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Mera Mera no mi

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1 Mera Mera no mi on Mon Dec 01, 2014 7:29 am

Skill Name: Mera Mera no mi (Fire)
Skill Type: Logia
Skill Information:As all Logia's it turns the body of the user into said element, in this case the properties of Fire. It has been done by eating the Mera Mera Fruit which is a Devil fruit type Logia, it is said these fruits were once created by the devil, and the sea who hates the devil there for also hates these fruits. Which is why all fruit-users is powerless in sea water.
Skill Strengths:
- Having a Body made of flames, making you unable to be hit by the mere regular attacks
- Resistance to Fire and Heat
- Slight Resistance to Solar
- Able to free manipulate fire of his body and absorb fires into his body.
Skill Weaknesses:
- Sea and Sea Stone, will leave any Fruit user powerless under prolonged exposure.
- Haki, will be able to hit even with him being made out of fire. As if he was a regular human.
- Ice Attacks have a greater impact.
- Lava Attacks have a slightly greater impact.

Level 1:
Ability Lvl 1 Name: Fire Sweep
Ability Lvl 1 Type: Medium Range 8 Meters
Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: 2
Ability Lvl 1 Description: Jack basically sets his leg into flames and through a simple horizontal sweep he extends and sends out those flames in a wave of flames. Time needed to make the move is, to be standing and send a kick. aka 1 second or below.
Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:
-Quick to use, as it needs no momentum or space to charge it.
-Can seem frightening, when used as a response of on instinctive measures the sudden burst of flames between them can seem more overwhelming.
-As it is quick to use it also allows Jack to move immediately after having used it.

Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:
-The Ability is a wave forward there for the back is left unattended and also the flames in front makes it difficult for even Jack to maintain focus on those behind.
-Jack is  eitherstanding on one leg performing a horizontal attack leaving any attack on his one leg left standing a very strong weak point, or in the air which make dodging and moving immediatly afterwards impossible.
-As it relies on the leg actually getting up, if the leg is stopped before the attack really gets started the move is cancelled altogether.

Ability Lvl 1 Name: Fire Fist
Ability Lvl 1 Type: Medium Ranged 10 Meters
Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: 3
Ability Lvl 1 Description: Gathers up very potent fire power within his fist, to send it out into a cone in front of him. First at the size of fist, then it expands cone wise until it is about the size of a man in diameter. The attack can be thrown freely as long as Jack is able to throw a strong punch.
-Strong Fire Attack with very decent range, if Jack becomes powerfull enough, could even cause environmental or structural damage.
-Fairly quick and easy to use, as if he would simply strike a regular martial art punch.
-Able to send the attack even while within the air.
Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:
-Being a Frontal attack where you invest some focus into the attack. Means leaving both sides and your back open.
-Cone attack means close range the attack is smaller, so a charging enemy could simply change direction slightly to the side and get into the no hit zone.
-Being in melee would allow you to block the punch and the entire attack, before it was made.

Ability Lvl 1 Name: Fire Dash
Ability Lvl 1 Type: Field Long range
Ability Lvl 1 Cool down: 5
Ability Lvl 1 Description: He turns his whole body into flames losing the restrictions of a human body allowing himself as flames to travel at great speeds in an almost teleportation.
Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:
-High speed movement, 30 mps for 15 meters. in a single burst.
-Being almost a teleport, makes it impossible to catch or break the moment before it has been completed.
-If there is already flames on the field, following the movement is near impossible.
Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:
-Needs to know where he is going, he can't go into a place he can't see beforehand.
-He leaves a trail of fire, so if looking on the ground after the move you can easily detect where he has gone.
-He can't move through solid environment.
-If it’s raining or the Jack is otherwise soaked in water the ability becomes impossible.

Ability Lvl 1 Name: Fireball
Ability Lvl 1 Type: Medium Range, 10 meter
Ability Lvl 1 Cool down: 4
Ability Lvl 1 Description: Jack charges his fire into his hands or hand creating a ball of fire which he then sends at an opponent or target. Exploding upon impact.
Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:
-Able to either throw two fireball's, one strong when combining them or one regular from one hand.
-Hitting Causes an explosion, being able to hit multiple enemies. One hand 3 yard explosion, two handed 5 yard explosion.
-Able to curve the Fireball(s) mildly while abeing sent.
Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:
-If arms are disabled or severely damaged the move becomes impossible.
-Oppnenent at close range can read the movement and through dodge it with greater ease.
-Explosion might harm allies within range.
-Hit at close range will carse Jack to afflicted by the explosion aswell.

