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1 Valentine S. Blanche File on Thu Dec 11, 2014 12:20 pm

Valentine Severa Blanche
no epithet acquired

culinary artist
inner lineage
tinkerer A child that spent her whole life around machines, and a father that loved them. Learning her own path when she ended up in the military, she seems to have a natural tuning to making modifications to whatever she lays her hands on. She may acquire a weapon and give it extra functions of her own rank. Such as twinking ammo into specialized rounds, or giving a rocket launcher the option to launch other things then rockets.
outer lineage
the face we all see

Valentine is a surprisingly beautiful girl, despite her entry into the military. Her skin is not pale, but a nice healthy shade of peach pink, having sometimes a bit of a darker tint due to the sun she catches. The girl's height places her at like five feet and seven inches (5'7'') and her weight is healthy for her age and height. She doesn't tell anyone the actual weight thank you very much. She seems like someone that takes care of herself, as her long brown hair is always brushed and tamed. Her eyes, a warm brown with hints of gold and maroon, seem to be piercing people as they stand, due to how intense her gaze can be. Her natural expression seems to be a neutral face, one that looks like she's observing things intensely.

Otherwise, her body proportions are quite well done, leaving her with a balance of limbs and body. She has no scars, but she does have some muscle to her body. Her clothing is non-descript for the most part, and she wears typical military outfits, rather then just the marine uniform. After all, she has to look somewhat blending considering her job, and well her attempt at that is to not wear the typical marine uniform, but clothes with enough resemblance to a military faction. It's to keep herself separate as well, as she feels that without the clothes she would blend in too well and may lose sense of herself. She often carries a lot accessories on her person too.

And some of these is a rather large hat, and a lot of belts.
the echoes of another mind

Valentin is a serious person by nature. Taught from a very young age how to be careful, she often seems like she's never really learned how to relax and have fun. She tends to tackle all of her tasks on an a cold, calculating and logical level, very rarely letting herself be influenced by emotions. With a rigid sense of self, and a strong moral ground, it's no surprise that she joined the military. She has a strength of character, and seems to be virtually either incorrupible, or just simply oblivious to the attempts. Whatever it is, she is a person of a honest disposition, always saying what she thinks. She doesn't seem to hold back her opinions what so ever, and makes sure to listen to the facts of a situation before acting on it.

What's interesting to note is that, once someone is important enough to the girl, she seems to lose a lot of her cool-headed methodical personality. She becomes easily flustered and teased, and she's actually a lot more human that way. What's also fun to do, is to make her freak out at things, as she tends to turn twenty shades of red if not more. Generally, her entire being is very cold and distant to those outside of her small tight-nit circle, but once someone wins her allegiance it tends to be given strongly, and almost nothing will break it. The loyalty she shows people that have earned her respect is actually really high. She is always polite to those of higher authority, and despite her dislike of pirates, is capable of doing her work efficiently.

After all, she is an observer by nature.

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and this one is done.

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Forumotion sites been running slow for me. Anyway.....

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4 Re: Valentine S. Blanche File on Wed Apr 08, 2015 2:50 pm

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