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Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko]

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1 Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Sun Dec 21, 2014 12:22 pm

It was early day, the sun was only just coming up in the horizon, slowly letting its rays hit the land of Centauria, the cites slowly waking up, the people returning to their daily doings, the farmers out on the fields, starting to tend to their crops. It was a good day, a quiet day, which was considered a good day. Better yet it was a day off for Karissa, one she wished to use simply relaxing. Earlier today she had taken a horse from the capital and then rode out into one of the smaller cities, seeing as she wished take a break, as far away from her duties as would be possible. She had arrived at a city, not too big nor was it that large, it had stores and people, a few local taverns, she intended to visit one before the day was over.

She left the horse at a stable, before entering the city. She had left her armor at home, though her sword was still safely placed on her back. A White shirt had replaced to be her top, though she still wore fishnet underneath, and still wore black pants. She smiled too whoever she passed as she was headed for the market district, sending a smile to whoever she passed on the way there, it was all in all a good day, and nothing was going to take that from her. She wasn't really that much of a shopper, though after much debate she figured she'd at least give it a shot, though to hell if anyone she knew was going to spot her doing so, so today while away from where she spent most of her time she'd at least try. So here she was walking towards the market, already starting to feel silly for even trying, though she couldn’t really udge the whole thing without at least trying it.

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2 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Sun Dec 21, 2014 1:42 pm

The Plasma Paladin somehow manage to end up in the Centauria, after finally obtaining her devil fruit powers back on Thriller Bark. She didn't want to eat the fruit, but she was fighting a losing battle and she had no other options, after eating the foul tasting fruit, her cybernetic body was given . She was still getting used to its powers and the fact that she lost her ability to swim, which worry her slightly as been travelling across the seas in a small raft, if that was believable. Once she ended on the shore of Centauria she decided to explore the Island, she noticed the woodlands were fill with horses. To most beings, they would view the scene as majestic and beautiful. To Yuriko she didn't find much appeal in nature, she was more draw to technology. Anyway as she made her way through the woods, she look up towards the sky and saw the rising sun, signaling to her that it was early in the day. She didn't need much sleep being a cyborg, so she continue her adventure on Centauria. Soon she would enter a small city.    

Immediately Yuriko drew the attention of the several citizens. Whether people found her appearance exotic and attractive or view her as a repulsive freak of nature. She didn't mind the stares, she was use to them. Plus if anyone try to harm her, she had a steel shield and sword to defend herself with. Both of them strapped on her back. Even if they were close to breaking apart. She needed to upgrade her arsenal, so maybe she could find something her, but then she didn't have any beli on her so...she didn't knew how that would work out. "Oh I wonder if they have any board games!" Yuriko excitedly shout out, causing people to sweat drop as she ran towards the nearest stand. "Hello Shopkeeper! Show me the games you sell! Its boring be alone, so I need something to pass the time. Give me something with explosions. Or defeating zombies."   As Yuriko ranted on about gaming, the shopkeeper was thinking that he hit a gold mine with this busty customer. His eyes nearly sparkled unaware that the woman he was listening to was broke.

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3 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Sun Dec 21, 2014 10:13 pm

Karissa was merely window shopping, she didn't exactly find anything to her appeal though so far she had so few possessions besides the things she needed her most valued thing being her sword besides that she had never seemed to grow fond of anything else, she felt that she should not be weighed down by such petty needs. Though her day of shopping was interrupted as chatter of something new caught her ears, word spread fast in a town as small as this, but this left her puzzled, a woman with some sort of blue glow, it sounded weird especially in a place like this, Karissa had seen her share of weirdness in this word, but for it to come here seems

Though it was a day off, that didn't exactly mean she couldn't just go take a look, after all it sounded interesting, she would slowly stroll down in the direction of the commotion, though she didn't exactly know what to expect, she wasn't really easily surprised though this wasn't what she had expected, this woman was quite the sight both for the eyes in general and from a interesting point of view. She took a look around, the crowd didn't seem as one sided as she was some looked with interested some in fright, a bit strange though she didn't really care. It would seem she had caught the stranger in the making of some sort of deal, the word games came out, a word she had not expected to hear, her interest piqued she slowly stepped closer, quietly though simply wanting to spectate this transaction and these games that was of mention, not something she had ever heard of or seen, not as something that was bought atleast, she knew of games that was played with imagination, she could remember doing such things back when she was very young, but well it was not a thing she had looked into for a long while.

