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Tenshi Tenshi no mi (Model: Archangel)

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1 Tenshi Tenshi no mi (Model: Archangel) on Fri Dec 19, 2014 5:05 pm

Skill Name:Tenshi Tenshi no mi (Model: Archangel)
Skill Type:Mythical Zoan
Skill Information: The Fruit is like a golden apple the stil intact with leaves on top that are like feathers. The fruit also seems warm upon touch. Consuming this fruit grants you the power to become an Archangel, the weapons and voices of god, at the highest level. An Angel is a divine being commonly carrying the powers over the light element though the mightiest of these are able to tap into the divine element allowing them to strike with fire aswell.

Skill Strengths:

-The Transformation allows the user to have fully functioning wings allowing her to fly.
-Regeneration, meaning if she is stuck she'll regenerate it, the time needed depends on the severity of the wound etc. small wound a post, strong wound 2 and severe wound 3, fatal wound 6.
-Defenses increased when struck by Light and Fire Natured attack.

Skill Weaknesses:
- Sea stone and seawater
-She does not carry the properties of Logia as alot of Mythical fruits do, so striking her wings hard enough will render her unable to fly until having regenerated.
-Darkness and Ice Attacks strike stronger against her body.
-Having Wings makes for a bigger target. And can also make some movements harder.
-When regenerating a Strong or Severe Wound a Small Strength DE buff will be in effect for 2 posts and when healing a Fatal Wound Strength is halved for 2 posts afterwards.

Tier 1 Abilities:

Ability Lvl 1 Name:Searing Light
Ability Lvl 1 Type: Mid-Range attack (10 Meters top)
Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown:2
Ability Lvl 1 Description:Karissa focusses the powers granted by her fruit through her hand creating a beam of light and fire striking down on the aimed target.
Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:
-Quick to fire projectile.
-Has both Light and Fire properties.
-Strikes harder against Darkness or Ice properties

Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:
-Only able to shoot in a straight line, meaning dodging if aware is easy enough.
-target being underwater makes it unreachable.
-Light and Fire beings have an advantage against this kind of attack.

Ability Lvl 1 Name:Healing Touch
Ability Lvl 1 Type:Touch support/Close
Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown:5
Ability Lvl 1 Description:Karissa takes the regenerating properties from herself and bestows them upon another person by touch only, but doing such renders her own regen useless for a time.
Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:
-Able to heal an ally all up to severe wounds very quickly.
-Hitting an undead or Demonic being with this ability will cause great harm.
-Also restore some fatigue to the healed.

Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:
-Not able to save someone from a fatal wound rendering them unable to save people from dying with it.
-The cool down on her own regeneration increases depending on the strongest wound healed. 1 small, 2 strong and 3 severe.
-Has to touch the person so if the person is in a dangerous spot it would mean she would have to put herself into such a spot as well.

Ability Lvl 1 Name:Radiant Burst
Ability Lvl 1 Type:Close Range Burst (5 meter Radius)
Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown:3
Ability Lvl 1 Description:Summing up the whole essence of her being within her then letting that power expel from her in a small explosion, shown mostly as a blinding light. Leaving scorches on the area affected.
Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:
-Able to attack and defend all sides at once.
-Does not harm people who she truly trusts(Keep in mind this means trust, not mean allies)
-The explosion is strong and blinding combining both Light and Fire, which means it deals higher damage to Darkness and Ice.

Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:
-The blinding effect is easily avoided by looking away.
-Her Body starts glowing before sending the explosion so if you take notice you are able to pull back to avoid some damage.
-Being Light and fire Natured means it will do less against such things.

Ability Lvl 1 Name:Holy Wings
Ability Lvl 1 Type:Self Supportive
Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown:Duration: 3 CD: 4
Ability Lvl 1 Description:Her wings would start to glow as she pours power into them, harmless to anyone but giving a very awesome glow and aura to her, the effects would cause her wings to become stronger in that sense that her speed increases while in the air flying around.
Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:
-Boosts speed while in Air.
-This kind of speed while in air allows for more control over a fight seeing as it is few who can even handle air fight and very few on such a fast paced level.
-The power within the Wings also protects them, making it impossible for those a tier below her to do severe damage to them.

Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:
-Only adds to flight speed meaning while on the ground it does nothing.
-Cannot be used well indoors with the lack of room.
-While her Wings are severely wounded this ability becomes pretty much useless.

Ability Lvl 1 Name:Righteous Blade
Ability Lvl 1 Type:Self Offensive
Ability Lvl 1 Cooldown:Duration: 4, CD: 6
Ability Lvl 1 Description:User pours some of the essence from powers into her weapon, the blade of it being covering in these radiant flames.
Ability Lvl 1 Strengths:
-Boosts up the power of the weapon.
-Has a very menacing and frightful visual, no one fights someone with a holy flaming weapon without feeling just a bit frightened.
-Quick to apply, user simply needs to focus for a moment.

