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Bra Babanoa

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1 Bra Babanoa on Thu Dec 18, 2014 9:34 pm

Name: Bra Babanoa
Epithet: Femme Fatale
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Sexuality: Bisexual

Affiliation: Marine(Rear Admiral)
Occupation: Brawler/Alchemist

Appearance: Bra has bright hair, which flows down her back in a long ponytail, an afro, or normal, short hair. Her skin has a slight tanned complexion, and her eyes are as blue as the sky. Bra's face carries no minor blemishes, as cleanliness is a big priority of hers. Often, she walks tall and proud, making her status as a marine known to the world.

When she is on-duty, Bra wears her standard marine uniform. Her fashion tastes are a bit more basic when compared to other females. When she isn't on duty, Bra wears a pair of jeans and a orange and white shirt. Often, she decides against carrying jewelry.

Alternatively, she can be seen wearing cargo shorts and a simple white T-shirt with a golden neck, a locket attached containing a photo of her and her Mom.
Hair Color: Green
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Yellow(Asian)
Height: 5'11
Weight: 150 pounds.
Tattoo: Symbol of Marines on her right shoulder.

Personality: Bra is usually cheerful, always trying to spread her cheer with others. Bra tries her best to be friendly with others just to make everyone happy, because she doesn't like seeing people sad. If she sees someone alone at a party, Bra would try and talk with them so they could have some fun! To her subordinates, she isn't rude and cold like some of the higher ranking people, and tries to be nice to them so they can have a better time being a Marine. Even in the worst of times, she tries to keep a smile on her face.

Bra is also adventurous, never backing down from the unknown. The unknown actually attracts her, as she kind of has the need to figure out everything that she comes across. It takes some will to resist exploring, but she usually has the will to stop her urges.

She is also very strong willed. It requires great strength to get her to change her ideals. No matter what, she tries her best never to give up. Even of she's beaten a million times, Bra won't stop until she wins.

Bra is also very fond of the idea of justice, which motivated her to become a marine. Bra wants to protect as many innocents as possible, which is why she's made her body so sturdy and uncaring of pain so she can take as many hits as possible. She is not scared of death, especially if it means helping a friend.

She tries to act a bit more serious during battles, but sometimes she can't help but let her cheerful side through. Bra is confident in her abilities as the marine's tank, taking hits that people her level would have died from. A lot of people would say she's pretty naive, believing most people are pretty innocent.

Being an alchemist, she enjoys mixing potions on her off time and creating various effects with them, testing them on animals (Doesn't wanna accidentally blow herself up.). She can spend hours on perfecting just a single potion.

Her hatred of pirates varies depending on the pirate, but like most people she feels instant prejudice against them and it's hard to not get her to arrest you because Bra is stubborn.

Anyone who tries to hurt her friends can be assured that Bra will come after them and will hurt them as much as possible. Her friends are important to her, because they act like a family while she is away from her real ones.

Bra is also extremely loyal. Once you gain her trust, you can be sure that you have a friend for life unless you manage to screw it up big time. She doesn't like when people use foul language, and prefers to keep it out of her own lingual, although the occasional "Shit!" might accidentally slip out when she's flustered.

Likes: Sour food, Marines, Justice, her name, friends, family, making potions, being happy, partying.
Dislikes: Evil, Pirates, Shichibuki, corrupt marines, injustice, people making fun of her name, sad people.
Motivations: Justice! Not one criminal will be left to rampage while she's here!
Fears: Failing to deliver justice, failing her friends.

Inner Lineage: Call of the Wild - She accidentally drank a potion that messed up her she finds herself being able to communicate with and understanding every animal.

Logia RP Sample:

Itome sat down in a chair, reading a book about battle his left hand, he manipulated a metal bolt about the size of a dime with the passive magnetism techniques granted by his devil fruit, the Daiba Daiba fruit. It wasn't as powerful as focusing it into a technique, but it was nice for some neat parlor tricks. Itome had a reason for being in this library, learning about battle strategies. He was looking for a way to get off of this damn island, because no one seemed to be willing to let him on a ship. They must have thought since he was a kid he wasn't worth anything..

The metal bolt continued to be manipulated as he scanned each individual page. Was it smart to take a ship by force, or should he be building a ship himself? He didn't know anything about that..maybe he could force a shipbuilder to do it for him, or manipulate one with some bull story about how his parents died...some people were suckers for children.

I've always wanted to be like those people on the sea, doing whatever they want...I know what I'm going to be when I get off this island...a

Out of the corner of his right eye, he could see a young man walking. The boy was attractive, and despite how much Itome wanted to resist his urges, he was tempted to go and follow the boy. Itome closed the book, standing up from his chair and heading to where the boy was, making sure his presence wasn't known. He wanted to stalk his prey. What did this young boy do? And how would Itome confront him?

So Kawaii....[\i]

His focus on the metal bolt gone, it dropped on to the the closed book.

As Itome followed the stranger, he saw that it looked like he was about to turn around, and quickly hid behind a stack of books. After a few seconds, he peeked. Suddenly, books that were a pile on the floor became tall enough to block anyone's view of what could be going on. Luckily, since he had an idea of where he went, he simply went around the pile of books by heading to another aisle and going into the area the stranger was in.

[i] Could he be reading smut..?

The boy grabbed a ladder, Itome still not noticed, and began climbing it. His eyes couldn't stop looking at his firm butt..

I'm losing control of my mind to my sexual desires..gah...fuck puberty.

It was about this moment that he noticed the devil fruit the boy was carrying...did he not know of its powers? It would explain why he hadn't eaten it and was looking for books. Perhaps Itome would be able to help..


He waved his right arm. Yes, it would be useless since he was the only person in this section, but he felt like doing it anyways.

"Is that a devil fruit in your hand? What are you waiting for..hurry up and eat it so I can determine your worth, sug~ I hope you don't get anything stupid like controlling spoons...but, with those fruit it depends on how lucky you are."

He made sure to only say this loud enough so that the boy would hear...after all, if he alerted the whole library about this, it would be a dick move. Not only was he in love with this boy, but he was in a pretty good mood.

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