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4 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Sun Dec 21, 2014 11:09 pm

"I'm sure I have something that your are looking for, Miss or Mrs. ?" The shopkeeper despite not understand what the odd looking woman was talking about he would do his best to sell as many of his items as she can. Yuriko stop her ranting as she forgot to introduce herself properly. She didn't knew the meaning of last few words he spoke. She close her eyes as she access her data banks, searching for information. "My name is Yuriko Dogma. Future gaming legend and searching for a group to join!" The man nodded his head as he duck down to retrieve a small wooden box, he blew some dust off of it, which cause the Cyborg to cough a bit, her eyes widen in excitement as the man slowly open the box. "I know just the item to keep you entertain. Miss Dogma. I call this a paddle ball! The object of the game is to keep hitting the ball with the paddle like so."  Yuriko huge grin turn into a look of disappointment as she slightly glare at the man. The man didn't seem to be aware of Yuriko's glaring as he was demonstrating how entraining his game could be. "That is not game you idiot, that piece of wood with string! Are you a noob!? " The man definitely was confused on the term 'noob'. He has no idea what that was and he wasn't going to let some freak yell at him. "Closed for the Day. Taking your business else were you glowing freak" The man pull out some black curtains in front of him, that had the word 'close' written on it, in big red letters.

Yuriko simply blinked and shook her head, she really needed to work on her social interactions. "I can find my own fun, I don't some unimportant nobody." She was about to leave he the shop until her eyes caught sight of female with a sword. Yuriko eyed the curvy swordswoman's, a small hint of nervousness came over her, but she wasn't sure why she felt that way. She would approach the other woman with a friendly smile. "Nice blade you have there. Do you know a place where I can upgrade my arsenal?"  

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5 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Mon Dec 22, 2014 9:32 am

Karissa watched with a peculiar look on her, this seemed strange; the way she spoke wasn't alike any way she had heard before. She expected it might be something she had picked up from where ever she came from, though it still seems strange she used words she had never heard before, things such as "noob" though given the tone she figured it was something negative. Soon things picked up quickly, it would seem the game wasn't the kind of game she was looking for, though she didn't understand why there was such aggression just over some game being the wrong one.

As the woman turned around, and faced Karissa she raised an eyebrow, not having suspected her to actually interact with her, though even if she looked mildly surprised, she'd still return the smile.
"Ohh thank you"
She took one quick glance back at her blade, while thinking about what she asked about, in all honestly she was kind of a strange to this pace, though she believed she had spotted a suitable answer, unless it was like games where the normal wasn’t what she was looking for.
"I'd recommend another town, though I spotted a blacksmith just a bit down the street, if that is what you're looking for..?"
She kept a rather intense look on her, her eyes moving over her, studying her best she could, though she was no scientist so figuring out what all the stuff on her body was, would be beyond her capabilities.

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6 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Mon Dec 22, 2014 1:15 pm

As Yuriko was waiting for a response, the machine half of her was doing some updating and adjustments for her, as it study the interactions that Yuriko was involved in so far. It noticed that woman was confusing the people she was talking to and was getting negative results. The modifications weren't noticeable to the outside world, expect for brief increase of brightness coming from Yuriko's glowing parts. Ii only lasts for several seconds before they return to normal. "Hopefully that should do it" The paladin would mutter quietly to herself.

Updating Social Programs.....
Adding New Systems......
Adjusting Personality.......
Updating Complete......

After the updates. Yuriko tone down her grin as she watch the female with mild interest, she would try to avoid using her gaming language, it was concept that very few understand. She was about to apologize for her earlier behavior until the other being responded. "No need to thank me for the compliment, I'm just doing what others would have done when they see, a fine craft blade. You should thank the creator of the blade if you haven't already. "   Now that the female cyborg was calmer. She would look down the street and nervously laughed. "Could you escort me there. A silly request I know, but you know this town better than I do, I would assume. My name is Yuriko Dogma, a cyborg if my appearance didn't gave it away. Amazing right?" The intense look of the friendly stranger, didn't phase her, she was more advanced than most of her kind. So she stand perfectly still letting the curvy woman examine her body as much as she want.

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7 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Mon Dec 22, 2014 7:11 pm

Karissa stood and pondered slightly, if she had thanked the one who did the craft, well considering this was her most prized possession of course she had, though of course this woman couldn't know that, she was just a stranger with a sword of good quality, perhaps this quality was just above average to her.
"I did believe me... but I also believe a compliment to anything be it accessory or a part of yourself should go unthanked"
Karissa stood slightly puzzled it would seem there was some twist in personality, though she choose to let it slide completly, seeing as it really didn't matter at this point.
"Sure I don't mind, though I'm not too familiar in this town."
She smiled lightly and tilted her head.
"Pleased to make your acquaintance Yuriko, my name is Karissa, a winged, bet my appearance didn't give that away~"
She spoke very playfully, she had already figured she was a cyborg, but it was very polite of her to make it known, so even if she wasn't obliged to tell who she was in the same way, the politeness of her presentation granted her that, for all that’s its worth, properly nothing though.

Karissa would then step back and wave a hand in the direction of back where she had originally come from, she hadn't really had a chance to take a good look, as it was on her way down to see what had caused all the chatter, not too far in a sense only a few minutes’ walk there, and it was also a place she'd like to check out herself, so she definitely didn't mind her company, she was also a interesting person so this was going to be enlightening, she hadn't really spoken to that many cyborgs in her life.
"So what brings you here Yuriko?"
She smiled softly and kept walking, expecting that Yuriko would follow her, she walked as she normally would, smiling to the world as she went, though she did spot the looks that was sent her way, well her and Yuriko's the town seemed both fascinated and frightened at the same time, which was understandable.

