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Thea Frodric

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1 Thea Frodric on Thu Dec 18, 2014 8:05 pm

General Information

Name: Thea Frodric
Epithet: Small Giant
Age: Twenty
Gender: Female
Race: Giant
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Birthday: May 1st

Affiliation: Pirate
Occupation: Weaponsmith


Appearance: - Overall Appearance:

Being a giant Thea has always been the run of the liter when it comes to size especially when she's surrounded by a whole town full of small humans. She reaches about 30ft when she stands straight and tall, taller then most buildings and structures constructed by others. She hasn't be around much giants in her youth so she bases herself on the lore or stories and figures that she is much shorter then most giants for her age. Even as giant she has quite a slim build not much of a fighter where she's trained her body, rather than her giant lineage has kept her body small do to her high metabolism. A slim waist pronounces her large curves, making her thighs and posterior to look bigger. and a heaving chest that pronounces her feminine proportions.

Her retaining facial features are what she believes to be her mothers, or rather denies that she's gotten anything from her father as male giants can be quite brutish. Long straight brown hair that just passes her shoulder blades when let go but she rather keeps them in pigtails up and beside her head, or even a single tail in the back. Large eyes that can be seen from the position of a human, large pink iris's influence her large pink lips when she smiles.

Her choice of attire isn't much seeing as she is a giant she can't be that picky about what she wears outside in the world. She dons a one piece track like suit, which is similar to that of a one piece bathing suit. With no leggings, her thighs and legs are always revealed. Short puff sleeves that just about cover her armpits. The chest is quite robust, as the collar is cut quite more then usual revealing her chest more then often. She keeps a large cylinder backpack on her at all times sometimes holding her belongings. Large enough to fit about two to three average humans.

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: O
Skin Tone: Light
Height: 30ft (914cm)
Weight: To sensitive of a topic
Tattoo: N/A


Overall: Thea is a undisciplined individual who grew up in a dog eat dog world, being the only giant in town she's been pushed around and made fun of more times then she can count. Through this she's grown to have a hard time trusting other people, no matter who they claim to be or where their from. Always holding a rude and unruly facade toward everyone that she comes across, in order to place some distance toward her and the other. Not truly untrustworthy, she always watches and listens to anyone trying to get close to her in attempt to see if their trust is in the right place, usually decided through their courage and ambitions. Reckless and unruly she fights with only one thing in mind and that's getting the other person down on the ground faster then they do to her. Quick witted she keeps herself moving with very intention of using everything in her disposal to aid her in battle. But not only is she like this in battle. She speaks with the intention of cutting others off, if their continuous blabber wasn't going to get any better, and doesn't mind letting them know for what reason.

Quite impulsive, she batters those that look anything like a bad guy, even the littlest thing that could tip her off that they aren't right from the get go. Another way it works is when she has her mind already set on something. Amazingly persistent when ever the situation calls for it, she'll do anything and everything to bring it to light, in which her impulsiveness shines like a star in pure darkness. Though this persistence can also be a curse to herself and others.

Stubborn is just a small version of how truly unruly she can be and is shown when she being told what to do. Sometimes her means of doing things can be a bit unrealistic, but she herself is something that can only be described as something unreal. To refuse others suggestions as to the situations to come and even more so in her own beliefs. To her, her beliefs are her own, so why should anyone meddle in them.

A soft side lives within her ever so hard exterior, toward all living things. Ever so energetic traveling toward new islands, seas or sky's her eyes would widen and her heart would drop at such scenery with the want to keep it all to herself. Her emotions consume her more then reason, and for that her emotions tends to over rule any and all other reasons whether real on unreal when the situation comes. She likes to take things easy, so and steady for the most part, well at least her travels if anything. Where her patience works the most not only when crafting her own weapons nor in battle, but the ride of life is a long one, so there isn't a need to rush.


Weapons: More or less them as a object for crafting ones soul into something real, rather then things of destruction. Weapons were created for protection rather then mindless tool to commit murder and destruction. She likes making weapons for those willing to protect another, those with a heart like that can surely bring out the best in their weapon and themselves.