Ability Lvl 1 Name: Fire Nova
Ability Lvl 1 Type: Close Range, 5 meter Radius
Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown: 4
Ability Lvl 1 Description: Enveloping his body in fire, and then dischargining the flames around him, in a nova, scorching even the earth around him. The Nova is usually made useing a stomp of a arm movement.
Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:
-Strong defensive move, covering all sides.
-Getting caught within the range will cause strong burns, and perhaps being set a flame.
-Quick to use.
Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:
-Doesn't cover the above, so jumping above Jack or the nova will be an easy dodge.
-Flames will hurt allies if caught.
-Doesn't protect from projectiles that are unable to be set on fire.
-Very Flashy Technique that centers most attention on him after usage.

Level 2:

Ability Lvl 2 Name:Phoenix Assault
Ability Lvl 2 Type: Long Range, 55 meters
Ability Lvl 2 Cooldown:´5 posts.
Ability Lvl 2 Description:
Jack would use any limb possibe to fling off a small fireball, that is about the size of a baseball, then after having flown 5 meters in the air, it would explode into a beutiful fire bird, one which Jack can controll and manuever untill it would clash into a target and explode.
Ability Lvl 2 Strengths:
-Attack it manuverable making it possible to hit difficult to hit targets.
-Highly destructive.
Ability Lvl 2 Weaknesses:
-People within the first 5 meters are able to dodge the attack, and be fairly aware of the technique.
-If you see the attack comming you'd be able to attack the bird and make it explode prematurely.
-If Jack recieves too hard a hit to th head, or is knocked out while this is active, then the bird evaporates.

Ability Lvl 2 Name:Whipflare
Ability Lvl 2 Type:Medium Range, 30 meters
Ability Lvl 2 Cooldown:4
Ability Lvl 2 Description:
Jack uses a very concetrated fire to create a whip, while in this form all the heat i concetrated within the flames, then he'd whip the whip once in an arc scorching all that its hits rather intensely.
Ability Lvl 2 Strengths:
-Attack is rather strong, having created fire strong enough to cut whole tree down, rather than setting them aflame.
-.Even if hitting armor some of the heat would ignore the armor.

Ability Lvl 2 Weaknesses:
-Leaves the back open.
-Able to hit allies if they are within the range.
-A whips movements can be predicted.

Ability Lvl 2 Name:Fire Spears
Ability Lvl 2 Type:Medium Range, 25 meters
Ability Lvl 2 Cooldown: 3
Ability Lvl 2 Description:
Jack creates  condence spears of flames in his hands, that scorches whever it toughes, then thrown at a target or at two targets.
Ability Lvl 2 Strengths:
-Is able to stab into opponents.
-Quick to use.

Ability Lvl 2 Weaknesses:
-Limited by ack's ability to throw.
-If hands are occuied then making this technique is impossible.

Ability Lvl 2 Name: Sword of Flame
Ability Lvl 2 Type: Melee Support
Ability Lvl 2 Cooldown: 6 posts 3 post duration.
Ability Lvl 2 Description:
Jack is able to either create a sword of flames or empower the sword he is currently holding. Essencially if the blade is consistent entirely of flames blocking things that normally couldn't touch logia would be impossible same goes for blocking attacks made by the sword.
Ability Lvl 2 Strengths:
-Sword of Flames if not empowering a sword, is unblockable.
-It able to harden and make the blade you are holding stronger.

Ability Lvl 2 Weaknesses:
-Sword of Flames can be blocked by Haki or Sea Stone.
-Sword of Flames if not empowering a sword, can't block things unless its Haki or Sea Stone.

Ability Lvl 2 Name:Helix of War
Ability Lvl 2 Type: Medium Range, 40 meters
Ability Lvl 2 Cooldown: 8
Ability Lvl 2 Description:
Jack gather up power in a ball of fire behind him and then from that ball of fire jack sends fourth two strings of heavily condenced flame, aiming two hit one target, and then strike down with incredible power.
Ability Lvl 2 Strengths:
-The attack itself is very fast making it hard to dodge once sent.
-Highly destructive.
- Ignores regular armor.
Ability Lvl 2 Weaknesses:
-Needs some time to gather up power for the technique(1 post)
-Once known dodging and such becomes possible as you can see the ball of flame before hand.
-Will strike anything that comes in between the line choosen, making it possible to hit an ally.

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2 Re: Mera Mera no mi on Thu Dec 11, 2014 4:51 am


Okay, your skills are fine just need to some quick edits, for your ranges you would need to adjust them, Tier Ranges have been change for Tier 1 Abilities the ranges are .....

Tier 1 Range:
Close: 0-5 Meters
Mid: 6-10 Meters
Long: 11-15 Meters
Area Attack Radius: 5m (An attack with user at the center)
Area Attack Radius: 2.5m (An attack that travels)

Also, your character can start out as T2 so you can make your T2 Skills if you want.

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3 Re: Mera Mera no mi on Sun Dec 21, 2014 9:26 am

Bumb for approval

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