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8 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Mon Dec 22, 2014 8:41 pm

"Ah. Well that okay then we can explore the town together, it can be our own little adventure. And thank you for accepting my request." Was Yuriko responded after Karissa said she wasn't too familiar with the town herself. When it was revealed that she was talking to Winged, she was indeed shock, she didn't look like winged. She always thought that they would have large white wings and long flowing blonde haired. More angelic looking. "No. I thought you were a human or maybe a Kuja, you have curves that can rival them." She responded playfully as well, maybe too playfully as she was still getting used to interacting with others. Anyhow, she was looking forward to spending more time with her winged champion.  

Yuriko would follow her company as she walking beside her. She thought about the question that was asked. She originally came here to improve her social skills, but she didn't want to say that. She had other reasons for coming here. "Well, I didn't plan on coming here. The sea brought me here on a raft that I found. It good thing I don't get seasick." She paused as she notice the stares they were getting, most of them were curious of the duo. It was odd pair to see. She kept her grin as she continue her talking. "Now I guess I'm looking for a group or crew to join. Drifting across the seas is lonely and boring. If there one thing I hate, its being alone. You know what I mean?" Yuriko frown for a second or two, before she grin again. She then remained silent, not sure if she was become too talkative.

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9 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Mon Dec 22, 2014 10:19 pm

Karissa listened carefully, watching where they went. Of course this was pretty simple all things considered. Though as her curves where complimented a faint blush went over her cheeks though she chuckled it away with a smirk and turned to face her, while waking of course.
"Full of compliments aren't you? Thank you, though losing your wings makes it hard to know"
She smiled caringly, not wanting to linger on the thought of the lost, luckily it was so behind her she didn't really feel anything through bringing it.
"A raft huh? Well as long as it doesn't sink I suppose that’s a suitable way to get around"
She kept walking with Yuriko she wasn't a too bad of a person, and well it would seem she was just a stranger that had stumbled upon this land, which was what Karissa had hoped for.
"I think I know exactly what you mean, I haven't really spent much time traveling alone, but I've done my share of being alone... it never felt good"
She would smile softly, considering the possibilities at this point there was a few options Karissa could take though to be honest she would rather consider Yuriko a person rather than just some potential recruit, even if the Revolutionary Army needed all the help they could get, she wouldn't push this person into it, she'd of course make the offer, but that’s that.

It wouldn't take too long before they reached the blacksmith, at this point Karissa had stopped caring about the crowd, it didn't really matter anymore, they could make the assumptions they wanted, in the end this would just be a slightly more strange day.
"Well I know my fair share of the land you've arrived at, so I can at least tell you about that much... This place is called Centauria, and it is under the protection of the revolutionary army"
she smiled softly, it was a nice thing to say in her ears, though it might not be the same way for others.
"Anyway, we're here so let’s get a look at some gear and stuff?"
She giggled softly, and let Yuriko step up and take a look, it wasn't a top notch Blacksmith but it was average, perhaps better than what you would expect from a town such as this.

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10 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:21 pm

"You're Welcome" Yuriko barely manage or even notice the blush Karissa had on her face. She almost turn her head to quickly for to see. She won't comment on it, as she going through her databanks, there some important information she needed to know. As she look around the town she saw a stable full with horses, she thought that this place really like their horses. "Well, I felt like I had to comment on your curves. I like them, not sure why. I have to do some more research on the matter. There are some aspects of myself that I still need to learn about. But let me drop that topic, I getting that feeling that I might have just been awkward. Still discovering who I am." With some laughter she didn't comment on loss her lack of wings. That must be tough for Winged, not having wings. Maybe she could get a pair of mechanical wings!

"I'm glad you agree, that why I'm on my quest for a group. To never have to experience that feeling ever again. I wasn't always alone, I use to on Island full of monsters that try to eat me and I have a voice that always help me out for awhile, before I left that place." Once they reach the blacksmith shop, Yuriko had to suppress her gaming personality from coming back, that persona wasn't good with shopping. When she learned the name of the Island she was located on and who protected it, she nodded her head. "Those are the men and women that..uh...are bothersome to the World Government. I don't blame them for wanting change, I don't much of world, but I know of some evils that the government allows. Slavery for one thing. But I heard revolutionary methods can be extreme at times. " Yuriko would step inside as she look at the various weapons that the shop sold, compare to her current armament, this was a gold mine.