Ability Lvl 1 Weaknesses:
-the users needs to hold focus on the weapon so the user will not be able to do anything but sword based abilities for the duration.
-Not having a weapon makes this ability unusable, the weapon also needs to have a blade of some kind.
-Receiving a severe wound will break the buff instantly.

Tier 2 Abilities:

Ability Lvl 2 Name:Aegis of the Gods
Ability Lvl 2 Type:Support
Ability Lvl 2 Cooldown: 3 Post duration, 6 post CD
Ability Lvl 2 Description:
Karissa stands infront of others, then starts radiating a bright glow, making themselves look like an easy target, while her glow highlights herself it take sthe atention away from others. It also affects guided targets, say a thing is a sure hit ranged attack, then the target of the attack would change to Karissa.
Ability Lvl 2 Strengths:
-Makes hitting other people with ranged attacks become harder.
-Seeking missles would seek Karissa instead of the original target, as if she was the original target.

Ability Lvl 2 Weaknesses:
-Does not affect Melee combatents
-Guided missles will hit her, so she becomes easier to hit with ranged.

Ability Lvl 2 Name:Barrier of Light
Ability Lvl 2 Type:Support, 15 meters Radius
Ability Lvl 2 Cooldown:Duration up to 2 Posts, 5 Post CD
Ability Lvl 2 Description:
Karissa creates a dome of Light protecting those inside from harm, nothing can enter the dome though people are free to exit the dome on their own.
Ability Lvl 2 Strengths:
-Can defend quite alot of people from harm.
-Can be used at a moments notice.

Ability Lvl 2 Weaknesses:
-Dome can be broken by an attack of the same or above tier as Karissa, though that means a trade off the attack nullified for the breaking of the dome.
-Those inside can't shoot outside the dome.

Ability Lvl 2 Name:Heavens Decent
Ability Lvl 2 Type: Medium Range 40 Meters Range
Ability Lvl 2 Cooldown:6
Ability Lvl 2 Description:
Karissa charges to the spot with incredible speed, if done from the groud she'd leap of the ground and fly to the spot, if allready in the air, she'd simply decent to the spot. Crashing into the target, with earth shattering power. The ground shakes beneath the area hit, causing ripples of light flowing out from Karissa.
Ability Lvl 2 Strengths:
-Can be done with fairly little preperation.
-Makes one hell of an entrance.

Ability Lvl 2 Weaknesses:
-If wings are damaged several then this becomes impossible.
-If seen by the target, then evading becomes fairly simple.

Ability Lvl 2 Name:Consecration
Ability Lvl 2 Type:Area 10 Meters
Ability Lvl 2 Cooldown:Duration 3, CD 6
Ability Lvl 2 Description:
Karissa pours energy into the ground below her, carusing them to ripple out below her, causing those who stand on the aera pain that wears down on their fatique.
Ability Lvl 2 Strengths:
-Able to wear down enemies while fighting.
-Stronger against undeads and such beings.

Ability Lvl 2 Weaknesses:
-Will hurt allies to step on the ground.
-Unable to be made on unholy ground.

Ability Lvl 2 Name:Exorcism of Evil
Ability Lvl 2 Type:Close, 5 Meters
Ability Lvl 2 Cooldown: 8
Ability Lvl 2 Description:
Karissa harness the power of purity and sends forth a bolt of purest light at a target, this missle has some guidance towards the target, if hit it causes the target to be burned up inside, the bigger the sinner the bigger the damage.
Ability Lvl 2 Strengths:
-Boils their mind, making them feel hot.
-Can damage those of great sin.
-Can exorcise those who are possessed though the target would be unable to stand afterwards.

Ability Lvl 2 Weaknesses:
-Can never kill a person.
-a person with little to no since would feel nothing but a nasty heat.
-Zoans of Gods and Angels would feel nothing, unless its a god or angel of particular sin.

Tier 3 Abilities:

Ability Lvl 3 Name:Dvine Storm
Ability Lvl 3 Type: Close Range Area, 5 meters Radius
Ability Lvl 3 Cooldown:6
Ability Lvl 3 Description:
Karissa pours out Divine energy around her, creating a storm of light around her, temporaty swords and hammers of light forming within the sword to strike her opponents.
Ability Lvl 3 Strengths:
-Able to strike more people at once.
-Good defence.

Ability Lvl 3 Weaknesses:
-Can harm allies if not careful
-unable to defend strong ranged attacks.

