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Enkidu Nameulb

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1 Enkidu Nameulb on Sun Dec 14, 2014 10:56 pm

Name:  Enkidu Nameulb
Epithet: The Arbiter
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Omnisexual

Affiliation: Marine
Occupation: Knight/Paladin

Appearance: Slender, beautiful, and sexy. Kawaii Desu.
Hair Color: Mint Green
Eye Color: Fossil Gray
Skin Tone: Pinkish-yellow
Height: 6.0ft
Weight: 160lbs

Personality: Enkidu looks like a polite, pleasant and soft spoken lad. His fair features and soft expression give a lot of people an easy air when they first observe him. He comes across as trustworthy and loyal, setting an honest facade and an intelligent world view before himself in hopes that others will see it, and not believe that he is a right bastard underneath it all.

Because the truth of Enkidu is far more complex than he makes it out to be. He does have a strong sense of ethics and morals that he repeatedly challenges internally, obeying his principles before his conscious. He is loyal to only those have have proven themselves worthy masters, but ultimately seeks his own salvation. A genuinely religious person Enkidu believes that whatever gods exist in the world, they've left it to it's own destruction. He draws his powers from this sincere belief that his Devil Fruit is a divine death sentence: his holding it means that he will ultimately met his end in combat or travelling.

He is extremely cunning and cold. He is manipulative and clever. He is fine with betraying those he feels are unimportant in the grand game of chess he plays, but those he values are elevated. This is his personal way of spiting those "higher powers" that would try to condemn him. He would elevate another up in order to stand as a bulwark, though recently the Marines seem to be losing their pristine sheen.

He is extremely ruthless in combat, and has killed dozens of pirates. This is not a personal vendetta, as he doesn't share the same prejudice against them that other marines do. He just happens to be really, really good at his job.

When not doing his job, Enkidu is a very boisterous and loud individual. He is a womanizer and a boozer who loves to drink and enjoys the company of pretty women. Outside of work, he's a really friendly person who enjoys social activities and travel.

When the chips are down, though, it's plain to see what earned him the Epitaph "The Arbiter".

Likes:Hot Cocoa, Getting Drunk, Attractive Females and Some Males
Dislikes: Too many to list all, but some things include hypocrites, other manipulators, holiday spirit
Motivations: Spiting God and creating a new world order
Fears: STDs, Public Bathhouses

Inner Lineage: Shadow Slide
Not only is Enkidu's outer lineage Shadow Step? His family descends directly from the line that it came from. With this comes an even more potent version with the pre-requisite that his Outer Lineage must be Shadow Step.

They may travel an additional ten meters on top of what Shadow Step already allows. Further, while using Shadow Slide the user views the world as moving much slower moving than normal, and while engaged in a use of the ability may make precision attacks or mount defenses, as well as acrobatic movements.

Essentially, when using Shadow Step time dilates by three-hundred percent. Time dilation doesn't affect the speed the user's body moves- they gain nothing in the way of speed, merely better reaction time.

Roleplay Sample: "One For My Baby" excerpt

It was rhythmic, expected even. The gentle thudding in the distance, like footsteps in another room set forth in a predictable pattern. He didn't look from behind cover his face buried in his jacket, his rifle at his waste and his beard fighting the cold away from him cheeks as that soft, patterned thump of soft bodies against mud in the distance reminded him like a whisper in his ear, Don't look up

He clenched his hands tightly around the Queen, an old fifty-caliber rifle that he never should have had but didn't care to much to let go of even before everything went to hell. The old man was wrapped in thick, dirty clothing. The colors were dark, meant to blend in with the night background. His eyes sat closed upon his old, wrinkled face as his shallow breathing gave life to the mist from his mouth, only for it to float up and vanish in wisps of smoke. 

Yet, the thudding continued. The Demon battalion had captured some of the resistance fighters. A whole lot of them. This town had been harboring a base of operations. These monstrous creatures, he had noticed, tended to avoid towns and the like without good cause, such as needing food or supplies. For being bloodthirsty they were remarkably sparing to those that they didn't see as potential threats. That seemed to extend to everyone not willing to fight back.

But, the town was not to be executed for harboring the resistance. He didn't understand their language, didn't know what they were saying, but he sat and waited before the bodies began to fall while listening to the leader of the demonic horde deliver a volatile speech. His words... if they were words in any true sense, were angry and threatening with his voice deep and uncomfortable like glass and gravel grinding together, causing the old man to grate his teeth in disdain and anxiety. 

Then he stopped speaking as abruptly as he had started. They'd already lined up easily a hundred men and woman, some of them merely children who'd been told to hold a gun, and began to drop them like flies. Roderick had decided it would be better not to count as they fell. It would only make it seem to take more time. The villagers didn't need that hell any longer than they could bear it, but while he couldn't truly change what they experienced he could shut out his own mortality by considering the bumps just that: noises in the distance and not corpses hitting the ground limply, lifelessly.

The villagers, for their part in harboring the resistance, were made to watch. The town was as small as most hamlets in Britain were for the time. Maybe a few thousand people, give or take a couple hundred. They were all rounded up by the superior demons, those creatures of tremendous might and fearsome magic, and forced to watch the executions. He'd seen a single Amaranth take out a whole platoon of British soldiers. Even if these people hadn't seen that level of strength, they knew. Deep down, they knew that the demons were going to win.

So did Roderick. This was the end of days, but he had business to settle. He waited for what felt like hours, watching the back of his eyelids and listening while the sun in the sky slowly depressed itself into the horizon, slinking away from the horrific sight like so many of the people wished they could. Then, when the next bump should have come there was silence. He perked his head up. Silence still. A few more moments, and very gingerly he raised his head from his body. He was still listening for something, when he heard a voice. The same, grating voice from before.

The voice seemed to boom, the language indecipherable to his ears, before he could hear the distinct march of the Demons as they began to move. His body sluggishly reacted to him, and he took the Queen into his right hand while the left fell upon the dagger at his side. "Soon, Diana," he told it, as he observed the Demons gradually leaving the town. He began to move from behind his cover, a pile of dirt and rocks some distance from the town square. Close enough that in the silence of the townspeople, he could hear the rhythm of death.

Now, he moved in the darkening corners of the hills with his eyes fixed upon the large group, stalking them as a predator might. Roderick would take at least one of the creatures out this day. It would be one less to deal with in the morning.

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2 Re: Enkidu Nameulb on Mon Dec 15, 2014 12:10 pm


-Just an extra 10 meters for Shadow Slide.

-For Shadow Slide even if you don't travel the entire distance, it would still count as 1 use expended.

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3 Re: Enkidu Nameulb on Mon Dec 15, 2014 1:14 pm

I just found out that I need to do a "competency" check for the Logia Type I desire. I'll bump this application once I have pulled a suitable sample from one of my past endeavors.
Finished the Roleplay sample

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