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11 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:40 pm

Karissa's blush intensified for a few moments, this kind of flattery was so unusual it hit her in a way she hadn't expected, it was honest in a way that seemed impossible these day, though the way she spoke made it seem to be a very unlikely lie.
"Who you are..? You don't know?"
He voice was almost sad, this was a very strange thing, of course she knew nothing about what it was like to be a cyborg, she knew that there was different extends to how much of you was robot, but was it possibly to loose who you where? That was a rather frightening thought, at least for Karissa, she had lost a lot of her past for various reasons but in the end she at least still knew who she was, or at least she had an idea of who she was.

Karissa listened closely to Yuriko's words; it all seemed so foreign to her, though perhaps she had just not been very far, though the company of a voice alone seemed rather strange.
"A voice..?"
She tilted her head, rather curios at this point, it all seemed very strange to her, she figured it might have something to do with her becoming a cyborg, but seeing as she knew nothing of who had made her, she couldn't really tell what kind of cyborg she was, she knew she was a cyborg unlike any she had seen or heard of before. She slowly stepped in after Yuriko, her eyes slowly moving around as her voice got a bit lower seeing as they were now inside and well talking too loud would seem rude.
"I can agree with you to some extent, though I'd say it’s a matter of the individual in charge of each act, just as there are marine fighting a good cause saving lives there are marines who stand for moral long outdated... same goes for Revolutionaries, most of the time it is rather simple go save the village, liberate the town... yet sadly sometimes unfortunately those tasks are forced into situations that to the revolutionaries seem extreme..."
Karissa paused sadly her time are a general of the revolutionary army had been so short she had hardly had a hand in any actions so far, she knew about these acts of questionable tasks, it was not a thing she supported, though she could see some logic behind it, though it was not a call she was going to make herself if she was in charge.
"In the end the revolutionaries are fighting the world government mostly due to the corruption at its top, its ad that its foot soldiers of the marines that has to be the ones to fight their mess for them"
Karissa smiled and watched Yuriko closely, she had seemed to like this store, it wasn't nothing over the top as far as Karissa knew, but well it was better than nothing and there was some rather good weapons and pieces of armor on display.

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12 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Tue Dec 23, 2014 2:22 pm

"No. I don't remember much about my past self before I became a cyborg, when I try to access my memories for that knowledge I always come up empty handed, it seems like there some parts of myself I can't use until I reach a certain level. The only thing I do know is that I used to have black hair and purple eyes." Despite lacking information on herself, she didn't sound sad about it, to her it was just another objective she had to complete in this game. At least she was learning what she was and wasn't attract to. Yuriko lowered her voice as well, she didn't want to get kick out for not using her inside voice.

It didn't long until one sword caught the attention of the cyborg. The first thing that drew her attention to the sword was that it had a blue glow around the blade, it match the Yuriko won glow almost perfectly, the sword glow was just a tad bit brighter. On the upper half of the blade there was a symbol in the center, Yuriko couldn't tell what it was, it look like some type of serpent or dragon in her opinion. Yuriko grabbed the sword off the stand and held it on the ground, examining it length. The sword was taller than she was, but it wasn't two heavy as she was able to hold it with one hand. Yuriko was distracted by the sword that she was late with her reply.  "This sword is so cool! Right! I understand what you are saying, but remember a group is generally job the actions of a few outsiders. What that saying's a couple of bad apples spoil the whole bunch? Anyway are you part of the  Revolutionary Army" Her last question came out more like a statement. The armor didn't interest Yuriko as much, if anything she could always find a place where she can upgrade her own body for increase endurance and durability. Of course if anyone was smart enough and had experience with dealing with cyborg she didn't want any random stranger working on her body.

"Ah I see you taken a fancy, to the Rave Mistress Sword." The owner of the shop would appeared out of the back room carrying a war hammer, he sat it down on the counter as she examine the two females in his shop. "I was wondering when anyone was going to take interest in it. It seem like you would be the perfect owner for Rave Mistress, it suits your....unique look. Ma'am. And how about your friend there, anyway I could the both of you?" Yuriko nodded her head, he was right. She could always seen herself slaying her foes left and right with this sword. Now she just need a shield to replaced her old one.

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13 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Tue Dec 23, 2014 2:56 pm

Karissa smiled softly, seeing Yuriko's eyes lit up light that, she didn't know why but it was unexpected, perhaps she had an idea that cause she was a cyborg and she seemed so collected, made seeing such a joyful expression seem so unlike her, though it was definitely pleasant to see, it made her seem more human.
"Figured out that much already... Sorry I didn't really want to bring it up"
She smiled softly, it was the truth. She had just wanted to extend it a bit before telling, though she wasn't really sure when she was going to say it, though it didn't really matter, her being a part of the army shouldn't change much hopefully.

