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A Giant's Calling [Solo]

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1 A Giant's Calling [Solo] on Sun Dec 21, 2014 11:11 am

The Marines held themselves upon the island of Gran, where Rout Town a small yet constructive town was created. The island was pretty large in it's size, small mountains and a large forest, with a very large tree on the opposite side of the island that was bent over to one side. They say if it stood straight it'd stand taller then a giant, a giant tree that would watch over them like a guardian.

The Marines decided to place a check point on the island near the town, on one of the cliff heads to get a better view of the ocean and to have easy access to it as well. They crew of marines broke into two portions lead by their two officers, the Marine brothers Amon and Beck Wingston. Beck the older of the two thought it'd be more fun if he took his half and went into town and roughed the town up a bit, to see if there was anything weird about the place. Amon as quiet as ever didn't fight over and agreed to the decision, staying with his half of the crew to fasten the construction of the Marines base would be better spent there.

Entering the town, there was a bronze statue of a man, a hammer on his back and book in his hands. It seemed to be the statue of the founder of Rout Town, possibly having passed away due to some accident but Beck didn't care, he gave a quick chuckle before continuing into the town.

The town itself was bustling around, it's worries about the marines were about little to none. If they stuck around they'd help with pirate attacks. But at this moment this wasn't the case. Entering the small market Beck would ask around about that statue up in front of town. "Oh that old thing. It's about half as old as this town. No one really cares how it got there, but it represents well, so it's all right with me." An old man replied to Beck's answer. He chuckled again. "Maybe there isn't anything special about this island other then it's location" He thought to himself as he and his men continued further. To him the town was pretty bland and boring. They reached a tavern on their little stroll, the marines that were with him smirked toward their officer, while pointing toward the entrance.

"Meh what could go wrong?" He said with a shrug. They cheered before rushing into the tavern, shouting out their orders. Beck followed behind. Entering the tavern, he was struck with the thick smell of booze and meat. The marines took half the entire establishment for their own, putting the chairs together ordering in Becks name. He laughed as he went toward the front table. "So you guys got anything special around this island, we should be worried about?" Beck asked the bartender. The was a short female with a set pig tails, filling up a mug of ale looked toward him with a smirk on her face. "This island got a sole giant on it's hands!" She said with excitement. Becks interests increased. "Tell me more!" He suggested. "Oi! Thea don't tell the marines that old tale, there are no more giants walking around here. That's a guarantee." The owner shouted in anger. Beck had gotten a little sour, if there was a giant and he'd capture it to sell on the market him and his brother could have made a quick set of cash. He started to feel a little tug on his shoulder, as he looked back at Thea. "If your going to look for em, good luck. The giant's been sighted within the forest." She replied, before walking off to deliver the order. Beck threw himself toward the door.

"Men! We are off....To check the towns surroundings to make sure everything and everyone is safe! LETS GO!"
He said with glee, the men looked at each other with sad faces, their food which had just arrived they slumped away with the young bartender Thea waving good bye and the owner angry as she lost some customers.

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2 Re: A Giant's Calling [Solo] on Sun Dec 21, 2014 5:00 pm

That same after noon, the marines returned to the town. Their entire bodies consumed in mud and bruises, their tired faces, excluding Beck's who's was filled with anger rather then anything else. He shot a couple of rounds into the sky to get everyone's attention. The townspeople were scared, they didn't know what was going on, not the reason for them to be shooting up the area with no good reason, they themselves didn't carry much firearms or weapons so whatever were to happen they'd hope to do what they say.

"Who thinks it's funny to make some fabled......CREATURE! We risked our lives to make sure that yours were safe." Beck shouted. Him and the rest of his team continued to charge through town, toward it's center. He pointed his gun toward the statue. "This man....he founded this shit of a town.....I wonder if he did it all on his own." He said before releasing a barrage of bullets that struck the back of the statues head. The townspeople shuddered in fear, as this was an act of violence that even they wouldn't be able to stop.

"Mini Mini no Giant Knuckle!"

