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Kalliope The Mercenary

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1 Kalliope The Mercenary on Mon Dec 01, 2014 12:45 am



Name: Kalliope
Nickname(s) Kalli, Kalli-e, & Kaleesi
Epithet: The Arms Dealer
Age: 30
Gender: Female
Race: Kuja
Sexuality: Bisexual - Preference for Kujas {Sexy Race Ever, Kuja-Sexual?}    

Affiliation: Mercenary - Although this can change if someone can sway her to their side.
Occupation: Arms Dealer

"How much heat are you packing?"

Appearance: Kalliope has bright eyes that compliment her long flowing blonde hair that runs down to her rear end. She has a curvy figure that is common with her kind, paired with her most noticeable asset, her breasts, she a perfect example of what many men and women desire. As for clothing one of things that most people will notice about her is how doesn't like to wear, she much rather just wear a bra. She has a camouflage fetish and is often seeing camouflage clothing. Not that but is always dress for battle as she rarely seen without her headset or her firearms. For footwear she tends to stick with wearing combat boots.  

Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Red
Skin Tone: Caucasian
Height: 5 Feet & 4 inches tall
Weight: 116 Lbs.
Tattoo: No Tattoos at the moment


Kalliope is a very laid back and easy going Kuja, who seems to take most situations lightly regardless of the severity of the moment.  Which causes other to question if she ever get angry or upset over anything and to answer that question. This Kuja does have her angry moments, this usually when she given a bad deal, someone interrupts her transactions with a client or if she spending time with a lover or lovers. Never get in between a Kuja and her deals and/or her love attempts. When comes to speaking towards others in and out of combat, there are a quite a few ways she speaks to them.  Usually she speaks in a sarcastic manner and is very mocking towards her enemies, such as mocking them for being too weak, often taunting them in and out of battle. On the flip side, Kalliope can be very flirtatious even towards her foes or people who just don't like her for whatever reason. If she sees someone she likes she will try to get them to like her, unless their marry, because she respects the idea of marriage too much.


Romance/Adult Reading Material: She is often seen reading some type of material that involves romance and more adult themes, from swimsuit magazines to novels.

Kujas: Being a Kuja and spending most of her time around other Kujas, it shouldn't be a surprise that she likes them, she thinks her race is best race there is. She also has a preference for them when come to romantic/mature relationships. Not saying that she won't be attractive to non-kujas, you just have a better chance if your a Kuja.

Firearms & Explosions: Not only does she uses them in combat, she finds the sight of someone wielding a firearm and/or watching something or someone explode, highly arousing.

Boots: Not only are they stylish and great for traveling, they are also good for curb stomping her enemies or kicking them in the groin (This applies to males and females).

Lemonade: Its her favor drink in the world.

Receiving Massages: Wouldn't doesn't want to receive a message when they get done with a hard day of work.


Paperwork: You'd be surprised by how much paperwork a mercenary and budding arms dealer has to do on a daily basis. It gets boring after couple of hours and she swears that it will never end.

Shirt(s): Kalliope is not a big fan of wearing any form shirt, jacket, or coat unless she has too (usually in the winter and sometimes in the fall). She finds them unappealing and prefers to simply wear a bra and call it her "top". Plus she doesn't mind showing of her ample chest.  

Anti-Firearm Beings: Kalliope doesn't like people trying to take away her firearms. She believes its her birthright to own as many firearms as shes pleases without anyone telling her she can't. Especially the government.

Sweets: Except for lollipops and cupcakes she doesn't have much of a sweet tooth. She more of meat and potatoes kind of gal.  

Chewing Gum: She doesn't like when people don't throw away their gum, its gets stuck on boots or god forbid her hair.

Cooking: She won't cook you anything. She believes that you should cook for her instead.


True Love or Harem (Mixed, Reverse or whatever): Just like many people in this world, Kalliope doesn't want to live a life of loneliness so she either wants to fine her one true love or have her own harem. She isn't sure which one is better, but for now she is looking for a lover or lovers.

Firearm Kingpin: To become the entire arms trade and production in the world. She wants to be the woman that everyone goes to when they need some equipment.


-Dying Alone
-World without firearms
-Becoming flat-chested.

Inner Lineage (Black Market Connections): Due to her unmatched knowledge and experience when comes to the black market, Kalliope is able to find the most rarest and desired items to sell in her market.

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2 Re: Kalliope The Mercenary on Tue Dec 02, 2014 11:40 pm



Kalliope's Character Sheet: ~Click Me~
Primary Fighting Style: Magu Kata
Secondary Fighting Style: W.I.P
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3 Re: Kalliope The Mercenary on Fri Dec 05, 2014 3:17 pm

Looks awesome Kalli! Nice job, now to get ya another staffy.

Osore Fujikata

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4 Re: Kalliope The Mercenary on Fri Dec 05, 2014 3:25 pm

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