As soon as the Blacksmith entered the room, Karissa smiled softly to him, gulping down lightly, luckily she wasn't to well known, so she didn't exactly fear her rank being exposed by anyone here, after all this wasn't exactly a place she had come a lot, and if they did recognize er, it would most likely be from the wanted posters. Then she might be able to pull of a small lie. It didn't seem this man had an interest in the Revolutionaries besides their business in this land.
"It's quite the sword you have here..."
She smiled studying Yuriko a bit and then simply shakes her head.
"Today I'm merely looking, and serving as an escort for this cute lady"
he speaks with confidence in her voice, just some small talk allowing Yuriko to take a better look at the sword and all, it was indeed a marvel, one which she had not expected to find here, though in all honesty it seemed perfect for Yuriko, even matched her color.

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14 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Tue Dec 23, 2014 6:58 pm

"I didn't figure it out, I just took a shot in the dark. I guess that you are part of their army or that you were fan of them, but no need to apologize, if you don't want to bring it then I stop talking about it in Ha! I just bring it later." Maybe she should become a revolutionary and help fight the corrupt heads of the world government! It would be an exciting game for her, taking out the lower levels and beings who support the corruption and then go head to head with the heads of the government. A Boss battle for the ages, but she need to get stronger, she knew how underpowered she was. "Thanks! What a awesome name for a unique Rave Mistress! I take it! Mmm. Do you have a shield that goes to it? Please say yes!" Yuriko just need a cool shield to go with the sword.

The blacksmith rub his chin. "Aww. Just window shopping with the lass eh? Ah, as for a shield I might have something for your tastes. I be right back."Yuriko blush as she was compliment by Karissa. It was first time ever had such a reaction to a statement. She made a mental note about that. "You thank. I think you're gorgeous." She had a hint of nervousness in her voice, but she did her best to hide it as she laid the sword on the counter. She manage to fight down her blush as she smile back at Karissa.

Soon the blacksmith will return with a round shield. "I think this will suit you needs, I'm not quite sure who made this, I found this on shopping trip, I simply kept in the back with the rest of the stuff." Yuriko look at the shield and grinned, it was perfect to her. Now she just need to figure out how to paid for them, when she didn't have any beli on her.

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15 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Tue Dec 23, 2014 8:13 pm

Karissa smiled softly, it wasn't much of a matter in not wanting to say it, it was more alike not wanting it to put distance between them, making her seem like some military official, she had been having a lot of that lately, so a break from it would be nice.
"Talk about it all you want sweetie, I was more afraid of what kind of reaction the knowledge would give"
She smiled and watched Yuriko she seemed quite fond of this sword, enough to simply buy it on impulse, which to her seemed a bit strange but then again when something just clicks you got to jump for it.
"Sword and shield type huh? You don't find a lot of those people anymore"
She spoke quite impressed, most people were only keeping on to Swords out of principle, shields seemed to become more and more outdated, so seeing people take up shield was a fresh thing to her.

Karissa found this new found cuteness quite amusing, it wasn't something she had actively done before, perhaps it was cause Yuriko seemed so unlike a person who'd be like that, or perhaps it was just a matter liking to do this, though she had never given the thought to do so before, a bit strange.
"Yes I'm not much of a shopper, So I rejoice in just looking"
She couldn't help but blush yet again, the rather blunt compliments just kept coming and they still hit her with a surprise, this wasn't something she'd normally expect.
"Thank you, yet again... do you always flatter girls or is it simply speaking what’s on your mind?"
She did wonder actually, seeing as she didn't know much about herself, she might not even think about it, and this way she'd get to know a bit about her as well.

Her eyes blinked lightly, looking over at the shield, she had to admit, it did seem alike Yuriko's style, it was unique, like she was like the sword was, made her wonder a bit, this couldn't exactly be cheap, and seeing as Yuriko's preferred way of traveling was by raft money couldn't be something she had a lot of, though perhaps she could surprise her, maybe she just liked traveling cheap, I mean in a way you could say she looked expensive speaking of the tech in her body that is. Though Yuriko did look quite excited on her face, and well she wouldn't want to ruin that incase she didn't have the money though she'd give a fair shot of paying if she had the money if no attempt to do so would come up she'd take charge by simply smiling to the shopkeeper.
"So what’s the price..?"
She kept a gentle look, looking him into the eyes needing a good look at him, she wasn't exactly sure she had the cash to straight up pay for it right now but she would at least make some deal.

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16 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Tue Dec 23, 2014 11:17 pm

"Oh the worse reaction you could gotten was angry mob of citizens or marines coming after you with torches and pitchforks. That would be pretty bad, but don't worry I would have fought by your side. The Paladin and the Angel fighting side by side. What a scene would that be." Yuriko rubbed the back of her head as she look at the sword and shield combo. "Really? I don't see why people wouldn't want to have a shield with them, it perfect for defending and it can be for offensive too. I guess these days everyone likes to dual wielding swords and that other fancy stuff. I admit dual wielding  swords or even more is cool. Or using a big freak sword is rad, but I think the good old shield and sword Combo is badass. Plus I do like to backhand someone with my shield every once in awhile. " Yuriko laughed a bit. She would ask about becoming a revolutionary once they left the shop. The decision was a bit bash, but oh well she just going with how she feels at the moment. Yuriko was glad that she wasn't the only one who was blushing.