Flowers: Flowers of all kinds, they are such small and gentle things that she sometimes hope could be one day in the future. They blow in the wind as if caressed by a large warm mother, namely mother nature. With plentiful colors and shapes, they are always different, just like a world filled with different races with billions of different people.

Comrades: Strength can always be decided in numbers that's why she likes to have a lot of them. Not only for fighting purposes of course, she likes to hang around and play when times see fit, maybe grab a drink or two while they pillage an entire town. Those who are willing to fight the world for those they find more precious then their own life.


Humans: More as a race rather then individually. In her life she's met dozens of friendly and honest humans that she would protect within a heartbeat. But most of them don't understand how great of a life they have until it's gone, she perceives this as ignorance as a whole race. Seeing as they are the largest popularized race among the seas, she'd assume that there's this much for a reason rather then just some midnight fun or a mistake.

Being Alone: The feeling of loneliness has always corrupted her seeing as she was the only giant in the town she grew up in, she's never felt the warmth of being around another person of the same race. Even if its a human and their the only ones around, she'll rather have that then anything.

Sour Foods: Though it doesn't effect her emotionally, she does like things that make her feel better then most, whereas sour foods doesn't. They make her crinkle and tighten up when they touch her lips that he might curse on the spot as to how sour they really are. Basically she thinks their disgusting and hates it when she's accidentally put something as such in her mouth, without being notified.

Closed Spaces: She always likes to feel free and never in chains. It's not being a room that bothers her but the idea of being secluded within a small world held down by man themselves, and strives to break through. As a giant she needs to be able to stretch around without a care in the world. Being the only giant to her knowledge scares her and makes her feel bigger then she truly is, with a mind set like that, she can sometimes see the world as a very small one.


To craft the strongest Weapon: Whether it's be a sword an axe, or even the mightiest stick with a pig headed flail, she wants to to construct it in her name alone. In this life, there isn't a place where war isn't erupting and causing havoc and she hopes to put it to an end to it. If it were to fall into the wrong hands then she herself must take it back, even if it means making another. Hoping that the greatest weapon will be that which protects all those who use it and those they are trying to protect by using it.

Return at least once to the land of Giants:
She's only read of the island named Elbaf, never actually been to it, well never at the age where she can remember at least. A land filled with giants, to some it's just lore but to her it seems like her nightmare of always being different could be over. A place filled with people of her own, maybe even find a door that even she is able to walk through.


Death: Even she as a giant is still capable of death as easily as that of a human, and for that she believes every life should be thought of as a chance whether they want it or not. If she were to ever feel the cold embrace of death, she hopes that it when she around those she cares about most and hopefully the same for her.

Unable to fulfill her Dreams:
Even giants dream big and well just look at them. Most giants aren't able to adapt to the lives that humans have produced for them, and being unable to live out her dreams just because she's "too big" to realize them, well that just another reason for not wanting to be a giant.

Unable to keep her promises: Promises are kept for life no matter what it was or who it was with. She deems them a thread unseen both others and one strong enough that they can bring entire races together if kept to the end. For her to keep a promise and break would be the same as dying for no one and left there, like a tree falling from it's roots without anyone to hear it.

Inner Lineage: Warriors Blood Rush: As part of a race where warriors are destined to reign, it wouldn't be impossible for her to be born from a a long line of proud and honorable giant warriors. A occupation that even she wasn't all for was destined upon her by her lineage. Whenever the battle is lengthened Thea obtains a boost in physical strength. This power is activated when she starts to feel blood rushing through her veins, as a sense of adrenaline continues to pour into her so does her families blood in that strength. After four posts in a battle her strength begins to increase by .5 of her original strength and continues to increase by .5 after every two posts. Her limit is three times her original strength (.5 six times, so after about twelve posts she'll reach her full potential.). After the battle is done, her lineage resets and has to be regained through battle.

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Since you have a strong inner lineage, you won't be able to choose an outer lineage.

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