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The Assassination [Solo/Invite]

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1 The Assassination [Solo/Invite] on Fri Dec 19, 2014 6:43 am

He sat in a small hut, far removed from the rest of civilization. That kid..he inspired Itome to train, to return to his former glory..even after all those losses crippled him. What was he doing in this hut? Training...practicing his ability with his devil fruit and weapons.

If only I had the Rooster's Claw with me.. it was lost in the battle at marineford...stolen from me! But I have the skills to reproduce a new one, albeit it might be a little weaker. I suppose that doesn't matter. It will do the job..

So, that's when he rose from the floor, and decided that he would head out of the hut, because he didn't have any leftover materials in his house. Itome's old, battle hardened body walked towards the door, wearing nothing but ragged red pants and wooden sandals. He twisted the oak wood knob, opening the door wide enough so that he could slip through, and shut it, locking it with his key.

Hm. I hope this fragile body can still take down those monsters. I estimate the beast guarding the jewels I need is at least a tier three. So, crafting the armor first is out of the question. First I need a dial to hold my iron sand in, and get a weapon capable of penetrating the beast. So, the mining den would be my first destination. That's where I can craft the blade that's killed thoisand of men...heh. I won't forget the sweet smell of the sea. It intoxicates me, its sweet voice and brilliant lyrics dragging me into this this life of pirates.

As Itome began to make his way to the mines, he suddenly stopped in his tracks.

What's that rustling noise..too loud to be an animal from around here.

Just as he turned around to see what the hell was making those noises, a man clad in black with brown hair and sea blue eyes was flying towards him, his right leg pointed out towards Itome like a dagger meant to pierce the skin.

I might be weaker, but it isn't anything I can't stop!

He grabbed ahold of the man's outstretched leg, throwing him through a tree.

"Didn't your parents ever tell you it's not nice to attack a senior citizen? Oh's nice to have action every once and a while."

His attack crawled out of the rubble clearly damaged from the attack.

"I..I just had to see if our leader was"

He fell to the grounds, his wounds being too much for him, Whether he was dead or not, Itome couldn't find it in himself to care.

"Damn What's this?"

"I...I won't...I won't lose conscious until I delivered this message!"

The boy withdrew a letter from his pocket, losing conscious.

"Feh. If this letter is good, I may consider saving you.."

Itome walled towards the envelope, crouched down, grabbed it, and stood back up, opening it to read its contents.

"Ohohohoho! You've been out of the game for so long, and we've finally been able to find you. No one can hide forever, Monsieur Itome! We've heard of your situation with your body, and hope you haven't weakened too much..that's why we've sent one of our proteg├ęs to test your skills...hope you aren't too injured~ But seriously. If you manage to beat the revolutionist we've sent you, then you've proven your skills sufficient for the job. We want you to assassinate a marine named Ichigo, his picture is attached to the bottom. Happy hunting, and bring his head back to the base..I think you'll know where it is...~"

" I think I've payed my debt."
He crumpled the letter in his left hand, throwing it aside, walking nowhere in particular. The letter's contents did not amuse him, so he decided that he would leave the kid to die. But before he could take even two steps, the boy reached towards the lower part of Itome's hand with his left hand, placing a strong grip on it. He could escape, but he was surprised that he was even alive.

"P-Please...don't abandon the mission..that marine is corrupt..he's caused the death of a parents..ALL GONE!"

"Ah crap...listen kid, I don't even know if I'm strong enough to be fighting marines, I have to train and get my weapons,"

"I'm not letting go."


"I told you...I'M NOT LETTING GO!"

Itome stopped on his left arm repeatedly, but no matter what, he still hanged on.

"You're kill me!"

"Ah crap, such a bothersome kid..fine. I'll go kill this marine. Tell your Okama master I'll haunt his dreams if I die.."

"Thank you sir!"

Releasing his grip, he went unconscious. Itome grabbed him, and went to the city.

"Hm..I suppose I won't let you die, runt."

"Haven't even been in the game for a day and I'm already tasked with assassinating marines. How ridiculous."

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