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Salamander Waltz (Staff NPC)

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Salamander Waltz

Epithet: ' Mr. Madness'
Age: Unspecified
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Unspecified

Affiliation: Himself, Criminals worldwide, Croaker's
Occupation: Leader of the Croaker's, Martial Artist || Alchemist

Salamander Waltz (Staff NPC) E0jtm7P
"Madness, as you know.. Is a lot like gravity.. All it takes it a little push..."

Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Purple
Skin Tone: White
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 160lbs

Personality: Mr. Madness is a homicidal, psychopathic, ruthless, sadistic, maniacal, lunatic, manipulative, intelligent, and diabolical master criminal  who wants nothing but chaos and anarchy wherever he goes. Instead of just outright killing people (Which is something he absolutely loves doing,) he enjoys trying to ‘corrupt’ his victims. Mr. Madness has a vicious, sadistic, and ruthless mind of physically and mentally torturing his enemies or puppets.

Waltz takes extreme pride in his crimes, often freely admitting and taking credit for crimes he commits. He possesses a warped sense of humor, deriving pleasure from inflicting twisted, morbid death and terror upon innocent people. He is also extremely nihilistic, claiming that all of life is ‘one huge joke’, and the only “right” way to continue living is by descending into madness, complete insanity. He believes that ‘one bad day’ is way more than enough for anyone to become like him.

Abilities: Waltz is an extremely talented individual in terms of intelligence and physical prowess. He’s unimaginably fast, being able to dodge bullets and cannonballs as if they were as slow as turtles.

His main close-combat style revolves around imbuing his legs in Busoshoku Haki, and unleashing massive, explosive kicks. It’s said that when fighting in close-combat, his kicks (Imbued with Haki) are strong enough to completely tear through steel.

He possesses a substantial amount of durability, being able to take bullets to his body without suffering to grievous of injuries.  His endurance is also a prominent aspect of his abilities, evident by the fact that he recovers from being shot with a cannonball, returning to fight with little to no trouble.

Waltz is proficient enough in swordfighting to fight on par with a Revolutionary General-level individual. He is able to slice through steel like a hot-knife through butter, allowing for devastating slicing abilities should he ever use blades.

His last ability, and probably most dangerous, is his keen intellect. He has outsmarted and manipulated some of the worlds greatest nobles, conning them into joining his cause, then dumping them as if they were trash. He was clever enough to devise a plan in order to escape Level 6 of Impel Down, where he was awaiting execution. Note, he was able to perfectly execute the plan as well, and escape.  He is skilled in the arts of Alchemy, and Inventing. He has made several buff-producing potions over the years that he has been alive that has given him unimaginable superhuman abilities (See above.)

Devil Fruit-
Mr. Madness possesses the Kado-Kado no Mi (Card-Card Fruit). The Fruit allows him to produce playing cards in large numbers, using them for a large array of different skills and techniques. His main technique with this Fruit is imbuing his cards with Busoshoku Haki, launching them at his opponents for devastating cutting attacks. He is able to form objects out of the cards as well, such as but not limited to: Swords, Protective walls, gigantic hands/fists, shields, etc.

Likes: Killing, Destroying, Torturing, Laughing, Seeing people grieve, horror-themed items/area

Dislikes: Being told he is wrong, having no one to torture, horses, Being disobeyed, “Injustice”, Anyone who is not on his side.

Motivations: To create a perfect image of the world in his own eyes.

Fears: Being alone, Not being able to complete his goal, Cats, Losing his teeth and or smile.

Inner Lineage:

Outer Lineage:

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