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Risky Red Island is one of the three islands that you will encounter will you enter the New World, the other two islands being Raijinn and Mystoria.

Risky Red Island is widely accused of having one of the worst  rights records in the world and this statement wouldn't be false, in fact one could argue that Risky Red Island has the worst rights and restricted freedom out of any Island in the grandline, the blues and The New World. The locals have been referred to as "the world's most brutalized people" by traveling preachers and monks, because of the severe restrictions placed on their social and economic freedoms. Risky Red population is strictly managed by the Island government and all aspects of daily life are subordinated to party and Island planning. This government control goes even more serve as employment is also managed by the government. Travel in and out of the Risky Red is tightly controlled by the Risky Red Government.  Revolutionaries and Marines who tried to break the control of the government also reports of severe restrictions on the freedom of association, expression and movement, arbitrary detention, torture and other ill-treatment resulting in death, and executions. It doesn't what faction you belong to marines, pirates or revolutionaries if your foreign and don't support the local government you will get locked up or kill depending on how the government is feeling that day. This is one few Islands that all three factions avoid coming to. Can anyone break the chains of oppression of the Risky Red Government? Many have tried by all have fail.

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