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Savvy Nunes

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1 Savvy Nunes on Sat Dec 13, 2014 4:28 am

Name: Savvy Nunes
Epithet: Cheshire
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Sexuality: Asexual

Affiliation: Pirate - Shichibukai
Occupation: Ninja - Arms Dealer

    Savvy, although he appears to be an early to mid twenty-year-old person, is unusually thin with very sharp features, giving him a skeletal appearance. Under normal circumstances Savvy can be seen wearing a... sort of formal wear, though while it is technically a sort of formal wear it is by no means worn as such. He wears a light purple fitted jacket, purple/crimson read cravat jabot, a black high collared shirt, crimson pants, and black boots with read trimming. Wearing a assorted type of clothing with various colors that he is merely fond of for one reason or another. When he appears like this his blonde hair is lengthy and incredibly unkempt. Strangely he also seems to smell like Violets and cheap tobacco.

    In other, more pressing and random situations, the color of his clothing changes from its assorted pallet to blacks and greys including his hair. The outfit in those random times appears fare more kept and firm, making it appear much more professional and formal like. This also includes his hair which seems to be combed though most likely it is merely him combing his hair with his hands. Savvy's attire and his overall appearance have become almost iconic with the pirate himself, as they should be. The tattoo in specific has become iconic for a sly mouth, a clever tongue, and a witty tone; the half smile of the Cheshire Man. The attire and mannerism showcase not only his taste in fine tailoring but his very nature; sly arrogance with a overpowering scent of a curious carefree man.
Hair Color: Dark Grey, Grey Stripes / Naturally Blonde
Eye Color: White Iris, Black Outer
Skin Tone: Pale White
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 140lbs
Tattoo: Stitched Smile on left side of mouth.

Personality: Savvy (aka Cheshire) is a well known arrogant, smug, far too carefree, and incredibly intelligent individual who just seems to love his 'job' maybe a little to much sometimes. Seemingly having little to no fears regarding other people or at least the number is very few. He is a well known 'Info Addict' as he takes pleasure in knowing details about peoples lives even the most random details he somehow hears about. Normally forging these sorts of details into some sort of random joke or insult and most commonly as a source of leverage. One of the few things that he dislikes the most is not knowing what is going on around him and whenever he does find himself in that sort of situation he makes sure that mistake is rectified. Though that it should be noted that even though he truly dislikes those sorts of situations as he does see the humor in it and if it proves to be far more interesting to just to see how it plays out he will always take the entertaining route. Even when he was a child he was the type would would spread around scandalous rumors about people just to see what they would do.

While he has proven himself in combat far more times than recollection he does particularly enjoy fighting in general, preferring to "Chit-Chat" his way out of it either to just be ride of the nuisance entirely or to have his opponent turn their gaze elsewhere. He is also completely calm and cool-headed in most situations. The main reason why he dislikes fighting is that there tends to be little to no interesting outcomes of himself fighting as either his opponent dies too quickly or the simple fact that his opponent does not do anything that he would deem unpredictable. "Everyone just runs in a straight line. Head strong all gun ho! Why not do a twirl for me or take off your shoes instead? Fruitless but not expected."

Savvy often or not becomes incredibly disappointing in the people around him, normally because they cannot live up to his expectations. Becoming easily bored in predictable situations and normally will just attempt to leave such things before they become even more dull. Savvy has a great deal of respect for those who take risky gambles and come out top, many times even going out of his way just to congratulate such individuals. Though by all means this does not mean that he will not attempt to play or toy with such individuals as what is another little test after such a gamble?
In the underworld Savvy is considered to be a sly snake, and for good reasons, as he is a compulsive lier. In a way it is just that he cannot help but to lie to people, though whether those lies are completely false or only hold shreds of truth is up for debate. Often or not telling only a bit of the truth while keeping out important bits or saying it in such a fashion that while he is technically telling the truth no one tends to be able to read between the lines. His greatest assets are his deceit and misdirection, and while his sly tongue is well known in the underworld no one can help but to deal with him simply due to his sheer influence and knowledge base. Its dangerous to trust him though it is just as dangerous to ignore his words for even a snake gives a hint of truth behind its tongue.
    1. Dirty little secrets
    2. Bad Ramen
    3. Rainy Days
    4. Cheap Tobacco
    5. Apples
    1. The predictable/expected.
    2. Oranges
    3. Fighting
    4. Those that follow the rules/laws
    5. Arid Climates
    1. To find someone who can play his game.
    2. See how events fold out unexpectedly.
    3. To make sure the game never ends.
    That, in the end, everything will turn out at the dull end.
Inner Lineage:
    Dark Blender: One of the few things that was left to him by his worthless father was his bloodline. Savvy possesses a unique body type which allows him to change the color of his skin, hair, and even his clothing. This allows the user, with concentration and visual knowledge of his surroundings, to blend in with his environment to some degree. While this is much more effective in darker areas which essentially allow the user to become one with the darkness it is almost completely ineffective while moving. As the user would have to constantly examine his surroundings, pay attention to others line of sight, and constantly shift his body's colors. Essentially making it incredibly effective while being immobile or in a environment where the colors rarely shift. Though as a side effect the users natural skin color becomes a pale white and their entire eye, outside of the iris, becomes pitch black with white iris. The majority of Savvy's ancestors found the pale skin to be nothing more than a hindrance, though unlike his ancestors Savvy found it to being Iconic with his identity.

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Savvy has not visited the site in some time, and has failed to post in the most recent Activity Check. That in mind, this topic will henceforth be archived. What a nice app; such a shame ):


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