"Your welcome. I was speaking what on my mind, but your the only woman I ever flatter so far. And how about you? " Yuriko really didn't compliment as much as she had Karissa, male or female. More research she had to do on the subject, feelings could be confusing and wonderful at the same time, she wonder how non-cyborg deal with it. Anyway she was pull out of her thoughts when the word price came up, this made her visibly nervous. Oh boy, she hope it wasn't too expensive.

"Mmm. Since I feeling nice, I sell you them two items for 350,000 Beli" Yuriko eye twitch at the price, that was still expensive as hell! Yuriko would grinned as she walk beside Karissa and whispered to her. "I don't have the money, so I plan to kick him in the groin and run like a headless chicken. Good plan right?" The plan was silly but Yuriko sounded absolutely serious. She just wait for her escort to comment on her super plan.

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17 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Wed Dec 24, 2014 7:25 am

Karissa listened carefully, it was a rather cute statement, and it even seemed genuine which surprised her, it was pleasant though.
"Well every Angel needs their Paladin to protect them right..?"
She tilted her head looking happily at Yuriko, all in all she meant nothing by it, except a reference to the fairytales, paladins seeking the cause of gods and deities and such Angels being the messengers of such had a somewhat truth to what she said.
"Well it isn't like no one does it anymore... people have just started considering them outdated... Guns seems to be peoples preferred choice, a shield is more difficult to handle I suppose"
She shrugged, didn't really like guns herself, she was more a swords person, she only used one in general, rarely used two though again it was a situational thing.

Karissa smiled softly, so she was the first well that felt nice, made her feel a little special at least, then she was asked the same and well to be honest she had never done it herself before, kind of sad if you think about it, though she's been busy with her career perhaps.
"It’s not a thing I usually do, don't think I've done so before"

She blinked a few times once she heard the prize, it wasn't too bad to e honest, a bit much if she was going to simply hand the cash right here, though she figured she could figure out something else. She looked surprised as Yuriko had stepped up to her, she gently leaned close and heard her plan, it was so cute and innocent, tough a bit a bit short sighted perhaps, so she'd softly giggle.
"So cute..."
She gently placed her hand on Yuriko's head, patting her a bit.
"Not needed though, I'll handle it, don't worry""
She winks to her softly then moves back to the blacksmith.
"So 350 you say... okay then"
She slowly leans in over the table snatching a pen and something to write on, by doing so her rear was ofcourse placed in a better view for Yuriko unintentionally though it would still happen.
"Just send the bill... here"
She wrote on the paper while speaking, then once done handed the note to the blacksmith with an address to the Revolutionary Army along with her name and Rank as General, as well as her signature. She fully intended to pay with her own money, though just not with the money she had on her.
"Should be good, right?"
She smiled at him; pretty sure this should be fine.

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18 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Wed Dec 24, 2014 2:38 pm

"Exactly! Guns are cool I guess but when they run out of ammo, they are pretty much useless. I guess you could use them as a fancy beating stick, but that won't be effective for what they were made for. As for shield being outdated, how silly! Thy just have to make them from new material and they be effective versus guns and swords these days." If sword and shield style were outdated than that would mean she could be consider outdated as well and she didn't like to be consider an older model of a cyborg. That was just a insult on her pride.

Yuriko had a light shade of red on her cheeks after she was petted on the head. "Thanks and if you can handle, go ahead. Just remember, my plan it simple and easy to perform." Yuriko whispered out before Karissa moves towards the shop keeper, she  wonder what plan Karissa have up her sleeve, maybe she would use her sword! Or maybe she had some cool powers that she was unaware of, to maybe she would use her plan. Yuriko watch in excitedly, this was going to be awesome to witness. Of course she didn't think that her escort would simply paid the shopkeeper.  Yuriko shook her head, as she still was blushing. "Ugh! Change back to normal will you." Yuriko muttered under her breath.

The Blacksmith eyes widen for a bit when he saw what was written on the paper, but it didn't last for long as he nodded his hands and clap with excitement . "Perfect and your friend her is now the proud owner of these two fine pieces of equipment." When Yuriko heard the news she couldn't help but walk up towards Karissa and hugged her, if she let her of course. "Thank you!" Yuriko then quickly peck Karissa on her check as she grabbed her new sword and shield. Now she could get rid of her again steel sword and shield.

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19 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Wed Dec 24, 2014 8:53 pm

It wasn't like Karissa was trying to insult her pride, she didn't really think of it like that, since it that was true then she'd be outdated as well, using nothing but a sword. In all honestly it was meant as praise more than anything else, she was surprised to find someone who still treasured the art of sword and shield, though she liked it a lot, those who used them, and was proficient enough with them, could fight as good as anyone else, if not better. So by all means she meant no harm by what she said.

