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Social Interactions [Open/NK]

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1 Social Interactions [Open/NK] on Fri Dec 19, 2014 2:37 pm

After having unlocking her basic combat abilities and memories at Thriller Bark, Yuriko the cybernetic paladin was assigned a mission by her creator and savior to finish her social programs which require her to interact with others which she couldn't do on Thriller Bark, since the only other beings she could interact with was monsters and ghost who constantly tried to attack her and devour her, she didn't think a woman with metal parts in her was appetizing, but oh well, she was strong to defeat them for now. She knew that she luckily that she didn't encounter some of the more dangerous creatures that lurk the forest grounds of the ship island, oh boy. As Yuriko was silently thinking about her experiences at the monster fill land and her mission, her raft finally hit the shores of an Island. Immediately she spot a large tree in the distance and tilt her head slightly towards the left as she smile. Placing two of fingers on her forehead as she access her data banks to see if it held any information on the Island. Her AI was already shifting through information silently in her head. If anyone was watching the exotic beauty or freak? Depending on how they view her talking to herself..... It was painfully obvious she wasn't fully organic, her legs being the most clear sign of her being a cyborg.  

"Searching Memory Banks.......Searching Know Locations.....Information Found.....Accessing Information. Location is call Ohara. Famous for its Tree of Knowledge and hotspot for those who seek information. Use caution when on the Island, its under heavy watch by the Marines. At our current level, I advised us to avoid trouble and stay neutral for now." After listening to her AI, Yuriko responded back. "Cha! Don't worry I know our power level is only at forty percent. I will stay away from the higher level threats. I don't want to lose the game to early. Ha." As the cybernetic female continue to talk to herself, she was gaining the stares of several of the locals that were fishing along the sea. "Hello citizens of Ohara. Don't be afraid of my appearance!" Yuriko shouted which cause a couple of the adults in the area to sweat drop. Of course, Yuriko didn't notice as she begin her trek into the town.

Yuriko's Character Sheet: ~Click Me~
Primary Fighting Style: Ido Ido no Mi
Secondary Fighting Style: Cyberntic Paladin
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