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Yonko in Town {Open to anyone, beware of death.}

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He would be patient, sitting in a bar with some rather nostalgic feelings. He remembered remaining in this same bar, years ago. Four, perhaps, it was around that time span. Time had indeed flown, to think he would make it this far, too. He grinned, taking a sip from a small glass, half filled. Rotating the seat, he would gaze around the tavern, grinning. He sighed a little, reminiscing in the past as he realized those days were gone. Hopefully new memories would soon fill their place in future times. He sighed, making it somewhat apparent as he rubbed his eyes. Too bad their gone now. He thought to himself, but they all deserved it. Most of them, not all, he corrected himself, remembering the ones loyal to the very end.

He continued to gaze around, looking for a new member. He had to make a somewhat cautious approach. Not because he was a Yonko, one of the four most well known, and strongest pirates from the New World, but because he was didn't want to make a forced approach. He didn't want to force anyone into his crew, and he didn't wanna let anyone know his identity. He had a scarf over his mouth, and began to go by the Epithet Mr. Frost, not exactly a disguise considering that was his last name, but no one expected a Pirate to go by formalities. For now, he merely waited for the nearly empty tavern to fill up, come mid-way past noon, when people would take a break from their paid labor.

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Cecilia entered the tavern, her stomach grumbling loudly as she exhaled softly. She wears a black cloak that keeps her warm in most cold area, black tights that seems more comfortable for a woman who tends to run a lot and only wears a bandage that is wrapped around her chest. She does not bother to try on a proper shirt for conceal herself since, it remains useless to her. A woman who’s devils fruit causes her to shift into a wolf has made shirts very useless to her. The woman has been on her own for a while, no one bothered her and she didn’t bother them, unless they had something she wanted. Her red eyes are gazing across the room in search of anyone that might have known her. No one here. She thought to herself then smiled as she made her way toward the bar.

Once she has made her way toward the bar, she found a man sitting alone and wearing a scarf. She blinked, finding it odd to find someone wearing a scarf in a warm tavern then shrugged her shoulder, it was none of her business. She took a seat at a small round table. It was only able to allow two people here but, she knew no one would bother her. The woman remained silent for a while, and she would occasionally glance over at the man. There was something strange about him, and it made her curious but she knows better than to question another person. They might not enjoy being questioned and well... react differently than she would expect. Instead, she glances away from him, finding it useless to strike a conversation with him.

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Continuing to merely sit around and await someone who appeared to be sea-ready, he would request another drink at his own expense. He would hear the door open, and would turn towards the lady entering. She had a rather weird attire, not one a typically person would wear. Bandages covered her torso, rather than a shirt. He found it rather weird, though he decided not to judge as his eyes began to gaze around the tavern again, at the few people who didn't look remotely close to being capable of sailing the seas. Though one looked like he had just lost a lot - sitting there chugging down drinks as they came, somewhat sobbing, but physically didn't meet the requirements to join his crew. He noticed the girl entering staring at him, perhaps it was weird to see a man indoors wearing a scarf, he wouldn't be surprised. But he wondered why someone with such an odd attire herself was making the judgement, and though while it rather peeved Kino, even though it was just an assumption that she thought his choice in clothing was weird. "What were you looking at?" He asked her, and then looked over at her.

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{^ Kino, sorry. Forgot to switch alts}

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Cecilia shook her head, her eyes slowly gazing over at the other man who asked her a question. She did not say anything at first, only standing up from her seat to walk over to the man and sits next to him as if it were an invitation for her to sit with him. She did not sit too close to the man of course; that would be inappropriate of her to do such a thing. Instead, she allowed some space between the two then slowly turn her head to face him. Cecilia had a serious expression as she finally meets this man, but there was something strange about him. She had met a lot of pirates and marines in her life as a doctor and an assassin, all of them felt the same to her but this one, this one was different. Cecilia seemed curious about this man next to her, so she deiced to play it safe and ask questions about him “Your weird scarf, obviously.” She stated; a small smile appeared on her lips as she finally answers the man and continued to ask, “What is your name, stranger? I’ve never seen you around here before.” Yes, asking for a name would be the best way to start off. Perhaps his name would be easy for the woman to know who she is dealing with. Before the man could even get around to giving her an answer, she looked over at the bartender, then asked for a glass of water. Seconds later, a cold glass of water is in front of her, and she proceeds to take a sip of it.

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He listened to her reply, it was his 'rather weird scarf' she was looking at. He figured as much, but found it rather rude. Kino didn't bother to stare at her lack of shirt, nor did he judge it, yet she stared at his questionable fashion sense. He merely sighed, as the lady asked who he was. Before being able to speak, she turned away and requested a drink. More rude dude behavior. When she finished speaking to the bartender, he would begin to speak. Frost. Mr. Frost." He would say, "And you are?" He would ask. His family name alone wasn't enough to give up his Yonko identity, hopefully. Kino was a more recognizable name for him, but if she would recognize him, meh. There was no threat around the North blue. The odds of an admiral being located in one of the four blues was very low, and the odds of them being in the north was even more low. If she ran out and called the Marines, then he could handle them rather easily. Having Conquerors Haki, he could defeat a lot of them with no sweat at all, and not to mention the fact that no admiral, vice admiral, or high ranking marine would be anywhere remotely close to the location, assumingly enough.

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Once she took a sip of water, she cast another glance at the man next to her, then tilting her head to the side, her “wolf ears” drooping to the side making her look like a confused dog once he has given her his name. “Mr. Frost?” She asked; though the name did not sound familiar to the female. She may have been through different parts of the world but, recognizing names of pirates she showed no interest in did not make them worthy for her to remember. However, this man seems different than the rest she used to linger around in the past, he did not show arrogance or boast about their successful crew. “Forgive me for calling your scarf weird” She continues, speaking softly and offering him a small smile. “I shouldn’t be the one making comments about it when I’m the one wearing bandages instead of a decent blouse.” The female would finally say. Of course people would notice the bangs around her torso, she did not intentionally want to draw attention to herself but, when her devils fruit allows her to shift from human to wolf in a few seconds, her shirt is the only thing that is torn through transformation. She has tried to shift back with all of her clothes intact but, it seems useless to her now and a waste of money to purchase more shirts for her to wear.

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