Karissa could hear a few words muttered behind her, though the words slipped her ears, not that she minded it, speaking that low properly meant it was not meant for others ears, so it was all good. And it would seem the deal was a good enough deal, besides he was getting paid anyway, so what was it too him if the payment came a few days later or not, and she should be good by her word.
"That’s great"
She was stepping back, though caught off-guard as Yuriko came in hugging, she didn't mind it though it was nice in the end, though the small peck on her cheek made her blush a bit, another first, or well a first time it had happened with her consent, which was nice.
"Your welcome~"
It wasn't that she was against stealing, by all means steal all you want, though she thought it best to steal from the right people, people of this land had lost much, and was still getting back, though it wasn't seen it would take time, and well she felt as her position in the Revolutionary army was as it was, if she could prevent a little theft this easily it seemed like a good idea, and one look at Yuriko put her mind at ease, it wasn't like she spent her money on anything else.

Karissa then slowly steps back and heads for the exit, after Yuriko of course she didn't want to ruin her joy of getting her new gear and all, no one should do that. So if she wanted to stick around she was free too if she was ready to leave, she would follow her out.

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20 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Wed Dec 24, 2014 10:09 pm

After dropping her old equipment onto the floor, Yuriko place her cool new equipment on her back. Now that upgraded her arsenal she didn't have any other business in here. After doing that she would focus back on Karissa. "No thank you. I have to find a way to properly thank you for this and before you said I don't have to or try to said its fine. I won't take accept that as an answer! I think of something. Just need to think, but for I think we should leave this place, I don't see anything else that catches my attention." The blacksmith would at the two females leaving his shop with a sly grin on his face. "Come back to my place anytime ladies!" Yuriko then would walk out of the blacksmith place and wait for Karissa to follow before she began speaking again. "Where shall we go next my escort. Another store maybe? Or maybe a place to eat, are you hungry?" Yuriko didn't knew much time they spent in there, she look towards the sky, it still seem early in the morning in her opinion.

How would she thank Karissa back for the equipment. She could just paid her back when she gets the beli herself, but that sounded boring to her. Maybe she could find something for Karissa, but she wasn't sure what she like, they haven't spent much time together. Plus if Karissa was rich, then want could she buy? So many ideas flew around in her head. She was about to speak again, but then decided not too, she already ask plenty of questions already, she figure she let her get a word in, she didn't want to come across as rude.

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21 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Wed Dec 24, 2014 10:41 pm

Karissa was a bit surprised for this kind of gratefulness to her it seemed like such a little gesture but perhaps for Yuriko it was so much more, it didn't really matter, it was no big deal. Seeing Yuriko so happy was good enough, knowing that she was a part of it simply made it all a lot better.
"If you say so~"
She spoke softly, mostly not wanting to argue about it, she had no needs for repayment, a thank you was all good to her, in truth she might not even see Yuriko again after today, or well that would all depend on her choices. She slowly walked out behind her and giggled lightly and waved back at the Blacksmith.
"Thanks a lot, have a nice day.
She closed the door behind them and went outside.

Karissa stopped up herself taking a look around, listening to Yuriko and all her questions, finding the pace to be adorable, most likely due to riding on some sort of rush of joy.
"Let’s see if I can answer in the correct order... Anywhere, if you have a place you'd like to see, A Place to eat seems nice and lastly just a bit"
She smiled summing up the answers it would seem she had hit the right order of answers here, though she couldn't be entirely sure.
"How about you... are you hungry, I don't mind treating"
She smiled softly, food was something she could easily take care of, and it didn't matter that she was paying for another mouth, she was most likely hungry, and food was properly scarce on top of a raft. That and she would like to get to know Yuriko better, talking over some food was usually a good way to bond, would also allow Yuriko to ask her questions if she wanted, so far it has mostly been Karissa finding out stuff about her, not so much the other way around apart from her race and being part of the revolutionaries.

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22 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Thu Dec 25, 2014 2:19 pm

Yuriko thought about f she wanted to do more shopping but she couldn't think of anything else she could have want at the moment. "Great I could use some food myself and thank again, you really are an Angel." Yuriko wasn't that hungry as she didn't need to eat or drink as much as an normal organic being due to her race, but still that didn't mean she didn't enjoy food and drinks every once in awhile. Plus  what better way to bond with her escort than over a nice plate of food, right? Yuriko grinned as she began to walk despite not knowing her way around this town, she knew or at thought that Karissa was beside her. "So what do you enjoy eating? I don't really have a prefer style of food, maybe I have preference . I do despise most forms of barbeque food, that is too messy for my style and  they have a strange smoky taste to them, bleh. Barbeque boneless ribs and chicken are okay though. I also hate sticky stuff like not good for my body." Yuriko stuck her tongue out and shook her head at the thought of gum. She really hate it when people stuck that stick under seats and tables instead of throwing it away.

