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Gwendolyn N. Aalis File

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1 Gwendolyn N. Aalis File on Thu Dec 11, 2014 12:50 pm

Gwendolyn Nyxira Aalis
the black sun

brawler & doctor
inner lineage
militant child Gwendolyn's family come from a long line of military on both sides of her family. As such, since she was a very young child she was trained with strong morals and will. This makes the girl relatively stubborn and nearly unbending to others as she stands proud. Any swaying effects take a tier higher to effect her then it should.
outer lineage
shadow step Ever since the dawn of the story, mankind has had a certain fascination with the ability to instantaneously travel. For most, this is something that they can achieve a degree of possibility with the use of Soru. But..soru is not truly traveling instantaneously. However, certain individuals across history have kept the hope of reaching this ability alive through their bloodline blessing them with this ability. However, this is not infallible. The user does travel between two points instantaneously, that much is true. But, it is not perfect, as the user is still tangible, and can be harmed by things that move faster than them, such as light. However, the sheer speed that the Shadow Step grants more than makes up for this single drawback.

Three times per thread the user is able to "blink" from one location to another. However, the maximum range of travel is 30 meters. The user can also choose what direction to travel in, as the skill allows the user to move in all directions and in three dimensions. However, it has two drawbacks: Things that move faster than normal, such as lightning or light would still hit the user, and, if used to lead into another attack, Kenbunshoku haki would be able to detect the user.

the face we all see

Gwendolyn stands at an average height, hitting around five feet and six inches. Her weight is a bit stockier, sitting at one hundred and forty five pounds. Otherwise, she looks pretty good, with short blonde hair often tied in spiked up buns. Her eyes are strange however, as they switch between a nice, gentle blue colour, and a deep dangerous red. Her skin seems to be slightly paler then normal, leaving the impression that the girl is somewhat anemic. Her body shape is slightly more blocky then the average girl, but her muscles kind of make that impression on people. She isn't a super skinny girl, she really has trained excessively and well to showcase her power when she needs to, and it shows with how healthy her body is.

She generally tends to wear an old police and military uniform, holding the crest to an island that has sunk a long time ago. The uniform tends to comprise of a rather rigid skirt, a tight buttoned shirt covered with a short sleeved military vest, gloves and thigh high stockings with leather knee high boots. Needless to say, she looks like she's going to probably kick your behind. She does have some more casual clothes, ranging from a white flowing dress, to a little black dress, and other such clothing. However, these clothes tend to be one of a kind for an occaision, and she has a lot more tank tops, baggy pants, legging shorts and fishnet then a girl would normally have.

After all some of these are her training clothes, which she wears quite often due to how often she takes the time to shape up her body.

the echoes of another mind

Gwendolyn is seemingly a gentle girl. Nice, kind and helping everyone, the definition of 'good guy' seems to be taken to heart with her. Helping old ladies cross the street? She's there. Helping with shopping? Also there. With this well of kindness, her blue eyes seem to hold all of the goodwill in the world, wanting to help people and keep them happy. She looks like she'd fit in with most people, but is just a more gentle disposition. She can be sometimes very morally strict and always has a speech ready on why people shouldn't do some things and why there's a consenquence to their actions, even if they don't want to hear it. She always likes explaining why she's doing what, and generally is a really good person to be around.

However, once her eyes switch to red, so does her attitude. She still holds that puppy like kindness, but instead it is tempered with negativity. She can be ruthless, tough and most of all cold. Cutting off her feelings, she slips into this state where nothing will budge her. Generally this happens when she needs to be serious, and often seems like a way to settle herself and go for the next stage of whatever is present. She doesn't necessarily seem to be too emotion, but her stubborn will often stops many in their tracks. She's very, very stubborn, and this 'mode' of sorts shows it. It allows her to work past all of the things that would normally hurt her gentle soul, and she uses it as such. But it also has the effect that very few things seem to touch her mind her being whilst like this, only those things more precious to her making an effect.

However, something even stranger begins to happen when she uses the power of the Devil Fruit she has eaten, the Chi Chi no Mi (The Blood Blood Fruit.) It seems like her serious personality takes an even higher throttle, and instead of being apathetic and focused, it becomes berserk. It seems she is very protective of what she considers hers like this, and will seek out to harm those that would interferre with the things she has claimed. As such, this sort of layer comes out when anyone she ends up sticking with in a crew is threatened, and even more so when a lover would be threatened. She seems to enjoy causing pain to whomever dared to hurt those precious to her, and can't seem to tell between ally and foe, jealously and possessively guarding her claimed thing with even her life. There are hints of something even darker, but as Gwendolyn avoids using the fruit, this precious balance is maintained and also not truly explored.

