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Kanjo - T4 From RD

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1 Kanjo - T4 From RD on Sat Dec 13, 2014 5:05 pm

Equipment Name: Kanjo | Emotion
Tier: 4
Type: Wooden Sword ftw
Equipment Significance: This blade is a symbol of Geoff's past and the reminder he needs that he must use the blade to slay the evil of the world. This blade formerly belonged to his father, who was executed when the village massacre in his past transpired.
Description: Appearance | The weapon is that of a black, ebony sword - which means it is a wooden blade. The cross-guard is rather simple, as well as the entire hilt. The tsuba is an average diamond pattern and the pommel is entirely blade. It is 72 cm long, like a regular katana and is entirely black.

Strengths: -Despite being made of wood, it does not have the weaknesses of wood or metal.
-It is just as capable of a metal sword of equal tier.

Weaknesses: -The only weakness of wood it does have is intense flames or a physical medium producing heat making contact.
-If the user does not show appreciation, it may give them bad luck or maybe even lead them to serious injury.

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