"Also now that we are out of the shop. I want to ask you something, but I wait until we find a place to eat. Mmm. How about that place over there!" Yuriko pointed towards a medium size building that was name Sarah's Diner. It look nice on the outside and there a young couple walking out of the building with a small child, they seem to enjoy it. "Love at its finest no doubt" Yuriko said as she watch the couple interact, storing the information away for later use.

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23 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Thu Dec 25, 2014 2:51 pm

Karissa stood stunned, it was a name she had received countless times so far, though she doubted that the others had the same thought in mind when they applied the name to her, 'Angel' in a normal day a very pleasant and comforting thing, but that is only until you meet the wrath of one, though that didn't matter, Yuriko seemed to sincere in her words, another form of flattery.
"No thank you, I don't get out a lot and you made my day a lot more fun and good~"
She smiled softly, and now it was just about finding something to eat, she was quite happy to be able to sit down and get something to eat, she was a bit famished. Karissa quickly followed Yuriko, she was about to take the lead again but Yuriko was already moving so she figured she'd simply let her do so. As she finished explaining her reaction to the mere mention of sticky food was adorable, it made her chuckle mildly.
"What I like... I would have to say pizza is my favorite, the delicate and thin kind, not the kind that’s thick and slobby kind you know..?"
It was hard to explain she was no food expert, but she knew how she liked her favorite food, it was considered peasants food for many but too her it was simply awesome, though she didn't get to eat it that often.

Karissa blinked lightly at the mention of a question, she had one herself but she figured she'd wait till the end of it all before asking herself, but seeing as she wanted to ask something as well, something that seemed rather important it might be a good time to ask something herself, so of course she nodded.
"Sure thing, once we get seated you can ask anything you want"
She took a glance over to the place noted the name, it was simple and quaint and being a Diner it would most likely have a bit of everything, she spotted what Yuriko did, her words made her tilt her head slightly, not a thing most people would say, luckily most people weren’t that interesting, so it only added on top of the things that surprised her.
"Yeah no doubt about that.. alright lets go~"
Karissa went by instinct, and walked forward gently taking hold of Yuriko's hand and then lead her over to the diner.

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24 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Thu Dec 25, 2014 5:57 pm

"Well I'm happy that I was able to improve your day. " Yuriko smiled back, it was nice to know. Maybe she could time more with Karissa to make her days better and were did that thought came from she wonder. Huh, she a feeling what it was, but she shook her head at the thought for now. And when she learn what was Karissa's favorite food was, she made she to keep the information handy, it was good thing she had a good memory like an elephant. When the both of them walk hand in hand through the doors of the diner, the were greeted by a young blonde-haired woman would was around in her mid-twenties. She look at her new customer who were holding hands and assume they were a couple.  "You two look like a happy couple, I'm glad you choose this place to eat at! Hello and Welcome to Sally's Dinner, I'm Sally. Just take a seat anywhere and one of waiters shall come to your table and take your order. Our place may not look it, but this a good place for lovebirds, just don't get too excited or we have to kick you out, okay?" Sally winked at the both Karissa and Yuriko before she went to greet the next customer. Yuriko look like she want to say something, but didn't. She was confused at first. She didn't pay attention to half of what Sally said.

"Don't worry we won't or I might." Yuriko giggled as she lead them to a booth towards the back corner of the place"  Finally letting go of Karissa hand she would go ahead and sit down and look at the menu as she waited for a waiter.  "Let's have a pizza! I really don't see anything else I would like to eat. Plus I never had pizza before." Yuriko actually did saw a few things that would have ate, but her escort didn't need to know that.

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25 Re: Off Duty[Closed/Social // Yuriko] on Thu Dec 25, 2014 7:10 pm

Karissa was caught off-guard, not even having begun to consider their simple holding hands and what sort of sign that gave to people it made her blush quite a bit, though it didn't seem like the waiter was paying too much attention as it seemed like quite the popular place, though that single comment had her feeling warm inside, not a bad kind of warm just embarrassed she didn't want to put such an embarrassment on Yuriko, her eyes turned to her though she simply looked like she wanted to get a word in more than she looked embarrassed, had she heard wrong or something.
"Sure, thanks~"
She replied trying to calm herself, though what Yuriko said didn't really help she just tilted her head a bit, and giggled along with her as they went to get seated.

Karissa sat down so she would be seated facing Yuriko, not for any reason in particular; it was just more pleasant to speak with someone who was sitting in front of you. She looked mildly surprised as Yuriko went for Pizza straight away, chuckled a bit.
"Never had pizza huh? You don't have to, just beacause its my favorite, you can have whatever you want"
She took a deep breath, calming herself down, calming her face color as well. To be honest it was also a matter of not wanting to ruin the experience of pizza, if this place was bad at making them, though seeing as this place was made for couples that were unlikely.
I find you cute, you know..? Cute, alluring, beautiful and very fun to spend time with~"
She speaks calmly, it was the truth, which might make things complicated later on, but then again she figured she'd say it, if not only to be honest but also to see her reaction, it was after all a part of what she found cute.

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