Ability Lvl 3 Name:Form of an Archangel
Ability Lvl 3 Type:Self Support
Ability Lvl 3 Cooldown:10 post CD, 5 Post Duration
Ability Lvl 3 Description:
Karissa focusses her power into the fruit, activating the true form of an archangel, unlike her normal form of an angel, she now has for wins, her whle body glows, her eyes turning into a pure white glow. All together making her look like a divine being more than a mortal.
Ability Lvl 3 Strengths:
-Large boost of speed for the duration.
-Large boost of strength for the duration.
-Large boost of thoughness for the duration.

Ability Lvl 3 Weaknesses:
-While on cooldown, she becomes slower.
-While on cooldown, her healing abilities are impossible.
-While on cooldown flying is impossible.

Ability Lvl 3 Name:Divine Spear
Ability Lvl 3 Type:Long Range 90 Meters
Ability Lvl 3 Cooldown:5
Ability Lvl 3 Description:
Karissa forms a spear in the palm of her hand, the spear is pure white with a orange glow to it, then throws said spear at a target, the throw seemes inhuman as it is guided by her powers to her the target, as it hits it will act as a spear normally would, except it also burn the spot hit.
Ability Lvl 3 Strengths:
-Able to hit targets quite far away.
-Able to fly straight through and continue forward when hitting people of 2 tiers lower than Karissa.

Ability Lvl 3 Weaknesses:
-When seen comming then dodging become fairly simply.
-When having flown through a person it will continue forward, so harming an ally become easy.

Ability Lvl 3 Name:Dance of the Angels
Ability Lvl 3 Type:Medium range, up to 60 meters
Ability Lvl 3 Cooldown:3
Ability Lvl 3 Description:
Karissa condences her being into energy, phasing around the battlefield to a prefered location, this is usually part of how angels batte eachother.
Ability Lvl 3 Strengths:
-Invulnarability while in this phasing form.
-Able to strike moments after exiting this form.

Ability Lvl 3 Weaknesses:
-If her wings are severly damaged then this becomes impossible.
-She becomes momentarily more vulnarable after exiting the form.

Ability Lvl 3 Name:Chains of Light
Ability Lvl 3 Type:Medium Range, 50 meters.
Ability Lvl 3 Cooldown:6 Post CD, 2 Post Duration
Ability Lvl 3 Description:
Karissa creates a glowing white chain that burns what it touches, that chanin i sent forward wanting to sling around a single target, while the chain is still in contact with arissa arm.
Ability Lvl 3 Strengths:
-Used for capture mostly.
-Can also be used for straight damage.

Ability Lvl 3 Weaknesses:
-Needs a free line towards the target.
-Capturing a stronger opponent means the link between them could be a disadvantage.
-Can't capture Logia beings.

Tier 4 Abilities:

Ability Lvl 4 Name:Wrath of the Heavens
Ability Lvl 4 Type:Medium Range, Any where within 100 meters.
Ability Lvl 4 Cooldown: 10 posts
Ability Lvl 4 Description:
Karissa calls upon the wrath of the heavens, to smite an area with scorching bright light, first the area is lit up with a shine of golden light indicating the area that is soon after lit up in bright white light, that burns and scorches whatever is in the area of the light.
Ability Lvl 4 Strengths:
-Can kill the NPC's that are 2 tiers below Karissa, 3 tiers lower for players and important NPC.
Attack seemes very frightening, and might even sway entire armies to retreat.

Ability Lvl 4 Weaknesses:
-The area of light warns the people within it of their impendant doom, so it is fairly easy to move away from.
-Can harm allies within the blast.
-Leaves Karissa fatiqued afterwards.

Ability Lvl 4 Name:Divine Intervention
Ability Lvl 4 Type:Medium Range, Any target within 100 meters.
Ability Lvl 4 Cooldown:8 post CD, 2 Post Duration.
Ability Lvl 4 Description:
Karissa extends her hand towards the target and then bright shinning light forms a bubble around the target. Protecting the trget completly shielding the person from harm for a period of time.
Ability Lvl 4 Strengths:
-Makes a target invulnurable for a peroid of time.
-Target can still move.

Ability Lvl 4 Weaknesses:
-Target can't attack while in the bubble.
-does not cure ongoing effect on the target.

Ability Lvl 4 Name:Wave of Searing Light
Ability Lvl 4 Type:Medium Range, 100 Meters
Ability Lvl 4 Cooldown:12
Ability Lvl 4 Description:
Karissa extends a hand in a thrust in a dirrection, and from that thrust she sends out a waves of light as a destructive force scorching everything in its path, with enough force to destroy entire buildings, maybe even part of a town.
Ability Lvl 4 Strengths:
-Able to cause a huge destructive force.
-Might win battles on its own.
-Good for Siege battles.

Ability Lvl 4 Weaknesses:
-Takes a post to charge, in which doing any other attacks are impossible.
-Leaves her staggered for a post afterwards, making movement difficult.
-This attack may harm allies.

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