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Fayte's Ancestral Fae Armor | From Romance Dawn

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Equipment Name: Ancestral Fae Armor
Tier: 3
Equipment Significance:

Provides Fayte with a moderate amount of protection in combat and in Fayte's opinion the armor looks Badass and being a Bounty Hunter, looking like a Badass is a requirement. During one of Bounty Hunts she came across a tomb that held of one of legendary tools of the Fae Huntress. Now after finding this Fayte is now on search for more of these legendary tools. She treats this armor with the upmost respect and make sure it to repair when needed. Its too important for her to Lose


The Ancestral Fae Armor is an elegant armor composed of a short blue robe trimmed gold which is largely open in the middle, revealing much of Fayte's chest. The robe is tied together at the waist with a simple red ribbon held together by a gold bead. The robe has elegant multi-layered trim. She wears two large blue gloves which have gold trims flaring out in the ends. The gloves have red ribbons tied around the wrist and are adorned in a simple pattern of gold dots. She wears a large golden pauldron over each shoulder, bearing the image of a lion with an open mouth. She has blue and gold leggings which match the gloves in their pattern and design. Around the leggings are a pair of gold greaves. The knee plates contain a pattern similar to the tiara she wears. The greaves themselves match the pattern of her robe. Atop her head sits a tiara consisting of two blue rhombus shaped pieces to each side and a center blue triangular shaped piece. Each piece has a gold adornment inside. Two strands of hair from the sides of her head are each tied together by a golden bead with an intricate swirling pattern. Behind her is a large white sash which loops above her head with the ends hanging out towards the ground with a bead on each end.
Equipment Strength:

+Exposed Chest/Cleavage: The Ancestral Fae Armor for whatever reason leaves Fayte's chest heavily exposed (more specifically the bosom). Even known that does leaving an opening or specific target for Fayte's opponents. Her Exposed Chest could also provide Fayte a way to keep her opponents unfocused or distracted. With her breasts pretty much on display for everyone, well how can someone not look?

+Durable & Lightweight: This armor doesn't not hinder Fayte's movements in when worn.


Unprotected Chest(Bosom) Area: Despite this being listed as an strength, the unprotected chest area is also one of the weaknesses of the Ancestral Fae Armor. The unprotected chest area could provide a target for Fayte's opponents. Targeting an unarmored area of Fayte.

-Mental Based Abilities: Like most suits and other forms of armor, this armor does not provide protection against mental based skills. Illusions are one example of a mental based ability that can bypass the defense of this armor.

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Fayte wrote:Done

Fayte's Character Sheet: ~Click Me~
Primary Fighting Style: Supahero Style
Secondary Fighting Style:Pein Style Swordplay
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