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Amon Hawthore

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1 Amon Hawthore on Sat Dec 13, 2014 10:51 pm

Name: Amon Hawthorn
Age: 30
Gender: Male

Occupation:surgeon/martial artist

Appearance:African American male with mini bush(afro) and clean shape up hair texture typical of his ethnicity, wooly. Wear silver framed glasses the temples have star cut out patterns.   He doesn’t actually need them to see however.  A thin gotee that connects to his side burns. He has deep voice (not appearance but still).  He has a thin frame for his height however his body is ripped with muscle.  He wears a fur coat on his shoulders made of panda complete with a hood that has the ears.  He wears a black silky button up dress shirt with large collar that’s slightly open revealing a bit of chest hair.  His pants are white and pleated they are made of expensive comfortable material.  He is always seen with an apathetic expression except when pain is being inflicted. Then his eye dilate and widen and he is seen with large grin He would be an african american if this was real
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color:violet
Skin Tone:Brown
Tattoo:A scale with realistic heart weighing down the other side of the scale a brain

Personality:Generally un excitable except when it’s a situation that causes others distress.  He gets extreme pleasure out of pain.  Even though he is a doctor he doesn’t like to practice.  Instead he typically makes money doing unethical jobs using his talents as a surgeon such as stealing organs.  He has little regard for others well being.  But he is a man of honor no one who does him a kindness will be harmed in his presence.  That’s his golden rule he believes in paying debts.  Wherever he goes there are typically casualties.  He makes no distinction between enemies like marines and civilians anyone who is around will get caught up in his rampage.  He is not above using people as a shield or bait.   Amon is quick to violence but not quick to anger.  He can be trusted if he works with you he will be reliable and do what he can to accomplish the objective.  But he is cautious about trust and putting faith in others preferring to do things himself.   He very possessive and believe highly in respecting his personal space.  After a positive relationship is developed he can be cheeky and sarcastic.  Quick to actions doesn’t like to sit idlely
Likes:Role playing, pain, fancy things, competing
Dislikes:traditional pleasure like massages, being told what to do,
Motivations:Pain of others motivates him.
Fears:Finding someone he truly loves again and having to suffer through losing them because he was unable to save them
history snap shot As a child he was extremely poor but his parent scraped and saved working whenever possible doing WHATEVER they could.  But at least one of them always had time for Amon.  As child he would take whatever he could find make them into outfits. He loved to dress up and pretend to be a bigshot rich person.
Through assistance, his parent hard work, and his own Amon would eventually become a doctor and marry the girl who once rejected him.
Eventually he would lose everyone he loved with no time to grieve fool before losing another.  First his mother then his father and lastly his pregnant wife.  By time death was closing in on his wife he was to terrified to move and attempt to help her.  After losing everyone he had loved and his unborn child he left his home island constantly  searching for something to fufil the void.  First it was martial arts attempting to find comfort in training.  He thought that the physical activity would restore him then it became whores.  Now this broken man harms others because the world took away those he loves.

Inner Lineage:Being able to tell what motivates a person through short contact and conversation.
Outer lineageHeart of Affliction

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Spacing is off, but other then that

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