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Ice King's Hymes

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1 Ice King's Hymes on Fri Dec 19, 2014 11:29 pm


Something weird I put together:

I'm the dragon.
I'm the ice, the cold, I ignore the bandwagons.
I'm not a slave, I'm not depraved...
Of thought, of something leading to the truth being sought.
But what is brought? Knowledge of the many, ignorance of the many...
Blind-side heavy.
But what is taken? Knowledge of the few, still the ignorance of the many.
Where's thought? What's truth?
Am I a slave? I feel depraved.
I'm riding the wagon to the warmth. They give me heat.
I'm the drake.


No Order.
Making Apocalypse
Treated to Onslaught
Praying Only to Eternal Immortal Angels.

Save Angels Varying Immortality Ownership and Undo Rebounds.


Can a King take it?
Stand it, embrace it.
Chase it, see it, breathe it, not cast into dungeon - make it rot to shit.
Is a King a wall or a willow?
Do the kings wilt or flatten like pillows?
Is their might in their apparel?
Are they rulers like happy Mr. Pharrell?
Can the kings Embrace it?
Stand it, take it,
Watch the dungeon rot to shit, breathe it, see it, chase it.
Can the king understand it?

~All made when tried af.

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