A sudden shout would burst from the crowd as the young bartender Thea rushed out with her arm behind her, becoming more enlarged every second. She flung it hard toward Beck, as his eyes widened. The enlarged fist blew away some of the other marines that were in front of Beck, he himself jumped out of the way as the fist enclosed toward the statue. The fist grappled the statue grabbing it tightly. "Oi! What are you doing!?" One of the townspeople shouted. As she ripped the metal from it's commonplace, a large shaft appeared in it's place. Thea ran toward it, while everyone else was dead in their tracks. Even Beck who was surprised, watched as to what she was planning. Placing her hand on the shaft she'd use all her strength as she pulled it out from the ground, the ground itself begun to break as it got close and closer to the surface.

"S-she's.....the giant!"
One of the townspeople shouted. Beck utterly confused, especially to her size. "She's the one from the story...the one who helped the founder of the town settle the land!" He shouted again as he put the story together. In truth there was a giant, but no one expected her to be amongst the townspeople. Beck cringed and pulled out his pistols again, pointing toward her and releasing another barrage. She swung the large shaft that when fully revealed was a large war hammer, as she swung she struck the bullets right out from the air., before throwing the hammer over her shoulder.

Beck fished through his coat in search of a den den mushi, and contacted his brother. "Amon! We got trouble!...We!" He started to speak before being cut off.

"Mini Mini no Poke!"

She shouted again as she struck his stomach hard with a elongated finger. He lost his breath as he dropped the mushi in order to cover his stomach.

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3 Re: A Giant's Calling [Solo] on Tue Dec 23, 2014 8:09 pm

Beck picked himself from the ground, taking a strong grip on his twin pistols. He switched out the bullets with a new set before removing his marines overcoat. His eyes showed a slim scent of excitement and anger. He looked toward the rest of the men that were harmed in her last attack. He exchanged one of his bullets before firing it toward the sky. A green flare shoot up high into the sky as far as the eye could see.

Far back toward the shore, where the rest of the marines were stationed. They halted their jobs as they all shared the idea. Beck was in trouble and he needed help. Amon was already dashing through the grassy plains before they themselves were even ready.

Thea herself charged for the forest her original home before cultivating Rout with the founder. She dashed through the towns people, and slowly but steadily she begun to change size. With every step she grew a bit larger. Beck and the rest of his men chased after her in attempt to put her down. She began to spin the hammer between her fingers and it caught a fast pace. Beck took a few shot before she placed the hammer behind her, blocking the two shots. Using her giant strength she tossed the hammer forward into the air taking hold with a strong grip the hammer took her along for the ride.

The group of marines were astounded, as they'd never thought they'd ever see an actual! Beck on the other hand was even more aggravated to give her the advantage. Beck pulled back toward one of his fellow Marines before taking him by the arm and throwing him toward her. "Wait, Captai...n!" He shouted. He flew several feet into the air before falling back down to the ground. The marines head was stuck into the ground, but the rest continued on after her.

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4 Re: A Giant's Calling [Solo] on Tue Dec 30, 2014 6:44 pm

Amon continued to rush through the large green fields on the left side of the town, so that he wouldn't have to crisscross through the houses to get the forest, his blade already unsheathed and held out, cutting through the dirt as he held it outward. His marines uniform blew against the wind. From off into the distance he could see thea fly through the air and into the large bundle of trees. He pulled up his blade and held it in both hands. He stopped in his tracks with full force before throwing his blade into a horizontal slash.

"Crescent Moon.............Slash!"

He shouted with a large slash of light flew from his blade. As it flew into the barrage of trees, it'd easily cut through their large trunks and cause them to flung down on their sides, with large dust clouds rising into the skies.

The towns people who stayed behind, filled with worry, huddled together before rushing into their homes, hoping that the battle wouldn't return and damage their town. A young sole townsmen stood outside in front of the damage statue of the founder of Rout. His body was destroyed with his feet still planted on the pedestal, with a large hole from which the hammer erected from. He was curious as to what she was up to all this time.....what was she plotting.

~Back in the forest~

Thea returned to her human form, with her hammer changing it's size as well that fit her at a more suitable size. Looking back to the fallen trees, she gulped before returning her gaze in front of her. Dropping her hammer she changed her size to that of a small mouse.

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