Gwendolyn seems to like anything having to do with the night and it's darkness. In particular, she seems to love starry nights, staring at the stars with wonder. Only moonlight nights appeal to her too. She also likes music, finding herself drawn into the sounds of people and their souls, shown through the music. Another thing she likes is actually spicy foods, loving the pangy tasty of such rich foods. Among things she dislikes, actually surprisingly, is apples. She knows an apple a day keeps the doctor away, and she is sick of that idiom. Another thing she dislikes is watching someone risk their lives, as that reminds her too much of past events. And finally, it seems she has an intense dislike of other doctors, preferring to refer to her knowledge to take care of herself.

Gwendolyn's motivations are many, but if she had to pick, one of the most important ones is the wish to keep the events that happened on her island from happening ever again. One of the reasons she is a revlutionary is because of her past experience, and the pain she carries even today shapes her motivation to have the event never repeat itself. Another one is to see that the government becomes just and right once more, tired of seeing senseless power grabbing and posturing. This really motivates her to get things done, as she finds she cannot just sit there and wait. And a final motivation, to finish her top three, would be to in fact, settle down and make a family. Something in her wishes she could have a child to carry on her name and teachings, and a husband in which to share her life with. Although that is more secret then anything.

Gwendolyn fears that the events at her island would happen again. She fears this very much, for it was quite horrible before the island sunk, and she was found drifting at sea by a passing fishing boat. She also fears the people close to her leaving her and dying, finding it very hard to attach herself to someone permanently because of this. In fact, she doesn't seem to even normally attach to people and when she does, she becomes very attached to the point this fear can be overwhelming and cause her to act erratically. And a secret fear is, being unable to honour the last words her father had even spoken to her, the words lost very, very far in memory but their echoes still on her heart. She fears losing these words and she also fears not being able to accomplish what he asked of her.

Roleplay Sample
the test we must pass

Her breath was quick and hard, pushing in and out of her lungs. She felt as if something was constricting around her heart, and she knew she couldn't wait. Gwendolyn's body pushed her forward, faster, towards the main building of the island. The smell of burning corpses, the faint screams of people in the air let her know that the terror was not over. Hot tears fell out of the corner of her oceanic gaze, shivers across her spine in warning for what was ahead. But she couldn't leave her mother there, her mother had been taken by them. Her blue police uniform looked clean compared to the blood smearing the street, and moving through smoke, she saw the building. Hear the fighting and she pushed the doors open.

''Where is she!'' the girl yelled, but finding no one in the lobby, she checked the prison first. Heading down the stairs, the scent of blood was thick, and she choked, gagging a bit. The girl felt as if her heart was churning, and staring at the bodies of all of the prisoners, most of them innocents, she felt something cold grip her heart. What was this? Pushing herself back up, she headed up, where the sounds of shouting and yelling were heard. The sound of guns and screams echoed still, as the blonde haired girl found herself on the fourth floor, the atrium. And her gaze swept over the area, feeling something akin to dread. In front of her, so many bodies.

Her gaze found a familiar looking shape, and she ran up to it. ''Mother!'' she let out, her breath quick and fearful. The tears threatened to spill, as the body moved no longer. In fact, checking the pulse, it was dead. The girl's grief made her head hang, the shivers running along her body stopping. Steps came closer to her, and the girl's hand reached into her pocket. ''You... you... how dare you!'' she growled, her body shaking with the rage. With a pull, the girl pulled out a simple knife. She had promised her mother, long long ago, to not do this. But this left her little choice, as she removed her glove, revealing a myriad of scars on her wrist, all of them very old.

''I will end you.'' her voice whispered, as she slid the knife across her skin, deeply. Enough to earn a hiss, and the blood began to drop. She then dropped the knife, and within a moment, as the sound echoed, she was behind the more then likely startled figure. Her hand slammed forward, ribbons of blood dancing in a spiral around the fist. But it had missed, as she had miscalculated their movement. ''I will end you!'' she spoke, her heart full of fury, and her eyes red as the blood swirling around her. She was losing control of the power, and it began pulsing, as a screech left her lips, the sound inhuman as her fury suddenly swallowed her.

She would destroy them all.

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Everything looks fine to me. I just need a second staff member opinion, since you have Devil Fruit writing sample.

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Got Second Opinion from Staff and....

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