to be an accomplish of pirates was about to be judge as equally guilty. However the captain of the pirates stood out asking for a plea, and told them of the story of how Karissa was the girl who fell from the sky. The Marine officer allowed her to be free and even promised to take care of her, however things did not go as planned. The Officer needing to attend the pirates and oversee the takeaway placed upon a rookie to get Karissa away, but a Celestial Dragon had caught the eyes upon the girl with the wings, finding her unique, so he had to give such a girl as a present to his son. and so the noble claimed possession over the girl, the marine unable to do much was left no other choice than to leave Karissa in the care of the noble. So began the years of Karissa servitude to the noble celestial dragon's at first her time was just rough, of course she was branded, but she was treated as a child, and taught to do chores however as she was nothing but 12 years old the noble farther sought out the girl in her quarters forcing himself upon the girl robbing her of her purity and her innocence, the son who was the "owner" of Karissa was never told, and it didn't stop there, whenever he felt like it whenever the opportunity stroked he would pull her aside into a corner a closet and have his way with her, even during midday, each time Karissa felt more degraded, each time she was becoming more mentally scarred, she could do nothing but cry while it was happening.. She as she grew so did her body, and so did the son soon the farther stopped paying much interest to her, and she finally felt that that her horrors were over a new started to form. The boy grew jealous, she grew more and more pretty, while he who were blessed didn't, at first he blamed the wing, telling his parents he wanted his own, however that wasn't possible, even so the noble spent a lot of money on gathering the money to actually aquire a fruit that would make this possible however once acquired the son had a change of her, he suddenly felt that having wings made a person a freak, and he did not want a freak as his slave. And so the 3rd horrid act happened, where she was brutally forced down into a clinical bench where then she was gagged before they started to cut off her wings, she was screaming, though muffled into the gag and painfully aware of each cut made, as the feathers fell, so did her tears. She blacked out halfway through, unable to take it anymore. Had the people doing it known what they had done then the possibility of her wings growing back been there however now there was nothing but two scars and the cursed brand of the celestial right in-between them. A year went by and then she was 17 years old, the horror of the past years having been nothing but hard on chores however like father like son, he developed quite same way, and soon she found herself by a different person but in very similar situations however he had it easier, where the father had to sneak into her chambers he could just call on her during the night and then push her down and have his way with her. Luckily this wouldn't go on for as long as with the father as a after a few months a huge riot was started and chaos flooded the place. The slaves had had enough, especially around this place, truly it was sort of due to the hardships Karissa had gone through while she might not have been the only one who had been through it, she was the one who had gone through it at the youngest age, and the only one who had been stripped of her wings in the process. A woman came for her that night, at first she had thought it was the son who had come to have another go, but as she saw the face of a female she simply hugged her, tightly not caring about the situation or why she just felt relieved. The woman had brought with her the said fruit that was bought to begin with to solve the sons desire to have wings, the woman had thought it best to give it to the girl who had lost hers. And so they made their escape very few coming out alive. Karissa of course ate the fruit, not that it granted her the wings she had before but it was something. After the escape Karissa and the woman sought out the revolutionary army, at first just to seek shelter, as there was literally nowhere else to go with the markings of the celestial on your body. Then after a month or so Karissa decided she wanted to make a change in the world and so she began training and joined the revolutionaries for good, as no one should go through the hardships she had been through.

RP Sample:

Karissa had gone about entering the city rather differently, not being one to enjoy sight-seeing as much as many others she arrived by ship, and arrived at the harbor within the actual city. She had paid off a trader to take her along allowing her easy access to the city. As she got off she made quick steps getting away from the traders, once out she shook off the feeling of being in such close quarters for quite a while. "Really should find an easier way to travel around..." She wore a rope concealing her identity, for now that was, while she might not have enjoyed the company of the people she had travelled with, she knew if things went wrong she didn't want things to be leading back to them, might cause damage both to her as well as the traders. She entered an alleyway, where she'd quickly pull off the ragged cloth rope and allowed her full figure to be shown in a beautiful plate chest piece. Her Sword Neatly sheathed on her back. She took a few moments to look around making sure none had noticed.

After having done that she took a last moment brushing off dirt and such before walking out, her clothing would most likely make her seem like an outsider, but well in this city it’s not like being such, it was all about attitude if you seemed like you had nothing to hide none would think so. She put her hands down into her pants and started walking rather casually, she had never been here before so knowing her way arond was not a thing she did, besides that her sense of direction wasn't the best while on the ground, everything surely was easier in bird view. She sighed lightly because after a small while she was lost, cursing herself, she took a glance around trying to find a place to well go up and take a look around, when she stumbled upon a rather frightful sight.

A Man chasing a couple of kids, obviously they had stolen something, or something in those likes, even so the man had a bat in hand, and while they might have done something wrong violence was such a petty action. She moved quickly, a kid fell down having stumbled over his feet, the girl further ahead stopped up in fear, and the man was just about to swing her bat down at Karissa moved in to intercept, her right arm protected by her plate blocked the strike completely. "Have you know shame..?" She glared at him, he immediately back off starting to explain himself. "They stole for me, I'm just..." She raised an eyebrow, taking a glance around, all they had been running with was bread and some other eatables. "You greedy... Here.." She threw a punch of money to the man that more than covers the food the kids had stolen. "Now scram..." The man turned to leave where after Karissa sighed turning towards the children. "How about that... Stealing is bad... but getting caught is worse..." She giggled lightly trying to make the frightened children seem more at ease. "Tha... thank you" The girl spoke, while the boy got up picking up the food. "Your welcome... now does any of you know where I might find The Rusty Spoon?" She smiled softly the girl clearly younger than the boy there for didn't really know the boy pointed and said. "Down there and then 5th to the left, can't miss it" Karissa smiled and nodded and then threw them a pouch of money, enough to keep them fed for a good while. "Thank you, stay safe now" Karissa then turned and started walking in the direction appointed apparently she had walked pretty close to the exit to the grey terminal.

Before long she'd find the Inn. she started wondering if she had been the first to arrive or not, she figured she most likely weren't afterall she did get lost on the way, Karissa wasn't particularly fond of the way they had to find each other, bars wasn't really her forte but alas not much to do about it. As she got to the place she did her routine check about the place, casually taking a stroll around the place, with a bad sense of direction she liked to know the best escape routes beforehand of stopping at a spot, she wasn't really certain for how long she'd be staying here.

Applying for General  Revutionary

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Alrighty here we go. So the RP sample was fine except for a few typos which doesn't ruin anything. If you have not seen the update for the occupation then go take a look as you may or may not want to change it. They no longer give out stats, but bonuses and passives. If no change, then awesome! Just need another opinion from staff.

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Lineage added and Occupation stays as it is.

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