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Benita Alexandra

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1 Benita Alexandra on Sat Dec 13, 2014 12:37 am

Name: Benita Alexandra
Epithet: Thousand Arm
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Sexuality: Lesbian

Affiliation: None (Guildy)
Occupation: Archaeologist/Knight

Appearance: A woman of Average Size, Benita Alexandra is quite the sight. Her most prominent feature is easily her hair, which starts out red, but slowly gradiates into purple when it hits about halfway down her face, remaining purple for the entire length of it, which reaches down to about her thighs. Her eyes are also red, which tend to somewhat glow in the darkness, but not enough to impede her vision. She also has a rather large bust, which she complains about almost constantly, as it makes people take her less seriously as a fighter. As for clothing and accessories, she constantly wears a pearl necklace, strung together with extremely durable cord. She also wears a close fitting Kimono type robe, with gold trim all along any edges. Below this, she typically wears shinobi tabi and wooden sandles on her feet. However, she has more casual clothing, which she will wear if her main outfit, her Kimono, gets damaged or dirty.
Hair Color: Red and Purple
Eye Color: Red
Skin Tone: White
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 137 lbs
Tattoo: She does not currently have any tattoos, nor does she hold scars of any kind.

Personality: As a person, Benita seems like a rather normal human being. She's talkative, curious, and has a decent sense of humor, along with being nice to those that return the favor. However, she has quite a few traits that make her more distinctive. She is a very composed person, someone who easily remains calm in otherwise tense situations. She also is very much into the Macabre and eerie, making comments about such eerie things without so much as changing her expression. Because of how calm she is, Benita rarely ever has a violent or emotional outburst. However, there are exceptions to this. Because she is an archaeologist, destroying anything with any connection to the past will immediately bring her wrath down onto you. Surprisingly, when it comes to her significant others, Benita is very much a maternal, nurturing person who very much desires to protect the people she puts her faith in or gives her love to. She very much supports her lovers, making it quite easy to get along with her in a relationship, as she willingly will fill the roles of housewife or "Woman", with no arguments whatsoever. She prefers to be the supportive, submissive one for reasons that not even she fully realizes, but that simply makes it easier for her to keep relationships. And, as every being in the world with humanoid sentience does, Benita has a few habits. The first is that she will absentmindedly adjust the fit of her kimono by pulling one end of the cloth closer to her than the other, or tug on one of her sleeves if she is not wearing her kimono. Her second and only other habit is to adjust the pearl necklace she wears almost constantly, making sure that it is always in the correct spot, just to make sure that no thief stole it. All in All, Benita Alexandra is a very...unique individual, with many odd quirks and differences from others, which makes her generally interesting.
Likes: Strawberries, The Sky, Objects and places with a connection to the past
Dislikes: Raspberries, Underwater, Underground Areas
Motivations: Master her curse, by any means necessary
Fears: Death, Being Abused and/or Raped, Being Kidnapped

Inner Lineage:

Inner Lineage Name: Dermal Copying: As those who have roamed the seas for even a short amount of time know, there are beings out in the world that are able to coat their body in a sort of armor, be it through haki or devil fruit, they are able to access a kind of second skin that helps them greatly. However, the Alexandra family has had this power for many a generation. Strangely enough though, they have an oddly specific requirement to coat themselves in armor; They must ingest the substance that they wish to coat their skin with, and it can only be a solid substance. This allows them to adjust their bodies to be tougher if needed, or to blend into areas. However, they typically are only able to keep the armor for short amounts of time in battle, and Moderate  amounts of time outside of battle.
Ability Usage: To activate the usage of this ability, the user must eat some form of substance that their body would typically not be able to break down for nutrients, such as wood or metal. Once the substance is ingested, no matter in how small or large the amount, their body quickly becomes coated in the substance. This armor lasts for four posts when in combat, and six when using it to help hide. This can also be forced to cancel by sheer willpower on the users part, forcing the armor to crack and simply fall off of their body in pieces, unlike when the timer runs out, where the substance simply fades away, turning back into skin.

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