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Hiroko Daishi

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1 Hiroko Daishi on Thu Dec 18, 2014 3:15 pm

Name: Hiroko Daishi
Epithet: Hiroko
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Straight

Affiliation: Marines
Occupation: Scientist/Brawler

Appearance: He always has the same cloths, even if he shouldn't because of his marine charge. He white cloths all over his body.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Black
Skin Tone: Light
Height: 1.91 meters
Weight: 71 kilograms
Tattoo: Nop

Personality: He can sometimes be kind of selfish and only think about him and nobody else. This usually leads him to care less about other and not to follow orders. He has no problem killing, even those in his side, this is because he has a very cold heart. He laughed a lot though, but it's not a nice laugh, he usually laughs craziness itself and always likes to laugh at "sad" things. He gets satisfied each time he kills someone, hurts someone or he fights, and this is usually when he laughs.

  • "Justice" - He is simply working to find justice upon all. That's at least how he calls it.
  • Laughing - He literally enjoys laughing, and it's something he does a lot.
  • Killing - If he likes to bet something, it's to bet his life in a fight, thats why he thinks, letting someone leave would be humiliating for them and even for him.


  • Disrespectful people - Respect for someone is the most important thing for Hiroko, not respecting someone is like telling them they are worth nothing, at least in his opinion.
  • Easiness - Easy fights, easy enemies, easy jobs. He likes something to make him level up, something to make him grow stronger.
  • Pirates - Not every marine has to dislike pirates, but Hiroko does, and not just a "I don't like him", he actually wants to kill as much as possible, even if he is respectful at them, he hates them more than anything.


  • To kill as many pirates as possible before dying.
  • Dying in an honorable way. Probably dying on the battlefield.


  • Weakness - Becoming weak, that's his biggest fear.
  • Losing his Honor - The day when he loses his honor against someone, that will be the worst day of his life.
  • Losing someone important - He may be cold, but as anyone else, losing people he loves is terrifying.

Inner Lineage:
The Daishi family has been a strong family, where plenty of powerful warriors were born. Hiroko is a lot like his big family, and he is even stronger and with more savage thoughts than any of them. Hiroko is able to talk with the death itself. He can know if someone is near to the death by looking at their life aura. He can't see his own, but can see it from any living creature. He can also feel death itself, when it's about to come or it's near.

Sample for my fruit:
Hiroko looked at the 10 enemies he had in front. He had no idea what was he going to do against all of them. “Hey… boys… catch him” Someone shouted from behind. This guys were quite more than Hiroko. The 10 man with swords in their hands ran towards Hiroko, all of them trying to stab him from each side. He had nowhere to go. “You shouldn’t attack someone like that you know.”  From different parts of his body, several little cannons appeared.  Each cannon fired one tiny cannonball, but just when they got some inches from Hiroko, they grew, attacking everyone and each enemy causing the dust to lift from the ground. “I told you, you shouldn’t just attack me like that.”

He defeated 10 of the enemies in front of him. But the group of pirates was still there. He opened some strange little gaits in his chest. Tiny people appeared with some bows in their hands. The arrows had fire and were pointing at the enemies. Hiroko didn't move at all and saw the arrows coming out of his chest, quickly gaining a normal size and falling on the enemies. The flames covered the ship they were standing at, and since it was maid of wood, it quickly got covered in fire. The chest closed again leaving all the tiny people inside. The enemies ran trying to make the fire go off, but the arrows didn't just light the whole boat, it had also stabbed plenty of enemies. "Now, I think we should get going." Hiroko turned around and saw his boat, not very far away. He ran towards the side of the ship and jumped, spinning in the air, and when he was upside down, looking at the burning ship, he opened his mouth revealing a cannon in it. A bigger cannonball was sent through the air towards the ship, crashing against it and blowing a big part of it.

Just before Hiroko fell to the water, a rope passed flying in front of him. He grabbed the rope and survived without falling to the water. "Hey guys! Lift me!!!" The rope started to elevate and pulled Hiroko to the the boat. He got up and turned around to see if there were still survivors from the fight. There were still a few pirates swimming and floating in the wooden parts of the ship. He opened another gate from his hand letting some tiny crocodiles go out and fall in the water, swimming against the pirates. "Those should take care  the rest of them." He said turning around and continuing their way to the next island.

Note: Applying for Vice Admiral

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Everything checks out just need one thing. Since you apply for the Yosai Yosai no Mi (Fortress-Fortress Fruit) Devil Fruit. That Devil fruit requires a writing sample.

Just add it under your Inner Lineage. Sorry for the hassle, the blur coding on the Devil Fruits list didn't work and I had to replace it.

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