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Bounty Hunt, Domitius Kato

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1 Bounty Hunt, Domitius Kato on Thu Dec 18, 2014 11:59 pm

Finally, Box Pup broke free of the ocean, popping out of the water near the shore of Baterilla. Regalo threw open the hatch at the top and took a deep breath of the fresh air outside. He turned to close the hatch after grabbing a comic and today's bounty poster. Regalo locked the hatch of his submarine and walked towards the town, glancing over the pictures in his hand. Once he reached the city, he went up to a shopkeeper who was selling some food under a canopy on the warm afternoon day.

"Excuse me, sir," Regalo caught the elderly man's attention, "If I were, hypothetically, a notorious pirate, where might I go to seek out some companionship for my travels?" He asked the question with a smile, and the man had to take a moment to look over Regalo and decide what kind of an idiot would ask that question, not realizing its implications.

After a moment, the man pointed Regalo towards a wooden pub, not too far from the shore, that looked far more sketchy than any of the other buildings on the tourist location. The bounty hunter strolled over, still reading his comic as he walked, too engrossed in the story to realize how close he'd come to the building. He was practically on its porch before he put the book away and entered the rowdy joint.

Amidst the loud piano music playing and talkative patrons laughing on, Regalo's entrance was only noticed by a glance or two, and the man took a seat at a booth close to the entrance. He put his feet up on the table and now looked down at the bounty poster he'd brought with him, "Dead or Alive! 'Ruby Ring' Domitius Kato." Regalo now just had to relax, and hope the old shopkeeper knew what he was talking about.

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2 Re: Bounty Hunt, Domitius Kato on Sun Dec 21, 2014 7:41 am

Baterilla the premier jewel of South Blue. This is town is peaceful, most days at least with its spring weather and beautiful palms trees. People flocked here from all over south blue pirates were no exception. Today would begin like any other. The sun rose as shop owners were beginning to open the doors.

Entering the bar with his fur coat draping his shoulders it was kind of early there was no around but the bar owner or maybe he was just a worker. Even if it had busy Amon would have the best dressed by far he typically was wherever he went. Taking a seat at the bar the man who was working came over just as he set down Setting down clunky thick plastic container with a handle. Normally he wouldn’t serve people this early since they were officially still closed but Amon’s appearance and presence felt like that of someone important.

“Good morning to ya. Its awfully early our cook isn’t even here yet. But if you need it I can get you a drink.”

Nodding in reply he answered “Wine is fine just make sure its something good though. I’m not here to drink though. I have stuff to do after all its still morning.”

Remaining casual the bartender went on to explain what meant as he went into the backroom to get a special bottle he talked louder compensate “Well of course you are, I was just sayin that normally people don’t come not to drink. “ Setting down clean glass in front of Amon he had a white wine in a fancy bottle with some faded label that Amon couldn’t make out from his angle. Taking the glass he held it up gave it twirl and brought it to his nose where he inhaled deeply. Slowly lowering the glass he brought the drink to his lips. The alchohol brushed his lips but he didn’t drink setting the glass down he met the bartenders eyes. Amon had beautiful eyes despite his glasses this much was clear. But that wasn’t what the bartender had been interested in what he enjoyed was how Amon was drinking the wine.

“It must be stressful working at bar with the loud customer, damage to property, late night, and apparently early mornings. How do you manage?”

“It certainly isn’t easy, there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not tossing someone out that door. But I do it cause I love it. Interesting people and conversation keeps me here. “

Since having put the drink down Amon hadn’t picked it backup as the man finished talking he stood up taking money out he placed it on the table grabbing the box he walked towards the door saying “Like I said I’m working.” With that door shut behind him looking around as the bright light his face he detirmed his next stop was to his left.

The atmosphere changed as he walked further down the streets dirtier seemed like an appropriate word. So not everywhere the same even in Baterialla they had dirt they wished to hide. Passing Regalo pub he walked into small unassuming shop with a single red light in the window. Opening the door a bell went off alerting staff to his presence. Shuting the door Amon was alone briefly in the dim light before being greeted.

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3 Re: Bounty Hunt, Domitius Kato on Fri Dec 26, 2014 3:30 pm

Why was a pirate such as Itome on an island with heavy Marine security, that was sure to attract only the harmless of pirates? He didn't know, honestly. Perhaps he just wanted to take a break from finding people suitable for joining his crew. After all, the island of Baterilla was known for it's tourism. It wouldn't hurt to take a break for a day, would it?

When he arrived to this island, it was quite early. Barely a soul was on the streets, which looked a tad dirty, although Itome didn't mind that.

As long as they have excellent food and alcohol, I'll find myself satisfied with this visit.

His attire was a bit unusual from what he usually wore. A tight, black jumpsuit wasn't in fashion, but he was seventy. He could care less about what was hot and what wasn't.

Itome thought he could enjoy a peaceful day on this island, but unfortunately, he was wrong. Three marines in the middle of the road looked at him with a menacing, cold look.

"Itome Hikaraku..the old man with a bounty over six million? I bet you're here to disturb the peace of the island, and as marines, it's our job to stop you.."

The other two marines began snickering.

"But of course, if you have ten million beli we won't have to arrest you and you can be on your way.."

These marines were the type that he despised the most. The corrupt ones, who thought just because they were enforcers of the law they could abuse the power the world government gave them. They were practically pirates..

How cute. These fools thing they can beat me. I love fighting, but not when it's fodder like this...

"Be gone."

The power of Haoshoku Haki knocked all three of these marines out. However, he would NOT let them continue to fail serving the people. They were corrupt, and showed no signs of returning to good.

This is why the world government needs to go down..I respect the revolutionaries for this. Perhaps, when I'm content with myself I'll join

One of the marines carried a sword which Itome picked up. He didn't want to dirty his sword by killing weaklings..

With three quick stabs, they were dead. He didn't know if any witnesses saw this, nor did he care. These marines deserved this.

About fifteen meters from him was a small shop with a red light on the window. He had no clue what type of business that went on in this shop, so he figured he would check it out. Carrying the bloody sword with him, he entered the shop, noticing one other person.

"Good morning.."

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