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Island Description

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The Baratie is a fairly large ship. It takes an oval shape, with the normal masts but has a fish as a front-piece/head. The Baratie has a round bottom. A small array of cannons are lined on the sides, which can be used for battle. The Baratie also has four levels:

◾ Lower deck, which is where the main restaurant is.
◾ Middle Deck, which is the main kitchen.
◾ Upper Deck, where twenty three cooks reside.
◾ The fins that fold out to the sides from underneath are to stabilize the restaurant during harsh weather and also, are used as a battle platform to prevent the restaurant itself from receiving collateral damage.

Despite the Baratie being a restaurant first, the chefs and cooks on the mobile eatery aren't novice when comes to combat, the chef are highly proficient in the use of Kitchen based weaponry and  Black Leg Fighting Style. The cooks in the past have defended the Baratie from a few pirates who think they could force the Baratie to become apart of their fleet. The restaurant is more than willing to serve anyone, but pirates are watch more cautiously.

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