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How we lost the fight [Flashback]

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1 How we lost the fight [Flashback] on Mon Dec 15, 2014 5:59 pm

Twenty years ago, one of the most fearsome pirates to roam the seas, Itome Hikaraku(also dubbed the Black Mamba because of his dark skin tone.) was captured by the marines, marines that shouldn't have even been able to kill him. This is the story of him and his former crew, simply known as The Six.
Six old men, each at least fifty or older sat on wooden chairs, the table in front of them being round and crafted from the finest oak. The room around them was gray, with various pictures nailed on the wall, each picture having a frame that perfectly fit them. Most of the frames were brown or black, but every so often one could find an oddly colored frame. Itome himself had a pink frame of his family, before he became so sought after and had to separate himself for there protection. His daughter, Lolita, and her two sons, Okami and Amaterasu. At least, that's what he called them. Lolita called them Axel and Red...lame names, but, he wasn't in charge and didn't really care as long as they didn't become associated with the marines and became strong men. He hadn't heard from them in so made him sad that he couldn't give his daughter any hugs when she was sad and didn't know what to do, or that his grandchildren couldn't ride on his mighty shoulders.. But, he couldn't see them. Not until the threat of the marines were dealt with.

Itome rose up to speak..he was the reason why all of these old men were here, still fighting the good fight even though most people would have retired from this silly dream of becoming a pirate king.

"I know the members of the six parted ways five years ago to begin training for this battle...this has been a hard five years, especially since we're losing the youth that we once had..when we were capable of leveling buildings with our Hao. Hopefully, the intense training regimen we underwent has limited the deterioration of our bodies. Today, we'll finally be able to go back to our families. After we kill the marines, it will be the end of The Six..we've promised to fight for Pirate King, but we'll each be heading separate ways. I'd like to wish all of you good luck on the battlefield, and on the road to becoming Pirate King. Let's hope we can see our family.."

Each of the men were deep in thought, thinking about family members, children. Itome gave them five minutes to say prayers, to give thanks to the deities in the sky for this opportunity. They would strike under the cover of night.

"Alright, are we ready?"

They got up, following Itome to his ship, the S.S Anne. Each of them boarded the ship, taking the different roles a crew needed on a ship. Itome took up the role of captain, handling the controls of the ship. Boag, a short, plum man wearing a green shirt with white stripes, and sported gray hair on his shirt was the lookout. He would warn the crew if any marine ships were around, or incredibly powerful sea monsters, one can take it down except us. We can't rely on the young generation... they've failed too many times. I wanted to retire, but my daughters aren't strong enough for this.

The night was cold, but the six men were facing a beast that was much more frightening to most people. But, each of them had looked death in the face countless times, eluding it. They could only hope that this luck would follow them when they landed on the island.

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2 Re: How we lost the fight [Flashback] on Tue Dec 16, 2014 2:11 pm

The ship came closer and closer to Marineford. None of the sentry outposts seemed to notice them. The outposts themselves were made of metal, easy for Itome to manipulate and crush them. Without even bothering to concentrating since he was so skilled with the power of his devil fruit, he removed a few bolts from the lookout, and watched as it tumbled upon the guards, crushing them both instantly. It was safe for the crew to dock, so Itome pulled up to the island, his ship ready to leave when they would take care of this place.

"I wonder how many admirals I'll be burying...heh."

"Why don't we just nuke this place..I'm sure if two or three of us combine our powers, we can kill everyone."

The man who was speaking was Nobunaga, a tall, thin, pale skinned man. His face, wrapped in white bandages was this way because of a severe burn inflicted by an admiral a few years back.

"I want vengeance for you...that man will be here, and The Six will be waiting for him."

"Hn. Your reasoning is're usually smarter then this. Are you sure this the action that you wanna take?"

Itome nodded..

"Nobunaga, you're apart of my crew, and my crew is like my family. That admiral hurt one of my family members, and I can't let them get away with that!"

"...Alright. Let's move in deeper, and kill some marines."

Marineford. How long ago was he here? This was the same incident that caused Nobunaga's face to become permanently burned, wasn't it? Why was Itome more concerned about killing the admiral then he was?

Maybe he just wants to forget..forget that he wasn't strong enough. I can't blame home, but sometimes we have to face our most horrible memories. It's the only way to improve.

Itome made a signal, and the grouped stopped walking.

"I think the perfect time to start a ruckus. Let's see how fast HE comes here."

Laughing, he began to use his powers. The magnetic field he erected tore apart buildings, marines were running for there lives as the weapons they carried were flying into a large bundle in the sky. A meteor made entirely of metal was being wasn't big enough to island, not yet, but, if the admiral didn't come, marineford would be wiped off of the map.

"Heh..maintaining this magnet field makes me break a few sweats...I don't have the stamina I used to. Nobunaga..promise me that you will rest..and the rest of yer! Kick some marine ass! If I see even one of yer corpses on the battlefield, I'll make ya wish you hadn't gone to the next life with the reaper! Got that?"

A few fodder marines headed this way, somehow thinking that there fists would be useful against these highly powered old men. It was hilarious, how they were all cut down in a matter of seconds by Nobunaga, who only needed a wooden sword. The alarm sounded..soon, the fleets would be coming. They had a long, long night.

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